New Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Poster + Mazda Poster [UPDATED]

There is yet another poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (actually two). First up today Bad Robot revealed the official Into Darkness IMAX poster. Also the official Star Trek app is sending fans to Mazda dealers to scan a picture of their new cross-promotional poster and we have a shot of that too. [UPDATE: Hi-res version of IMAX poster added]


IMAX Poster

Earlier today the official Bad Robot twitter account tweeted this new Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Poster, which features the little itty USS Enterprise being chased by the big giant mean ol USS Vengeance. The poster may not be to actual scale, but it is still pretty cool.

New IMAX Poster

[DOWNLOAD (right click ‘save image as..’]

Mazda Poster

And in other poster news, the official Star Trek app has a new mission sending fans to Mazda dealers to scan a a new poster. I visited a So Cal Mazda dealer who had a few posters up and even gave me a couple.

New Mazda Into Darkness poster

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Loving that IMAX poster! Would love to be able to see it as such!


No, this should be THE poster for the movie. Excellent.


Firing… phasers… at warp


This is a great poster, but I think I would like it a bit more if the last movie hadn’t also had a huge ship that dwarfs the Enterprise.

I always thought one of the reasons TWOK was so good is it was between relatively equally matched ships, and it was about the people commanding them. Not outmatched heroes fight ridiculously big enemy ship and win because the plot says they will.


The IMAX poster is a hoot.

It’s so desperately preoccupied with making the other ship look menacing that it looks like the Enterprise should really be behind it.





Gul Madred will be pleased.


@6. According to the old Trek tech manuals Phasers were sublight only weapons, however since in several episodes of TOS the Enterprise does things like “pivot at warp 2” (the episode with the Dolman of Elas [love potion tears] in particular) before firing it was probably something the writers never paid attention to, and really shouldn’t be an issue now.


If Enterprise remains operational after all the damage inflicted on her in this movie, she really has to be refitted to stay in touch with tomorrow’s technology


6. Watch TMP (the first film)
All of your questions will be answered

just a guy

By the size of it, this should be a star wars ship, fantasy.


Look waaaay too big, even after seeing it in the trailers it looks 3x the size of the enterprise at the most, this poster makes it look 10x bigger.

Love the artwork though


Perhaps the ships seem to be out of scale because of the warp field distortions or things like that… Oh, whatever.


Star Destroyer chasing Millennium Falcon comes to mind…

If the JJPrise is indeed bigger than the Enterprise-D. Then just how big does that make the Vengeance? Sheeeeesh!

About the size of Hemel Hempstead?!?

Mad Mann

IMAX poster FTW!!!!


I love that Poster!


If nadions are limited to light speed, phasers cannot be used at warp. Unless maybe if they stay within the warp field…?

Niall Johnson

…Or they could be torpedoes.


Run little Enterprise! RUNNNNNN !!!


14, EXACTLY what I was thinking!


The IMAX poster, wow. Just WOW!


Phasers are energy, right? Basically, beams of light. If warp speed is the process of traveling faster than light, would not phasers be worthless at such speeds?

Or, we could simply follow Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s paradigm of tying phaser power to the warp drive. Either way, it’d make much more sense to use torpedoes at warp.

Curious Cadet

@2 Logan,
“No, this should be THE poster for the movie.”

Totally agree.

Unlike the Enterprise plummeting from the sky in the other one, this has action, hope and excitement without pandering to the baser desire to witness death, carnage and destruction. Yet it still communicates all the same ideas: dark vs. light, good vs. evil, frailty vs. might, and it still raises the question is this it for the Enterprise?, but still suggests there’s a fighting chance.

While the other is definitely cool, this looks more like Star Trek, and frankly tells me more about the film I’m about to see. It screams David v. Goliath, and that’s a story everyone wants to see, where they can root for the underdog.

Nurse Gabble

Love the poster, reminds me of Nemo and Bruce the Shark ;)

daniel malgren

My name is Daniel and I approve this poster!


Too blurry.

Kirk's Girdle

That’s no moon. That’s a starship.


I’d buy a copy of that poster. Someone needs to photoshop in a little dialogue bubble over Enterprise that says ‘Oh shit!’


Kind of want the Mazda poster. I own a mazda6 with NX1700 as my plate number. Sounds like it was made for me. The IMAX poster is awesome too.


My name is also Daniel and I also approve of this poster!


I find that the size of the Vengeance actually makes it kind of silly.

Too bad though, if they would have scaled it back a little more it would be pretty impressive.


@24, Curious Cadet

Absolutely, you got it. I don’t like the poster of the falling Enterprise either. To me this should be the only and official poster for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.


Does that Mazda have anything even vaguely Star Trek-y about it?


I’ve never been able to truly believe in those starship behemoths, whether it be the USS Vengeance, Star Destroyers or the Death Star. They raise too many questions in my mind: where do the resources to build them come from? Why build something that would take such a long time to construct? How do you hide the construction of something that big (and yes, I know space is a big place)? How do you crew them? And, basically, what’s the point?

