Star Trek Into Darkness Arrives (In Some Countries) – Open Thread + Poll

After all the talk and gala premieres, for some fans across the world Star Trek Into Darkness is finally here. Midnight shows are just getting out in Australia and New Zealand with showings in Germany, UK, Austria and Switzerland hours away (with Mexico and Taiwan openings tomorrow). You can vote in the latest poll and chat about the movie below including spoilers (if you haven’t seen the movie you may want to avoid this thread).


Star Trek Into Darkness is here

The wait is finally over (for some folks around the world). The first showings of Star Trek Into Darkness are starting. has already posted a review and now it is your chance. TrekMovie has created a new fan reviews page for Into Darkness. (for now we are asking people to avoid the biggest spoilers on the fan review page until the film is open in most markets by May 17).


We have created a new poll. Please only vote in the poll if you have actually seen the movie.

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Below chat about the movie, including discussing any spoilers.








WARNING: This open thread is for people who have seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you really shouldn’t be reading this as you are sure to get spoiled.







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I have tickets to IMAX 3d – right across the street, May 15, Chicago. Can’t wait!

Based on Anthony’s review, I’m curious to see how he voted. I’m guessing either good or great from the review but I’d love to know which one he selected and why.

So far it rates 83% @ Rotten Tomatoes. It will be interesting to see how far it falls or goes up as more reviews poor in.

John Harrison ist Khan und Kirk dies in the end only to be resurrected by Khans blood! ;)

Khan should’ve died in the chamber saving the Enterprise. Thats an arc. The heroes learn to react based upon the villians actions. How great would it have been to see the Villian take a note from the heroes. Imagine how nemesis coulve turned out. Picard gravely injured by a reman and at the last moment deciding to give the “life saving blood” to Shinzon, and with that Shinzon goes to create the family Picard never had. I don’t know I m just think its all getting pretty generic.

So much for asking people to keep the big spoiler under wraps.

This is an open thread for people who have seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you should not be reading this. There are ample warnings away. Spoilers are still not allowed in other threads. Not sure what else to do. Now that the movie is open We have to have some way for fans to discuss it and here it is.

The new fan review section (see tabs at top) still asks fans to avoid major spoilers until the film is open in most markets.

john harrison is khan !!!!

wwwaaahh!! – i want my star trek into darkness dvd!!!!

All i want to say is…iam jealous…I have 2 months to wait! I hope the rest of you fans enjoy it..Happy Screenings!!

I’ve pretty much already spoiled the movie for me, which is probably just as well because I’ve already gotten most of the ranting out of my system so maybe I’ll actually be able to enjoy the movie when I see it.

If I had gone in not knowing anything, I would have been raving lunatic mad when leaving the theater in all likelihood

I’m fine with spoilers, but I want to actually get confirmation: People who are saying John Harrison is Khan – is that true, or are you just being silly?

What happened to Praxis!?

maybe it will look better when seen in context of the entire movie, but the entire concept of magical Khan blood just seems patently ridiculous on it’s face to me. I mean, really.

Red matter in the first movie: ok, pushing it, but I can buy it. There are a lot of weird and exotic substances that can do a lot of weird stuff in the Star Trek universe, and red matter didn’t seem to be all that much out of the norm when it comes to stuff like that.

Magic Khan Blood, though? Well, there are a couple of implications with that I suppose:

1) Magic Khan Blood – assuming he wasn’t somehow endowed with that ability after he was awoken in the new universe – could explain how Spock came back to life in The Search for Spock. The Genesis Device did blow up in Khan’s face, after all

2) What will having Khan’s blood in him do to Kirk? Make him smarter? stronger? If the Borg arrive and try to assimilate him will Khan blood prevent it? There are all sorts of things one can do with that in the future…

Well, it seems to be a hallmark of the writers style, provide enough information to make the movie work, but don’t sweat the details….

John Harrison is the Mugato!

May 10th @ 20:30 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania :)

I don’t buy the magic Khan blood deal either but in Space Seed, while working on Khan, Dr. McCoy tells Captain Kirk his recovery is incredible and the quote I believe was “There is just something in this man’s blood that won’t let him die.”

