New Into Darkness Image + Pine Talks Real-world connections & Lindelof Talks Enterprise Tech

Another new image from Star Trek Into Darkness has emerged, included in an interview where Chris Pine talks about the real-world connections to the movie. Check that out below plus Damon Lindelof talks about how Into Darkness gets more technical on board the USS Enterprise.

New Image + Pine Talks Terrorism in Into Darkness

The at LA Times has a short interview with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, which also includes this not seen image from Star Trek Into Darkness.

One of the interesting bits of the interview was talking about the real-world parallels in the movie, here is an excerpt:

“This film is about earthbound terror,” said Pine, speaking weeks before the real-life bombing at the Boston Marathon. “It’s about terrorism, about issues we as human beings in 2013 deal with every day, about the exploitation of fear to take advantage of a population, about physical violence and destruction but also psychological manipulation. John Harrison is a terrorist in the mold of those we’ve become accustomed to in this day and age.”

Lindelof: Into Darkness explores Enterprise tech

io9 has an interivew with Damon Lindelof from Cinemacon and one of the questions asked what kind of Trek science we will see in Into Darkness, here is what he said:

Lindelof: I don’t want to give away too much in terms of what surprises the movie has to offer. But I do think what’s cool about Trek is it’s not scifi fantasy. We view it as hardcore scifi. So you want there to be some sort of technological explanation behind everything. And one of the things that J.J. has been really interested in is to explain and show how the Enterprise works. We will be exploring sections of the ship, the Enterprise, that we’ve never seen before. And I think that will be really cool.

Damon also talks about how they approached time travel in the last movie and about the four year delay and they also talk to Zachary Quinto about Spock’s relationships with Kirk and Uhura, watch it at io9.


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I like the new Pic. I also like the fact we will see more and more of the Big #. Only Problem is. Half of it will probley look like a Brewery. Lol.

Sorry. I meant Big E.

Very cool pic! Can’t wait to see them in those hats. :)

I like that pic of Kirk and Spock. You can tell by their expressions they are still at odds over the decision made at the Nibiru planet, and this may be a consequent hearing or at least “telling off” from (maybe) Admiral Pike.

Hopefully that wasn’t viewed as a spoiler, just extrapolation from the facts we already know. :)

Is Spock putting on a little weight?

@ 5

Zachary Quinto is normally super-skinny, but he says he worked out and put on like 15 pounds of muscle for this film.

I think that’s just how he stands. :) shoulders back and without tucking in the belly.

not science fiction, our future

Gotta say I love the new Starfleet Dress uniforms … remind me of West Point uniforms.

#5. Ahmed Greene

Zach Quinto said to a russian site, yesterday:

w/ google translate

“In an interview, Benedict said that he had to eat at 4000 calories a day and take daily two-hour training session to turn into this … weapons of mass destruction. And as you prepare for roles?
Zachary: In general, Benedict took the same program as us. We have not worked less to play these roles! I have a strong fight in the film, for which one had to exercise and eat specifically. It’s action, even Alice trained. So we all had to work very hard to adequately address.”

Hardcore sci-fi? What’s this guy smoking? Not even the previous technobabble heavy Treks should be considered “hard” sci-fi.

Personally I miss the slender Quinto – he may be able to shed the pounds, but muscle does weigh a lot more than fat, so he’ll be more efficient at burning calories :)

If you have substantial muscle in the waist, yeah, it’s gonna show a bit, especially as Quinto used to use yoga to stay fit – more supple muscle, not blocky as working out with weights. But the abs are the core muscles, and that’s why he had to build them up. No abs, no back support, sad older person.

But it’s odd that as the “hanger-on” [Kirk using his “superpower” of dangling from high places] Pine didn’t build a lot of center muscle. I note however that his arms and shoulders are more muscular than Quinto’s.

8, Coastie, But wouldn’t they all have looked SO much better in Coast Guard blue? It’s kind of the color of the deep twilit sky, when the stars are just coming out … I would have liked that much better – but maybe I’m biased :)

10, Vultan, Agreed, Star Trek has always used a lot of “handwavium” – but the props have definitely been predictive, from back in Roddenberry’s day and his consults with Rand Corporation to now.

I kind of dig the whole 50’s sci-fi vibe of the uniforms.

@11 – I can’t wait for my twilight blue uniforms! Will look stunning with my eyes. I’ll be at USCG boot camp in 102 days! And I made sure they didn’t ship me out any sooner, I was scared I’d miss out on seeing Into Darkness- no worries now!

A lot of people are going to gang up on Lindelof for the ‘hardcore scifi’ comment, but I think he simply means that Trek isn’t just fantasy and it’s supposed to be our future. No, it’s not Hard Scifi using the strictest definition, but it stands in contrast to things like Star Wars.

@14: Semper Paratus and good luck – start treading water.

@11: With all the uniform changes over the years in Star Trek we might just see that some day ;)

I’ve always wanted to see what the Enterprise would look like with a nice big Coast Guard racing stripe down the side of the engineering hull.

