Watch: Kirk Has An Eye For The Ladies In New Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot ‘Reputation’ + Analysis

Another new USA TV spot is now online. The commercial called "reputation" has some of the sexier side of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie mixed in with the action. Watch it below plus caps and analysis of the new bits (minor spoilers).



"Reputation" TV Spot

Here is a brand new commercial that will start running this week in the USA called "Reputation." So far we just have the SD version.

NOTE: There is another new TV spot that began running last night that we are trying to get a hold of as well.



"Reputation" TV SpotAnalysis  (SPOILERS)


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The commercial contains a few new elements, here is a breakdown of what’s new.

Helloooooo ladies shot of Kirk and Spock at Starfleet HQ

Kirk tries to avert his eyes from Dr. Carol Marcus in her Starfleet undies


Kirk: I have a reputation?

Marcus: Turn around!

An Admiral and a Captain walk into a bar…
(Kirk and Pike have a drink at a San Francisco Bar)

Dialog (translation)

Pike (voice over): Do you have an idea what a pain you are (not from same scene as shown above)

Kirk: I thought that was why you talked me into signing up in the first place.

Kirk and Spock talk to Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller)


Kirk: You can’t go after him but we can



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I shall be last.


Must have willpower!


More and more bits are revealed — I am SOOOO ready for this movie!

“I have a reputation?”
"Will fit, will fit!"

Ugh. He sure isn't JJ Subtlety.

Sorry, reverse it, but still the same.

What is it with Kirk’s face in this film? Every time I turn around his face looks greasy. This time it’s the shot with Spock…who doesn’t look greasy. Wash up there, Captain!

Well, that settles that. Alice Eve is the gratuitous T & A shot.

#7 Phil:

Yup, pretty much *sigh*.

Why the dull, dull, dull uniforms?

Because they’re cool. (What do you want? Red doorman’s uniforms?)

I believe he says “…talked me into signing up…” instead of “joining Starfleet” as you’ve capped it. Heaven forbid they use a nerdy word like “Starfleet” in this campaign.

@6. ME!!

If you mean Kirk’s face is shiny, then it’s probably meant to be sweat. And, in general, you shouldn’t be able to see sweat on Spock’s face – Vulcan physiology… If you compare Kirk’s face to Spock’s in TOS and the TOS movies, you will see that Spock’s face was always more matt than Kirk’s.

JJ and company didn’t seem to go to the same lengths in the first film that Roddenberry and company went to in showing Vulcan skin to be different from Human, but in this clip at least, they are.

@10. Floral prints, maybe? Considering the source, maybe Starfleet should be clothing optional….

These ads are pretty random and generic.

I don’t get a coherent sense for the marketing of this film.

At a quick glance 9 seconds in, I did a double-take…Pike resembled De Kelley there for just a split second.

@15, I had exactly the same reaction.

What is with those stupid hats?

Alice Eve is a beautiful woman. There I said it, Like Kirk, I looked. Sorry for my maleness. It’s a miracle that all those ancient naked depictions of Venus, to the nude paintings of French painter Degas to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue didn’t bring down Western civilization.

No, #10, Dr Image, I want uniforms that reflect the SKY, not West Point or the Nazis. I am bummed in the extreme that they are not dark blue, the color of the sky when the stars first come out. Bland color and some demmed bland backgrounds – look at that shot of Spock and Kirk in the Admiral’s office. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

#17, Sonak, they are based in the past diagrams of uniforms in an old “Starfleet Manual” as someone pointed out a few days ago. I’m not crazy about them, but at least the costume designer did some research. Geodesic, I’m sure you noticed the resemblance the first time we saw Pike in his admiral’s uniform at Kirk’s promotion ceremony! :)

#18, BB, I enjoy Michelangelo’s “David,” but you have to admit, there is not equal representation of the male nude, which is equally beautiful to the female nude, in art after the Renaissance. You have to go back to the ancient Greek Kouros and Greek and Roman god and goddess sculptures for that.

Don’t be sorry for your maleness; at least you expressed it tastefully. I wish I had an equal opportunity to comment on Mr. Quinto as far as his beauty in his underwear. *Tastefully,* mind you.

@18. Well, yeah, she is beautiful. That’s not the point – the issue in how you show off the human form still revolves around the context it’s presented in. One would expect that if any crew member, regardless of gender, had to strip down in the back of the shuttle to change gear that it’s not appropriate for the ships commander to take advantage of the opportunity to check out the goods. If it’s appropriate to the story to have Kirk and his subordinate being intimate, then by all means, let them, in a fashion that’s appropriate to the situation. Presenting it in a fashion that’s just there to give Kirk his wonka wonka moment just reinforces the idea that harassment is okay in the future, too, that women have ‘their place’, and in the case of Trek just cheapens the whole idea that we have gotten past sexism and bigotry.

