Video: Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Cumberbatch & Eve Talk Star Trek Into Darkness At London Premiere

Paramount has provided us with their official videos taken on the white carpet of the Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere in London on Thursday. First up we have director JJ Abrams, writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman plus new Trek actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. Watch the clips below plus more footage of the rest of the cast arriving at the event and interacting with the fans.


Into Darkness London Premiere – Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman + Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch

In this first video director JJ Abrams talks about how Into Darkness is his ‘favorite kind of movie.’ and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman explain how the film differs from the 2009 Star Trek movie, Roddenberry’s vision and more.

This video has British actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve talking about their first Star Trek and working with JJ Abrams.

Finally here is video of all the Star Trek celebrity arrivals on the white carpet and interacting with the fans at the event.

More to Come From London

Coming next will be the Paramount video clips with chats with the rest of the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness, along with exclusive video with TrekMovie talking to the writers about this movie (and the next one).

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I really hope the film does well. I can’t quite understand some fans here and over on sites like AICN and IMDB hoping for a failure or bad movie. Their reasoning is that it will prove this isn’t the right iteration of Star Trek. But didn’t the other iteration prove that as well (in light of the need to take years between Nemesis and the 2009 film)?

I want to go see Star Trek movies and I don’t want to be part of an exclusive club anymore where “fans” are the only ones who truly get and appreciate it.

Face it, a two hour conference room meeting only works for 12 Angry Men.

Wow wish I was able to go : (

#2 cpelc totally agree and to quote someone close – the needs of the many outway the needs of the few


I want to see this. I’m enthusiastic! And I’ve been a Trek fan from the beginning. Not everyone is grousing. ;)

Chris Pine is certainly the most handsome man I ever seen.

Went to IM3 last night, and the 3D theater I was in was probably only 15% full or so. The crowd coming out of one of the 2D showings was more – but unlike DKR last year, when they opened about 10 of the theaters for the midnight showing, the 9pm showing had only these two.

So they think that IM3 is due for a 165m opening weekend and Trek might do half that? I am thinking that Trek will probably open stronger than this did where I am, and I am not in a basteon of Trek fans, there hasn’t been a significant con here since the 80s.

However, I do wonder if the month long roll out of premieres and clips is helping or going to hurt the eventual audience. Even though I think I have been spoiled a little too much, I am getting pumped up for this movie. Last night, it seemed like there was more excitement for the Trek trailer than there was for Man of Steel.

BTW- IM3, I loved. Don’t read anything about it, just go see it. There are some big twists in the story from where you think it is going from the trailers.

Also, IM3 has one of the best ending credits sequences ever. (at the beginning of the credits sequence). There is also the post credits scene as all Avengers movies have had.

Didn’t love IM3. Avengers is, to me, the high water mark for so many reasons. In my theatre, IMAX 3D was sold out hours early so I saw it in regular 2D. There was a line outside for IMAX 3D at 11:30 so your experience may not necessarily be definitive of the box office success. The closing credits were 70’s AWESOME and I hated the 70’s. The after credit sequence, while not a teaser for Avengers 2 like I was expecting, was still a lot of fun.

Those actually hoping for failure are childish idiots, pure and simple. Their opinion is irrelevant since it’s the opinion of a fool.

I absolutely hope the film does well. It would be bad for the franchise if it doesn’t.

My frustration is that this just doesn’t look like a good movie. So much of what we’ve seen from the videos released so far makes me say, “Meh.” I genuinely hope I’m proven wrong… but really, it just seems like a generic action film.

As for Avengers, I thought that was an OK film. Not great, not bad. OK. I thought the Hulk was the best thing about it, and Downey as Iron Man is always a good thing, but I didn’t care much for the plot or the villains. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t quite get why people praise it so highly.

I hope Star Trek will break box office records & stay on the first spot for more than 3 weeks.

We should all watch the movie before we judge it & if the movie proved to be good, then we spread the world everywhere.

bit different to TMP premier at the Empire Leicester Sq Dec 1979….!! I was indeed there…

I did not care for Avengers. I am just hoping IM3 is as good as IM1 was (for me). I am counting down to May 15. I am with the first post. I want Trek to appeal to many. As a scientist I really dislike when individuals get too bogged down in the minutia of trying to have perfect science fiction. It is fiction, after all. Sit back and enjoy what it has to offer and don’t over analyze.

