Watch: Into Darkness Celebs Say Hi To TrekMovie Readers At Berlin Premiere

At the Berlin Star Trek Into Darkness premiere the celebrities spent most of their time taking pictures, being interviewed for the live webcast and talking to the big national TV press. But a few took a moment to stop by’s spot to just say before being whisked away by the PR people. See the video below for JJ and stars sending a greeting to TrekMovie readers.


Berlin: JJ Abrams and Into Darkness stars say hi to TrekMovie readers

Tuesday’s Star Trek Into Darkness premiere was a huge event in Germany with a massive throng of press in attendance. is a David among the Goliaths  in the TV media pen (we wanted to shoot video), but with the celebs spending time signing for fans, taking photos, and doing the live webcast interviews, there was little left for them to work the press line. However a few Star Trek celebs spotted the sign (with a joke noting Nacelles Monthly as well). And some (notably Quinto, Abrams, Eve and Pegg) stopped by to send a greeting to the fans who frequent Watch the video from the red carpet below.

More photos

Had enough of Berlin? Well if not, here are even more photos by yours truly.

Fish-eye perspective on Berlin black carpet with Alice Eve (back to camera)

Zachary Quinto takes a pic with a fan

The Into Darkness celebs  pose for the cameras

Zach and Chris talk to national TV press

That’s it for Berlin – on to London

Next Stop London on May 2nd.

Video, photos and editing by Thorsten Wulff

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Alice Eve? Me likey!!

So only Zach, Simon and Alice managed to say Hi…Thank you and I say Hi to you three as well. I hope you are having a great time on this promotional tour.

Who is that blond woman with the black nail polish who always seems to be leading/pushing(?) Chris Pine around?

Why couldn’t Chris say Hi?

@2. Keachick

You forgot JJ and his wonderful sense of humour in dealing with the ‘issue’ of Nacelles Monthly…

The stars at these events are moved around by PR people. Remember it was Thorsten and not me at the event and he only had a small sign. he is the only online person that any of the celebs said hi to at all. the rest of the online section didn’t even get a stop. The PR people essentially took the stars to all the big media (the German equivalent of CNN, NBC, etc) and skipped everyone else.

that is not unusual at one of these things. Same thing may happen in London and LA with me, although I do have set time aside with them at the junket, but there is a pecking order to red carpets and due to the live broadcast there was very little time in Berlin for anything but national media.

… and a big thank you to Thorsten Wulff for putting the video together. The Bad Robot is really cute, and I appreciated the STID music as well.

Good stuff! Keep it up!

Where’s Khan? I don’t see Khan ;)

Alice Eve oh my god…

It’s great to see such high-end premiere for Trek! Can’t wait for the London coverage. I hope everybody gets to be there. Yelchin, Weller and Greenwood. Deep Roy too!

#3 True.

Has anyone seen this? Love Karl Urban – kiwi to the core…oh yeah….:)
Then there is Chris Pine with his “F” bomb….LOL

Unfortunately, there appears to be someone in that Sydney audience who has not been able to keep her trap shut and is posting apparent spoilers on other sites and people wonder why there has been so much secrecy…people just can’t wait that little bit longer…:(

As AP said, these events have layers of complications thrown onto them. The stars arrive by car and work the heavy fan area first, giving autographs to people in uniforms from all shows since TOS. They move on to a stage that looks like part of the bridge, where the live stream stuff was taped. Paramount Germany works with one of the major german networks for that. This is followed by a second area where the photos are taken. On it goes to a third stage (which looked like the Enterprise arrest cell) where another host interviews the actors again for the live stream, this time asking TV audience questions arriving via iPad. In the meantime, imagine the following setting. The carpet is seperated by the surroundings via steel barriers like a rodeo. The photographers are caged in into pen one, and only allowed to take pictures. Pen two is for the TV crews, who usually consist of a cameraperson and a guy with mike asking the questions. They are only allowed to shoot film, but no stills. No kidding. Even better is that pen three, where basically no one gets to as it is closest to the movie theaters entrance were another flock of fans is clustered (no unis this time) is for print, radio and online. They are not allowed to shoot vid or stills. Then there is another sweet TV host with a special deal free roaming the arrest cell area on the carpet. With this in mind, some of you may have visited the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin before and know the cathedral-like Sony center there. The thing is build like a canyon with a paper roof, which results in it being windy with complicatted echoing acustic properties. So you have the fans screaming all the time, plus the reporters shouting their questions. It is impossible for the actors to hear you if they are more than three feet away from you. Plus there are different PR agencies for the different media types, everybody is anxious and nervous, Paramount US and Local handlers, sometimes four or five people, steer the actors in a zig-zag through the mayhem. PR people and handlers decide on the fly who the stars should talk to. Then they move them on, telling everybody just to ask one question, which of course no one does. Now imagine me, in the stall with the TV crews, with my TREKWORLD, corrected to TREKMOVIE plus Nacelles Monthly papersign, taped to the cage with white gaffer. There was a german press person that looked all the time at me like I was something under her shoe. Some of you may know back from 2009 that I am a Photographer, and used to work in hostile environments, in which I quite often use my jedi tricks to get around obstacles. No chance here. As you see in the Pine bit of the video, they move them around, and people next to me were shooting live primetime tv so I could’nt shout his name like I did with Zachary, Alice, Simon and JJ.
That said, they all know and love Trekmovie. They know you are very loyal and out there over the years, and that is what counts. Chris would hve said hi too, if he had the chance. JJ was just awesome and saved the day. He picked Nacelles Monthly up at once and came up with this joke. I am sure that Tony will get great stuff in London, and then we’ll always have LA to ask the juicy questions you all want to have answered. Good night and good luck!

thorsten – Thank you for your report of events from Berlin. This does help explain what I saw on the video better. Keep up the good work.