This has been debated at length, and I’m not getting into a protracted debate here. I get you are okay with some objectification. My wife was the victim of sexual harassment at work, from a male colleague who behaved in a very similar fashion to this Kirk. I frankly don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms – when it’s brought to the workplace it’s harassment, regardless of the genders participating, and there is no place for it in a professional environment. Seeing it presented as acceptable behavior on the screen with no consequences for those actions sends the wrong message.

Here I go with another PS – I forgot to say, I like the CUT of the uniforms – the high collar and close cut is reminiscent of Coast Guard and Navy officers’ summer Dress A white uniforms. And one only has to remember the female reaction to Richard Gere’s turn as Ensign Mayo, fresh from OCS graduation, in his white uniform – many of us were just gaga – and I always loved going to officers’ weddings in the summers, because they wore those wonderful uniforms. Dashing.

It’s just the color and the super-high-crowned hats that I find a turn-off.

#18 Basement Blogger:

You know, I had a professor in college who once attributed the fall of the Roman empire to mispent use of recreation and leisure. It’s an interesting theory, don’t you think?

@ 18 Bernie.

Take a close look at Miss Eve ‘s lips when you hear : “Turn around!”.

Pay attention.

You have my permission, you evilll sexist!


#20 Phil:

Very well said.

…I’m very sorry to hear your wife experienced that. :(

LOL Kirk’s reputation is part of Star Trek lore. Of course, most of it is made up. That’s how it is for the best captains. Like Captain Jack Sparrow for instance – HUGE reputation, mostly exaggerated.

Obviously, CM has a thing for JTK.

Spock needs to go on a diet. And get rid of the perma-smirk. I accept Quinto as the actor that plays nuSpock and he does a great job at it. But he just doesn’t look like the Spock I grew up with (and got choked up over at the end of TWOK).

“Fight for our future”

There was a recent interview with JJ where he said it was important to him that the T&A be equal, and that we get some Kirk in his undies as well.

@27. You have a problem with that? That seems petty to me, especially after “Watch your future’s end” from First Contact (which was used in the trailers). Fight for our future at least sounds like James Kirk, a man who said “Risk is our business”.

where is the clip that shows spock screaming at the “window”? it’s foreign…

I am always amazed at the prudence and foresight some have in being able to hate a film they have not seen.

@30. pock speared

That’s in the Message from John Harrison for Spock. Here is the Trekmovie link:

@31. I completely agree with you!

30, It was posted in TrekMovie about a week ago, maybe a little less.

It’s John Harrison’s “MESSAGE TO SPOCK”

It’s riveting …

@29 Oh, chill! I know it’s all marketing. It’s not even the worse line from the trailers so far. “Darkness is coming” is the one to beat. Haha!



Did you read this before:

(Link if authorized here):

I’m suprised the shot of Miss Eve was not talked about…with such a title.
But, it will probably come ; “they” seem to be “looking for it”, these days…

But, it might just be an impression on my part…Now, why would they do that, anyway, I wonder? What do you think?

(Not that I personally have a problem with the shot myself as I stated elsewhere on the site.).


20, Phil,

I wholeheartedly agree with you on workplace harassment; harassment affects far more people than the one harassed, spouses are a prime example. So I am with Trekkiegal in expressing my sympathy. I’ve been there myself and it is very painful, especially the way that some others in the work environment expect the woman [or other victim of the act] to “have a sense of humor” and “get over it” and in the case of women in a “traditionally male workplace” the old, “well, what did you expect!?”

I want to make *absolutely clear* that I was responding strictly and only to Basement [#18] re: his actually tasteful statement about an actor’s beauty in my post at #20.

As you can imagine, while I admire the male form, I certainly wouldn’t want to see Spock in his underwear [in a similar situation to Marcus in the clip] with a female he hardly knew! [However, if a scene depicting him and Uhura were in a private setting, I would enjoy that because it would be appropriate to the scene.] That actors are often required to shuck some clothes is acknowledged part of the profession, but I don’t like crude objectification on a bulletin board read by both sexes. Admiration – tastefully expressed, I hope – is okay. I hope I have not offended you.

I have never agreed with the depiction of Kirk as a “horndog” – at the bar in Riverside, maybe, b/c it was a scene showing what a jerk he could be. He sure got slapped down for that. At least then. In that scene.

