Watch: Recordings Of Berlin Into Darkness Livestream Interviews + Press Conference Video & Pix [UPDATED]

Yesterday was the big Berlin premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness and for the event Paramount Germany broadcast live interviews with the cast and crew (which we had here at TrekMovie). Recordings of the interview clips are now available and you can watch those below along with a report and pix from yesterday’s press conference. 

[UPDATE: Press conference video]


UPDATE: Press conference Video

Here is video from the press conference (via Fashionandfaces)


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Star Trek Into Darkness Berlin Premiere Live Stream Interviews

Here are recordings of Paramount Germany’s live stream interviews from Monday’s Berlin live stream (thanks to  TheBibliotheca).

JJ Abrams

Simon Pegg

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Bryan Burk

Alice Eve

Zoe Saldana

Report & Pix from Into Darkness Berlin Press Conference

Report by Constantin Hirsch

Before the stars hit the red carpet, Paramount Germany held a press conference with director J.J. Abrams along with Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve and Simon Pegg.

The press conference started with a bang when Abrams being shocked by the first journalist took the microphone. Journalist:" As a fan, I’m f–king angry about the movie! So f–king angry that I want to hit you in your face!” J.J. looked scared. The whole cast was wondering, is this really happening? J.J. seemed to start with an apology. Journalist: "…cause after a hundred and thirty minutes, the movie is over.” All started to laugh.

There were a number of questions for J.J. Abrams about Star Wars but he pushed those away by saying it was too early for decisions, however he did say that he expects John Williams to return and compose the score for Episode VII (something long-time Arams collaborator Michael Giacchino has said he supported).

When asked what it was like working with J.J. Abrams, the actors  actors were entused. Quinto noted “When you do a movie, you’re working 18 to 24 hours. And J.J. is working three more. So you have to do the same.” Zoe added: “He (J.J.) stays your friend. The J.J. you meet at the set is the same J.J. you talk to after the shooting.” Even Alive Eve felt part of the family very early. When it came to Simon’s chance to ask the question he showed his British wit by sarcastically saying “I didn’t like it.”

Discussing the relationship between Spock and Kirk in the new movie, Quinto said. “They are the opposing ends of a perspective.” He also tried to comment about Spock and Uhura’s relationship, but Zoe jumped in, saying: [Minor Spoiler] "When we have the scene in the small alien shuttle. Spock and Uhura have a serious talk, ‘cause Spock can’t run away. But it is in front of their boss [Kirk].”

The cast also recalled a funny anecdote about a practical joke that Chris Pine and Simon Pegg played on the rest of the cast when they were filming at Lawrence Livermore Lab. Simon and Chris convinced the rest of the cast that they needed to put on a "neutron cream" (which was really just sunscreen) in order to protect themselves from radiation while they were working at the facility. The joke grew and grew, till Benedict – with white cream dots on his face – tried to talk seriously with J.J. about his role. The joke ended with Karl recording a short video with advice for the use of the "neutron cream." J.J. and Simon gave us some hope that we will see the “Cream Stuff” on the DVD/Blu-ray extras.

Even More Berlin to come

TrekMovie has one more fun video from our man on the scene coming up.

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“We can’t wait for the next one”.

Wait, WHAT? Cliffhanger?

I will never understand why they decided to release this first outside of the U.S. It is a U,S. product! Why make the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN wait on the release?

I am not happy about this.

Frederick, they’re trying to boost the global sales by letting it rip there first. If they can boost the global sales, they’ll boost their total take because US sales should be relatively unaffected. In the end, we win so I wouldn’t let it burn you too much. Just have to avoid reading spoilers for a few days is all :)

Thanks for the shout-out, Simon

They have to juice the foreign gate.

FOX has no problem with SW. Paramount has to boost up Trek. Why do you think they are promoting Cumberbatch so much?

Pine has more grey hair in his beard than I do at 40. I love that.

They’re are promoting Cumberbatch that much because he’s freaking brilliant and could get them even an Oscar nomination.

@3 & @5: Good info, never thought of that. It is a win-win for us in that it’ll increase the odds for future Trek product. I’m banking on a 13th movie in 2016…also hoping for a LIVE action TV series to start in 2016. So we need big global box office results in order to get the powers-that-be at Paramount and CBS to green-light both projects.

Great interviews and I appreciated those JJ comments about the core Star Trek fan base.

Where are the writers for this tour of premiere duty?

If they’d only written a few juicy indepth scenes for Cumberbatch and Pine they could have got Cumberbatch an oscar nomination. Missed opportunity. I hate talent being wasted.

J.J. should write the neutron cream into the next movie! :-D

Small native speaker bonus: After Chris and Zachary have left the stage, the two female interviewers are gushing about their eyes for a bit!

Here is another video of the premiere:

@6: Peculiar indeed! I mean he’s like what? 32, 33? – Fascinating.
Maybe he frequented “George Clooney School of Early Greying”…

Wow, Anthony! That was awesome, thanks for putting all those up, especially the Berlin Press conference.

Do you think they’ll be doing this in the US? I really do hope so.

Apparently, it is *normal* for many humans to begin to grow grey from the age of 30 onwards. There are some people who start greying in their teen years but that is rare. By the time the average person reaches their late forties/early fifties, at least 50% of their hair could be grey. We do not see it so much today because a good many people choose to dye or highlight their hair.

It is a good idea for people who suddenly go grey at an early age to seek medical advice, as it may be a precursor to some other more serious pathology going on. Sometimes it can be caused by a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Presumably Chris Pine and George Clooney are perfectly healthy and this *early* greying process is more due to their genetic inheritance than any lifestyle choice they may make, although some choices may accelerate the process a little – or not.

I was shocked and concerned to see the grey in Chris’s beard so I googled and I have paraphrazed above what I found out. Early greying is not a phenomena seen in my family, especially on my father’s side.

I enjoyed viewing all of these videos immensely. Thank you to Anthony and team for making these accessible to us.

Yes, thank you, Anthony, for bringing these videos to us. I have enjoyed them immensely. Once again, all credit goes to the casting team for this Star Trek movie series. These people are great!

One question – did Chris and Zach’s hair magically grow something like an inch in a matter of six days, ie between the time they were in Sydney and then seen in Berlin? Chris’s hair has suddenly got darker as well, despite the fact that Berlin should be seeing some more sun from now on. Sunlight can have a slightly bleaching effect on hair…

It is now autumn (fall) downunder!

Early greying? there was once another Starfleet captain, who was very fond of this. But ironically, he himself was early balding… ;-)

@19 Hahahahah!

I am so looking forward to this Neutron Cream tale in the DVD extras.

Male pattern baldness. Early greying. Don’t ya love them genes?

It’s funny how Patrick Stewart and William Shatner went bald early, while Chris Pine is going grey already. Stewart, in fact, started losing his hair at seventeen, and was bald by twenty-five.

As for myself, I still have nice, thick black hair. :-)