Details Released For Michael Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score + Listen To Sample Tracks

With the North American release of Star Trek into Darkness now less than two weeks away, details have now surface regarding the movie’s soundtrack release, including the album art, track list and even samples. We also have news regarding a special broadcast premiere of several tracks.


Details On Giacchin’s Into Darkness Score

Michael Giacchino’s score for the film will be released in the coming weeks in a variety of formats.  The score, which is over 44 minutes in length, will have a CD version, along with a special vinyl edition. Here is the album art.

Front cover

The track list can be seen on the back cover and as per usual with Giacchino’s soundtracks the titles have whimsical names, but there are still some minor spoilers within:

  • Logos – Pranking The Natives (3:01)
  • Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
  • Sub Prime Directive (2:23)
  • London Calling (2:09)
  • Meld-merized (2:40)
  • The Kronos Wartet (5:25)
  • Brigadoom (3:41)
  • Ship To Ship (2:50)
  • Earthbound And Down (2:37)
  • Warp Core Values (2:56)
  • Buying The Space Farm (3:17)
  • The San Fran Hustle (5:00)
  • Kirk Enterprises (3:00)
  • Star Trek Main Theme (3:25)

Back Cover

Sample the score

Michael Giacchino’s website,, has posted brief samples of every track, which you listen to here.

STID score selections making broadcast premiere this Saturday

Michael Giacchino will appear on WQXR Radio’s "Movies on the Radio" show with host David Garland on Saturday, May 4th, at 9 p.m. EST, where MG will premiere 22 minutes of music from the film and talk about the score and his feelings on Trek . You can learn more about this cool little program at

More in Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score

Mr. Giacchino has shared many pictures and video clips over social media the last couple of months, giving fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the production of the score. Trekmovie compiled these here , here, and here.

Michael Giacchino on the scoring stage with director JJ Abrams

Soundtrack available to pre-order on Amazon

The CD and vynil versions of the score to be released in the next few weeks. A digital version is also expected the week of the film’s release. Exact release dates are still sketchy, and Trekmovie is attempting to nail down definitive dates and will update this post when we have more information. Amazon is taking preorders for the CD and vinyl editions, which are retailing for $14.99, and $23.88, respectively. Amazon lists the release date as May 14th.



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