Watch: JJ Abrams & Into Darkness Cast Australia Junket Vids + Bizarre German Interview + Paris ‘Master Class’

As part of the world tour promoting Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams and various members of his cast are doing interviews at junkets and other events. Today we have a small collection of some of these to get a taste, including a very bizarre one from Germany and an hour long "Master Class" with JJ Abrams from France. (NOTE: some minor spoilers discussed in interviews)


Bizarre German ‘Spocko’ Interview

This Berlin interview just has to be watched to be believed. German comedian Daniele Rizzo (from VegasFilmsYeah) interviewed JJ Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness while in character as "Spock" from Starfleet Human Resources. Watch it.

Star  Trek Into Darkness Stars Talk To Aussies

Here is a handful of some of the junket and red carpet interviews with JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban from the Star Trek Into Darkness Australian premiere. There are more but they get repetitive. Its mostly intersting to see how mainstream morning shows and news treats the new movie.

Sky news on the red carpet

Channel 7 morning show "Sunrise"

Pine and Quinto and Urban chat with with NovaFM

JJ’s Paris ‘Master Class’

On Friday Paramount sponsored a ‘Master Class’ event with director JJ Abrams in a "Inside The Actors Studio" type of format. Unfortunately for English speakers the questions are in French and only JJ can hear the translation and his answers in English are hard ot hear over the French translation. But it is an hour of JJ talking Star Trek so we are still going to show it.

Thanks to RW

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That interviewer as Spock was most … illogical.

I can see JJ’s Cumberboner all the way here in the Philippines!!! HAHA!

so much secondhand embarrassment from spocko…

My goodness, that German interview was an absolute hoot. I bet the STID people wondered what mad alternate reality they had stumbled into ;-)

I’d already seen the Australian interviews, but it was good to see them again here.

The text they read at the end of the Bizarre Spocko video is the German TOS intro.

Hats off to Spocko for not doing the exact same thing as every other journalist.

Re Spocko..JJ looks like he’s about to piss himself.

These are the times when I regret that I’m saddled with a hotspot. Streaming video burns up the gigs.

“Yes, it was, some would say defect, but I would say perfect, that I was born.”
Amazing! Cumberbatch totally steals the show, even in interviews! XD

That was amazingly funny work by Daniele. Good to see the cast laugh, and soldier on.

Dang, I love Alice’s voice.

If I were trashed on Teutonic tequila, that interview might make sense.

Love the German Spocko guy interview. Best and most original Trek interview in years.

That German interview is cool. Especially Cumberbatch was great in it.

Here is a video of the German TOS intro, Cumberbatch and Saldana are reading at the end:

Spocko is awesome! ;-) :-)

Cumberbatch had the best German. And Zoe played along beautifully, but Karl, Alice, and John almost killed me with their antics.

And Zach and Chris? They had no idea.. neither did JJ. Glad to see someone give a neat twist on an interview. Go Spocko!

Looking forward to Scott Movie Man’s next salvo. That man is a super-fanboy…

That Germany comedian Spocko guy’s interview is an absolutely must watch. Hilarious! JJ was probably the only one still trying to do the press, the cast was just playing along. So much fun!
My favorite bit:
Spocko: Do you have a message to all Starfleet students?
BC: Yes. (serious look) Grammar is important. Don’t split your infinitives.
(“To BOLDLY go……” is a split infinitive. We see what you did here, Cumberbatch! Well played!)

Sunday night here on the east coast….new TV commercial unfortunately gave away too much.Fox aired it . I am sad that for 3 years JJ keeps a lid on it. Then, weeks before the US premiere his overseas showings and TV ads have given it all away. Why even bother with this secrecy nonsense. I was hoping this was a legitimate effort to allow old fashioned suspense in the theater but it is obvious the concern for worldwide box office outweighs all else.
The movie appears well made visually and I am sure there are tour de force performances. But no chance at a revelation in the theatres. I am truly sad.

That German Spocko interview has me in tears! A welcome change from the typical interview. Zoe played along so perfectly, while Zachary and Chris were hilarious in their confusion. Then JJ throwing out random answers…LMAO

The comment about the lack of seatbelts slayed me. XD

Those were great.

The nova guys trying to overdo the aussie accent was a little embarrassing but other than that good stuff.

Lloyd Christmas lol.

Loved the German Spocko interview – wish Chris and Zach had gotten into it more, but loved how the rest of the cast responded; had me laughing out loud!

I bet the stars were a little relieved that they didn’t have to continue the press parade in the same exact manner. Spocko made things interesting and fun! At least that’s what I saw. LOL BenCumb is one funny guy, at least he was able to catch up with the whole schtick.

ZQ on Nova interview: “What’s wrong with my hair?” LOL, what isn’t …? Take a gorgeous head of hair, shave up whitewalls, leave the top long … omg, Mr Q. Sorry, but SRSLY.

But yay, another edition of Fun with Big Words with Pine and Quinto :)

SPOCKO ROCKS – I laughed so loud my cat turned round to see if I would be able to feed her tonight :D

JJ Abrams … great cook

“Unfortunately for English speakers the questions are in French and only JJ can hear the translation and his answers in English are hard ot hear over the French translation.”