14, Leenyr, Semper Paratus! You will finish fitter than you have ever been in your life. Get ready to toss the ol’ seabag and high-port the M-1 BWAHahahaha and keep a positive mental attitude. I was pretty worried all thru Boot, but the guys who’d been through Boy Scouts and such were mellow as could be. I think they knew from “mind games” and not to take them seriously.

Interestingly, the USCG uniforms look better on most people than any other uniform, and I mean primarily because of the colors. those colors compliment more folks’s complexions than any others IMHO.

16, Coastie, I remember the days when we ladies had the “racing stripe” tie! :)

Haha, maybe the Federation comes up with a racing stripe of its own, where the CG shield would be, a Starfleet Delta shield :)

“And one of the things that J.J. has been really interested in is to explain and show how the Enterprise works. We will be exploring sections of the ship, the Enterprise, that we’ve never seen before. And I think that will be really cool.”

Maybe J.J. will reveal something like the matter/antimatter reactors. Sounds cool; so long as that doesn’t mean we’ll be taking in the sights of an industrial laundry facility, complete with LCD monitors positioned next to gigantic washer and drying machines.

Looks like they nailed it this time! Cant wait for the movie!

I’m really excited to see this new commitment in this movie to “hard sf” explanations of the Enterprise.

Wow, that makes my day — very cool !

That cheap shot engine room!
It’d be like watching a scene in Hobbiton and suddenly finding an Irish pub doubling as the inn

You know I never thought about Kirk’s dangling powers being foreshadowed by his dangling of the cliff in the beginning of ’09. Too bad bad Kruge didn’t tone up abit, mighta helped him out in TSOS .

Looking at this image — JJ did his homework fine attention to historical ST detail. View the scene in the Cage/Menagerie when Pike walks into his quarters, you can definitely a Star Fleet uniform hat on his desk. Those hats looks just like it.

Is ther a cetacian ops on the Enterprise 1701 or is it just the D. I had heard it was going to be in a version of a game or is it something that is non cannon.

All of us in UK:

Just in case you missed it, Chris Pine AND Benedict Cumberbatch are on the Graham Norton Show….next Friday on BBC1.

I’m sorry, Mr. Lindelof, but did you actually make your ‘hard scifi’ comment with a straight face? From what you have presented so far, Trek is as such science fantasy or space opera as Star Wars is now. I don’t mind that, but please don’t insult the audience by telling us it’s something its not.

Looking forward to the scientific accuracy analysis – the one for the last movie was really nice!

@ 10. Vultan – “Hardcore sci-fi? What’s this guy smoking? Not even the previous technobabble heavy Treks should be considered “hard” sci-fi.”

“Star Trek” is absolutely hardcore science-fiction, and that is why it stands above other franchises. Watch the movie “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, and you will see exactly what Lindelof means. I agree with him.

@ 26. Phil – “From what you have presented so far, Trek is as such science fantasy or space opera as Star Wars is now.”

Yeah, I can see that. grrr… While the original version of “Star Trek” was hardcore science-fiction, the new version is an unattainable fantasy. I was going to make the same argument earlier, but I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

While looking at the latest pic, within the article, the first movie that came to mind is “Starship Troopers”.

I love the uniforms. They aren’t “new” at all! Anyone remember these:
The designers have done their homework!

#26 – Hear, hear! TOS was an earnest attempt at hard science fiction on TV, despite its flaws. But this nuTrek didn’t even get its own fake physics right, much less give any effort at hard science of any kind. NuTrek is science fantasy, like Star Wars, and that’s okay–it’s just not what Star Trek set out to be in the beginning.

“We view it as hardcore scifi.”

what a fracking JOKE!! LMFAO!! =D

My question is WHY did they have a premiere so many weeks before the opening in the US: it allows people to see what they movie is about and ruin it for people.

@ 31. PaulB,


Related to “Star Trek ’09” : If they said, ‘temporal wormhole’ instead of ‘black hole’, the science would have been a little more logical. Regardless about a ship’s size, the gravity of a wormhole would have crushed both ships. We know this to be based upon an actual scientific theory.

“Star Trek ’09” is still a fun and exciting flick, but its science contradicts what is established in lure and real life.

These new movies ARE hardcore sci-fi. Or at least no more fantasy than the previous incarnations.

Giant starships, space-jumping, aliens, action, futuristic cityscapes, androids, etc. All the hallmarks of what we regard as the classic type of sci-fi. It’s just all put together in a more modern, more exciting manner.

Yeah, okay, you don’t really have the “exploring strange new worlds” aspect of the original shows, but these are movies. They have to appeal to non-fans. Trek isn’t really in a position (yet) to take creative risks in terms of unconventional plots and story-telling.

