Wacky German Fisherman’s Friend TV Spot + More STID Tie-ins w/ Bud (US) + BK (Malaysia) & KFC (Mexico)

More Star Trek Into Darkness co-marketing promotions are cropping up around the world including a few for consumables. These include Fisherman’s Friend in German, Burger King in Malaysia, KFC in Mexico and Budweiser in the USA. See commercials and outdoor advertising for these below.


Star Trek Into Consumables – Around The World

As we have been reporting, Paramount is working with a number of promotional partners across the world for Star Trek Into Darkness. Over in Germany, Paramount has teamed up with Fisherman’s Friend lozenges, who have created an wacky commercial. Check it out.

German reader Nooneimall translates the ad: “If to you they are too much “star date” (Sternzeit), you’re just too much “stone age” (Steinzeit)” Which is a variation on their usual tongue-in-cheek slogan: “Sind sie zu stark, bis du zu schwach”. (“if they’re too strong for you, you are only too weak.”)

Sadly there is no fast-food tie-in in the USA, but Paramount are working with KFC Mexico and Burger King in Malaysia (and possibly other territories). Here is a commercial for STID and BK in Malaysia. 

No TV spot for KFC Mexico is online yet, but here is an overview of their "Chicky Pack" toys for the movie.

And it turns out there is one consumable tie-in for the USA, Budweiser Beer. Bud has just started an outdoor campaign. No word yet on if there is more to this tie-in but here is the billboard.

If you have seen more Star Trek Into Darkness co-marketing in your country that has not mentioned yet here at TrekMovie please send in a tip to tips@trekmovie.com.

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Budweiser! The king of engine rooms!

If KFCs in the US did the chicky packs, I might actually go to one for the first time in years!

That’s a bummer that there will be no fast food tie in for the US. So I guess there will be the umpteenth Star Wars or Spongebob tie in for the fast food places instead?


There is actually a drive to eliminate fast food tie-ins all together.

I think it’s a GOOD thing there are no fast-food tie-ins in the United States. By and large, fast-food tie-ins are complete crap. Plus, the last thing many fans need is a trip to Burger King.

Oh for crying out loud. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fast food. Everything in overabundance is bad, but once in awhile it’s not going to kill you.

I remember as a kid all the tie ins with kids meals. Dear God this generation gets it up the shaft. Yeah, cheap little plastic toys, not the greatest thing ever, but it kept kids occupied while they ate their food.

There’s also a contest tie-in with Chevron.

I still have the tie-in glasses from Wrath Of Khan. They’re probably worth something today.

It’s sad that the merch with this movie is so sparse. I love getting the little action figures, and die cast models. Not any, this time. I hope that Paramount will make up for this in 2016 for the 50th anniversary.

@ Sunfell, #9: For die-cast models, check the regular Hot Wheels racks for the “HW Imagination” series (lime green bar on the right side). There is a 2009/Into Darkness era Enterprise in that series.

I still have some of the McDonald’s TMP stuff, as well as the Taco Bell glasses (including the infamous ones that have the Enterprise being destroyed and Spock brought back to life, both shown in ads before the movie came out!)

To me, that’s part of the enjoyment of the movie: the little tie-ins that a restaurant would have.

I mailed in the tip for Fisherman Friend. Wasn’t maybe the only one to do this. Nice that it was mentioned in an article. :-)

I think the spot is quite funny. I was quite surprised, when I saw it on TV. Those lozenges are by the way really strong.

I guess it would be strange, if Budweiser wouldn’t make advertising for Star Trek. After all they are in the movie. ;-P

And fast food is only bad, if you eat it all the time. Here and there won’t hurt anyone.

They had a big presence in Floyd Mayweather, Jr’s PPV fight on Saturday (via Showtime PPV). The logo was on the ring itself and there were a number of live spots. They also ran a trailer variation.


Odeon Cinemas are giving you a free Star Trek Into Darkness pin badge with any large or super combo meal.


Come to think of it…..has anyone seen ANY toys for Into Darkness outside of the Kre-o line?


Best I know, there is nothing but the Kre-O line. -_-

Oooh I hope those KFC chicky pack toys will also be available in Germany! Still got my BK tricorder and communicator from 2009 ;)

Yeah, I’m very displeased with the lack of merchandise for this movie. Oh well, I guess they’re saving me money.

I’m very happy that this time Star Trek is not being used to promote unhealthy lifestyles and factory farming in America. It’s too bad it is being used in Malaysia and other places…

Hahaha, “Step into Darkness with [insert unhealthy fatty factory-farmed food]” – *I’ll* say!

And Budweiser, “Get drunk on Star Trek!” heh – I already am, WITHOUT alcohol :)

And I forgot to say, I LOVE the German ad. LOL

Star Trek into Blackout… I mean Darkness.

Bud. You bet!!

All I want to know is when the hell we are gonna see the Hot Wheels released. Hasbro really disappointed me this round, let’s just hope they do more things than Kre-o….like Normal proportion starships.