Oh, it will establish franchise records, but box office records will remain safe and sound…

so there are Trekkie out there that want this film to do bad!right becomes that makes so much sense,personally i prefer the prime timeline,however i enjoyed 209 movie and this looks pretty much the same, and at the end of time, its not set in the prime timeline anyway so how it going to screw up trek?
i hope it dose very and they make a third film and end it,then we can have trek back on the small screen(well not so small) in 2016 set in the prime timeline after Spock disappears

Looks like a lot of fun at the premiere.

Didn’t watch the movie yet, but with another big bad-ass enemy ship in the second installment of JJ’s Star Trek, I’m beginning to get concerned about the next one.

Also, with a lot of movies now doing post-credits scenes, I hope STID has one (ST09 didn’t).

Not enough Alice Eve in this one.

Every interview should have lots of Alice Eve.

Not just Star Trek interviews, but all interviews.

They’re making a new Star Trek movie?!

@1. cpelc

No. What Nemesis proved is that you run out of creative steam after doing the same thing for 16+ years. Also, I think it’s a rather strawman arguement to imply that just because people want a return of a Star Trek they loved that they automatically want it to be like Nemesis or Enterprise. I think what most people are really hoping for is that Star Trek finds it’s better angels and mature factor once again. That does NOT mean it has to be STARSHIP BORING like so many people immediately want to imply. It merely means finding the balance between the summer spectacle elements and the deeper philosophical elements. Movies like Batman Begins show that you can in fact be very adult and serious about movies of this nature without losing the entertainment spectacle.

Sorry for posting twice!


From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Kicking off the summer box office in high style, Disney and Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 raked in $15.6 million in Thursday night runs as the superhero tentpole landed at the North American box office, pushing the film’s worldwide total to $361 million.”

Story goes on to say that its outpacing the first two movies though slightly behind “The Avengers”. Either way, as a standalone Marvel movie it’s going to make a healthy profit.

By the end of the weekend Iron Man 3 will likely pull close to $500 million worldwide.

So far there’s no word on how well Star Trek is performing overseas in the markets it has opened in compared to 2009.

There won’t be a post credits scene. The film will probably cause Trek fans to have a 2 year old style temper tantrum as it is…don’t need a post credits scene alluding to a next film.

I honestly can’t blame Abrams for wanting to go do Star Wars. Those fans rightfully complained about the prequel films because they stunk. They will love whatever he brings to the table instead of just bringing hurt feelings, critizism and never ending amount of nit picky, entitled behavior.

You could get Nimoy himself to direct the next film with a story by Ronald Moore with the Enterprise looking just like it did in TOS and folks would find some reason to get insulted about. Never fails.

Popular doesn’t necessarily equal good.

That said, I blame Paramount, not the creative team, for the problems with the current iteration.

@18 – point taken.

I was simply going off of what I had read on AICN and IMDB for reasoning. And I too would like to see something with deep meaning.

However I think we shouldn’t be too quick to judge as I have seen in some reviews hints that there is discussion about current events (i.e. drone warfare, involvement in foreign lands) which may end up surprising us.

All I can say is that I really appreciate the money that the studio has put in towards the making of these films, and I feel that without the interest of the general moviegoing public (which includes a little bit of “dumbing-down” if you will) we won’t get to see the representation of this world that we deserve.

@22..blame the fans while you are at it. Blame the last group who held sway over the franchise. They ran it to the ground and fans stopped supporting it. They made a film for Trek fans in Insurrection (one that tried to be what every fan hopes these films would be) and it failed. They made two TV shows that tried to get back to the same message fans love to hear and they both failed in one way or another.

Paramount is going against what the fans like because you can’t support a franchise alone based on what the fans want.

Yes, these films have some issues, especially with internal logic, but they are not half as bad as folks make them out to be. Folks here act like they are just as horrible as the prequel Wars films. That’s a bit over the top and consistant with the sort of behavior that gets Trek fans mocked.

@20. Foreign openings won’t be for another week…

#24-well said. Fans of Berman Trek, this movie was NOT made for you. You couldn’t even be bothered to come out and support the era so many of you are clamoring for! Nemesis didn’t die from bad reviews or word of mouth. No one went to see it on its opening weekend!! Nobody cared! Don’t blame JJ for creating a Trek that people want to see.

Regardless of what some fans think, the reality is, 22nd and 24th century trek died because no one watched it. Plain and simple. You’re not going to get it back, no matter how many times you insult JJ, sorry.

