Details Released For Michael Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score + Listen To Sample Tracks

With the North American release of Star Trek into Darkness now less than two weeks away, details have now surface regarding the movie’s soundtrack release, including the album art, track list and even samples. We also have news regarding a special broadcast premiere of several tracks.


Details On Giacchin’s Into Darkness Score

Michael Giacchino’s score for the film will be released in the coming weeks in a variety of formats.  The score, which is over 44 minutes in length, will have a CD version, along with a special vinyl edition. Here is the album art.

Front cover

The track list can be seen on the back cover and as per usual with Giacchino’s soundtracks the titles have whimsical names, but there are still some minor spoilers within:

  • Logos – Pranking The Natives (3:01)
  • Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
  • Sub Prime Directive (2:23)
  • London Calling (2:09)
  • Meld-merized (2:40)
  • The Kronos Wartet (5:25)
  • Brigadoom (3:41)
  • Ship To Ship (2:50)
  • Earthbound And Down (2:37)
  • Warp Core Values (2:56)
  • Buying The Space Farm (3:17)
  • The San Fran Hustle (5:00)
  • Kirk Enterprises (3:00)
  • Star Trek Main Theme (3:25)

Back Cover

Sample the score

Michael Giacchino’s website,, has posted brief samples of every track, which you listen to here.

STID score selections making broadcast premiere this Saturday

Michael Giacchino will appear on WQXR Radio’s "Movies on the Radio" show with host David Garland on Saturday, May 4th, at 9 p.m. EST, where MG will premiere 22 minutes of music from the film and talk about the score and his feelings on Trek . You can learn more about this cool little program at

More in Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score

Mr. Giacchino has shared many pictures and video clips over social media the last couple of months, giving fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the production of the score. Trekmovie compiled these here , here, and here.

Michael Giacchino on the scoring stage with director JJ Abrams

Soundtrack available to pre-order on Amazon

The CD and vynil versions of the score to be released in the next few weeks. A digital version is also expected the week of the film’s release. Exact release dates are still sketchy, and Trekmovie is attempting to nail down definitive dates and will update this post when we have more information. Amazon is taking preorders for the CD and vinyl editions, which are retailing for $14.99, and $23.88, respectively. Amazon lists the release date as May 14th.



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The musical samples sound great … & as usual the sections of the soundtrack offer clues to the chronology of events!

Cool on order love the names of the tracks

Kirk enterprises sounds like it has undertones from the motion picture

can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack!

Also I think London calling is so emotive – cant wait to see the scenes that go with that piece

track 4 sounds nothing like the clash

Greatest…Star Trek…soundtrack…ever!

Guess though Varese Sarabande will decide to bring out one of those god forsaken 5,000 copies only, limited deluxe edition version in a few months though…


I love the Names. Earth Bound and Down sounds like something from Jerry Reed’s Smokey and the Bandit. Lol. Music sounds ok for what I have heard. Will have to wait till I can hear all of it.

It seems that the “end credits” this time is stripped down to its final segment aka “Star Trek Main Theme”. Too bad. I really liked the upgrades esp. during the TOS theme (as heard in the videos from Giacchino’s recording sessions). Ditto, we’ll wait for the “deluxe edition”.

I’m also a little disappointed that despite Giacchino pondered about including more of TOS theme it seems it’s more or less the same amount as in the 2009 movie.

The “Kronos Wartet” had a chorus singing in Klingon!


#3 – I heard that too. Cool.

Nah, I’ll wait till the 2disk edition comes out in a few months….

#6 days & counting…. tick tock tick tock …

Is Earthbound and Down a tribute to Smokey and the Bandit? LOL! If it is this film + it’s soundtrack deserve an immediate 5 star rating!!!!

The 2-disc version of the 2009 soundtrack was worth the wait, i have been playing it to death recently.

“Kirk Enterprises”
Hmmm, This one sounds hopeful like maybe the E doesn’t get destroyed, or maybe they get a new ship like at the end of star trek IV

What? No End Credits track? :/

Why the Hell is it only 44 minutes of Music- why can’t we have a full soundtrack?

So they can sell us a “Special edition” later ughh.

Waiting for the inevitable extended edition CD set.
I’m not going to be double dipped again.

I don’t need two versions of this score.

GOOD: Massive. Moving. Evocative of TOS-era Steiner tracks.
NOT SO MUCH: 44 min?? That bizarre main theme.

The snippet of soundtrack three makes me think of the wrath of khan soundtrack, (the ending of the genesis countdown track)

Kirk Enterprises clearly has a bit of Illya’s Theme from TMP.

Again with the puns?

Don’t like the back cover at all. Sorry but a damaged city?

@23 Yes. I noticed that. As well as a tiny hint of “Wrath of Khan.” We may be reading too much into it, but I remember Mr. Giancchino saying he would sneak in a classic theme or two.

The track I find most intriguing (not the one I like best) is Meld-merizing.

Obviously, I assume it is referring to a Vulcan mind meld. But, the music itself sounds very intense and dangerous. It makes me wonder who the meld is with.

If it were lighter and more emotive, I would suggest perhaps Uhura or Kirk, but due to the booming nature of it, I have to wonder if it is Harrison?

@ 23 @ 26: Illya’s theme is very apparent in that track which excites me. I’m wondering if that is the one track he hinted at liking and put into the film. I am really hoping for more though.

Definitely a couple of stray notes from Ilya’s theme in Kirk Enterprises. Also, the first bit from Earth Bound and Down is very John Williams-like, but then he strays off again. It looks like Giacchino will be pounding us with the main theme over and over again – something I didn’t care for much in the first movie. I think he needs to build more themes into his work and not quite as much incidental music. ST09 only really has the main theme hook. Williams, by contrast, creates multiple themes for characters and places in every movie (the Superman main title has three themes in it as does Harry Potter) that you find yourself humming on the way out. ST09’s only theme starts before the Bad Robot logo appears and just keeps playing over and over. Granted, this hasn’t hurt Giacchino’s success so far.

