Third Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Has Kirk Confronting Harrison + Berlin Premiere Prep Pix

Monday morning brings a the third clip from Star Trek Into Darkness featuring Captain Kirk facing off against John Harrison. Watch it below but of course beware of spoilers! We also have some pictures of the prep for tonight’s Berlin premiere.


Clip #3: Harrison Has A Number Of Reasons Why Kirk Should Trust Him

A new clip from Star Trek Into Darkness (titled "I Allow It") has been released as an exclusive to a number of sites around the world. (such as Apple Trailers, Ireland’s RTE and UK’s Daily Mail). It is also available as embed from Paramount International (below). The clip features Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in the brig of the USS Enterprise being confronted by Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine). We can see in this clip some of Harrison’s psychological manipulation the stars have been talking about.

Berlin Premiere Tonight

As of the writing of this article the Berlin red carpet premiere is just a couple hours away. TrekMovie has a man on the scene who will be providing red carpet coverage. We will also have a report from the press conference and pictures as well. For now, here are a couple of pictures of yesterday and today’s prep for the event.

Berlin preps for Monday night’s premiere (Photo: Stephan Seifert and Thorsten Wulff)

Thanks to Simon, Jon, P.C.



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That is a great clip.

Uh ya, watch the first 5 minutes of “Space Seed” and you’ll know what this is about.

72…yeah, that was huge spoilerish for any star trek fan. Still, the good Captain was a bit mad in that clip. LOVE IT

72…fava beans recipes?

Please, don’t ban me Anthonyyyyyyyyyy !


Shut your mouth.

Sorry, this boy toy Kirk sounds like he’s in way over his head. Pike’s endorsement must be ringing hard in his ears as Kirk faces his inadequacies’..

72 — number of trench coats Harrison owns.


Mkay !

So the answer now is 72?

I always thought the “answer” was 42?

72 is the number of surviving crew members aboard the Botany Bay in space seed…coincidence? I think not. KHAAAN!!!!

Anthony, I’m curious. With some of the spoilers out there, and now this clip, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that many people on here were right all along, and many were wrong. Having interviewed the cast and crew, have you known all this time? ;)

OK serious for a moment…. if cryo tubes, resistance to vulcan nerve pinch, “I am better” and now the 72 (out of 84 anyone) don’t strongly hint to Khan I don’t know what will…..

But there’s still the possibility that it’s not Khan and this is just to throw us off…. we will know in a few weeks!!!

This would have been 72,000 times more epic if there were only 47 reasons….

I honestly pray this is just a casual reference or another fan service cool number and doesnt mean what I think it means.

The landing party finds a cargo of 84 humans, 72 of whom are still alive and still in suspended-animation after nearly 300 years.

If this is Khan I wonder who found him, and when. Also, what made the result different this time vs. when the Enterprise thawed him out.

But WHY, are the 72 on board the Enterprise??

I guess the 72 are within Starfleet. Maybe he needs Kirk’s help and wanted a back up plan if Kirk said no.

72 felony indictments that Harrison probably has against him.

@18..if he is who we all think he is, then Anthony has been right all long.

I think most can put 1+1 together on who thawed him out. Deducing that Weller said his character was “a ceo type with his own ship” pretty much says that it must be Marcus who found and thawed out “Harrison” and the 72 other survivors have been placed on the Enterprise under cover…

Kinda fits with the Countdown comic with Section 31 trying to recruit Sulu to do their bidding…fits big time.

I’m starting to think that Weller is as much the villain as “Harrison” is..

72 fervent Khan-denialists? No, those are on this site, not on the E.

My guess is that Harrison is trying to prevent the 72 from being revived, because he knows who they are. I’ve said it before, but I don’t know if Harrison’s really the villain of this story.

I grow fatigued again.

Sooo… I have to admit my guess about Harrison is looking pretty busted right now! lol

However, I will only concede defeat once I see the film for myself and am 100% certain. Harrison could be talking about 72 loose welds in the construction of the Enterprise that will cause it to crash. He’s a Licenses & Inspection investigator who is conducting an undercover investigation into reports of shoddy construction work. Starfleet tried to pay off the inspectors and Harrison is enraged by the poor ethical conduct. I’ve figured out the plot, guys!

You know, I’m starting to think that John Harrison may not be the big bad guy after all. I’d be surprise if it was Admiral Marcus, and Harrison’s taking the flack for sometime he was ordered to do. Although I’ve been wrong before; and 72 it’s too much of a coincidence to ignore. Either way I await the movie, with the wide eyes of a child hoping to be surprised.

Harrison seems to be playing on a fine line. Do we really know if he is responsible for the bombings in the trailer or is he being set up. The plot really sounds a lot like DS 9 Home Front / Paradise Lost


Still don’t want him to be Khan.

Great clip, the atmosphere with the music, chills indeed.

kinda reminds me of the interrogation scene between Batman and Joker in “The Dark Knight”

There were 72 survivors aboard the SS Botany Bay. Just sayin’…

@6. Phil,
“Sorry, this boy toy Kirk sounds like he’s in way over his head.”

I’m actually embarrassed for Pine after seeing that clip. Harrison is not only “better at everything” than Kirk, but so it seems Cumberbatch is than Pine.

I mean it’s night and day which is the better actor in that scene. No wonder Pine was sulking over how much more attention Cumberbatch has been getting in the press than he.