So, the third will be based on a Klingon war? That’s cool and all, but it would nice if it could relate to the 1st movie somehow. Y’know, bookend the trilogy.

For example: Dark Knight triology 1st and 3rd movie incorporate Ra’s Al Ghul. The Lord of the Rings starts and ends in the Shire.

I think it would be cool to incorporate something with the destruction of Romulus’ sun from the future somehow…maybe that could deal with Klingons somehow? I dunno.

@26, well said.

For folks who don’t like these films, just look at them as gateway movies. They have done the job of attracting new fans. Those new fans will now go out and give old Trek a chance, especially since TOS and TNG are now on Blu-Ray with brand new visual effects and super clean picture quality.

It’s doing the job it was meant to do..companion piece films that are doing a great job of keeping interest in old Trek alive and getting new fans that would never had tuned in to old Trek back in the day because it was inaccessable and often boring to newbies

Who is that girl just to the left of (and behind) Zach???

I could honestly see a 3rd movie starting with a War against the Klingons, but turning into something far worse..and early invasion from the Borg. The Narada was Borg technology and no doubt set off some long range “alarms” with the Borg in the Delta Quad. Would be an interesting way of ending the Klingon/Federation war and bringing peace to them much earlier.

Both posts deleted?? I cannot even imagine what I said to warrant that.

Well I seen this movie at the London premiere last night. All I can say is…WOW. It’s like being on a rollercoaster ride, hell of a lot of fun.
I would be careful watching it in IMAX in 3d if you suffer from motion sickness!
I would argue that it is up there with Trek 09.
You are definitely in for a treat and there will sure be a lot of discussion around the more…controversial…parts of the movie.

Effects mindblowing, lens flares..present, Cumberbatch flawless.


Robman007 – don’t you want to see some Trekking in Star Trek now we’ve had two revenge based films in the new series now? Too much darkness and violence.

A war based film would seal nu-Treks fate of simply being a sci-fi actioner series of movies. Aren’t fans hungry for a bit of deep space exploration at last, and something truly new and fantastic, at last? Some groovy good old fashioned sci-fi weirdness that makes you think, and feel like you’ve been on a mission with these guys/girls to see something new?

I want to see what’s out there next time around. Seems to me films like Avatar are doing a better job of Star Trekking than Star Trek ;)

Just read all the raving tweets tonight from England… people have seen the movie and go bunkers. Cumberbatch gets such high praise…

No.32 – OK it looks nice, and the FX are awsome, but how was the story and characters?


Yes, well said. As a fan of TNG, DS9, and yes, even Voyager and Enterprise I will keep in mind that Trek 09 and STID were not made for me. I will remind all of my friends who were fans of those shows that they were not made for them. We will make sure to cross the date off our calenders. You wouldn’t want us going and taking up the seats that the “true fans” would be occupying. Yes, we’ll just keep our eyeballs and our money to ourselves and remain content to watching our DVD/BluRay collections of Star Trek that was made for us.

What an incredibly divisive comment you have offered. I love the double standard on this site. Go ahead and bash the Star Trek that I’m a fan of but don’t you dare bash JJ’s Trek. Blame the decline of Star Trek on fans like me. I mean, what would I know? I’ve only been watching Star Trek since the late 60’s. AND I took my family to Trek 2009 twice and bought the BluRay. But clearly I’m the problem. I suppose I should just take my bat and ball and go home. Boo hoo poor me.

#25 You are correct, sir. My bad.

I suspect that Paramount is more interested in foreign receipts than domestic. It could determine the direction of the franchise moving forward if foreign receipts are flat compared to 2009.

A clip from Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch on tonight’s Graham Norton show. Seeing how far those fans traveled to meet their heroes give me hope for the overseas’ market.

OK, so i might get banned from here after my very first comment on this site, but I am both a huge Star Trek fan and a huge JJ fan. So when I first heard he would be in charge of the Trek revival I almost went nuts form excitement.

Trek ’09 sure didn’t dissapoint, and from what I’ve seen so far ’13 seems to be awsome.

I understand how people who grew up on TOS migth feel – I’m not sure if there was another cast playing TNG I wouldn’t feel insulted.

But, at the same time, I do not think they could have done anything to please the TOS fans. They are glorifying what they grew up with, as it lives in their memories, forgiving all flaws, magnifying all the positives – you can’t compete with that.

I just noticed the twitter section here and someone posted a picture of a huge “mural” of Kirk from STID and said they saw it at DFW Airport? What/where is DFW airport?

