Watch: 5th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Ups The Funny

The fifth clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has just gone online. It is a tense moment in the turbolift between a frustrated Kirk and Uhura. You can watch the “Ears Burning” clip below, but beware there are spoilers.


Clip 5 – Again With the Ears Jokes

This new clip titled “Ears Burning” is a different spin on the classic Trek turbolift conversation. In this version we have Kirk, the young stud that he is, with Uhura in an awkward and tense moment in the turbolift as they discuss Spock’s recent behavior and what it’s like to date him.



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Priceless look on Spock’s face….

Not to say I dislike the new movies however, why do they keep having Kirk and Spock fight so much? I’m kind of tired of it. Kirk and Spock are best friends and they don’t even seem like it. Kirk is the captain no matter what for Spock to even second guess him in front or behind the scene is mutiny.

Not even close 2.

Are they going to release a clip everyday? We’ll see the whole movie by the time it comes out. I know I could choose not to watch, but who could resist?

Next Thursday 6.45pm IMAX for me – Glasgow – Scotland UK….cant wait!

Huh? Kirk a young stud, “still annoyed and frustrated that Uhura is with Spock (and not him)”?

How do you get that from what was shown in that scene? Kirk is frustrated that Spock seems to be second-guessing everything. The comment about Spock being Uhura’s boyfriend seemed more like Kirk wanting Uhura to give her own, more personal angle on what might be going with Spock. His question about what might it like to fight with someone like Spock (a stoic vulcan) is more about Kirk trying to work out just who this Spock is.

So it begins…

Relationships between supervisors and subordinates have a high risk of becoming unprofessional.

This could create perceptions of favoritism, misuse of position, and using a position to further one’s own goals.

Actions that create just the appearance of impropriety can also be punished.

I might be imagining things because of all this waiting (June 5th come on!), but isn’t this the sixth clip released from the film?

#4 – Mutiny? Sorry, but that is nonsense.

@Kyle, one of the reasons that Kirk and Spock fight so much is that the Powers That Be have decided that the Rodberrian vision of the future as a place where Earth and the friendly aliens who are allied with them live in peace and harmony is, well, boring. Thus, we need “conflict” in all relationships and we need more “action” scenes rather than philosophical dialogue and character development.

I’m not sure I disagree with the premise that there must be some conflict in order to keep things interesting, but I tend to agree that it seems a bit overdone.

Did anyone else notice Kirks rank as only commander on his uniform? 2 ribbons.

Turbo lifts have gotten significantly slower since the last movie.

@12 I understand that to a point but have a conflict between someone else other than Kirk and Spock. I mean perhaps McCoy and Spock or just keep the conflict between Uhura and Spock.

“He’s clearly still annoyed and frustrated that Uhura is with Spock (and not him).”

Exceeeeept that’s not what the clip is about at all…

I watched the trailers, but none of those clips.
By now probably 30% of the films has already been shown. Thats too much.

“We’re talking about the end of every life on earth. You’re half-human. Do you have any god damn feelings about that?!”

Nope, kirk and Spock never fought

@15 That would require to have McCoy around doing more than saying one-liners.

Where do people keep getting this idea that there is some love triangle going on? The only time Kirk really flirted with Uhura was the initial meeting at the bar. All other times he just seemed to like annoying her. I know JJ mentioned that it was his intention in the first one, but evn then I never saw it.

I didn’t get the feeling that he was annoyed at the spock/uhura relationship at all in this clip. More like he had pity for her that she had to be in a tiff with him too.

@ 14 Jeyl

Ha. I noticed that. In the first movie, Spock goes from shuttle bay to bridge in like 5 seconds.

@13 look again. 2 big 1 thin. Rank is correct

Good old-fashioned Star Trek humor. Love it.

Movie 1: Characters fight each other.
Movie 2: Characters begin to fight for each other.
Movie 3: Characters now work together.
This is setting up the threequel, where K/O & L can write a script exploring something new. Yeah, like the Doomsday Machine, Vejur, Whale Probe, or the Borg. What other major stressors remain? I mean, wouldn’t Spock Prime have clued the UFP in on all the major events so that they can be proactive as they are in this film?

@18 That was a different situation completely. Kirk was frustrated because of Spock being different than he was before. You didn’t see the two of them fighting hand to hand on the bridge of the bird of prey.

God, I love these guys. LOL

@4 – how many time did Spock tell Kirk he didn’t like being insulted in TOS?

@26. We never saw TOS Kirk and Spock together at any point before when they were one year+ into the 5YM. (Well, WNMHGB may have been during year one of the 5YM, but… my point remains.)


