Photos From Star Trek Into Darkness Berlin Premiere & Publicity Photoshoot

Monday night the Star Trek Into Darkness world tour arrived in Berlin, Germany for a gala premiere. On hand were JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve and Simon Pegg. We have photos from the premiere and new publicity photos from Germany too. 


Photos from Berlin

Monday’s German Star Trek Into Darkness premiere was the biggest yet, with elaborate stages set up at the Sony Center in Berlin.



They all took time to sign and take photos with the fans…

And here are a couple of shots from inside the theater

New Publicity photos

Paramount also did a photo call with the actors yesterday (click to enlarge).


Next stop London

The next stop on the tour is the London ‘World Premiere’ on May 2nd, which is going to be even bigger. TrekMovie will be there to cover it live and with reports here at


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Wish I was back in my home town London for the premiere. Hurry up and come to Canada. They all look great, what a fab group of actors.

Sigh! They all look good, and it seems they had much better weather than Moscow. I know the photographer probably told them all how to pose, but I think it’s really cute that ZQ and ZS are holding hands in the second photo. They really seem to work well together.

Love these pics. They all look great!

I have never seen this ensemble look so happy and handsome. IMAX is across the street; May 15 beckons from the incipient future.

Alice Eve: WOW! She looks absolutely stunning! She is really loving this and it shows!

The others, though, look meh. What’s up with Zoe’s pink skirt? It looks like a diaper not put on right. And Pine’s over size tie looks like a baby’d bib. Ironically, Simon Pegg is the best dressed guy there.

But again: Alice Eve is just amaze-balls!

The yesterday outfits are SO much more relaxed.
The “today” stuff just looks tense.

Oh, and Alice looks great from any angle.

Alice Eve oh my god

Zoe is absolutely gorgeous! Nice legs! Zachary looks very nice here. They all do. Everyone looks so nice, relaxed, and happy.

Alice Eve good LORD she is stunning in that red dress. I don’t love the hair but she still knocks it out of the park. She knows how to work that red carpet.

On the other hand Zoe’s dress is a disaster. She has such a pretty face and nice body she can do much better than that :(

I love how ZQ loves to hold the hand of his female co stars! He was holding hands with Alice at the last premiere. He seems like a real gentleman :)

Alice apparently had a problem with her ​​dress when she arrived at the event … bodyguards rushed to close the car door … Her publicist only let her show up when everything was ok … a beautiful dress “Pucci”, but she seemed uncomfortable in it.

my capture:

Anyway they were gorgeous there! ;-) :-)

If you are wondering where you post is discussing spoilers it was deleted because you are not allowed to discuss spoilers in non-spoiler articles.

And if you scan down the front page you will see articles with clips that have spoiler tags and you can discuss those clips or commercials and any spoilers they contain, but not here in an article/post about pretty pictures of celebrities.

just because new articles are posted that doesn’t mean discussion stops and you have to move the talk to new article! pretty much all the front page articles have active discussions.

I have come to the conclusion the only mystery remaining surrounds Scotty…but give JJ a day or so and he will let that cat out of the bag.JJ has it all under wraps until 3 weeks before the US premiere. Then, between the released clips, the TV spots, and all else he removes any chance we had for a genuine old fashioned surprise theatre experience. What a letdown. But when you need to drum up overseas box office…thats what happens. He makes these films for non-trekkies..PERIOD! Thats where the cash is. So don’t think for one minute he cares what trekkies think. He knows he OWNS us, no matter if BC is a tribble. It’s the non-trekkies that he needs.

Zoe again does that “Looking over her shoulder” pose…

Simon, does the same pose too…lol!!!

Everyone looks snazzy as always.

@12. Mark

“He makes these films for non-trekkies..PERIOD! Thats where the cash is. So don’t think for one minute he cares what trekkies think. He knows he OWNS us, no matter if BC is a tribble. It’s the non-trekkies that he needs.”

