New Uhura ‘Disruptions’ Viral Vid Includes First Look At JJverse Version Of Classic Star Trek Race

The third and final "Disruptions" viral video message from John Harrison is out. This time the Star Trek Into Darkness bad guy has Uhura all figured out. Check out the video below, which includes some new Uhura footage – including a major first look at some characters (but beware of spoilers). [UPDATED: Screencaps with first look at new character]


John Harrison Has Uhura All Figured Out

Paramount International has sent out their third (and final) "Disruptions" viral video. This time John Harrison turns his keen analysis on Uhura.

Harrison’s message:

Lieutenant Uhura – the soul of the Enterprise. A master of communication with the frequencies of the entire universe at her fingertips. She is the force of compassion holding the entire crew together. But look deeper and you will see a woman whose love makes her a liability. Is her duty to the mission or to her own personal relationship. How can she watch someone put their life on the line when her heart needs him to be safe…None of you are safe. 

First Look At JJverse Klingons Unmasked!

The Uhura video includes some distorted footage of a mission to the Klingon homeworld, and for the first time in the new movie universe we see a Klingon without his mask!

Klingon with Bat’leth

Klingon without his mask (note head ridges are pierced with rings)


More Messages From Harrison

If you missed them, here is Harrison analyzing Kirk and Spock.

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I’ll be curious when the smoke clears, as to which speech Cumby used for his audition to “wow” the producers.

0:21, you see the face of a Klingon

the klingon with the helmet off literally made me go WTF?!!! He looks super scary and moves like an animal. Wow just wow

5 4 3 2 1

let the complaning start about how it should have been bones/mccoy video.

I like the new Klingon makeup!

Klingons look scary again! awesome!:-)

I thing Bones gets a lot of screen time in this movie. Why would they take their doctor to Qu’onos instead of their Xenolinguist?
I’ve never seen Dr Cotte from BSG on an away mission…

But for sure, they can go camping and sing row row row your boat, moon over rigel 7

Why do the “new” Klingons have the Romulan-type V-shape on their heads? They look good, don’t get me wrong, but he looks like he’s a Klingon/Romulan hybrid. WHERE’S THE MANE OF HAIR??! Only one Klingon is allowed to be bald and his name is General Chang!

What if the Klingon is General Chang?

@8 How do you know this isn’t Chang? Seriously I expect to see new versions of Gorkon (since he showed up in the IDW JJverse Mirror Mirror story, got beheaded by evil Sulu), Kor, Kang, Koloth, a member of the House of Mogh, or Chang, among the Klingons we meet in this movie.

All of these men are out there, and Michael Dorn did say he was approached about possibly appearing in the film (prob would have been Gorkon though, unless he would have been grampa Worf again [STVI], or given his current age that Worf’s father).

I like the new Klingon look though, just wanted to say that.

I just literally went :O in a good way. Hehe.

this is great! Uhura is just so beautiful and kick-a$$

ps: you forgot to put the transcript of what he says about her.

I like the new Klingon look :)

“John Harrison Has Uhura All Figured Out”

Great video.

I have to say , it does bother me that McCoy seems to be set aside, and its a real shame since I felt Karl Urban did such a great job with the character. Bones was really the ‘soul’ of the enterprise…

Well, having read detailed spoilers I have serious doubt about the movie, but the Klingon make up really isn’t bothering me at all. It could easily fit into the Prime Universe canon in my view.

@16 I know what you mean but I think that, as Uhura is the only female crew member they have made an effort to give her a larger share of the limelight (with both the new films). this seem reasonable considering they want to appeal to women as well as men.

I still feel for Bones slight lose though, however illogical that sounds (especially as he’s not real…)

Honestly though, the unmasked Klingon looks like a savage cannibal warchief from old comic books. All he needs is a spear, a painted leather shield and a human rib bone stuck in the nose. :-P

I do like the Klingon make up, but still think they should have long hair. Still pretty good though.

#8: Chang wasn’t the only bald Klingon we’ve seen. There were several in The Original Series.