Tell me about it!

When I watched the video the other day I was bothered by the fact that I could not hear Mr. Abrams directly…


…Oh, well, that was interesting nonetheless.

Thank you for posting the “Master Class” event by the way ; I intend to watch it again.

Thanks for the other videos, too.

They handled the Spocko interview really well.

They handled the Spocko interview really well :) well done:)


“BenCumb”? Really? Ugh.

23, Aurore, I know exactly what you mean – I’d be delighted to watch, but that “mixed audio” drives me nuts.

How I wish someone industrious with no working life could subtitle videos like that with the English words Abrams, et. al. are saying. I love Abrams’ takes on moviemaking and surprises and whatnot … but golly.

VILPh – Vulcan I’d Like to Phaser – I like that!

PS (sorry if double post!) : And by now I have to admit that I have developed a major man crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s flippin awesome!

I LOVED the Berlin interview !


You had me at “Bizarre German.”

And though it wasn’t exactly the same kind of bizarre German video that I’m accustomed to watching, I must say the interview did not disappoint.

Ah, the german intro. Memories.
I always loved that they included James Doohan in the opening credits as well. However i always hated it, that they got the year wrong, which they always included in the narration.
Its the year 2265 damnit, not 2200!

BTW, that would be the translation of the german intro:

“Space, the final frontier. It’s the year 2200. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, traveling with its crew of 400 men for 5 years to explore new worlds, new life and new civilizations. Many light-years away from Earth, the enterprise discoveres new galaxies that no man has ever seen before.”

You have to definitely check out Daniele Rizzos channel. He already made a bunch of other interviews (acting as a character), which are hilarious. One of my favourites is the interview with The Avengers as “Iron Italian”. :D

Some may find him embarrassing, but I think the idea genius – it’s something else and not the same interview, with the same questions and the same answers. That way, he entertains the viewer AND the cast :)

Alice Eve is so amazingly hot. And a true professional. JJ really did well to cast her, I hope she goes on to more fame and success in movies.

Thanks for posting the french masterclass video. For once, I had listened a lengthy interview, understanding all of it.

But, I also have to tell you, knowing the policy of the site that the interview is a bit spoilerish, principally in the interviewer’s questions (probably the reason why you didn’t see it) so, if you want to act on it….

Thanks again for the video.

Ben Cumberbatch’s great British sense of humour made the ‘Spocko’ interviews rock! Pity STID’s lead men didn’t ‘get it’. As for ZQs latest haircut don’t get me started; the irony of his reaction to the question about Spock’s basin cut had me crying with laughter.
Pine pretending to throw ZQ to the sharks was priceless (in response to ZQ’s use of the word pyrrhic). So much Hollywood hot air compared to the measured, hilarious responses of Ben C.

Spocko is AWESOME! (very funny) =D

Cumberbatch and Saldaña both for some reason pronounced the German text a bit as if it were French… (To their rehabilitation though, they both can do the Vulcan salute! :-D )

@ 33: As far as I know, the first time that the year an episode takes place was explicitly stated in Star Trek was in TNG “The Neutral Zone”. (Although I don’t know how well the current year could have been indirectly extrapolated in TOS via the mention of other dates.) So it seems that the German translators simply guessed the year. A discrepancy of 65 years is not THAT bad for a wild guess…

Quinto just pretty much never stops talking.

Well I learned something useful today.

Namely what “VILPh” means:

“Vulcan Id Like to Phaser” :_))

That german-vulcan interviewer is awesome!

Love the Spocko interviews. Almost everyone played along very well. Zoe and Benedict were great as well as JJ Abrams random answers to the questions. The interview ended great with Zoe giving that beautiful smile and genuine laugh and telling the interviewer he made her day. Chris and Zach = fail.

@35. Chief05

“Some may find him embarrassing, but I think the idea genius – it’s something else and not the same interview, with the same questions and the same answers. That way, he entertains the viewer AND the cast”

This. Which is why I really like Zoe’s response at the end.

Zachary Quinto comes of as…I don’t know…rather pretentious in these interviews. I’m surprised at how serious he is taking everything.

@45. Bobert

If you are referring to his use of ‘big words’ in the Australian interviews – JJ Abrams, Karl Urban, Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto had a competition going to see who could slip the most ‘big words’ (my term for them) from a list of about 50 words into the media interviews. According to the site I got this information from, Quinto reckoned he won…

I learned a new word – via Chris Pine – “euphonious” meaning pleasant sounding, melodic…

It does appear that it pays to hang around these guys as your english vocabulary gets an injection of new words…:)

John: I may wanna file a sexual harassment complaint.
Spocko: Ok
John: Yeah.
Alice. I might, too.
Spocko: (To Alice) What. You too. (To Karl). What.
Karl: He hasn’t touched me.
Spocko: Wel, he touched me too, this is weird.
Alice: It’s very weird. (To Karl) Have you been touching him?
Karl: That’s a different story.
Alice: There you go. You are the hunter in that relationship.
Karl: Huhm. He is the giver and the taker in any relationship.
John: The catcher and the pitcher.

Alice and Karl: Once a week?

And just like that a hundred fics were born, and Alice Eve and Karl Urban became my favorite people in this cast.