Into Darkness Premiere Tix Contest On Twitter + Live Facebook Chat With Abrams + CNN Taking Video Qs For Cast

stid_small_logoAs we reported earlier in the week, the “Are You the 1701?” viral campaign has sprung to life on Twitter, releasing the 3D version of the trailer and it’s not done yet, it just announced a tickets giveaway and an announcement of a Facebook Live event with J.J. Abrams himself before the USA opening of the Star Trek Into Darkness. Click through for the Tweet link and details on the live chat with J.J. Abrams…


Viral Campaign continues…

The Are You The 1701 viral campaign is continuing, now offering fans who tweet with the hashtag #the1701 a chance to win tickets to the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.


Chat Live with JJ On Facebook

Paramount Also just announced a live chat on Facebook with Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams, hosted by SNL’s Andy Samberg and special guest George Takei! Oh My! The event will be streamed live at at 5:30 PM PT on May 10th. RSVP here:

Submit Video Questions For Cast At CNN

CNN is offering fans a chance to get your "burning" questions answered about Star Trek Into Darkness. Director J.J. Abrams will be answering video questions, along with cast members Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Pegg, Alice Eve and Karl Urban. You can submit your question on video and upload the file at Deadline is Friday, May 3, at noon ET. You can address your questions to one or all of the cast members; just remember to keep videos under 15 seconds.


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If he really wants to impress me, he will answer questions AFTER STID opens worldwide!

#1, after Into Darkness opens to rave reviews and piles of cash, your questions will be irrelevant. Sorry!

I’m really confused about the new #The1701 campaign… do we just tweet it or do we have to sign up again?

I want to know whay they still haven’t shown any gay people in the 23rd century- there are san fransisco bar scenes where they easily could have had gay extra’s to show we are not one of the diseases cured in the future but they didn’t bother.

I accepted they needed a reason to have a gay character in the film but I can see no reason they couldn’t do it with extras or have some guy hit on scotty in the bar.

I would ask but they would not dare answer it.


UK Star Trek fans – If anyone wants 2 premium seat tickets to the IMAX premiere of Star Trek next Wednesday in Waterloo check out

@2. star trackie
“#1, after Into Darkness opens to rave reviews and piles of cash, your questions will be irrelevant. Sorry!”

1) the reviews are already coming in from major sources and they aren’t all rave. And many of the reviewers are saying one of the flaws of the new film is that he pandered to the fans, so you’re saying Abrams doesn’t care about the fans questions?
2) and you’re saying as long as Abrams pockets are lined with cash, and the reviews don’t suck, he doesn’t care about anybody but himself?

Motivates me to go see the film …

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