Listen To 22 Minutes Of Star Trek Into Darkness Score + Giacchino Interview + Soundtrack Now Due May 28

Star Trek Into Darkness composer Michael Giachino shared 22-minutes of music from his score during a great hour-long interview on WQXR radio. You can listen to the whole thing below. We also have an update on the soundtrack availability.


Preview of Giacchino’s Into Darkness Score + Interview

WQXR has a great hour-long interview with Star Trek Into Darkness composter Michael Giachino. You can listen to the full interview and all the music below.

Soundtrack now coming May 28 – available to pre-order on Amazon

Amazon has updated their listings for the Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack. The CD version is now listed to be released on May 28th (previously it was listed as May 14th). Also the vynil version is no longer available for pre-order, but they now have a ‘signup’ to be notified when the item is being released. .



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