Watch: 4th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip ‘Keep Going, Scotty!’ – nuEnterprise Gets Seatbelts

The fourth clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has just gone online and it is full of action during a bad day on the USS Enterprise. You can watch the "Keep Going, Scotty" clip below, but beware there are spoilers.


Clip 4 – "Keep Going, Scotty"

This new clip features Kirk and Scotty doing some Inception-like running through corridors on the USS Enterprise, some red shirts biting it, the return of Budgineering, and the bridge crew getting strapped in. And once again the new James T. Kirk uses his super-power to dangle off of things.



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James Cannon Runcorn Trekkie

Interesting ..




Someone save the hops!


That engineering section is huge! Opening weekend cannot come soon enough!

Theatre Historian

Its a cross between climax’s of Twok and generations I love it :)

Nurse Gabble

Argh! Can’t bring myself to stop watching these clips!


Not that I don’t like new people, but where’s Chekov? This movie seems to get better and better. Bring on the screen shots.


don’t start even thinking about the stuff happening in this video….just enjoy it lol

Theatre Historian

And is that Deltan, we have on the bridge?
Very Cool!
And excellent score as well.



Josh C.



Are they in any danger from a carbon dioxide explosion from all the beer being shaken? ;)


Do I see short sleeves on that bald navigator girl? o.O

Also, the brewery is back. Oh my. I *so* hope the ship gets a refit for the next movie.


Still ignoring physics, I see….


Ha, seatbelts! Somebody at Starfleet has finally learned. XD

The Professor

I saw the seat belts and had to laugh.
Two weeks 7h 17 min and counting!


You know what we haven’t seen yet? Any scenes from the laboratory in northern CA…..


Isn’t this the fifth clip from the film?
1 – Enterprise underwater / Spock in the volcano
2 – “I told we’d fit!”
3 – Harrison in the brig
4 – Meeting Carol
5 – The Wrath of Budgineering


I wonder if that navigator has taken an oath of celibacy.

Dennis C

Before there was Ten Forward there was THE FEDERATION MICROBREWERY!

Man, I hate engineering.

Drink thirsty, my friends.

Andres Alvarez

Mirar me llamo andres y soy español,soy super fans de esta saga y me gustaria algun dia ponerme las cejas como spock,soy super friki y larga vidad a star trek.
Por cierto vivo en un pueblo de guadalajara y estoy en contra de peliculas como 300,crepusculo ,etc
Un beso y espero ver la pelicula lo antes posibleee yeaah pozi


I’m definitely looking forward to this film… but, gheez, they really did a poor job on these films when it came to creating Engineering.

Captain Kark

Can someone explain the physics of that to me please? :) There’s a space ship in space that creates it’s own artificial gravity (deck plating) to keep everyone from floating around. Assuming that the ship is not in the conflicting gravitation pull of a planet (perhaps it is!) then everything on board should be being pulled down towards the floor (grav plating on) or floating around (grav plating off) regardless of the tilt or acceleration of…..oh whatever, let’s just sit back and enjoy the film :D

Garth of I

We’ve got a Deltan on the bridge!

John from Cincinnati

nuKirk just does not like wearing his gold command tunic does he?

Although, I would like to see the JJverse version of the Green wraparound tunic.


@24. Yes. All valid points…including that last one. :-)


As much as I don’t like the Bud Light engineering room, that looked freaking awesome. It is one thing to do a rotation of a room or a corridor, but it really looked like the entire brewry was rotating there.

I am not Herbert

gawd i hate this fake-looking stupid action crap… (facepalm) =(


I wonder if that is Illia in the navigation seat


I need to stop watching but I can’t



The Mighty Chip

@24 Captain Kark:

I may not be right on this, but to my knowledge Voyager was the only ST ship that was actually verified on screen to use gravity plating. In the first episode of Enterprise they stated that the titular ship had some sort of “gravity drive” or something instead of gravity deck plating.

This implies that there are several different technologies available in the Star Trek universe that can simulate gravity, not just gravity plates. I’ve never seen any canon source that specifies which gravity technology the 1701 uses, so for all we know the gravity in that scene is perfectly in line with the ship’s technology.

I am not Herbert

…a giant brewery, full of giant beer tanks and tons of piping, looks SO GOOD (sarcasm) as the workings of a STARSHIP… (facepalm) =(

JJ, you are SO fired… =(

Look, I’m not a fan of the engineering set being a beer brewery, but in the end, does it really matter to the overall enjoyment of the movie? Come on. It’s more impressive than any TOS set, and I can still enjoy that.

Undiscovered Gay Trek Character

Wow, that was all kinds of stupid.

Undiscovered Gay Trek Character

And why does there never seem to be very many crew members on this massive ship?


I swear I asked for this few years ago!!! :D

Boborci rocks

Buzz Cagney

#29 But look at all the running and jumping. Does that not get you super excited. Gosh, it does me. If they didn’t have all the running and jumping then it would be a very short movie. About 5 minutes i’d guesstimate going on the trails that we’ve seen so far.

Buzz Cagney

#38 you will have done- he won’t have thought of it himself.

I am not Herbert

if it was just the brewery… maybe…

but the whole package of writing/directing/designing is unacceptably diminishing the TRUE VISION of Star Trek =(

…but glad that you, and apparently so many others, are “impressed”…


@ 39

If you get a kick out of people running and jumping, you should try the sports channel. Trek was always about people thinking and talking.

Red Dead Ryan

Artificial gravity in Trek is meant to keep people from floating in the air during space travel.

However, should the ship descend vertically into a planet’s atmosphere, the gravity of the planet would most likely overpower the artificial gravity on the ship, thus we would see the crew “falling” down in the direction of the descent.

It would be pretty silly (and maybe goes against the laws of gravity/physics, although I am no expert in either area by any means) as well as visually unbelievable to see the ship falling straight down into the atmosphere while the crew remain standing as they normally would.

jose kuhn

Maybe the engineering section gets a refit for the next movie. One can only hope!!

Captain Kark

@33 The Mighty Chip

The only other episode that comes to mind is ‘In a mirror, darkly, part 2’,_Darkly,_Part_II_(episode)

when Evil Archer flattens the Gorn on the TOS era Constitution, Defiant.

Hey, perhaps the inertial dampeners and the artificial gravity are playing havoc with each other causing an upside down in space etc etc! :)

Paul Carey

These guys are such wimps; yelling and screaming like girls! you wouldn’t have heard Shatner and Doohan making such a fuss! JJ couldn’t organize a warp core breach in a brewery…


T- Totally awesome!! I love the physics of this clip too. It is remniscent of one of my other favorite movies, Inception. And that’s ok, I am sure there will be plenty of explaining for you nay-sayers on the blu-ray edition in time!

Until then, might I suggest that everyone just enjoy the ride? :)

This looks like a truly epic film- can’t wait to see it!!


How about that, no sooner mention the lab, and Yahoo movies does a piece on it…

I am not Herbert

Red Dead Ryan:

PLEASE don’t try to make excuses for bad physics…

it’s embarrassing to watch…

Rich Civil

@ 24

We don’t know how the ship is moving here but a few things.

– artificial gravity not working or working sporadically , likely due to battle/ damage

– by the laws of physics if the ship is either not moving or moving at a constant speed people just float ( see ISS or ST IV)

– Again physics if the ship is accelerating with artificial gravity not working (or not working well) you get falling out of chairs and running on the walls. This is the same effect when you accelerate hard in your car and you feel pushed back into your seat.