Don’t worry, the movie does him justice.

you guys with the whole “bawww she’s replacing Bones i’m cry” are getting old It’s like a litany that never ends with the same identical phrases being posted in every single article of this site at every tiny mention of Uhura.

no offense but it’s getting to the point of obsession now, at least watch the movie first! This is only some promotional stuff! geez.
ps: bet no one complained about Scotty getting his own video instead of Bones. It figures.

thank you for putting the transcript!

I like how the Klingon symbol is at an angle on the one dude’s sash. It’s like a cross between the original version of the symbol (with the straight point horizontal) and the 1980s movies/TNG version with the straight point up.

I agree with those saying the Klingons should have long hair. Well, everyone should have long hair. Period…and goatee beards too.

On another note, I agree Bones was always the ‘soul’ of he crew. At least he should still be the conscience, the moral compass. This makes more sense coming from a doctor too – a naturally caring and sympathetic profession. The only emotional vibe Nuhura brings is the romance with Spock. Not that I want to get into the old Bones vs Nuhura quagmire: I understand the cold hard business decision behind it.

Those who’ve said in the past it makes more sense for Uhura to join landing parties than Bones: I disagree entirely. When I already have a universal translator – and knowing the trouble Kirk & co always find themselves in – I’d want a medic with me any day. Especially if i was a redshirt. I always rationalized having Bones on the bridge in crisis situations as avoiding the need to schlep to sickbay if a key officer is injured – or wait for a doctor to schlep to the bridge. The Enterprise had other doctors anyway: M’Benga and later Chapel.

@26 LJ

@7 sherlock

Am not sure…I have not read the full summary of this movie because I didn’t want to spoil myself too much, however I believe that uhura was taken to Quonos because she had to translate some sort of language which plays a key role in the plot of the film.

#23: Feel free to stop reading the posts here if they bother you. Everyone is more than welcome to complain about McCoy being marginalized–because he has. Uhura was never anything more than a second-string character. Now, she’s center-stage, which is unfortunate since she’s just not that interesting a character. McCoy SHOULD be the one getting the attention.

most of the klingons have long hair, u can see it in one of the trailers, maybe this guy is general chang ;-) and pierced klingons, hell yeah i wait since tng 4 that, awesome.

The betleH is overdone, though. “Oh, we could add more tips, and why not have them curved backwards?” -.-

The point that bothers me is that Uhura is replacing Bones, not that she is stepping up in importance, I love to see the female characters getting more attention.
But to adress her as the “soul” only shows a very stereotype distribution of roles: She is a woman therefore she has to be the caring and emotinal part of the Enterprise. This is actually a step backwards in feminism
… and this is coming from a woman!

The more of see of the tv spots and trailers, the more excited I get. This movie is just more awesome by the minute. Kor did show up in the Countdown to Darkness comic series also.

Scary Klingon looks Scary!

The more I see of the tv spots and trailers, the more excited I get. This movie is just gets more awesome by the minute. As far as Klingons, Kor did show up in the Countdown to Darkness comic series also.

28. BatlethInTheGroin
” Uhura was never anything more than a second-string character. Now, she’s center-stage, which is unfortunate since she’s just not that interesting a character. McCoy SHOULD be the one getting the attention.

*yawn* are we in the 2013 or it’s still the 60s? (Guardian of Forever please help me)

your opinion =/= facts. I love Bones even more than Kirk himself (he’s my favorite after Spock tbh) and I’d be very happy to see a OT4 but accusing Uhura of replacing him in a non existent triad (that was NEVER developed not even in the old movies) is stupid. IF the dynamic changed maybe there is a reason, maybe it makes sense here and now.

If someone is really ” replacing” Bones it’s Scotty (I can’t make examples because they’re spoilers) not the only female main character that will, of course, get featured in promotional stuff for the sake of balancing things up a bit.

#31: I know this is going to set people off, but aren’t women more caring and emotional than men? The last time I looked, there weren’t too many wars started by women. If my wife knew anything about Trek, she would probably start calling me Spock, considering how unemotional and uncaring I am.

#31 – Please stop with the “step backwards in feminism” crap. I’m SO tired of hearing how a black woman being allowed to show emotion or sexuality is a step backwards in feminism. Where’s your intersectional feminism? Where’s your understanding of the differing media portrayals of WoC, and how it’s not the same as non-WoC? Where’s your understanding that the “stoic, unemotional, asexual black woman” is offensive and not empowering to black women?