On the other hand, if Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is highly successful, then the next writers and producers will undoubtedly look at that movie as a source of inspiration, and may very well use exploration as the main theme. The next writers will be able to afford to do that. They won’t be burdened with the task of resurrecting a tired franchise that the current writers were, writers who had to focus more on action and visual effects (as well as a good story, of course) to appeal to the mainstream audiences and casual fans alike.

Fixed my post #35:
“Regardless about a ship’s size, the gravity of a ‘black hole’ would have crushed both ships. We know this to be based upon an actual scientific theory.”

36. Red Dead Ryan – “On the other hand, if Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is highly successful, then the next writers and producers will undoubtedly look at that movie as a source of inspiration…”

I would love to see a Chris Nolan “Star Trek” movie, for I believe it would match the original logic behind the franchise.

@36. I suspect that the distinction is being made because when a few people have defended Trek against SW’s, they have used the science ‘fiction vs. fantasy’ argument at length. Yeah, in the broader picture, it’s all science fiction. It’s a shame we don’t have more fans of Firefly or Babylon 5 here to lend some perspective.

From a personal perspective, I got to sit in at a seminar at a college my son is considering attending in their computer engineering department. If you want an idea how Trek (or any other franchise, for that matter) gets the science wrong, sit in at one of these recruiting sessions. Scary when the machines make the AI leap….

My two least favorite words to hear together… “Lindelof” and “talks”… :)

#40 – I can think of two words that are even scarier: “Lindelof” and “writes.” Or “Prometheus” and “sequel.”

Picture JJ, Ocri and Lindelof as South Park characters taking turns raping Captain Kirk, much like the indiana jones episode.

I absolutely cannot wait until these people are dropped from Trek and we get some people that actually care about Trek.


You’re an idiot.

Don’t really get people bashing the ‘hardcore sci-fi’ comment. It seems to me that the people doing so seem to think that the movie gas to 100% agree with known science in order to qualify for that moniker. I disagree. Take the example of ‘any ship would be crushed by a black hole’. Certainly true, but anyone who’s read the TNG Technical Manual knows that starships have shields and structural integrity fields which can counteract this (also, read the novel “federation”. The climax of the book takes place inside the event horizon of a black hole.) Current science has no way to produce such things, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t one day figure out how to do it.

I wouldn’t say hard sci-fi either:)

Well, I’d say the series dipped its toe in hardcore sf from time to time. Granted, it didn’t wade around in it too long but it definitely wasn’t fantasy on the level Allen took his LOST IN SPACE.

But I do think Lindelof misspoke as to what he clearly was referring is better labeled hardware science-fiction in that much of its common personal tech and the tech’s specific style was achievable in the decades hence.

Is federation the same cross over book I’m thinking where both enterprises end up in the black hole and the TNG crew was wondering if they were supposed to help or let the Enterprise get destroyed? Worf knew the tidbit of information that helped make the decision to help. If I remember right it covered three points in time and gave the explanation for the Starfleet Delta as well.

The TNG technical manuals were hard-core sci-fi.

@Red Dead Ryan

Calling me names is the only reply you could come up with? Pretty common when someone doesn’t agree with your opinion.

Still doesn’t change the fact my south park reference is very close to the reality of what has been done to Star Trek.

#43. Hubcap Dave – April 27, 2013

Well the whole thing is actually an oxymoron because “scifi” is generally used to refer to science-fiction lite and it’s difficult to take that “hardcore”.

But to be clear, technobable in no way qualifies as “hardcore” science which would be the essential essence of hardcore science-fiction.

Hey Anthony, why my post was deleted ? I didn’t post any spoiler , was in fact complaining about the early movie release abroad that made it possible to come across spoilers before the movie come out in North America.

Are we not allowed to talk about that or to complain against Paramount in any form !! ?

All fiction is based on the “What if…” scenario, including that which calls itself science-fiction or science-fantasy.

The notion that it may be possible, in the right circumstances, to pass through a black hole into a “white hole”, ie go out of it into…another dimension, another universe? has been around for about 50 years – in 1963 a kiwi guy called Roy Kerr posited that this might be possible and had done the mathematical computations to *prove* such a theory. He was jeered at first, however, after more consideration by the larger scientific community, it was found that his mathematics were sound. Another similar theory is one called the “Eisenberg Bridge” – I think that is what it’s called.

This theory, along with others, has long been the subject of dissection and debate, however the maths do still hold up…

Look up the meaning of “scientific theory”, as opposed to just “theory”. The meanings are a bit different. This is where people get confused as well.

Please – stop repeating the same old stuff about “black holes” when it is, this year, the 50th anniversary of a sound theory that gives another definition of how a black hole may behave.

#46. Navy – April 27, 2013

You seem confused about metaphors. You used one to make a point. Metaphors work exactly because they aren’t close to “reality.”

STAR TREK, while a human endeavor, is in no way humanoid so there is no possible way for your metaphor to get close to the “reality” of what’s being done to it. However, it does, as metaphors are wont, convey the emotions that are upwelled in you in the matter to others quite effectively.