Watch: 4 New German Into Darkness Commercials – New Glimpses Of Movie

While the USA and Canada has to wait one less day, Star Trek Into Darkness is only a day or two away for some fans around the world. A new bunch of international trailers has been released (in German). They contain some glimpses of new footage. You can watch those below. (minor spoilers)


New International Into Darkness TV Spots (German)

Here are the four new international TV spots for Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Well we now know where those “Specialist” figures in the Kre-O sets come from, same uniform as the guy holding a phaser on Scotty.

Iv pre booked my ticket for tomorrow nights premire cant wait

Speaking German with a Scottish accent is a completely new perspective for me.

That second one–spot 11–reminds me of one I saw last night here in the US.

Whoa! Am I number5? Pretty good for me!

A new phaser design? Neat.

Wow that German voice is something.

Why does SI/31 wear blue?!

I love the German voice saying “Star Trek Into Darkness” – – they should use that on the US version.

The specialist in the last clip totally looks like a computer game rendering. Probably the lack of synch with the German voice-over. Just don’t look right!

Die deutschen Stimmen sind echt SCHEISSE. (in english: Let me say it this way, to be a bit more polite, I don´t like the german voices)

Pretty sure the specialist holding the phaser on Scotty is
Lee Reherman AKA Hawk from American Gladiators.

You know it’s interesting they went with Blue on those uniforms instead of gray, or some other color, considering that’s the same cheery blue as the sciences uniforms. Just seems an odd choice for what is otherwise the most evil ship in Starfleet.

I wonder if there’s anyone left out there who still thinks that’s the Enterprise crashing into San Fran Bay?

That german voice is funny =D

Spot 10 at :07–who is Carol bashing in the face? It looks like one of the writers…?

Midnight screening in 14 hours in Australia. Mwuhahaha!

Starrh Trekh intodarkness…….

Ha! I like it – Carol Marcus exercising combat skilz :) … can’t wait to see Uhura doing that too! Starfleet women ftw!

I really didn’t see any spoilers that haven’t been revealed other than that new scene of Scotty being held up presumably by that Section 31 (we thinks) guy. We know what ship crashes into the bay.

Side note: Section 31, the name, comes from the Starfleet Charter – Article 14, Section 31 where it says something to the effect of extraordinary measures can be taken against extreme threats.

Only 8 hours and 10 minutes now. It has been/is pouring with rain without any sign of letup and my drier has died…the car has a bad tyre which needs replacing and I am not sure if my online booking has gone through. It seems not…Technology does not like me. My son is coming here by train and will no doubt get all nice and wet…

Yep- it’s a bit of fun, nothing major, except that I might have heard Murphy whispering. Hopefully, just my imagination.

Damn I hope that’s not the voice actor they use for dubbing Simon Pegg. He sounds terrible.

Only 10 hours now and I will be watching STID!

The wait is over…..


This is just the Dub for a trailer/commercial.
The real dub in the film is always different.

@ 23. Exverlobter

I sure hope so….

Only loooong 6 hours to go……. Dann geht’s los!!!!!

Keiner von euch ist sicher :)

Where in Germany will you watch STID? I will watch it at the cinemaxx essen today!!!

(@22 & @23)
I don’t know whether they used the final takes for these TV spots, but what you hear here are the final voice actors (at least for the main crew)

There have been some concerns that the performance and direction of the dub may have been hurt by secrecy

@25 Theskulltrail

Aib-Vision in Bad Aibling, Bavaria…..

@26 danelcw.

I ‘m not sure, but Simon Peggs regular German voice is done by Simon Jäger, who is also known for dubbing Heath Ledger (and others). This TV spot didn’t sound like him at all.

From a German speaking perspective:

These Voices and this dubbing are/is horrible, I watch STID tonight (German Preview) and would give something for the original voices.

Munich! Anyone else?

It’s the voices of Harry Potter as Kirk and Bilbo Baggins as Spock XD

The ship crashing into SF is NOT the Enterprise, its the Vengeance. You can clearly see the back of the ship in one of the above TV spots; its quite clear, its not the Enterprise.

…just me? or are German commercials even faster than in USA? =P

…”new phaser” looks more like a TASER? but still better than STUPID chrome phaser… (facepalm)

And the guy in blue is actually an Augment :-)

@32 No spoilers please, thanks :)

To me it sounds like Simon Jäger in the 4th TV spot,
and it definitely is him in the final movie

@32 what makes you think he’s an augment :)