You’re right. He does need the non-Trekkies, because if he didn’t have the non-Trekkies, the movie would be a flop and Paramount would permanently shelve Star Trek.

@15, you sound like a religious zealot. Relax.

I mean @12, not @15

He is making this film for non-trekkies, BUT Fans will find some eastereggs. That is, what I have also liked about the first movie: Fans understood MORE than just the main story, because of hints and eastereggs.

Kirk and his people were never like Picard and his crew. I am afraid, some people compare them. So their conclusion is: Kirk (tos AND new movies) is no Trek at all! But it is Trek! Kirk was always more a “Cowboy” than a diplomat.

Paramount wants to make money and so they say: This movie is not made for the fans! True. But it is a strategy only, if you want my opinion. Bob Orci and Co. are too much Fans of the series, so – of course – it will also be for the fans. Do never belief a Feregni or a film-studio ;)

Addition: Alice Eve and Zoe Saldana looked very, very nice. They all did and the mood of the premiere was great. I have seen it only via stream, but it was great.

The opinion of the people who have seen the movie is more and more: It is a great movie! I am very excited to see the movie on may, 8th in a preview-premier in germany.

If I could just beam myself up in the pic of Zoe and Alice Eve. That piece of wierd scienc woud make my night.

Yikes. Many years ago there was a book titled Dress for Success. It would behoove most of these guys to read it – and if there’s a female version, ZS needs to get a copy. That pink diaper thing (@5) was atrocious.

Still can’t wait for the movie.

For once I’m glad I’m old I could never carry of the straight lines of todays men’s suits. Hell when I was young I couldn’t carry them them off.

Everyone looks great, happy. And most of all excited. I hope when the blu-ray comes out they give us a featurette on the premieres (something that is sadly missing on most releases.).

Best guess for video release is probaly Thanksgiving/ Black friday.. I would suspect Irron Man 3 for Halloween. With Man of Steel/ Pacific Rim for Christmas.

@ 22.

“Star Trek needs to become fast-paced on TV as well as Film.”

I strongly disagree….

On another note, your whole post seems like wishful thinking. I doubt any of this will happen.

Empire 4 stars
Stuff NZ – 4.5 stars

And the super-positive reviews just keep pouring in!


yeah i am really loving the great reviews…

Now I am Happy! :)
Just booked my tickets for first screening on IMAX on 09 april … 23:59…
in Bulgaria

It’s the crew of the USS Abercrombie and Fitch… lol everyone looks like a model! Love the pictures… thanks for sharing! Everyone looks great.

If BC turns out to be Khan, I am going to be pissed! Last time I checked, didn’t Khan have brown skin and wasn’t he from India?? How could that possible be reconciled with a gost white, English guy? I will forever hate Abrams and company IF they screw around to this degree with the most beloved of Star Trek villains.

About picture number 6 …. it looks like Zoe is trying to do the Vulcan Salute, and failing.

I read the spoilers. I read ’em all.

I feel so….dirty. But at the same time, I LOVE IT !

Not disappointed at all, really looking forward to it!

“…with a gost white…”

Respectfully, that kind of language is really not necessary to make your point, fellow Star Trek fan.

“I will forever hate Abrams…”

Don’t hate.

“…the most beloved of Star Trek villains.”

To me, he was always a villain amongst others in the Star Trek universe.

But, now I know it to be true for many fans, apparently….I’ve learned…


Here are some of my pictures from last evening

I hope it’s alright to post this link? The last time it got deleted and i don’t have the slightest clue why?

Where is Karl Urban?

Zoe’s legs are lovely! :-)

Also, nice photos with the Reichstag building as background!

Chris’s eyebrows are a WMD.

Am I good or what? Last night I felt all JJ had left to spoil was Scotty…..and what Happens in todays released clips? Scotty ” i have only been off this ship for a day” ( Transfer? ). This is unbelievable. Why 3 years of secrecy?

Because three years ago, the story had not even been written…Why does that necessarily mean a transfer? What about ordinary shore leave?