Watch: 4th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip + Scotty Character Profile + ‘2nd Look’ Featurette

Tuesday morning brings a few new Star Trek Into Darkness clips to share. First up is a new clip featuring Kirk’s first meeting with Alice Eve’s character. And there is a new character profile, this time with Scotty (featuring new footage). Finally a new behind the scenes featurette. See it all below but beware of spoilers.


Clip "Meeting Carol"

The fourth clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has emerged. This time it comes from UIP Thailand (the Thai distributor for Into Darkness). Watch the "Meeting Carol" clip below – complete with Thai subtitles.

Character Profile – Scotty

The second new video today is the second character profile – this time for Simon Pegg’s Scotty. The video includes some new bits of the movie with Scotty as well.

‘Second Look’ Featurette

And a second featurette for the movie has also been released by Paramount. At first glance it is similar to the ‘First Look Featurette’ released earlier this year, but some parts are new.



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first. No way.

Carol clip is awesome. So is scotty.

Spock’s jealous! Love it!!

this clip has some star trek-feeling to it. although spock seems a little too yealous.

Loving the clips. Clip 3 with Kirk facing Cumberbatch in the brig is still the best. The manipulation, ominous music, that clip got me excited, it’s the first taste we have had of Harrison’s manipulation and clever ploys.

Carol Wallace? So is she trying to hide her connection to her admiral father or is she married in this universe? A widow, perhaps?

Can’t wait to see this movie! I love Star Trek.

Carol Wallace??

@6 My guess is her parents split up and she grew up in Europe with her mother, hence the accent.

Carol Wallace??? Admiral Marcus really is playing a dangerous game, isn’t he?

Carol Wallace?

I dont know why but Spocks face cracks me up as she sits down haha as if he’s jealous there will be another Science officer on board.

alice eve reminds me off a bond girl….

Carol Marcus didn’t have an accent.

Oh and the Scotty video says its unavailable in my country. :(

Carol Wallace? She married? Undercover name? Using her middle name for some reason?

is it me or does scotty’s uniform look messy?

@6 – My two guesses. Or Wallace is her mother’s maiden or a step dads name.

Since her dad was off Earth with Bobby April, it also explains that her mother may have raised her in England.

Captain James Tiberius Perfect-Hair. Love it.

James Tiberius Perfect Hair. LOL. Classic.

Carol Wallace? So Dr. Marcus doesn’t want people to know she is the admiral’s little girl and be accused of nepotism.

She is cute as a button though!

Obsessive Fanboy comment about about how his hair isn’t perfect because it’s parted on the wrong side in …3…2…

If Spock were Human. He was not happy about another Scientist.

Bromance jealousy! Love it.

Ha, I think someone forgot to render the title over the end of that Second Featurette.

From what I’ve “heard” Carol uses her mother’s maiden name instead of her father’s at first, but Spock finds out who she really is. Maybe she uses it so as to not get preferential treatment?

Just 2 more weeks and 1 day.

VERY psyched about the movie! although I find Quinto’s Spock to be relentlessly pissy all the time. Maybe his character is going through an arc that will end with the cool, reserved Spock with Nimoy’s subtle undercurrent of emotional struggle.

Daniel…hysterical. Damn Final Cut!!! (or After Effects?)

Jealous Spock is jealous.

Officially done watching clips until May 18 after I’ve seen the movie – two times or so.

OR Alice Eve is not playing Carol Marcus at all…

This is weird. Bob Orci completely picked up on the whole weirdness with Janet Wallace. After all, the original TWOK scripts didn’t have Carol Marcus, but Janet Wallace. When the actress wasn’t available, they invented Carol. I always suspected Janet was Carol’s sister, and that after Carol rejected Jim, Janet was next. Eez so confuseeng!

The name Wallace is a cover (probably…def is) to get on board the E.

@28 – you need to go an rewatch the first season of TOS. Spock is far and away the most emotionally erratic of the crew. And that fact is FASCINATING.

You should know that, spockboy.

Not to be nitpicky but since when is Spock ever jealous? And if he has been, I don’t remember him being so outward and, dare I say, emotional about it?

It’ll be interesting to find out why Carol is British this time around. Something tells me she’s a trojan horse for her dad and whatever he’s up to.

@31 no more clips for me either. And I am having my memory wiped of all the ones I saw AND the damn spoiler I wandered innocently into…. Any one know a good memory wiper- I mean, besides Nomad?

In the “Meeting Carol” clip, I don’t see Kirk, Spock and Carol(Marcus), I see Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper and Penny.

A Scotty that speaks his mind. That might be worth the price of admission all by itself.

Carol Wallace? So Kirk is prowling married women now, too? (speculation and opinion, all you open relationship people take a deep breath now…).

Spock is jealous? Does this make Kirk bi?

Alice Eve is Khan!!!

@36 – I think given that Admiral Marcus is assigning her, I definitely think he intends to use her as a trojan horse, though I have a feeling it’s in a way that she is unaware of.

I’m personally leaning toward the “she uses her mother’s maiden name to avoid favoritism/charges of nepotism” angle for the explanation of her name

Spock being jealous is possible since he is still pretty raw compared to spock prime.

Bones! Karl has done it again!:-D

Dr. Carol Marcus seems to be covering her last name and putting in Wallace instead! Things are starting to come together don’t you all agree? Of course I wouldn’t want to spoil the ” Entire ” movie with my fellow Trekkies would I? Lol

I love Simon Pegg, but dont you think he could have knocked out a few push-ups for the shoot….I mean c’mon you are playing a military officer!!

@38— Exactly. Annoyed and jealous Spock is very similar to Sheldon.

@38 — Actually made me laugh out loud.

– Harry

Why is her last name Wallace?

@37 The flash thing from Men In Black :)

We have no context. May not be jealousy at all. Think – Why might Spock be concerned over Starfleet assigning redundant personnel?