#36 – Nope. Women can be just as violent and cruel as men.

#35: Your claim that the Kirk-Spock-Bones triad was never developed indicates that you know little about Trek history.

I wouldn’t say women are more caring and emotional than men, it is just easier for them to show their emotions due to their upbringing.

And for women not starting wars, well you have no idea how women can fight a running battle e.g. at work or when it comes to relationships.

The point is that Spock and McCoy are both extreme characters. In their way of perceiving a solution as well as in their way of communicating it. Their reasoning shows that there are always two sides of the same coin.

By giving Uhura McCoy’s part this reasoning doesn’t work out right. They are in a relationship, she can never completely possition herself against Spock’s point of view like McCoy would.

And if she isn’t even having those quarrels with Spock (I assume it is still Bones who is doing it) then why is she “the soul” because it should be the one who is taking opposite view to Spock “the mind”.

Can’t wait!

The UK’s ‘Guardian’ newspaper (the Bible of the Liberal ‘Left’) in the UK totally hammers the new Star Trek film.

“If you like explosions and people running around shouting, then you’ll love this film; if you were like the original series and its focus on morality and philosophising, you will be sorely disappointed…”

41. This Is Not Your Fathers Star Trek

…and yet Andrew Pulver’s Guardian review said “The real grit is provided, as ever, by the emotional politics, always Star Trek’s strength” and gave it 4 1/2 stars.

This has nothing to do with skin colour.
I would feel the same if it was for Carol Marcus, or a green, babyblue, pink purple, whatever woman. It is simply this old fashioned way of giving the emotional part to the “weaker sex”

@37 – Whoa, cut the postmodern gibberish. WOCs can sit in the front part of the bus now, what else do you want? :-P

Really though, what’s up with this “empowering” stuff? Why should colored women be treated any different than non-colored women? When you show a white woman that’s emotional and sexual, feminists are all rage, but when you show a black woman like that, it is suddenly “empowering” for some reason? That’s silly. Also, it reminds me of an old joke: “When a white guy beats up a black guy, he’s a racist. When a black guy beats up a white guy, he’s standing up for his rights.”

Sorry – 4 stars

The new bat’leth would have to be a weapon for fighting with some room to maneuver. If an opponent can get close enough with a dagger, it’s useless. I would appreciate it if they don’t show a TNG-style bat’leth fight — the kind where people use it to bludgeon without blood. Used full-one, that thing slices and dices.

As to bald/hairy… we’ve seen multiple Klingon looks at the same time before. It’s a whole planet after all.

As to Uhura being “the soul of the Enterprise.” Um, nah. She’s the distraction of the bridge, maybe.

@27. Barney,
” I believe that uhura was taken to Quonos because she had to translate some sort of language which plays a key role in the plot of the film.”

But why did they go to the Klingon home world at all!?

What do the Klingons have to do with the plot?

I belive Bone’s new nickname for Uhura is “Lt. C*ckblock”…….

Nice Klingon.

I suppose the film had to fall on one side or the other of the Great Head Ridges Debate, and it looks like Mr. Abrams is, in the final analysis, Pro-Head Ridges.

My opinion?

I’m still annoyed that the “head ridges” when they first appeared in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” were OBVIOUSLY A SPINAL COLUMN!!

Look at it! You can see the individual vertebrae, fer the love of Vaal!

Then when Trek 3 came around, I guess someone took a quick glance and said, “I dunno, just put a bunch of sh*t on his forehead,” and that’s where we’ve been ever since.

Fine. I guess “head ridges” are cool. ::sigh::

TNG era Klingons always had a bit of a hipster feel to them. I’m guessing these Klingons get about as much screen time as Keenser did the last movie, but it’s a good look.

Uhura is the soul of Enterprise. My first reaction was to say no way, but on reflection, yeah, she was in TOS. The character had a spiritual quality about her…

To all those who laid into me for suggesting her relationship with Spock was fraternization, and a liability, and that there were legitimate reasons to avoid them, well….I told you so. Vindication is a dish best not served at all…….. :-)