New Into Darkness Character Profiles & EPK Soundbites For John Cho & Alice Eve

Two more character profiles have been released for Star Trek Into Darkness. This time taking a look at John Cho’s Lt. Sulu and Alice Eve’s character. You can watch those below along with Eve and Cho’s full official EPK soundbite videos. (minor spoilers)


Character Profiles – Sulu and Carol

Here are the brand new character profile videos that were first released today at the site (Sulu Page & Carol Page).

The character profile videos include some commentary from actors Alice Eve and John Cho. Here below are the full official EPK soundbite videos from Eve and Cho.

Note: subjects discussed on soundbite videos are listed briefly at the beginning

More Profiles and from Paramount EPK

If you missed them, here are links to the previous character profiles and EPK videos:


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Awww and there was me thinking I actually got something exclusive and special from areyouthe1701 at long last………….

Alice Eve is cute as a button! I hope she sticks around for Star Trek XIII.

John looks very nice in that Uniform ^^

I’m warming up to Alice Eve every time she speaks. She’s a very charismatic and intelligent person.

I echo Kerk’s remarks, I hope she comes back in the next one, even if just for a few minutes. I hope they also do more with her in the movie than the trailer(s) would indicate. (Flirt flirt, name reveal, flirt flirt.).

Alice Eve is simply one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.
The way she speaks and carries herself is so graceful it’s hard to look away. I officially have a crush on this woman, and I’m sure I’m not alone lol

Cool can’t wait to see them in the new film, love John Cho :)

I think Carol will be a nice addition, it’s about time they brought in a woman who can keep up with the genius of Spock!

Miss Eve has one of the most beautiful faces, love that short haircut on her.

@5- No dude, you are definitely NOT alone lol

I’ve been a fan of hers since Starter for 10 (which also starred Cumberbatch) and she is one if the hottest women around, let alone this movie. Alice alone could get a lot of non Trekkies to show to this movie :)

Alice Eve is very articulate and intelligent! I love how she speaks and thinks.

I can definitely see an “Excelsior” TV series set 15 years into this alternate future starring John Cho and Tim Russ (as Tuvok). It would allow the Sulu character to catch up to Cho’s actual chronological age.

Looking at the extremely beautiful Alice Eve in those clips, it’s easy to forget the mental somersaults one has to do to handle the fact that the character of Carol Marcus now has an accent.

@boborci what do you think? Star Trek: Excelsior?

@10 Shatterhand: Everyone has an accent. Shatner is Canadian, Pine is So Cal. Nimoy is Bostonian, Quinto is Pittsburghian, Nichols is Chicagoan, Saldana is Nuyorican… and so on.

Actually Saldana is from the Dominican Republic, not Puerto Rico – tho’ looking at the spelling of Nuyorican, I guess that could apply to folks from either Caribbean island.

I have come to admire Alice Eve, watching her in interviews – v. intelligent, articulate, with a subversive sense of humor, and polite through and through. Qualities that seem to apply to most British actors, Cumberbatch and Pegg being two other examples in STiD.

I never noticed before that Sulu uses his left hand to put the ship into warp. I still say that thing looks like a speedboat accelerator … Love John Cho and his interpretation of Sulu.

Can’t wait to see everybody in their SS hats … I mean their Starfleet hats

Still wish the uniforms were dark blue, not grey. Sorry West Point, but I don’t think grey should be a Starfleet color. Boooooring.

I see the costume designer def picked up on how sexy those high-necked uniforms [so well-tailored] are! Hooray :)

Love Alice Eve in the hat!

She’s going to be a great addition to the cast and I hope she’s around for the next one.

The uniforms look hot in that it would be easy to go into a sweat, feel a bit suffocated, strangled.

They do look neat and tidy though, just not practical.

I’m in love with Alice Eve.

I just ADORE this woman! The way she speaks so intelligently and is so humble is great. Her humility combined with her IMO unmatched beauty makes her quite special. Perfection.

And mentioning how part of this is in honor of her Trekkie Grandfather just tugs at your heart strings :)

Why is Anton Yelchin absent from pretty much all marketing for this film?


He’s busy filming another movie!

hats, high collars = stupid

chrome throttle = stupid

bridge = stupid

dialog = insipid

#13. Marja – May 7, 2013

Her mother Asalia Nazario, is Puerto Rican. Zoe is American Jersey girl.

@ 14. Marja
Saldana is not “from” the D.R. She was born in New Jersey, and grew up in Queens, New York. Her mother is Puerto Rican. Her father is Dominican.

Sorry should be @13.