On another matter – In the link to the video about the Sydney premier, JJ Abrams very clearly asked people not to reveal spoilers about the movie they were about to see. Obviously some people have not respected and honoured that legitimate request (JJ made it for the sake of people like me). However, I have just read an Australian review which tells all.

Interestingly, this was the most negative of all reviews of the movie so far and whereas other reviewers manage to impart their impressions of the movie without giving away key points, this reviewer does not manage this. For that reason alone, he is a lousy reviewer and I find it difficult to take his objections that seriously. This reviewer screwed up far more than how he considers JJ or the writers did…

Anthony – Is there still any embargo on what the media can write about this film or is it just based on trusting in the goodwill and common sense of those who have already seen the movie?

Each country has different embargo dates for reviews. Unfortunately USA isnt until May 10. All reviewers are asked by Paramount to not include spoilers for reviews before the movie is released. Any review with spoilers is someone who is violating that agreement. And since the only way someone can see the movie now is if Paramount invites them, its generally a d–k move.

Dear Keachick, it is easy to review the movie without spoilers, I could write you the whole thing down without giving a single thing away. But I am into Trek since I was 5. The problem is that the mainstream media have no clue what will be a big spoiler and what not.
I explained the plot to the TV crews around me and told them what to ask and what to avoid. I was the only one in the cinema laughing at certain points, because if Into Darkness is your first Star Trek movie you just don’t get it. Orci (Hi Bob!) Kurtzman and Lindelof did a great job in writing a fast paced action thriller that serves to fans and general audiences alike. There are enough easter eggs for the Trekkers, and the rest will love the fireworks. And the incredible 3-dimensional LENSFLARES! ;))

Hi, I’ve been there too, in the third section for the online media. At first I was disappointed and felt like a third class reporter, because they put us into such secluded area. Everything Anthony and Thorsten said is true, but in fact I had the opportunity, to ask each star a single question (Simon Pegg and Alice Eve even answered twice). Those PR-persons forced the actors in our area for short interviews and only Zachary Quinto escaped, but spent this time with the long waiting fans. I was happy afterwards to not have been a part of the overcrowded main press ‘brig’ and really had a great time. wrote an article about it (german only):

Simon had something to say about Trektech to folks next to me:
SP: There is a whole book dedicated to things that first appeared in the Star Trek universe and became true, like touch screens and communicators which appeared in fiction and became fact. Fascinating Stuff.
On what Trek devices he would like to use…
SP: I would like to have a portable transporter to beam me to any place I want. I could literally go to my own toilet, wherever I was in the world I could go to my own loo. That would be nice, not to have to use any public toilets, just go home.
If he would like to live on a Starship…
SP: That would be tough on any kind of transport vessel. But a ship the size of the Enterprise would have a games room, it would be like being in a really nice Hotel. Which might be fun.


Thanks for sharing the pic of Simon Pegg…up till now I have been ambiguous about his taking on the role of Scotty but the recent video of him and now your “snapshot” of him makes me think he could grow on me as being a fairly decent update of Jimmy Doohan’s version. :)

Hahaha. Great improv, JJ! :-)

Schiefy, without giving anything away, Simons Scotty is incredible.

Hi Alice! How you doing? (in Joey from Friends voice…)

That is one good looking cast.

Very cool report, turon47! The fact that Zitt, Netter, and Bartholomae liked it is very reassuring.

Thorsten, thank you for braving the noise, crowds, and uppity colleagues to bring us this report. It was worth it for JJ’s bit. I’m two weeks out from seeing the movie myself, and hope it’ll be a good one. (So far, no major spoilers…)

Thank you, Mr. Wulff. Q’pla!

Hey that was awesome! Beautiful people :))))


(something tells me that Alice Eve may turn out to be the brightest star of this cast in the coming years)

Why the bangs, Alice Eve??? That just looks all wrong.

@ 1

Watch it Harry Ballz. Our Harry Ballz are being watched by the PC police. So Harry Ballz must get in line. :-)


That was a fun treat! Thanks Thorsten!

Hello Alice Eve. Live long and prosper. And I hope your character survives the movie. Regardless, I hope this is the beginning of your Star Trek career. Maybe you can star in a new Star Trek television show. Okay, I believe Star Trek belongs on TV. Looking forward to seeing you in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Thank you Thorsten! Much appreciated!!

#26. Anthony Thompson-
Never been a fan of bangs. Alice Eve’s got me feeling the “IDIC” of that style. They look great on her!

Thorsten: Bravo to you, sir!! A most excellent job. The sign was an elegant touch even… the crossing out probably drew the eye as opposed to pre-made computer-produced signs that all look alike. Thanks!

#26, 31: On Alice’s bangs. Well, she might have her hair set for the movie she’s now shooting?