* correction, my post at #19. Sorry

@ 20

Phil says this,

“This has been debated at length, and I’m not getting into a protracted debate here. I get you are okay with some objectification.”

Don’t attribute objectification to me. You don’t know me, Phil. Sir, you have not psychoanalyzed me. When you get a degree in psychology and have examined, me then you can judge me on how I feel about women.

Any image whether it’s sexual or say even violent has an effect on a mind. The question is “What is the effect?” A recent study published int the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that po*******graphy has a minimal effect on adventurous sexual acts by young people. (Can’t link it because of the filter.) The point is that it is complicated as to what effect if any negative effect these images have on people.

Oh and by the way, please go after those Trekkers who find other women in Trek attractive. Please say they are objectifying women. I’m not the only one who found Eve attractive. . But hey, next time somebody says how good looking Chase Masterson is, go lecture them. Since there is a loud contingent of Rick Berman haters here, I suggest you give them more ammo and lead the protest for adding Seven of Nine to Voyager and the times T’Pol was scantily clad in Enterprise. And then you should lecture those Trekkers who found those women attractive. I mean you should say to those Trekkers who found those women appealing that they are objectifying them.

As for sex in art, I don’t have a problem with it. You see, I believe sex is a natural and good thing. It’s part of our humanity. But leaping from a humorous sexy scene in a movie, to sexual harassment is the kind of political correctness that I want no part of. Because there will be a time, artists will have to run things by you, to see if they’re PC.

Sci fi without sex is a technical manual.

V’ger was a vagina, Klingons are penis heads, we’ve been seeing Uhura’s hot red panties for 45 years, Spock was a iconic sex symbol in the 60’s and HornDog Kirk has been banging space babes since day one…

I’m a little confused by the outrage.

This clip is fun.

I’m with you on this, BB.

“As you can imagine, while I admire the male form, I certainly wouldn’t want to see Spock in his underwear [in a similar situation to Marcus in the clip] with a female he hardly knew.”

Are you guys kidding with this stuff? Americans really are prudes. Yeesh.

26, Random Thots,
“Spock needs to go on a diet. And get rid of the perma-smirk. I accept Quinto as the actor that plays nuSpock and he does a great job at it. But he just doesn’t look like the Spock I grew up with (and got choked up over at the end of TWOK).”

The “perma-smirk” is part of the shape of Quinto’s mouth. Check it out when he’s not talking or smirking or smiling.

Here’s the one from just before Spock tried to kill sassypants Kirk.;_ylt=A0PDoKzBGX9RWT4ATKeJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?bac

and another pic of “stoic” Spock.

Yes, I would prefer the “original” thinner Quinto [he jogged and practiced yoga to stay fit for the most part], but he said he had to work out a LOT to play his fight scenes with Cumberbatch. It is amazing what 15 pounds of muscle will do to an actor on the big screen, jeez. But rest assured, it’s muscle.

I really don’t like the hats.

@ 36


I just read that article again. . And I’ve watched the video embedded. Looked for the term were Abrams says Star Trek is a “wee bit sexist.” Frankly, I could not find it. If you see it in the article, let me know. I know in the video, the interviewer seemed concerned that the women were depicted as love interests. Then Abrams said something about Eve in her underwear and Kirk being in his. If the sexist part comes from the fact that according to the reporter that the women were love interests then frankly that headline is disingenuous. I mean Abrams did not say his movie was sexist. Again, I’ll admit with my bad eyes, I might have missed him using the phrase.

@ 22


Just looked at a wikipedia article about the fall of the Roman Empire. Had trouble finding a historian to say that naked statues of Venus caused it. Again, the fall of the Roman Empire is complex kind of like the effect on the mind of sexual images. Oh, and by the way, I think the Visigoths had something to do with the fall of the Roman Empire. If you can find a historian who has done serious research that naked statues of Venus caused the fall of the Roman Empire, please link it.

@22. You talking about the Eastern Empire or the Western Empire? Cause several centuries separate the end of the two, who had split before the fall of Rome.

The fall of the western empire is largely attributable to rampant government corruption and outsourcing their military to people who harbored huge resentment against Rome.

The Eastern Empire fell mostly due to a plague in the middle of a military campaign to reconquer the western empire.

Their art, leisure, and recreation had no provable impact on the empire, in respect to its fall, no matter what your professor thought.

The Visigoths merely took advantage of Rome’s decay. They weren’t the cause of it.

@4 Beats me.

@48. Never said they caused the decay, but they ended Rome pretty effectively, after they had been hired by Rome to act as their army, and gained access to the more advanced technology of Rome.