STID EPK: Peter Weller Talks JJ Abrams & Prod. Design (& Shows Character Clue)

Paramount has released a number of EPK ‘Soundbite’ videos from the cast and crew of Star Trek Into Darkness and we will be sharing them with you here at TrekMovie but we thought we would start with actor Peter Weller’s vid. If you pay attention to the video you will be able to discern a clue about his character from the movie. Watch it below. [beware of spoilers]


Peter Weller talks JJ Abrams and Into Darkness production design

Here is Peter Weller’s official Electronic Press Kit Soundbite video.



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In addition to what Weller says, it is interesting to note what he is wearing. We have seen Peter Weller’s Admiral Marcus in previously released trailers wearing the same Starfleet Admiral dress uniform (worn when at Starfleet HQ) that Admiral Pike wears.

But in his EPK video his outfit looks like those being worn by the guys seen below





More Paramount EPK

TrekMovie will post more from the Paramount electronic press kit soon. Here is what we have posted so far…


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No more spoilers–I’m ready to see the movie before getting any more info.

So Admiral Marcus is in command of the U.S.S. Vengence?

T Minus 9 Days till Star Trek Into Darkness.
So can’t wait to see the Movie.

Section 31

So why do Section 31 personnel wear any kind of uniforms at all?

only 2 days left!!! :-D

#2: Remember – Peter Weller said early on that he was “a CEO that has his own starship.”

I need this movie now! lol

I’m basically only coming here for news because at least I can avoid the spoilers I want to avoid.

#5 – They had their own uniforms in DS9 and ENT.
#7 – It wasn’t Weller who said he was a CEO type, it was his agent who probably isn’t familiar with Star Trek lore, according to the article. Weller said, “No. do I look like an alien to you? No man. Let me put it this way. I have my own ship”

He’s definitely Section 31, probably the one who found and/or enlisted John Harrison into the group.

Ohhhh! So, just speculating here since I didn’t see the movie, Admiral Marcus is a secret head of Section 31? And it was HE that found the Botany Bay and created his team? Hmmmm

Terra Prime Forever!

Still think he’s wasted as Admiral Marcus and would have made an awesome Gary Seven… Oh well remember though Bob and co, to be true to this universe everything prior to the Nero Incurrsion has already happened which means Assignment: Earth must take place in this universe eventually such is the nature of a causality loop. Would love you guys to expand on the work of Greg Cox if or when Khan shows up even if it was done as part of the on-going series althought I’d prefer it one film so it’s there as excepted cannon

A Gary Seven film would be kind of pointless–Gary Seven isn’t a villain.

@13 … Uh… Do we need a villian?

#9: I never said they didn’t have uniforms. It just kind of defeats the purpose of not “existing” if you have an identifiable uniform.

I still remember hearing in an interview Peter Weller did last year, that he got to command a starship. Could this be the USS Vengeance?

I know if I was Kirk, I’d tell him, “Admiral, you look very similar to a Terran terrorist named John Paxton…any relation?”

@14 Yes

@14 in the Cox Novels there were two villains, for Kirk it was the charismatic Kor who was trying to secure the alligence of the Augment Colony for the Klingon Empire and for Seven it was covertly trying to stop the Eugenics Wars. With Assignment: Earth Seven was the precieved villan until they realized he was actually trying to save humanity. Remember; cool thing about temperal causality loops and paradoxes; as long as the outcome of the loop is the same then you can change the conditions I.e. so long as the humpbacks got to the future you wouldn’t have to do a complete re-hash of the whole deal (apart from Scotty’s part and Checkov’s and maybe Amanda as well but two of those are only relevant if the Cox novels are taken as cannon

Where’s the starfleet insignia on his shirt? Seems the Vengeance and its crew are off the record!

Strange that 31 now dresses in blue and not black

I said it before – I’m mad at Section 31 and Marcus for hiding (with the Vengence) when Nero was using the Narada to pick on Vulcan and then, later, Earth.