Going at midnight. My best friend’s father had a stroke this afternoon. I’ve frankly lost interest in the film.

18 – true, but that was his own blood in his own body, not an injection into another, already dead, person. Again, I don’t know, maybe it will play better when I see the movie. I was unhappy, to say the least, when I first read about that, though

Star Trek Into Darkness is only 3 hours away:-)

i’m pretty sure i will love this movie:-D

As soon as i’m back home i write a comment if it was awesome or not.

Seeing it at midnight can’t wait

and i denmark it will arrive at the of june.
Im looking forward to it, no matter the spoilers:-)

Saw it Saturday at Bafta (UK equivalent of AMPS). Liked it a lot. So did industry crowd. It’s probably stronger than 09. Cumberbatch excellent. Weller also very strong. Film isn’t “dark” as such, it’s about dark things, but it’s very funny. Nimoy’s cameo got a small cheer & warmed my heart. Glad the movie was about something (09 wasn’t). I bought the blood thing. It fits well enough with what we know about Augments, and it’s set up well in advance with the tribble thing. The movie repeats a little too much of 09, I think (attack on San Francisco, revenge plot, cold start enterprise leading to hero shot of ship rising) but that’s a small quibble. Sad that Pike was killed. Did the Dreadnought class Starfleet vessel get a name? When asked his name Harrison shouldn’t have been so prosaic, he should have said “On Earth, two hundred years ago, I was a Prince.” Glad he survived to be returned to if needs be.

Interesting canon point. The use of the union jack in the London based sequences indicates that in Star Trek’s future a) Scotland doesn’t leave the UK & b) UK is still a monarchy in c2260.

But yeah, terrific overall. Good movie & good Star Trek. Hope we don’t have to wait four whole years for the next one.

“Midnight shows are just getting out in Australia and New Zealand with showings in Germany, UK, Austria and Switzerland hours away (with Mexico and Taiwan openings tomorrow)…”

One of the U.S.’s last remaining dominant industries (i.e. filmmaking), and the rest of the world is still getting a jump on us by AT LEAST a week? I get the studio’s interest in boosting international box office, but this is getting absurd.

looking forward to watch STID in 5 Hours (UK)!

I’m still holding out hope that this Harrison is Khan thing is more of a Harrison posing as Khan – but then he’s waking up the real Khan at the end of the movie. But no one seems to be telling it that way in any spoiler reviews. I think that would have been a much better approach than just giving us Khan right out of the gate.

Khan blood reviving a deceased Kirk is just stupid – plain old stupid.

So basically,

66% percent of people polled above (as of roughly 2:20PM EST) thought it was an above average Star Trek movie.

81% thought it was a GOOD Star Trek movie

89% thought it was at least OK

11% thought it was a BAD Star Trek movie

*LOL* Of all the times for me not to have a passport.

@ 25. I will have seen it twice before it opens in the USA. Which is, while great for me, not really fair, I know.

@ 12. Yes, it’s true. John Harrison is Khan. The Botany Bay was found by Section 31, who went looking for him after the destruction of Vulcan, hoping to use his intellect/genius for war against the *next* threat.

I forgot to say, I loved that Admiral Marcus has the Phoenix and the NX-01.

5 hours and counting until I leave for the 00.01 showing in London… Just hoping the death/resurrection scene isn’t as lame as it sounds.

Why am I nervous?! & what the hell do I do for the next 3 years. TOS re-run for the net couple of months to start with I guess…

#12: Seriously? It’s been confirmed for weeks that Harrison is Khan, ever since the premier.

@ 27. It works in context. It’s a McCoy as miracle worker moment, combined with a logical extrapolation of what is said about Khan’s blood in Space Seed. It’s also beautifully done in terms of performances. I’m a TOS fan of thirty years standing. When I got into Star Trek there was one live action tv show & two movies. If that sort of longevity adds any weight to my opinion, I don’t know. But I mention it in case it does.

seeing the film at 11.30 am or at 1.30 pm london time tommorrow 9th of may.

