Watch: 2 Behind-the-Scenes Vids From Star Trek Into Darkness

Paramount has provided us with a couple of "B-Roll" videos showing a lot of the behind the scenes activity on Star Trek Into Darkness. The videos are just raw footage (and all bits don’t have audio), but it is a great way to get a peek inside how the film is made. Watch them below (spoilers).


2 ‘B-Roll’ Videos Showing Behind The Scenes Of Star Trek Into Darkness

Here are two B-Roll videos showing the behind-the-scenes of Star Trek Into Darkness. This is the raw footage the studio provides to TV networks for their reporting on the film. Many parts don’t have audio and there is no music or narration, but anyone interested in how movies get made should enjoy these.

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Love the behind the scenes looks…

The same video posted twice?
Interesting, though.


Do we know if there is a post-credit scene?

you can see jj doing the damn lens flare with a torch

Wow. Great. Fantastic. That brewery is loud. I recall Benedict Cumberbatch? saying something about how loud it was – no kidding.

almost cooler than watching the actual bridge of the E

I hate the bridge. It’s just too busy. And too big. I think the death of David was one of the most dramatic scenes in Star Trek if not THE most dramatic scene. The claustrophobia of it and the darkness made it work. You could never capture that kind of drama with this bridge set being as big and bright as it is. I might be the only person who loved the lens flares though.

u r amazing, loved watching these

Anthony, through out it all you’ve done a great job, Thanks for that.

@4: Apparently there is, and it bears resemblance to ENT finale. I just hope it’s not Shatner or fat Riker saying “Computer, end prrogram” and walking off the holodeck.

What fun!
So much for secrecy.



I don’t think this alt.bridge has ever been too big, just overly bright. It has a cluttered look/feel to it. It gives a sense of confusion, which is what perhaps the writers might be trying to convey about everything in this particular timeline. However, out of this apparent confusion and chaos, comes a semblance of “order”, “understanding”, “acceptance” when one watches the people who occupy this space…

Just musing here.

I meant to write “…a semblance of “order”, “passion”, “compassion”, “understanding”, “acceptance” when…”

Wow JJ actually gets up off his chair to direct. George Lucas only did that if someone brought in a box of donuts.

Much goodness here! You can tell JJ runs a fun set, and that really comes across in the finished product. You are doing a fantastic job Trekmovie!

The original TOS bridge was a cheerful, bright place, if for no other reason than just 60’s production values. As time passed Trek bridges grew darker and far too comfortable, and by Nemesis is was just dark dirge for actors to mope in.

The future in J.J.’s world is bright.

I sometimes think some hardcore “fans” remember a Trek that never happened. The snarking over lens flares and engineering is just too much. Here is a team that saved and invigorated an albatross.

This footage is just wonderful, glad you gt the opportunity to post it here!

I love how the crew has to wear blue bootie’s to keep the floor of the bridge set clean (first video).

I think that the lighting and layout in the television TOS and TNG bridges was the best. They were well lit, without being a bit bright in your face (ST09/STID) or in need of a cane dark (TOS movies). Both TV bridges were tidy, uncluttered looking with room to move, but also had a nice intimacy to them.

The movie makers seem to have gone from one extreme to the other…

Yes, the footage was great. Loved watching Chris Pine being put through his paces…and delivering! Love that man.

Really great insight into the behind the scenes without some music or narration getting it in the way.

Always good to see a movie NOT being entirely shot in front of a green screen (George Lucas, I’m looking at you…)

I really enjoyed watching these behind the scenes videos. Thank you for posting them.

AWESUM !, I was an extra on both movies, but never on the bridge. This cast and crew are a blast to work with. A+

Very cool! Those cameras are so loud. I’d get incredibly distracted by the IMAX cameras and I’d have a hard time resisting the urge to yell really loudly if I was trying to spit out lines.

12: Someone who went to the Berlin premiere told me there is no after credit scene… I’d like to know before I go see it, what are your sources?

Stop pointing the light at the lens! Gets me sooo flared up when you do that!!

Looks like Scotty may have the bridge in that one scene. I hope he takes it seriously like Scotty prime did.

Those are great.

3 days to go now.

Good stuff

If I were ever in a big movie like this, I’d insist on reading my lines off-camera to the other actors, even if I didn’t actually have to come in and shoot that day. I think it does a lot to help with the performance.

Thanks so much for these vids! Can’t believe JJ’s still pointing the light at the lens LOL.

Thanks again Anthony (there were no after credit scenes at the Sydney preview).

will go on Wednesday and the loooong waiting is over …. finally ……. *waaaaahhhh*

If anyone in London want two premium seat tickets to the IMAX Star Trek screening at Waterloo next week check out

Great coverage of the highly anticipated movie, Anthony!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop so to speak, it has been so fun!