Good thing we has the midwest’s genius repeat offender around with a ship he squirreled away from a emotinally compromised half-breed Vulcan.

I agree with Darmok, Section 31.

We know that the blue and black uniforms without insignias are some kind of special security force. I have a feeling Marcus is a Starfleet Admiral as well as a member of Section 31.

@ 21. MC Doctor We have no idea if the Vengeance was build during the 2009 movie. I have a feeling after Nero’s attack Starfleet decided to build larger more powerful ships to combat such an incident if it happens again, the same way Starfleet build more powerful ships after the Borg attacks.

Love that actor..! Fan favourite, What else can you ask?

too not expect spoilers on a website dedicated to star trek and the movies.. im sorry but in this release week. You better turn off the internet.

My friends all the EPK videos have been on youtube for days now. Have seen all of them. Anthony please post those of Chekov, Pike and Sulu next as most here haven’t heard much from them up til now. Carol and Bones after that, they were nice too.

Well, I’ve been saying Section 31 for a while now, this movie is looking better and bertter every time I see a clip.

@22 – Commodore.

I was under the impression that STID occured within months of ST09.

I understand, maybe she had not undergone trails yet.

“Here’s ya go, from one Doctor to another – I took em’ out of her main warp speed computer drive….”


The answer you are looking for is “no.” There is a big difference between a conflict between an antagonist and a protagonist and an outright VILLIAN. We do NOT always need a big bad with a big ship to supply us with drama, action, suspense, adventure, thrills or fun, and it would be nice. It would be REALLY NICE if the 50th anniversary did something that wasn’t big bad, with big ship.

I am enjoying the build up!
I’m getting just enough info to keep me happy and not so much that I feel like I’m being spoiled!

I think I like the possibility that Peter Weller is the real bad guy in the story and Benedict Cumberbatch might actually be an anti-hero of a sort… I love twists like that!.

I wonder if this is true (about “Section 31” being behind this in some manner) if the story’s writers delve into any historical details (and references) of what “Article 14, Section 31” of the Starfleet Charter, as described by Agt. Harris in one episode of “Star Trek: Enterprise,” is all about….? That might make QUITE the story, considering it reappears in ST: Deep Space Nine, and other series’ stories.

I guess we’ll find out next week, won’t we? (Or, will there be any other details in the NOVELIZATION of the story as sold in book stores after the film is released — taking clues from the writers’ background information and script development notes?) ORCI?

Here’s a question; do you think de Lancie would be able to pull of the Squire of Gothos in this universe?

@31 – Since Q was based on Trelane, probably.

#21, MC, I’m mad too! Seeing as how Nero’s initial attack on Federation forces [Kelvin] had happened 25 YEARS before the events of ST2009. And I agree with you on Kirk, too. Good thing he’ll “earn the chair” in this movie. Since Spock was EQUALLY responsible for saving Earth in ST2009. I still say if promoted, Kirk should have been Spock’s First Officer – that would’ve been quite a neat twist in the AltVerse.

#28, Steve, Right ON! I do hope the writers get past the “big bad villain” trope. In fact it’d be a GREAT twist for the next movie – audiences expecting a villain, and getting an “antagonist” who proves positive in the end. I had hoped this would be the case with Harrison, but apparently he’s villain thru and thru, from what’s been said in the videos.

@5. As opposed to running around naked? I kid…

@sting3037 – ” I still remember hearing in an interview Peter Weller did last year, that he got to command a starship. Could this be the USS Vengeance?

I know if I was Kirk, I’d tell him, “Admiral, you look very similar to a Terran terrorist named John Paxton…any relation?” ”

There’s about a century between them. It would be like me knowing the names of a few homegrown facists who wanted the Nazis to win.

I’m still holding out he’s playing the same guy. Pretty impossible though.

Also: Star Trek is full of actors being so great, they brought them back to play a different character.

