New Kirk Character Featurette Video + Big Star Trek Into Darkness Murals In NYC & LA

Paramount has released the first Star Trek Into Darkness "Character Profile" featurette focusing on Kirk. The video has movie clips and some behind the scenes footage along with comments from director JJ Abrams and actor Chris Pine. Watch it below (minor spoilers). We also have photos of big outdoor marketing in LA and NYC and a new Acer spot.


New Kirk Character Profile Featurette

Here is the first character featurette video for Star Trek Into Darkness – with Kirk as the focus this time. The video is available at Moviefone and below via Paramount International.

Mural at LA Live + Giant Character Posters In Times Square

The outdoor campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness is now kicking into gear in North America. A couple of the largest examples are in Los Angeles at LA Live and in New York City’s Times Square. Check them out below.

Mural across street from LA Live (Photo: Annie Yu)

Star Trek Billboard and character posters in Time Square (Photo: Robin Berla Meyers)

New Acer Promo

As reported before, Acer is running two TV spots in the USA and Canada for their co-marketing campaign with Paramount for Into Darkness. And now they have released a new promo which teases the release of a new notebook which has an unusual design.



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Star Trek is everywhere! We should be happy about that – not whining and complaining about a movie that hasn’t even opened yet.

may 17th yet?!

@1. Moputo Jones


@1: I’m in 100% agreement with you! Star Trek lives!

I can’t seem to get the Chris Pine video here in the UK. Says it’s restricted by country. SOMEONE ELSE UPLOAD IT PLEASE!!!!!!

I just saw the Times Square mural and its massive. It was also getting people to look, even jaded NYC business types who I was walking with on my way to my conference near central park.

@1. Hell to the yes!!! I hear you!!!

So I know the spoiler policy but does that mean we cannot speculate from things we see in vids and make guesses. I don’t know who the villain is but I like picking apart videos like this and guessing based on hints scene in behind the scenes footage etc. But I am paranoid to do so because I don’t want to be banned for spoilery when all I am doing is what has been done for months. I personally still hope the villain is Garth.

Did anyone notice the 2009 Burger King character toys and the Enterprise behind JJ in the video?

#1 there speaks someone who hasn’t read the spoilers!

Its great to see Star Trek as a big franchise once more! Thanks JJ and Co.!

You can watch the vid in the UK by clicking on the Moviephone link, and as far as speculation goes, there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s not based on spoiler reviews. After all that’s what we’ve ALL been doing for the last year and a half!

@1 Couldn’t agree more.

@10 I also haven’t read the spoilers. I’ve been working really hard to stay away from them. Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil!!!

With that said, I CAN’T WAIT for May 17th.

Could we get the title of the movie just a little smaller on the LA Live mural? I can still see it.

@2 Not to be a douche but I’m there May 15th!

Delta shaped scratch on Kirk’s cheek!
Nicely done or coincidence?
“Punch It!” @ 56 secs.
First time noticing that. Sorry if that’s been pointed out before.

Kirk will be come a force to be reckoned with at the end of the movie! ;)

@1 I AM WITH YOU! I love that Star Trek continues! I can’t wait for 5.17 but with as awesome as all of this has been I am getting greedy! Now I am crossing my fingers for a new live action or animated series!

“The outdoor campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness is now kicking into gear in North America. ”

Marketing again sucks here in Germany. Yesterday I went to the large Multiplexx cinema of my city to see “Oblivion”.
And there were no Star Trek posters outside the building like you could see on the pictures of this article.
However, there was Iron Man all over the place.
And even inside the building there was nothing. Not even a little poster.
The only reference of Star Trek was the little Schedule which said that the movie is gonna be released in 2 weeks.

Delta shape on Kirks face from an Academy ring??? I’d have to look at one again to be sure though….

What really bugs me is that the big German theaters blatantly put the hugest spoiler into their movie synopsis texts for everyone to read -.-
All US websites do their best to keep things secret, and here we have the theaters themselves who just fire it into peoples’ faces… amazingly bad marketing :(


Just kidding… I couldn’t care less.
He is as absent from the marketing, this time as he was from ST:TMP.

Real star trek will be playing tonight at select theatres :) Star trek Elites Forces 3, I mean Into Darkness will be ok i’m sure. Kinda like Star Trek V. Made by someone who just doesn’t get the point! I’ll go see it, but meh. There’s already a review out on IGN if you want to know.

I think that William Shatner did/does get the point. It was the execution of Star Trek V which was not so good.