#11 Totally agree. I am glad I read the spoilers, because now I can just watch the movie without focusing too much on some of the choices they’ve made.

Still, it saddens me that with all of the skill and resources Abrams & Co. have, they couldn’t have just told new stories in the context of the universe we all know and love – without the severe changes in character and behavior that essentially make our heroes (and villains, apparently) unrecognizable.

@30 It’s not lame, it’s kinda beautiful.

@34 I recognise them.

They kicked some major goals with this film, I loved it.

There were two scenes that pandered to extreme fan boys that could have been dropped.

I would have expected to see more scars in the beat to beat scene.

Some terrific dialogue throughout.

Would have liked the end to have had the same result as the original episode that character forst appeared in. That way this film would work in tandem with another trek film.

Kirk and Spocks journey was justso well done.

Benedict was awesome. So were Pine and Quinto.

Loved how Scotty featured in the story too.

I will see this multiple times.

My Mr Spock ears were once again a hit with the theatre staff. No loud squeals of laughter this time but a good response all the same.

Saw the film again a couple of hours ago- Saw it in Sydney 2 weeks ago.
I liked it- I just think they should Have explained Khan’s appearance- like he altered his appearance to become John Harrison.

& I think they should have had some gay extra’s in the san fransisco bar scene.

I thought it was damn good trek; it raised moral issues, had excellent banter & dialogue, great character moments.

Some things caught me off-guard like the role-reversal between Kirk & Spock (nice touch) but other things are still hard for me to digest ie. the 5 year mission only beginning now (so the events in the ongoing series no longer takes place within the 5 year mission?), Khan being too ‘starfleet’ looking, and Carol Marcus’ british accent AND decision to join the Enterprise Crew (I felt the events of the film would give her enough reason to distance herself from Starfleet ala TWOK). My only guess is that producers really want to move away from the way things happened exactly in the prime timeline.

Still thought it was great and I want more already, particularly more Klingons & KHAAAAAANNNN!!!

In the next trek it’s going to be revealed that the magic in the blood is Borg nano-bots and he was a new version of a Borg… clearly..

And this is how Khan changed his appearance, too. The new version of the Borg.

Agree. Borg in next film!!!

40 – I’ve been wanting Kirk vs. Borg in the third film since the first one lol (I knew they wouldn’t do that for the 2nd one)

As I suggested above, Khan blood could be used as a plot device to make Kirk impervious/resistant to assimilation…

That movie was just awesome and I loved the many Trek references in it.

Also I do like that Kirk & Spock switched their positions from the original timeline (eg KHAAAAAN!).

The reworked version of engineering was well done too.

That blood thing doesn’t seems bad or “cheap” to me at all.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (it’s released in August here, so no point staying clear of spoilers anyway), but I’ve heard pretty bad things of Kirk’s death scene. I’ll have to wait a long time to see if they’re true.

so since the cat is out of the bag, I have one question : what role does April play, since he was featured in the comics, or are they just for inspiration???

@44 April does not feature.

ok :-)

Just read all the spoilers and not at all surprised. This totally was Talia Al Ghul all over again and I saw it coming for months.

Not too worried about spoiling it for myself — I knew how Titanic, Gettysburg, Miracle, The Perfect Storm, Pearl Harbor, ended and I still enjoyed those movies haha.

Oh and one more thing to all the Gary Mitchel and Captain April and Garth Brooks and Zuhl of Igor or WTF not gonna happen villians you guys said John Harrison was and ridiculed those of us who said Khan all the way … here we gooooo … I TOLD YOU SO! BAM!

47 – I’ll give it to you that he was “Khan.” I’ll have to see if he is really Khan without the quotes when I see the movie, however

how long does it take for the enterprise to be repaired after it’s get it’s fanny whooped?

Khaaaaaaan! Being screamed was the only really bad part.

The guest appearance was not good but not painful as was the scream.

Well that confirms one part of my trepidation concerning the plot. For me, itwill be miraculous if they can pull off that story and not make me face-palm. But I agree with whoever said that they are glad they got spoiled ahead of time. If I had walked out of the theater after seing that cold I think I would probably scream.