True, in Star Wars the Empire could just plunder a few planets and have swarms of droids to build them, but what about the Trekverse? The only massive ship I’ve been able to come close to buying in any franchise has been Red Dwarf, which I believe was built around and into an asteroid.

I must admit I’m kind of bored of super ships in Trek. Probably started with the D’Deridex and the Borg in TNG, but it’s become as much of a trope in modern Trek as the revenge-seeking movie antagonist.

Elias Javalis

I agree with friend above…This poster should be first…Its Amazing!! Starfleet vs Starfleet…Thats kick a$$ trek Man!!


Details, details…and in the case of the Death Star, not only did they build a planet, they built it with a fatal design flaw…twice…and never saw fit to install fire control computers, even though we could clearly see dishes and scanners on the surface.

And before we get to feeing all ‘Trek-y ships are superior’ the base design (saucer section, secondary hull, warp nacelles on struts) the structural layout and weapons placement are such that an adversary could match speed and sit off the stern and blast away with little fear of the Federation ship getting off a shot. I’ve also assumed the impulse engines vector thrust to some extent or another – more bad design, flight along the pitch or roll axis limits the use of vector thrust, because the exhaust is going to be directed into the secondary hull. Oops. Why is that important? Well, we have been treated to trailer footage of Enterprise flying through the atmosphere in STID. The impulse engines are the primary source of sub-light propulsion, and in order to get this bird back into orbit that vectored thrust along the pitch or roll axis is going to come in handy…

It’s best to just accept that physics and engineering principles are ignored in this movie, too, and just enjoy the show.

Red Dead Ryan

The poster featuring a tiny Enterprise with a huge Vengeance behind it reminds me of the scene in the “Deep Space Nine” mirror universe episode “The Emperor’s New Cloak” where the massive Klingon attack cruiser flagship decloaked behind the Defiant. The Defiant was absolutely tiny compared the Klingon ship.



I guess the new ship is about a size of an Imperial Star Destroyer or a Super Star Destroyer. I really hate these massive ships in ST now. Ok the Borg I can understand but c’mon a huge Fed-ship.


I must say, that Mazda poster has nothing in it which would motivate me to test-drive a Mazda.

A starship, perhaps. But not a Mazda.

So, Admiral Marcus should be pimp-slapped. If STID happens shortly after ST09, then the USS Vengence was around to confront the Narada. But noooo, we had to put our hopes on some unknown fleets of ships con-fabbing at the Lateritian system – and Cadet Kirk saves the day with NCC1701 (no blooming A, B, C or Deeeeee!).

Cant Wait Fer ST:ID

My name is not Daniel…

but I approve of this poster anyway.


@35: “I’ve never been able to truly believe in those starship behemoths, whether it be the USS Vengeance, Star Destroyers or the Death Star. They raise too many questions in my mind: where do the resources to build them come from? Why build something that would take such a long time to construct? How do you hide the construction of something that big (and yes, I know space is a big place)? How do you crew them? And, basically, what’s the point?”

You’ve really got a couple of points there. But I can live with a Section 31 secret project a lot better than with the Scimitar, secretely built by Reman slaves under close observation of the Tal Shiar or the Narada, a mining (!) ship, be it from the future and be it updated with Borg technology, decimating an entire fleet… Those two were even less like than Vengeance…


“So, Admiral Marcus should be pimp-slapped. If STID happens shortly after ST09, then the USS Vengence was around to confront the Narada.”

Maybe the Vengeance wasn’t finished at that point and had no crew ready to board it. However, I think they should have made the Dreadnought project a direct result of the Narada incident and not an answer to another threat ( I cannot discuss here due to spoiler policy)…


IMAX poster is awsome!

Equating the Enterprise to a Mazda is pathetic

Bird of Prey

Even though I don’t like the Vengeance, I have to admit that this poster looks awesome!

Anthony Thompson

A huge starship named Vengeance? That’s gotta be a joke, right? Right?


The Mazda poster’s slogan is remarkably ironic.

“Like science fiction. Without the fiction.”

Abrams has turned Trek into “Science fiction. Without the science.”

One has only to watch the recently released clip which demonstrates that the laws of physics do not apply in this alternate timeline because, apparently, they don’t have to.

I’m bordering on saving ten bucks and seeing STID via Redbox.


It’ll be okay…it’s just a movie…

Steve Johnson

@10 Mellvar

TMP won’t tell you anything about the phasers. Kirk prepares to fire them while they’re in a wormhole at warp.

The problem wasn’t that they were at warp. The problem was that they were suffering a M/AM imbalance which would have probably caused the ship to have been destroyed. Decker’s words “Sir the Enterprise redesign increased phaser power by channeling it through the main engines. When they went into anti-matter imbalance, the phasers were automatically cut off.” To which Kirk responds “You saved the ship.”

It was a stupid rule I never liked in the following series. The TOS E could shoot it’s weapons at warp, no problem.