I’m not getting that at all from this clip, actually. Kirk is just frustrated with Spock, and seems startled/a little amused at the thought of a Vulcan having normal human-like relationship problems. And Uhura never really ‘picked’ Spock over Kirk because there wasn’t a love triangle to begin with…much as they liked to imply it in the ’09 marketing!

i bet pine and zoe cracked up a million times when they got to the “rip his bangs off” line. can’t wait to see that blooper in the dvd extras. lol.

maybe boborci can confirm or deny this.

Love this!! :D

I’m just happy to see my crew bantering and concerned for each other.


Please no more clips…..its only a week away.

If you guys want to see human and vulcan love spat watch the deleted scene of trek 09 with sarek and amanda.

am cool with the S/U relationship…. however i am not happy with all this short clips everyday all day.

@28 In TOS, Kirk and Spock would playfully joke back and fore between each other. This is something that good friends can do. They can joke with each other because they know neither of them mean any actually harm from it.

this is like the sixth clip.
1. What would Spock Do?
2. Escaping Klingons
3. Kirk vs Harrison
4. Meeting Carol.
5. Keep Going Scotty

and now this one makes six.

Ha! I loved it. Poor Kirk clearly frustrated with Spock (continues with what we see in the Countdown to Darkness comics). Then his mind boggles at the concept of actually ‘fighting’ with Spock…

A number of reviewers have commented on the humour in this movie – this must be another prime example. The topic itself is not funny, but the scene definitely is.

I wonder how much of these are even IN the finished movie? For all we know these clips are deleted scenes!

Some of you guys really need to kill the nitpicky nonsense. Two rings on this wrist? Three Rings on his wrist? the depiction of the uniform is accurate. You want so badly to find fault with every little thing with JJ’s movie.

I think the conflict between Kirk and Spock is not a bad thing. It makes sense in light of this new reality. A lot of trek people hated Enterprise but it did highlight the tension between humans and vulcans after their first contact. It was more realistic than the utopian Love fest of the original series. In the original series there was little to no conflict between them that I can remember on the tv show. (Amok Time does not count Nerds and I am aware of the issues from the films i.e. Star Trek VI). Kirk trusted Spock and valued his wisdom and insight. Keep in mind that this Kirk is younger than the Prime Kirk when he takes command. By the time he meets Spock in the Prime Universe they are seasoned veterans. Prime Spock served under Pike for 11 years. They are younger in this “alternate reality” and young Kirk is a hot head. He is an over achiever like Prime Kirk but not disciplined or seasoned. Prime Kirk served on the Farragaut and had other experiences. Same guy but two divergent and different lives. Stop comparing this to the old universe. It is not the same. When you Roddenberry purists get it in your skull that this is a new playground with new rules, your blood pressure will go down.

If you read Countdown to Darkness of one of the themes in that story is Spock keeps taking unnecessary risks and is on edge because of the destruction of Vulcan. That is the cause of the tension between he and Uhura. It is not a spoiler because they highlight that fact in the “prequel” comic. Apparently Spock feels some type of survivor’s guilt over the destruction of Vulcan. Dude represses his emotions. So he deals with it by placing himself in harms way which I imagine will be shown in the film.

They are NOT deleted scenes.

LOL! Nice scene. Poor Spock. I’m with Kirk. I want to know what Spock and Uhura’s fights are like as well.

I don’t know, they seem too informal with each other. I don’t think a CO and a Lt should talk like that to each other.

Well, here’s hoping the movie is good!

Like oh my gawd, what is that even like?
As if.

“Star Trek Into Darkness,” from the writers of “Clueless.”

#40 – Uh, yeah, that’s the point. Kirk realizes he’s out of line and tries to back out of it, but then Uhura answers, which piques his interest.

It’s called character growth. In Trek’09, Kirk would have pushed, but this Kirk is clearly trying to establish the boundaries a captain needs with his crew.

I’d say that this scene shows that this Kirk is growing into the Kirk we know–and he’s consciously trying to do so–which is a good sign that the movie is good.

Ugg. More of Star Trek 90210…

TOS always had moments like this! Love it

Christ, what is this, High School Trek??

And does that make Keenser….. Screech?

@34 – so asking if someone’s ears are burning is NOT a joke?


Someone please, subtitles! I usually don’t understand Chris Pine clearly,,,I do understans Spock and the others, but not him…

Even in TOS, Kirk and Spock had some serious disagreements. At times they occurred in front of other crew members, on the bridge or elsewhere. Friendships were, yes, more formal, but I think that difference reflects a few factors. One is that, for better or worse (a bit of both IMO) the reboot is being helmed by different people from a different generation. Another is that, quite often, even work relationships are far more casual these days, and the people in this crew do spend a great deal of time in their own ‘island.’ Also, a lot of us here tend to read a great deal into the clips we’ve seen. It would be premature to judge the entire film based on those clips.

I watched TOS in its first run on tv (I was 8 years old ;) ), and have followed Trek ever since. I’ve always loved it, and I still love it, and many others feel that way as well.