Listen To 22 Minutes Of Star Trek Into Darkness Score + Giacchino Interview + Soundtrack Now Due May 28

Star Trek Into Darkness composer Michael Giachino shared 22-minutes of music from his score during a great hour-long interview on WQXR radio. You can listen to the whole thing below. We also have an update on the soundtrack availability.


Preview of Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score + Interview

WQXR has a great hour-long interview with Star Trek Into Darkness composter Michael Giachino. You can listen to the full interview and all the music below.

Soundtrack now coming May 28 – available to pre-order on Amazon

Amazon has updated their listings for the Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack. The CD version is now listed to be released on May 28th (previously it was listed as May 14th). Also the vynil version is no longer available for pre-order, but they now have a ‘signup’ to be notified when the item is being released. .



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Really stoked for this soundtrack!

I wonder who the fan on Twitter was that gave Giacchino the idea to add in some TOS music. That dude’s gotta feel good.

The Klingon bits sound very ‘Bane’ from Dark Knight Rises.

“Jah-KEE-no” … now I know. Looking forward to this release.

Ah, finally got my email, I see… :-)

Listening to the program now and I’ll share some impressions: “Ode to Harrison” — very mysterious, very complex. Spooky.

@3 Thought the same thing

“Ship to Ship” is an impressive track. Lots of excitement and tension.


Even more repetitive than the last one, but I can’t get the Harrison theme out of my head! XD
I didn’t find any TOS music in the film besides the end credits (which is the same as in 2009)…

This is in the long tradition of great scoring for Hollywood movies, going way back to the silent period, when movies had orchestra or organ accompaniment. Movie Magic and Star Trek. Tickets at the ready May 15 8 pm. This was a very interesting interview, thanks for sharing it.

Thank you so much Anthony,, for all your efforts in bringing forth new info to us lowly fans. I know it is a lot of work putting content out that will keep spoilers to a minimum.

Listening to Michael Giacchino talk about his experiences with TOS and also wanting keep some secrets fresh for the first time viewer of the film reminded me of a friend doing their best to make the outcome the best for me.

Not to sound maudlin, but the interview indicates that he has a good sense of TOS canon and knows what it means, and that means a lot.

When talking about the characters he said: “There is this great idea of trust.” “I love that these characters respect each other.”

Considering that individually the director, actors, composer and film crew do good work on any given day of the week, hearing these track pieces (and comments) made me hopeful that the film I am about to see will exceed the sum of its parts.

I don’t think I could be any more sincere to all involved, except by saying, Kapla! (or qapla depending on the quadrant)

I am really appreciative that he gave a not to Jerry Goldsmith. Good stuff.

Having seen the movie last night, I did not spot the TOS music reference first time through. (And I know most of that music like the back of my hand.)

I don’t suppose anyone has been able to translate the Klingon chanting? :)

love this!

Why is it coming out after the movie?
What fun is that? I like to listen to the soundtrack before I watch the movie.

A key ingredient for every movie I have enjoyed in my life had a great soundtrack this is especially true for Star Trek. Star Trek also has a great history of having memorable music used for each of the series on TV. Yes, the theme song for Enterprise was an epic fail but otherwise Trek has a good track record for music. I liked Michael Giachino’s soundtrack for the last Trek film & these clips aired here are quite promising in the feeling that I will walk out of Into Darkness thinking that the soundtrack was an integral part of the story. Goldsmith remains the gold standard for me when it comes to Star Trek but I wouldn’t mind Giachino leaving a lasting impression on the franchise.

#4 I haven’t listend to the interview yet but it’s good to know how to finally say his name! I’ve been pronouncing it WAY wrong. I was like, “Gee-Ah-Cheeno.” I should have at least figured out the first bit was “Ja” with the Gi and that two c’s make a “k” sound and not a “ch.” :/

My art history professors from back in undergrad would be ashamed of me…

Giacchino’s score was severely lacking last time. I had high hopes for STID after The Video Game seemed to tease incredible evolution to the score but it was a ruse and i find all of Giacchino’s Star Trek music to be terribly bland while lacking depth and just far too generic.
I’m hoping John Ottman gets a shot at the score next, on X-Men and Superman he’s never been afraid to use classic themes And explore taking them to new places.

Good but short, only 42 min…Cmon!

This was great, listened in my car on the way home from work tonight. Can’t wait until Friday, took the day off to get my Trek on!

@20. That is totally funny, because I thought the Score this time was much more diversified than the last one. The was no “Einaudi-like” Piano track like that on the last Score, the new klingon theme, the Harrison theme. There were much more new ideas than compared to the score of the recent Batman trilogy, e.g.
All in all, it feels much more like a “classic” score, not so much like this “action-scores” that are so modern these days (but sound all the same)…

So is the “Ode to Harrison” track going to be on the soundtrack coming out on the 28th? I didn’t see it on the track list unless it’s under a different name.

Has anybody seen the movie yet and identified what the bit of TOS soundtrack that Giacchino incorporated was? “Amok Time”?

What hit me the most was the chanting during the Qo’nos music. I think that adds some power and depth to the score. I just wish the piece was a little longer. The other ones are alight. Still like the main them at the end with the Star Trek fan fair.