Star Trek, according to JJ Abrams, is being made for EVERYONE, whether they consider themselves fans or not, whether they have even seen a single Star Trek anything or not before. I don’t think he could be much clearer. Everyone, I interpret here, includes me. I guess if other people don’t understand how inclusive everyone/anyone is…oh well, what can I say?

I would say, that for someone who says he’s not really been into Star Trek, JJ Abrams appears to have more of the real Star Trek spirit than many a self-called Star Trek fan seem to have.

DFW – Dallas Fort Worth maybe?, as long as the movie is not as horrible as Insurrection and Nemesis.

I view these films as portal films. Thye are meant to get fans interested in the stuff that came before. It’s working, mind you. That’s how I view it.

#36. “Yes, well said. As a fan of TNG, DS9, and yes, even Voyager and Enterprise I will keep in mind that Trek 09 and STID were not made for me. I will remind all of my friends who were fans of those shows that they were not made for them”

Yes, please do it, so you can see what little difference it will make at the box office and maybe you really will go back to your DVDs. meanwhile, fans of current, relevant-trek can have fun here without having to listen to constant complaints from those wishing for more exploits of Worf and Alexander.

@36..well, they kinda were not made for us. That does not take an advanced degree in Starship Engineering to understand that one. We proved as a fan base that we didn’t care one bit about Enterprise when we stopped watching and showed we alone could not either be bothered to show up on opening weekend to Nemesis or go back enough to see Insurrection.

I guess…they were not made for the Trek fan IN MIND. They are made for the non-Trek fan as a portal to get into Old Trek.

It’s horrible marketting to market a trek film for just the fans. If you wanna make alot of money, and lets not kid ourselves..but Abrams is doing Trek because it makes him and his parent company money, you have to market for non-fans and make a film accessable to non fans.

Also, in regards to wanting to see the films “bodly go” again…they did that. Star Trek V boldy went into the “final frontier” and it now serves as a warning sign to anybody who wishes to make a Trek movie about exploring…fans will hate it and hate you for doing it.

Denial of that fact led to the creation of portions of Generations, which was not a box office hit, so they went the route of action film in First Contact, which was. Then they kept denying the Trek V rule and went with Insurrection and Bodly going…and that movie bombed.

Blame it on Trek 1, 5, 7, and 9 on why the studio is reluctant to back a Star Trek film that tries to Boldly Go…

#39 Classy M – Thank you for sharing that link to the Graham Norton Show.

I love it. I love it. I love it!…:))) LOL – starting with Graham Norton’s enthusiasm…

Those two guys (CP and BC) are the loveliest ever…

The three guests have all been in Star Trek movies. Kim Cattral was Vulcan Valeris in Star Trek VI. Now that can’t be a coincidence…

There’s a review on AICN by some clown called ‘Beaks’. Yes, seriously.. ‘Beaks’. Some hater with a platform. I’ve seen this film in London, and am a life long Trek fan. I LOVE STAR TREK. Which to some, seems to mean if you love trek before a certain stardate, you are programmed to hate this updated version. Well…. What a load of absolute sh*t. This IS Star Trek, through and through. Kirk is Kirk, Spock is definitely Spock, they are the younger and less experienced versions of the original series characters. FACT! That has been the point, from day one. These are our favourite characters, just at an earlier point in their lives! This film is a god send for true Trek fans. It’s well written, directed, acted… The effects are the best they have ever been. The music is epic, and you actually feel like Trek matters again.

I’m sorry, but the people hating on this version of trek are not Star Trek fans… They may think they are, but they obviously didn’t seem to understand the messages of the original series, it’s values, what it stood for… Yet they seem to give purposefully negative comments on EVERY SINGLE THREAD. Seriously, if you want to hate on it so much, why are you still here? On every single news story? Absolute idiots. If you didn’t want to hate just for the sake of it, you wouldn’t be here.

I loved watching Trek when I was little, my mum watched it every week on tv and I grew up with it. I loved TNG, and no matter what incarnation…. STAR TREK IS STILL STAR TREK.
This film is something to be thankful for. Get over yourself. Was being so downright horrible about people and their work a morality lesson learned in the 60’s from original Trek???? No.. It really wasn’t.

This is a really good STAR TREK film. End of chat.

@41. DFW is Dallas Fort Worth. It’s also the largest hub for American Airlines. I’ve noticed that there have been several promotional pieces for STID at a few of the worlds larger airports. Probably a subtle nod toward recognizing the international audience….