Photos From Moscow Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

The Thursday night Moscow gala premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness came on a rainy night so unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for the stars to linger on the red carpet (and chat with TrekMovie’s Russian correspondent). However, we do have a lot of official photos from the premiere (inside and outside the theater) and from a Moscow photo call. Check them out below.


Photos from Moscow

On Thursday night Chris Pine, JJ Abrams, Zachary Quinto and Alice Eve attended the red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in Moscow, Russia. The start of the film ended up being delayed due to the stars being caught in bad traffic. On top of that it was raining, so those together created a shortened time on the red carpet. But the stars did stop to take pictures with some fans and do some signing.

More red carpet with fans:

Here are some posed shots from inside the theater.


Before the film started JJ and the stars spoke to the crowd.

And some members of the Russian Fan Club put together cards that spelled out "Live Long And Prosper" on one side and "We Love You" on the other. Abrams and his actors commented on them and said he was touched by the gesture.

New Publicity photos

Paramount also had a photo call with the group in Moscow. Here are some of those photos.


Next Red Carpets: Berlin and London

Today the Star Trek Into Darkness tour went to Paris, but there was no red carpet, however JJ did meet with the press. On Monday there will be a red carpet premiere in Berlin. And on then they head to London on May 2nd for what is being called the "World Premiere" event, where they will be joined by most of the rest of the main cast (including Benedict Cumberbatch), as well as the other producers.  Following London will be an event in Mexico City and then on to the Hollywood premiere on May 14th.

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What, there are Trekkies in Russia?? ;-)

Chris Pine, buddy, who needs catwomen, when you got those beautiful Russian girls. Well done, Chris. Wink-Wink Yea, baby!!!

Until now, i only knew that Russians are huge Dolph Lungren-Fans. Maybe they’ll also swallow Trek in the future.

These publicity junkets must be so tiring, but everyone seems to have happy energy! And since I have heard Alice Eve interviewed several times, I am getting rather fond of her. She sounds as devoted to the craft of acting as some of my favorite actors. Wondering if she will be back for Trek3.

Thank you Zachary for not wearing hipster Hitler hair :)

Oi, that black lace dress Alice Eve is wearing in those photos looks damn much like the dress Adele wore at her 2011 London concert and… dearest me, did I actually just write that? Time to go to sleep. Good Night!

@5 I thought the exact same thing, that she reminds me of Adele … no worries. She looks good, appears she’s eating more than spinach again :)


Yes, they’re Trekkies from all over the world. *Does the Vulcan Salute, from Jamaica, West Indies. :)

Goddam Russkies get to see the film before Americans. The world has gone to hell.

Yes Adele and Alice look so alike!! A bit similar to the Gorn and a tribble likeness. you could almost assume they were twins. Hmm

No Anton?

Adele and Alice look alike?

WTF? :-))

Is it me, or does Mr. Quint’s jacket look a little to small?

Great post, Tony!

And thanks again to JJ & Co for visiting us, and, of course, for awesome Star Trek movie!

“No Anton?”

Anton along with Zoe and Eric Bana were last time on Star Trek premiere.

This time we had more trekkies and that was great. The audience reaction was priceless. We all laughed, cried and applauded during the movie and that it worth to wait four years.


here in Berlin someone told me that there is a stage being build at the sony center, the place of the star trek premiere gala, which is bigger than anything before. He did not know if it will be actually for the star trek premiere but if this is the case this will be the biggest event of that kind, Berlin has ever seen!



Yes, much better. They all look very elegantly turned out. Much nicer than at that MTV thing. Though I doubt they were able to eat anything that evening in those supertight jackets.

Alice Eve always looks so beautiful.

damn! Russian Trek chicks are hot! =P

Alright, so whom do I have to blackmail in order to have our local premiere shifted from June to April? :-P

Then again, why am I surprised. This is Paramount I’m talking about, so of course they messed the whole thing up. They always do. I can’t really think of any redeeming quality they have, aside from owning the Star Trek trademark. *shrug*

Don’t Chris Pine and Alice Eve make a lovely looking couple?

The four of them look wonderful and there seems to be such a big enthusiastic audience. Oh dear, the ties again… Everyone looks better minus the tie… and I want me some Chris Pine…sigh…so gorgeous….oops…starting to drool again…oh dear…:)
Loving it!

@19. I’m disgusted. Trek is an AMERICAN institution and for the first time, we have to wait while the entire world gets to see the movie premiered before WE do. This is a crime!

I thoroughly understand the fact that the bean counters want to make this movie more international and drum up the international dollars. Perhaps, we should have been first, then the international dates follow in rapid..say weekly succession.

From the few quickie reviews, it seems the movie is ho-hum popcorn movie fare, not to talk about being a stand out Trek movie. The posters with Kirk, Spock and Uhura holding guns in a Charlie’s Angels’ like pose is telling. What does vengeance by the Trek crew have to do with Star Trek? If this is the theme of the movie, this would be a shame. I would more than be glad to be proven wrong come 5-18.

We will see..

#21. On the one hand you pretty much say the movie probably is mediocre. Then, on the other hand, you whine about not seeing it ASAP versus other countries.

Sheesh, Cybil, make up your damn mind???

Exactly. I want to see it first and if it IS mediocre.

@9 @11: I’m not sure whether you were referring to MY comment but I’d like to point out that I was referring solely to the DRESS… and that it was one of those observations you make when you’re dead tired and a bit drunk, like I was yesterday.

@15 Yes it is for the star trek premiere and they need quite some space to build it. Picture from Friday

Zach’s Hair looks totally sharp! Would have looked even more sophisticated with a clean shave ;)

Man are there going to be a lot of people mad about this movie when it comes out.

If you thought hardcore Trek fans hated the first movie then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Nah, Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are a much more lovely looking couple…it’s amazing how much they look like each other….

#19. Paul – April 27, 2013

Well, they don’t even own that, so that slate is clear for you.


Then you obviously haven’t watched a lot of Trek. There are a LOT of story lines involving revenge.

#30. CoffeeProf – April 28, 2013

Pray tell, out of over 700 scripts filmed what percentage involved Federation crew vengeance that you consider a LOT?

TV shows and movies aren’t connected. In the movies revenge has played a role in a lot of the movies and it was the main focus in quite a few.

How can anyone who is upset or ‘disgusted’ about other countries getting an early premier call themselves a Star Trek fan??? Star Trek is not YOURS, it is the collective OURS of the world. Gene emphasized in the original show that by that time we’d be working together harmoniously. You’re going to see the damn movie so calm down. America is not the only place with Trek fans and usually, the ones outside of this country arent thrown a bone (gotta admit, I do want the JJprise model that’s only going to be sold overseas :)) But really, it’s a studio issue about trying to have the film make more money than it did previously and before you get on a soapbox about how Trek isnt a cash cow, um how else do you think Trek gets to be around? Enterprise was cancelled because of money. The late 90s boom of new Trek was because of the money that TNG produced. So lets get real and dial down the anger to outsiders. Trek is for all of us.

#32. Anthony L. – April 28, 2013

In the Trek franchise, that’s just not true. For example In TV episode SPACE SEED, and film TWOK, the Khan character is connected and even played by the same actor who admits that he was recapturing what he did to create the character for the film.