Into Darkness Dom. Character Posters For Marcus, Sulu and McCoy + UK Launches ‘Search For Scotty’ Contest

Paramount has provided us with high resolution versions of three new Star Trek Into Darkness domestic character posters, for Carol Marcus, Dr. McCoy and Sulu posters. Plus over in the UK, they are doing a special ‘The Search For Scotty’ contest to find 10 hidden Scotty posters around the UK – and if you find one you may get to the May 2 London premiere.


Domestic Character Posters For McCoy, Sulu and Marcus

It looks like Paramount has finally wrapped up their domestic character posters with the release of posters for Dr. McCoy and Mr. Sulu.

Also today the Star Trek app had a mission for an exclusive first look at the Carol Marcus poster. And we now have the high resolution of that poster too.

The three new ones are the final releases in the series which now stands at a total of nine character posters. The other six previously released character posters are below.



UK ‘Search For Scotty’ Contest

As of now there are also eight international Star Trek Into Darkness character posters released. So far we haven’t seen Chekov and the only Scotty poster is from Germany.



And apparently there is a reason there hasn’t been a UK version of the international Scotty character poster released. Today Paramount UK launched a new "Search for Scotty" to win a pair of tickets to the Star Trek Into Darkness London premiere on May 2nd.

They have placed 10 Scotty character posters around the UK in "key locations." Each has a unique code on it. If you find one, you can enter the contest at the official site.

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Can I just buy all of these in a huge collection at a discount price?

God, there are even Lens flares on the posters!

Umm Anthony I think its nine, not none ;)

While the rest of the domestic character posters have been interesting action shots, it worries me for these characters that the best options for poster art for Bones and Sulu are this boring. Still excited for this movie though. Early reviews sound awesome…

The USS Vengeance is the ship crashing into San Fran Bay….guess we know how it all ends….

The nacelles and warp pylons match in the picture of the ship.

Anthony, do you have one of Chekov without that horrible MovieFone watermark? Also, when I clicked on the Scotty one to enlarge it, and get a “404 Not Found” message. :-(

@5. The ship could always level the city, level off and regain altitude.

Okay… maybe a bit of a long shot! :p

Search for Scotty– how cool is that promo??!!

The international posters are all kinds of boring. We like colors too!!!

I like the Poster’s. All look great. Especially Alice Eve!.
Lens Flares. Well.

Oh, finally a fanservice-y shot of Karl Urban for the ladies.

Why isn’t this contest available in North America! Kidding.

10, Khan, but I still feel I must point out – WHY is there a blur RIGHT THERE? Heh.

PS I LOVE these colorful posters. Spirit of Trek – optimism, color, I could go on.

12, Anthony, busy as you are, that is worth a big THANK YOU.

Just curious….with all of the rumors that someone might get killed, does anyone else get nervous over the fact that Chekov is wearing a RED shirt now? Foreshadowing perhaps?

Hope not…but just saying…

Looking at Marcus’ poster again and I realize how much she looks like Kirk. She’s the exact female equivalent of Kirk! Also, her uniform is really short.

I think this movie is lacking a signature poster like all the old ones had, the box art for the DVD basically that will singularly represent the movie forever.

I like these fine but I want that one poster that to remember the movie by that tells the story in one image.

The last Abrams Trek had that same problem. That DVD looks stupid next to all the other ones with the Kirk mugshot on one side and Spock mugshot on the other.

17 I’mPaul

“The last Abrams Trek had that same problem. That DVD looks stupid next to all the other ones with the Kirk mugshot on one side and Spock mugshot on the other.”

I guess with the mass audience they are marketing at to many faces would confuse people. In that market you are still dealing with people who only know the pointy eared dude that hot chick with the underwear and that other guy from the train movie

What’s with the lack of Chekov promo? And now a redshirt one on top of that? Interesting. He was moved from Nav to Tactical in TMP and TWOK. It’s a bit early in the timeline, but that could be one possible explanation. Can’t wait to find out!

Anyone know where any of those UK Scotty posters are. I’d love to get my hands on those premiere tickets!

Wonder why Chekov is almost unexcited in th promotional campaign!

Im really worried about Chekov I hope he dosent die.
But if he does maybe he would have time to play Mr Bester in a new series about the telepath wars Anton Yelchin and Walter Koenig could play the whole Bester storyline from one end to the other. (yay)

The ‘search for Scotty’ poster was a whole page in our local free newspaper yesterday. Cool as.

23 Spockchick

So if you went and got another 9 papers you would have found all 10 images:) and its free. (bonus)

Yeah the Scotty poster link doesn’t work for me either. When I try to enlarge it I get a 404 Not Found message.

@24 Son of Jello

Lol! I wish! Actually, I wonder if the posters have been in ‘The Metro’ for the last 2 weeks? Shame I missed them if that’s the case :-(

Am I missing the Karl Urban poster? That one up top certainly doesn’t look like him at all!

McCoy’s domestic poster looks like it’s raining on the Enterprise! :-D
And Sulu looks remarkably calm in the face of all the explosions around him. :-)

Karl Urban looks so young when he isn’t making his Grumpy Cat Bones face.

And Sulu is that cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions, per the song.

If I was Anton Yelchin I’d be so pissed off.

Is that Eve walking down the corridors of the Vengeance? Definitely not the Enterprise

Search for Scotty? Did anyone check the bar…

First prize is a ticket to the premiere. Second prize is 2 tickets.

The poster of McCoy(Karl) is great. Proves all along what i thought,,he is the most handsome of the three.

By the way, I usually don’t like men with facial hair but from his first
appearance in the first movie.. and he looked so good in that stubble, I was hooked again by the McCoy character, the reason I was drawn
to TOS in the first place until I was totally hooked.

Didn’t really know anything about Karl Urban until then but they
couldn’t have done better.


31 Gorn Warrior

If you look at the chairs on either side of her it looks like one of the shuttles Kirk and McCoy traveled to the Enterprise on in ST09:)

Is Carol in the Vengeance? And does she actually have a rank?

i really don’t understand the whole freezing Chekov out of all promo material though. do they think fans want to see less of him then say Sulu? is it a race/pc thing? someone please explain this to me since watching this campaign unfold just left me heartbroken

#38 maybe they’re trying to leave some mystery around him and the red shirt switch? I thought it was odd too but seriously doubt it has anything to do with race.

Scotty is somehow captured/lost/hiding on the Vengeance so Chekov is made Chief Engineer, hence the redshirt.