Fortunately for the contrived plot of promoting Kirk to captain of the fleet’s flagship right out of the Academy, this apparent inadequacy works.

Honestly, this clip is the first disappointment I’ve had from what has been officially released. But from the spoilers I’ve read and now this apparent “72” Khanfirmation, I’m sure it’s just the beginning …

Well, that seals it. This clip, the pods and the superhuman strength in the previous trailers…It has to be Khan. Ugh. Way to be original JJ. That and way to retconn things so Khan is now a white British dude.

I just hope that the movie’s reasoning for his being there isn’t super lame. My guess is since he’s in Starfleet, I bet another ship found the Botany Bay, brought them back instead of waking them up, and they have been using the augments for some secret military project of some kind (hence the giant, ugly bad guy ship they hijack), and now he’s pissed and wants revenge/vengeance/wrath. Admiral Marcus ends up being involved somehow I’m sure too, otherwise I don’t see a reason for him to be there other than just being Carol’s dad.

It’s been done in sci-fi (and in movies in general) a million times before Hell, it was done with another recent movie that I just saw two weeks ago. I really, really hope JJ has something much more interesting up his sleeve because if this is it, I’m going to be really disappointed.

They were right, but also wrong. I think I know.

“…if he is who we all think he is, then Anthony has been right all long.”

Then, Latino Review was too, way before he was in fact, way back when, someone answered “Not True” to the question “Is XXXX going to play who we all (except Aurore) think he is going to play?”

If I’m even allowed to say so without being banned….Anthony.


If 72 of Khans men and women were loaded aboard the Enterprise before they left to go on their mission to hunt down Harrison, why would Marcus want to destroy the Enterprise with them on it since he found them in the first place? Also why bring the 72 aboard in the first place?


Come to think of it, it does echo that scene!

fava beans indeed… =(

This confirms my worst fears for this movie. It corroborates my own theories, which I’ll not spell out so as to abide by Anthony’s rules. Suffice to say I am disappointed that Abrams and Co. didn’t go to a different part of the galaxy with this story.

Pine is more a “leading man” than an “Actor”… ;-)

Cumberbatch IS an Actor.

@ 34 Mantastic

Then you will be disappointed.

72 bottles of brewed on site bud-gineering beer left on the (antigravity chamber) wall? I mean, they’ve been on board all along…

“72 bottles of brewed on site bud-gineering beer left on the (antigravity chamber) wall? I mean, they’ve been on board all along…”

No, no, no, no, no.

Make that 72 bottles of a nice Chianti…with fava beans, that is the way to go…

Love the clip … I have to say I’m a little concerned Cumberbach is going to overpower Pine in the acting department … Pine was a little over the top in this scene, Cumberbach was this generations Jeremy Irons in this scene … loved it!


Yep. I think you are correct.

Prior to this movies release half of all Star Trek films were either directly about revenge or vengeance of some kind.

It is a common theme is MOST stories. But that isn’t all this movie is or the first movie for that matter. Those are just a pretext for the subtext of the movies.

The underlying themes in Trek have seemingly always been more important to fans, all of a sudden if the main story of the film isn’t some ground breaking new idea then it is just a brain dead blockbuster.

Personally I think this is just repressed anger for someone “daring” to recast the TOS crew and make in their image (which if it isn’t exactly the same as I remember then it is bad).

And I can’t stand the originality kick people are on. How is that that we always hear “WHERE R TEH KLINGONZ” when they should be saying “Ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Klingons AGAIN?!?!?!?!?” How many times have we seen a story involving Klingons?

I can’t even count it for you but I can count the stories involving Khan. 2. And the last time we saw that character was 1982! And before that it was 1967!!! And that is for a grand total of what? 3 hours of screen time? If you are telling me that there is no way to do a fresh take on a character last seen 31 years ago then I don’t know what to tell you.

*sigh* This clip does make things quite clear. No denying it now. Might as well go read those other spoilers now, which I’ve been avoiding as I kept hoping against hope that all of the clues thus far were a deliberate red herring.

…not sure how I feel about it, but amidst the slew of emotions is anxiety for the film. Big shoes to fill. Huge shoes. And I don’t think these rebooted characters are in a place in their lives or experiences to pull off the emotional resonance that positively sang out of the original.

Maybe the ad should read ‘outgunned & overpowered’ …
cuz I couldn’t believe how out of his depths Pine came off in this scene.
It was like seeing the meek half-Kirk in THE ENEMY WITHIN or something.

Shatner, for all his overplaying, often let various contrasting emotions play out in the course of a single scene. But here it is like the guy Pine is playing is trying to keep from getting a tear-glaze in his eye — is it the way he was (mis)directed, or is this Pine rather than Kirk nervous about the Brit blowing him off the screen?

(it has happened with better actors … Burt Lancaster told a story that playing opposite Montgomery Clift, his knees were shaking because Clift exuded such power as an actor.)

It was kind of like remembering that one scene in SPY WHO LOVED ME where Roger Moore had to ACT … lots of throat-clearing in the theater as he tries to justify his character’s actions. Bad BAD BAD!

It’s always possible that Pine’s ‘overacting’ is just the result of the clip being out of context. I’m not saying he was great, and Cumberbatch is obviously leagues ahead of a lot of young actors on the field now, but I’m saying it might be too early to pass judgement without knowing what (scene/emotion) Kirk is coming from.