There’s Admiral Cartwright [ST VI] and Joseph Sisko [DS9], both played by Brock Peters.

It does like more and more like, he’s got his own warped version of Starfleet.

It does LOOK more and more like…

Let’s call that warped version: “Scarfleet”. :)

Those bad guy uniform tops remind me of when you pull a sweater over your head, but left your arms in the sleeves!


leave (not left)

It would be a great tribute to classic Trek, heck to all Star Trek, if the next movie had the sly humor of let’s say Mudd’s Women to a dramatic story along the lines of City on the Edge of Forever. That is just an example. There are plenty of great episodes where the villain was just misunderstood or an accident caused a situation that needs to be resolved. Not some individual out for revenge or who wants to rule the world. that’s what I would like to see, not an update or retelling of a classic episode give me some Andorians! Can’t wait for next week and it opens on my birthday. I already took the day off and so did my wife so we can see it together. What a great gift! My daughter made the observation that I am so lucky to have my favorite shows movie open on my birthday. She is wise beyond her years. Sorry…rambling.

I have been thinking with the info we have about the federation Dreadnaught that will be the bad ship in the movie. Does anyone recall a ST book called Dreadnought! by Diane Carey? It was published in 86 and was always a favorite of mine. It did have new crew members and the main cast was more on the supporting role.

But it was about a group of Starfleet officers lead by a power mad Admiral who used a newly built Dreadnought named USS Star Empire? The Admiral was going to use the new ship to force the rest of the galaxy to bend to the federation. Several Starfleet ship captains joined him against the good guys and the Enterprise.

@Eric Holloway

Hell, how about exploring some of the uber-minor Trek races that get little to nothing outside backdrop? Like the Saurians or the Zaranites or something. There’s a few stories I could see with the Saurians. You could even have all kinds of great comedy. Saurian Brandy, eh? The crew gets SPACE WASTED…. IN SPACE.

You could do so many things for the 50th anniversary that are big evil bad with big evil bad ship.

I think it would also be fitting, given by now whoever plans to stick with nuTrek is here now, and whoever isn’t turned on won’t come back if you give them more of the same. So I think the gamble on something of this nature could work very easily.

“Good thing he’ll “earn the chair” in this movie. Since Spock was EQUALLY responsible for saving Earth in ST2009. I still say if promoted, Kirk should have been Spock’s First Officer – that would’ve been quite a neat twist in the AltVerse.”

Yes, I agree. Then, in this film, Kirk earns his promotion and becomes captain of the Enterprise. Spock gets to be what he always wants, first and foremost, a starship science officer. Even in the prime mirror universe, that Spock preferred his science/first officer position to that of captain for similar reasons.

@1. You can’t ask a website to stop reporting on things Paramount has released in promotion of the movie.

@12. The events of Assignment: Earth do not need to happen in the 23rd Century in this universe for the event in the 1960s to occur. They still occur in the Prime Universe.

@14. How could this movie NOT have a villain?

@21/27 and 33. Considering Section 31 has always appeared somewhat unfriendly in DS9 and Enterprise (though seemingly born out of necessity), I wouldn’t put it past them to want to look the other way on certain events. In the wake of Nero’s initial appearance, they may have been hoping for some kind of conflict that would further militarize Starfleet.

It’s not like Section 31 stopped other major conflicts in Federation history either. Granted, the Dominion was extremely difficult to get information from, but you would think they would have been more successful against them. My biggest with the Section 31 concept revolves around the Dominion War. Isn’t it kind of odd that it took Sisko and Garak to get the Romulans into the war, and not Section 31?

Also, I think John Harrison ends up being an anti-hero.

Tomorrow night I will be seeing it in Melbourne.

As a “Niner” I’m just happy to see a story element that began on DS9, is now being incorporated into the new film.

Remember back early in production (possibly as early as pre-production) when Weller was cast and someone asked of his role, he mentioned then that he “has a ship”.