This sucks that there is hardly any merchandise or promotional tie-ins for this movie. Trek’09 had a bunch, it was on cereal, Burger King, and even waffles! This STiD doesn’t even have action figures!! I mean, come on!

I wonder if the lower merch output will affect the awareness and therefore the box office.

Well, we have had crashing computers as a tie in. How about…
NAPA replacement parts?
Boeing flight control systems (damn Airbus parts in Enterprise), Considering it looks like Kirk is staying busy, time for a Trojan?
Q-Tips for those hard to reach places in those pointy ears?
Tony Robbins lecture series, featuring Admiral Pike..

09 merchandising was a failure. The toys sat on the hooks. The ‘new fans’ that JJ wanted to captured arent the ones that buy this stuff and the hardcore old school fans thought the new ships and props were horrible. My guess is that they couldnt find many takers for merch tie ins this time considering the dismal performance of the 08 merch. You cant sell ugly.

#25 I figure the 2009 merchandise was to help raise the film’s profile since no one could be sure how it would do. The film doesn’t need that domestically this time around so now that extra money can be spent on overseas marketing and tie-ins where it really is needed more.

I’m totally guessing about this, btw.

09 wasn’t a total failure,only the Playmates stuff were considered a bit of a failure. And I doubt the new stuff will do much better. Maybe if they did action figures and actual toys,lol!,that’s not a Lego rip-off. Fighter Pods look like fun though.


Still have the talking characters from bk and last movie..the batteries havent worn out yet they still say their line ….and still luv the 4 glasses BK did those are still the best looking glasses Ive ever seen for a scifi tie in…..and Ive had em all from the cartoon bk glasses in the 70s to star wars and marvel comix cups and glasses from 7-11 bk etc…

Well this is not a good week for me….my 19 year old pet cockatiel Bebe is dying from avian leukimia….probably gonna have to put him to sleep tomorrow….It makes me think of the yesteryear episode of animated Star Trek where Spock loses his pet earlier than normal and decides to end his pets life with dignity instead of having him lingering and suffering….and kirks last words to spock when he returned from his time traveling adventure said something like a pet died that wont mean much to history and spock said something like It might to some….
Great episode….

Losing pets is just like losing family even little guys like bebe…hurts like hell sometimes life just seems like it sucks…. I know not the correct topic but feel like Id like to get this off my chest and Trekmovie and all its staff and readers are one of the more important parts of my life at least to me…Thanks all you guys for listening…


a British site with STID review posted a new not shown before still from the movie, which appears to be Kirk and Spock meeting in a turbolift (?) before the emergency staff meeting.

Sorry Jim Nightshade about what you’re facing. Yes, pets are family. My current dog is 14 and starting to go. It’s very sad. I guess in a way, they teach us to face mortality and prepare us to grieve so when we lose parents or other loved ones, we have a bit of practice coping. You will make it through this. Again sorry.

Bud needs to come out with a Dark Beer now…

Budweiser into Darkness.

Sounds too much like GuiNESS I suppose.


Almost looks like they are inside a blue Police Box…
Not the Tardis of course since it would be bigger inside.

Unfortunately, I recently broke my Spock glass from Burger King, from the tie-in with the 2009 movie. :-(

I must say though, (and apologies for mentioning a different film franchise) the Lord of the Rings glasses I got from BK back in 2001 are very good quality, still in good condition.

re: The Kre-o line of Trek toys. My pre-ordered copy of the new xbox Trek game (which is extremely fun, dont care what reviewers say) came with a small Kre-o set of the TOS Enterprise, which I gave to my kids, who were absolutely exstatic to get it so they could play Star Trek like daddy (they have seen me playing STO plenty).

Lego knock off or not if the kids the toys are designed for like them, then they are a success, and in the case of my kids, a rousing success.

thanks for the kind words 31 windelkin-yup pets are family..i never thought a bird could give love and be fun and funny and be like a kid to me n sheri but he was…we dont have kids so to us he was our kid…

34 mr zoom….i bought at least two sets n some extras one set at my moms house n one with us….if u dont mind payin more try lookin on e bay for it….pretty easy to find i think at not too high of a price…

I live an hour from the Mexican border town of Nogales. Looks like I will be taking a trip to KFC south of the border to get the toys! Anyone else looking for ’em? Should make for a fun excursion….

Check ebay for replacements..
I’m getting to replace my smashed Kirk from there.

Oops.. @34 actually..

Hi I´m from Mexico City and I have a web site speciallice en movie marketing so I want to share the link in wich we quote your article. If you wish you can also quote our article and use our pictures.

In Mexico beside KFC ther is also a Tie-In with Acer. Check the article in:


See you,

Made it back from KFC in Nogales, but it wasn’t an easy journey. The KFC was a good five miles in, and I finally got sick of walking and hopped on a bus that had at least half the population on Nogales squeezed into it! It was a good thing everyone seemed to have showered! Anyway, I got the 2 toys and a card, all still wrapped. Interestingly enough, even though these are just available in Mexico, the printing on the packaging is in English. Makes me wonder if these were originally also planned for the U.S. but pulled back at the last minute.