@19 THANK YOU! I’ve been saying that for years now. Its as if fans dont remember The Original Series and JUST want to point out qualities of Next Gen and beyond. JJ’s bridge isn’t dark because the ORIGINAL 1701 bridge wasn’t dark. That didn’t happen until The Motion Picture (which even then I wondered how they could totally see their controls under such low lighting. TNG bridge was pretty bright until it got mood lighting for Generations and to be honest after that (unless red alert) Voyager had the really dark bridge of the franchise. NX01 was fairly lit. And besides that, the ‘remember when Trek was about exploring and not about shooting’ complaints harkens to TNG, NOT TOS. It was one of the failings of TNG films. Instead of making purely enjoyable features, they contstantly made 2hr tv episodes that just didn’t work. Insurrection would’ve been a GREAT television episode but it was a really crappy film. Generations would’ve been an incredible crossover epsiode that had a little more backstory on Guinan but again on film it was mediocre. Nemesis even, would’ve gone over better as a 2 or 3 part TNG special episode that laid the grown-work for a future partnership with the Romulans but we all know how that film turned out. First Contact worked on so many levels because it never felt like a 2hr TNG episode. Even with Trek, there are types of films you can make and types of television episodes you can make. They’re ALL Trek by the way and serves a purpose for the franchise. Before criticizing JJ’s Trek, people should remember all of what came before, not just some of what came before. TOS responded to distress calls and went on specific missions more than they did ‘explore.’ Picard was the peaceful explorer who RARELY if ever put the most powerful and largest ship in the fleet into battle.

Spock seems to have been eating well since the last adventure…

@19 and @39 — yep! Totally agree. A lot of people here see TOS through the TNG lens and those of us who watched TOS for years and years in reruns I think see things in a totally different way and appreciate how this new team’s vision brings back elements of TOS that we remember.

Awesome behind the scenes footage! Thanks for getting these and keep posting if you can get your hands on more!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Interesting irony how the next director of Star Wars, is one of the only directors in Hollywood who still shoots on good old motion picture film.

DAD! We’re here to rescue you!

I love seeing guys like Urban and Pegg behind the scenes having been huge fans before they were cast in 09…they look like little kids in the candy store like we would if we were suddenly playing these characters. Somehow it gets me more excited than I already was!

Selective use of lens flares is artistic;what abrams does is jerk off with the camera, both camera movement and most especially the flares, which are a photographic joke given how unmotivated most of them are.

The brewery is something I would not use as-is in a $200 movie, let alone 200 mil. In the 09, they didn’t even bother laying black garbage liner on the floor to mask it, something that, again, a zero budget film would take the care to do. My eye can’t help but look to what is wrong in the scene, and the only thing that keeps me from seeing it is the flares … ineptitude atop ineptitude.

The original bridge WAS bright, yes … but it was most effective when they varied it, which is why it looks so great in DAY OF THE DOVE and BALANCE OF TERROR when the lights go out. Bright or dark, it had good contrast, instead of this overexposed mess of a bridge that seems more like the cosmetics aisle in a Target store.

The production designer didn’t even do his homework; he included a lot of reflective surfaces because he thought they hadn’t been used in space films before. Makes you think he has never seen a space film, since what do you get in helmet viewplates? REFLECTIONS!

Apart from all the aesthetic wrong calls (like those MORONIC bar code readers on the helm, which is about like TOS including rolodexes at the capt’s chair … which they did not do), there is the simple fact that as a workstation, the bridge is impossible. You can’t see anything, it is too damn bright to work in!

And as for you saying they saved Trek. They didn’t save anything. They created something ‘new’ that owed a helluva lot to STAR WARS (didn’t do this universe any favors with that call) and slapped old familiar names on it, and lotsa people ate it up. Precious little to do with TREK (of course, except for DS9, I’d say the same for the ModernTrek era too, but at least they TRIED.)

I hope when the blue ray comes out there is more of this than with the ST09 blue ray.

I love seeing the curtain pulled back after I’ve watched the movie. I love seeing what it took to make the move. The attention to detail, the props, what is CGI and what is real (thankfully it’s becoming difficult to tell the difference).

I guess there isn’t a huge percentage of people that like this kind of stuff, because to me at least they don’t ever put enough of it in the disc package.

4, 12 – that was from a “spoiler” article that someone wrote making stuff up just to see how far well the crap would spread. Obviously it spread pretty well lol

I could watch this stuff all day. I would pay good money for like 24 hours of behind the scenes stuff like this.

Now excuse me while I watch these 20 more times (yeah, I’m off work today)

@24 – Lucas used plenty of sets, just incomplete in some areas filled with bluescreen.

Abrams does the same thing with a lot of his sets as well.

Don’t be one of those guys who hate on the prequels and go by what other haters have said instead of researching how they were actually made (quite a bit of location photography, studio sets, and *modelwork* – not all CGI).

I get the sense we now know why Chekov dons a Red Shirt. We see him being asked by Kirk that sense he has been shadowing Mr Scott and is familiar with the engineering section.