So it’s pretty obvious we’re going to be getting another longer edition if this is only 44m long.

@11, I couldn’t tell that by listening to the small snippet on his site. It seemed more like he put the tail end of the track as the sample. I’m willing to bet the intro to the track is the “Space..the final frontier” portion that Pine will no doubt recite in the film (along with..”it’s five year mission..” portion.

One word: LOST.

Seriously, has no one ever listened to Giacchino’s LOST soundtracks? Can’t anyone hear how it and Giacchino’s Star Trek scores aren’t similar, but identical?

Very similar to his LOST work. A bad thing? Perhaps not. But he’s still no Goldsmith in his prime. (Though aside from TMP, Goldsmith got irritatingly repetitive- almost as bad as Horner.)

My copy should be coming from Varese Sarabande next week. Bummed that it is so darn short. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

I loved the Klingon Khorus. :-)


The first few notes sounds like the TMP Overture to me. Is that also Ilia’s theme?

Sounds like if Giacchino chases an Oscar this year it will be due to his work on another film (once again).

Not sure why JJ doesn’t pick people who’ll do a better job for him, but if you consider this score, design of E which remains ungainly, the return of Keenser, etc., I just think he doesn’t care what any of us think. Maybe he just throws the work at people he likes.

Is there a way to listen to this if you don’t live in New York?

Oh brother … What’s with Giacchino and these punny titles?

In some cases they do a disservice to the seriousness of the scene … “buying the space farm” is obviously a death scene. Hopefully the musicians weren’t aware of the title when they recorded it as I can only imagine it would influence their performance. Imagine if this was the title of George Kirk’s death scene in ST09.

@17. afort,
“Kirk Enterprises” Hmmm, This one sounds hopeful like maybe the E doesn’t get destroyed, or maybe they get a new ship like at the end of star trek IV”

Actually these may be significant spoilers from the titles alone, especially since they seem to be in chronological order, we can deduce:

Earthbound And Down — the enterprise returns to Earth and fights the vengeance which ultimately crashes?
Warp Core Values — someone has to make a sacrifice over a damaged warp core, presumably on the enterprise?
Buying The Space Farm — someone dies, likely as the result of saving the ship from a damaged warp core?
The San Fran Hustle — Spock and Uhura chase Harrison through SanFrancisco for the revenge of that persons death.
Kirk Enterprises — Kirk is likely the one who sacrificed himself and somehow McCoy revives him? (Since Spock & Uhura are chasing Harrison after the warp core values, but where is Kirk?). It could be Pike, but it has already been determined that the hand on the glass is too young to be Pikes (and where else would that scene go knowing there’s a likely warp core breach and resulting death?). It could be Scotty, or perhaps even Chekov — but that would mean Spock would have to have some serious bonding time with both. Could it be McCoy? Then Kirk learns his lesson after losing a good friend and pulls it together to become the man we know from TOS? Nah they would never kill one of the principals with a third movie left to go, right?

Although, I’ve been thinking if Harrison is Khan (which seems increasingly likely from the clips), and the reason Chekov is in a red shirt is a homage to him not being seen in Space Seed, what if the producers plan to kill him off for third movie, in reverse of how he appeared in TOS seasons? Chekov is absolutely the most expendable member of the 7 and gives them another shocker on the level of the destruction of Vulcan. That also gives them room to add Carol Marcus to the crew, which not only gives us another female principal, but a love interest to explore with Kirk to get him off his seemingly creepy obsession with Spock and Uhura.

Guys, it’s NOT “Ilia’s theme”. Granted, it’s similar to it, but it was also present in the 2009 movie (track “That new car smell” if memory serves correctly)


Are you not being a tad spoilerish there buddy?

@39 It definitely dates back to “That new car smell,” but if you listen carefully in “Kirk Enterprises,” there are hints of the TMP overture/Illya’s theme.

Sorry for the double post, but also just put TMP score on Spotify and both parties would be correct. Is it Ilya’s theme, but if you watch the DVD, it’s also the overture.

Ilia’s Theme is def. given homage in Kirk Enterpeises, and like so much else in JJTrek, it’s the wrong choice for the wrong character for the wrong moment.

“The Kronos Wartet” – with Klingon chanting!

#40 Speculation is allowed. Something tells me you’ve been spoiled already.

The Kirk Enterprises cue actually feels more like shades of Horner’s Wrath of Khan score. The Kronos cue is simply fantastic.

Ugh, someone really needs to NOT let him name the tracks! These are AWFUL.

Sice Lost I love the way he names his tracks ;))


Er, yes. Speculation is allowed. Just as I speculated on who Spock may have done a mind meld with and what may have led to it.

Those were some very specific speculations that the person came up with.

@49 MelyBelle44,

Those are some very specific titles, suggesting ideas that have either been speculated here since December or directly shown to us in clips. The fact these titles are so specific and ordered suggests a certain way of putting some of those pieces together. In fact those titles are so specific I’m stunned that Abrams would allow them. They flat out tell us a character dies toward the end, after the clash with the vengeance, presumably having to do with the warp core (how stupid do you have to be to call a cue that), and the scene with Spock and Uhura chasing Harrison follows the death (so the reason must be related), followed by some kind of upbeat ending involving Kirk (who is MIA in what we now know is the climax of the movie thanks to the track order). Once you start filling in the blanks with the speculation by fans since December it sort of writes itself. And the music fits the scenes the titles suggest. The only way it doesn’t work this way is if the cues are out of order, but they don’t seem to be based on the earlier cues.