I can go see Star Trek Into Darkness on 9 May – in either 2D or 3D formats. Yay! Some of the cinemas had 16 May as the release date – quite confusing. The advertising, in the way of (big) posters, is not here, but this may change from now on, especially since the movie has been mentioned on television and has been reviewed (no spoilers) by a TV3 journalist who went to see the Sydney premiere. The review was very favourable.

Everytime I read a comment such as “it’s not my trek” or “not real star trek” I can’t help but picture the Comic Book guy from Simpsons typing the comment out. It’s that absurd

Star Trek V, the story, was quite good. Paramount messing with funding while it was filming, not so good.

Are the May 15 tickets I bought through the app still any kind of exclusive? I realize they’ve screwed the US fans in general, but is May 15 still the first date of play in LA?

@28. Yep, ILM was booked solid, so the special effects looked like they were done in someone’s mother’s basement in New Jersey… which weirdly is about the truth of it for Star Trek V. Plus, reading the “making of book” that one of Shatner’s daughters helped prepared, pretty clearly laid out all the many problems with STV. Shatner was trying to make a movie with a budget similar to TWOK or TVH. Problem is, the studio was wanting to spend much less than TSFS… more like an episode of a tv show. Some really gem parts of TFF though…. things like General Korrd, David Warner’s ambassador, McCoy’s pulling the plug, and Spock’s birth. All very good sequences. Must have been the bourbon in the beans that messed it up. Well, and SuperSpock sucked eggs. What a terrible idea. Go climb a rock.
Ah, what a Not-The-Director’s Cut of that film could be still. Anyone know of any fan edits of STV out there?
Looking forward to STID even more now, spoilers and all.

Not sure if this has been posted before but does the scratch on Kirks right cheek the Star Trek symbol.

1, Moputo; 20, Exverlobter, I couldn’t agree more

Trek is not being marketed well inside theatres – it’s IM3, IM3, IM3 … and Marvel already stands to make MILLIONS/Billions?

I hope the minute IM3 opens Paramount kicks ST posters/standees into high gear

I LOVE the new movies with their depth of characterization and great SFX

In the LA murals what is Uhura looking at? Oh maybe the cars headed for the CAR WASH :)

I LOVE the TimeS Square murals! Totally great!

Ugggghhhhhh! I want it now!

@#27 – me, too. Worse. Comments. Ever.

Interesting marketing…

Acer Notebooks: using them will cause massive explosions and large objects to fall from the sky!


The Kirk profile, roughly at 33 seconds thru 37-ish, is that Joseph Gatt’s character on the bridge, the bald fellow wearing a blue starfleet shirt…?

You can all call me stupid, go ahead I’ really, really don’t mind…

I’ just realized that JJ Abrams have fallen in love with the lives of Kirk and others, he has become a trekker, I’ need him for #3 period…………..

Interesting, are the “gold” shirts much more green than usual in that clip, like the TOS shirts? Or is it just the lighting?

@30 Ah, what a Not-The-Director’s Cut of that film could be still. Anyone know of any fan edits of STV out there?

I edited together my own version using the deleted scenes. I would love to have this movie revisited and cleaned up. IMO it was one of the most Trek like movies. I think one of the things it greatly sufferd from was the audience themselves. ST4 brought in a lot of non trek fans. They were not fans of the original for a reason and when they went and saw Shatner’s film, they were disappointed.

@30 – ILM was NOT “booked solid”. Ralph Winter was butthurt over the Co-Produced credit they got for THE VOYAGE HOME and didn’t want them to provide FX again. Like the 2009 TREK, the post production schedule was for a Christmas opening which was then delayed until summer. Meanwhile ILM was not that busy and had worked on multiple features at the same time: in 1982 they did POLTERGEIST and ET at the same time as WRATH OF KHAN.

So it’s time to put that lie to rest. The real reason ST:V had bad FX because of a personal issue of the producer.

The movie stunk because it was in the hands of an inexperienced director who didn’t know how to spend his money wisely and was pushing a story nobody wanted to see.

No, the reality is STV had a terrible script, and no amount of FX or $ was going to fix it….ST09 is so much much better than any other ST movie, especially STV there just really is no comparison in terms of moviemaking…oh yeah, and STV was nominated for Razzies, ST09…for its WRITING with a Writer’s Guild Award, Nebula Award nom (sci fi pros), Hugo and Saturn Awards nom. End of story.


Go away and let the real fans enjoy this.

#41. RAMA – April 26, 2013

Nominations aren’t quite the same thing as winning which V didn’t for script while it received 3 Razzies in other nominated categories.

Danish proverb: “He who would leap high must take a long run.” Misty