@12. ACJG1985, “Assignment: Earth must take place in this universe eventually such is the nature of a causality loop.” No it doesn’t. You clearly don’t understand how time travel works in the AU. Even though everything in the AU’s past may have happened exactly as depicted in Trek canon, the Enterprise that intercepted Gary 7 did not come from Abrams’ universe. It came from some other identical parallel universe, where Nero had not impacted its development, and split it into a new reality that included the Enterprise. Likewise, that Enterprise did not return to the future of the same universe it left, but rather created yet another alternate universe split in which that universe’s Enterpise had likewise gone back in time thus eliminating duplicates. While Orci has not directly ruled on this as de facto canon, this is how time travel works in Trek now, and he has indicated that previous Trek time travel could be seen in this manner, despite not depicted this way in canon. There are no more causality loops, but rather dozens of new universes created as temporal incursions occur, thus eliminating the grandfather paradox which is not supported by physics. Thus, the Star Trek canon we know is the direct result of following specific individuals through multiple splits of the multiverse. I’ve never understood why anyone wanted, or thought Gary 7 as the villain. First he was a good guy. Second he was sent to Earth on a very specific date in the 1960s, and had Gene Roddenberry gotten his way, would have lived out his human existence on 20th century Earth. He was not a time traveler, but a contemporary whose ancestors were abducted from Earth and raised to be protectors engaged in missions on Earth. Nero’s incursion would not have changed that. Besides, had the Enterprise not been involved Gary Seven’s mission would have gone exactly as planned and history would have played out exactly as it had before. ———————————— @21/27 MC Doctor & 33 Marja, “I’m mad at Section 31 and Marcus for hiding (with the Vengence) when Nero was using the Narada to pick on Vulcan and then, later, Earth.” This is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but there’s so many ways this can be explained that exonerate Marcus. The easiest is that both the Enterprise and Vengeance were sister projects for next generation advanced ships, and construction was started at the same time, though the Vengeance was in secret. The Vengeance is twice as big and had to be built clandestinely incurring likely construction delays. As the Enterprise had yet to have its maiden voyage when Nero attacked, is it that hard to believe the Vengeance was not even space worthy? But more importantly, as the entire fleet was engaged in the Laurentian system at the time, and the threat was perceived as not being so great they could send a rag-tag force of green cadets in second tier ships to respond to it, nor could any of the actual details be communicated to anyone, and assuming a fully functional Vengeance perhaps Marcus had no idea the ship was even required — certainly not in enough time to save Vulcan. I’m sure whatever was happening in the Laurentian system could have waited had the fleet been aware the fate of Vulcan and Earth were at stake. What’s more, the Vengeance could have been laying in wait in case it was need in the Laurentian system, making it all the more likely that even if Marcus knew what was going on with Nero (which no one did prior to the destruction of the cadet armada) that he might not have been able to even get the Vengeance to Earth in time. @33. Marja, “Spock was EQUALLY responsible for saving Earth in ST2009. I still say if promoted, Kirk should have been Spock’s First Officer – that would’ve been quite a neat twist in the AltVerse.” How do you figure? Kirk figured out Nero was laying a trap — without Kirk, they would have all been dead when they came out of warp. After Vulcan was destroyed, again without Kirk, Spock would have taken the ship to the Laurentian system and the Earth would have been destroyed in the interim. Kirk formulated the assault plan, without him, the Enterprise might have just attacked the Narada, like Decker with the doomsday machine, and lost. Spock was merely a soldier doing what was required to make his captain’s plan work. Had Spock followed his own course at any point in the movie, the Earth would have most likely been destroyed. Was he willing to sacrifice himself to save the Enterprise by ramming the Narada? Sure. But that was not the decision that makes captains. Going down with the ship is the last and easiest decision a… Read more »

21–The Vengeance was probably in the Laurentian system