I am actually a little worried, that “ode to Harries” does not show on the track listing of the album :-/

Maybe it’s just me but I enjoy the Main Theme Music I’m assuming we get an extended opening credit sequence this time out maybe as opposed to a longer end title series or both who knows…can’t wait for the 16th

@ 22

WIth the release date for the soundtrack pushed back til AFTER the release of the movie (bonehead decision, IMHO), how have you been listening to the score? Please dish.

Where is itunes release?

@23. fidelio:
it’s all preference, Goldmsith and Courage are my gold standards, with Horner not far behind but some believe the exact opposite or even place McCarthy at the front etc..etc…

Giacchino’s Trek music just doesn’t leave me with anything to sink into and enjoy. ID’s score sounds like the Boston Pops conducting notes John Williams toyed with and never used. but i can’t fault him completely JJ’s films i’m sure are incredibly difficult to conduct for. the pace of the films doesn’t leave you a lot of room to really explore a score on screen.

Both ’09 and This work when needed in the context of the films which i find strange you compared to the Dark Knight Trilogy which was exactly the same. Zimmer’s music is stirring when called upon as needed.

Regardless, we are all spoiled with a rich history of soundtracks.

The Soundtrack is simply Epic!

I always look forward to movie scores, as I’m sure many of you here do, too. Many times, the soundtrack is better than the movie, itself…some Kim Basinger movie comes to mind (and I can’t remember the movie title at the moment).

I like this guy…ya know he’s a fan of the many composers we all know and love, too. Even he would rather have John Williams on SW than himself…no ego, he has.

He’s cool!!!

On the STID board someone posted the 5 complete tracks (full versions) highlghted here separately without interviews only music, about 4 days ago. The board has spoiler tabs so is safer than here anyways.

Klingon theme for the win and Harrison’s theme mentioned as a bonus track in second. I am hoping the delay in releasing the OST is them fitting this tack unto the CD.

The music is sensational.

That voiceover? well 20 seconds were enough of that.

LOVE ode to Harrison

Posted my review over in the fan review section

and I can safely say that the score was by far the most underwhelming aspect of an otherwise enjoyable movie.
I was disappointed with the Trek 09 score, and this is little different. And I feel bad saying that, as a fan of movie music and of Mr Giacchino particularly.
Maybe things will resonate more when I hear the music on its own, but that isn’t the point is it?

This sounds fantastic! I love a good soundtrack and this one is going to be on the summer playlist for sure!

Honestly, I find his music quite unengaging, unlike say John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. I can’t explain why, but it just doesn’t work any magic on me. I am left craving.

I think his style of sounds will always divide fans, I for one love the direction he has taken and pleased to say it will be played many times before wearing out.

I hope that he is involved in the third as I think his score like the cast and nu story play a very important role.

@ 29. davenetsoo: Just like with the last movie there’s an opening teaser followed by just the movie title. The full credit sequence comes at the end of the movie. The difference is just that last time they put the full end credit sequence music on the soundtrack CD. This time they haven’t.


he should be available. if giacchino scores Star Wars over John Williams, that’s a coup’ worthy of Poppa Palpatine.

@40 Agree completely.

Have been entirely underwhelmed with Giacchino’s Trek work. Heard repeatedly that the muted score from ’09 was because the “relationships were incomplete,” “part of the story..” okay, fine, I’ll accept that…but the blurbs I’ve heard so far sound….underwhelming and muted.

Not bad, mind you, just disappointing. Chronically immemorable. You still hear rousing responses to Goldsmith’s TMP work 35 years after it was released. I have a hard time finding anything in MG’s work memorable much after the movie ends.

And I freely admit its probably unfair to even try to compare whatever MG does against the legendary work of Goldsmith, but that’s the legacy and inevitable comparison he inherits in taking over the musical aspect of the franchise.

I’ll apologize in advance for offending any MG fans. Don’t mean to slam or disparage him – its just that his work for this iteration of Trek is just, well, meh. Nice, pleasant, but unremarkable. If you’re a fan of MG and like what he’s done, hey, that’s great, power to you. That’s the beauty of differing opinions :)

What i love the most is that at the end of the movie you can hear the the TOS theme but i sounded like it was direct taken from the Series.

This ending was exactly what i wanted:-) especially with that music

All the critics of Giacchino should be glad that Hans Zimmer and his numerous clones kept their dirty hands of Star Trek.
Giacchino’s music is currently the closest thing that resembles a classic symphonic-score. I think he carrys very well the legacy of Williams, Goldsmith and Horner to a new generation.

BTW, the Klingon choir.
Does anybody know if Marc Okrand was involved with the film?

45 JohnRambo
It was taken directly from the last film ;)

I saw the movie tonight. It opened today here in Taiwan. Better than the first movie in many ways… still has JJ Abrams plot holes and logical jumps… but all in all a better movie far more worthy of TREK.


The music was not nearly as memorable this time as it was in the first movie. Still great, but just not as noticeable nor memorable.

Does anybody know if and where to get notes for track 4?

“London Calling” sounds like it was inspired by the work of Philip Glass… Very nice.