Trekify Your Life With New Star Trek Pre-paid Visa Debit Cards, Checks & Email Accounts

cardsThere are many ways to show off your Star Trek fandom, and now there are a few more. You can now be a Trekkie in the way you pay for things with brand new Star Trek prepaid Visa Debit cards. Or if you prefer, Star Trek checks are available again. And you can even get your own Star Trek email address. More info below. 


Star Trek Pre-paid Debit Cards is now offering the first ever officially licensed Star Trek prepaid debit cards. Available for the U.S. market, the new Star Trek cards are available in a number of different designs.

Some of the new Star Trek card designs

Star Trek prepaid cards have no credit checks and can be used everywhere Visa is accepted. Funds loaded are 100% FDIC insured, and offer a fully-featured online banking experience with fraud protection from Visa, web, iPhone App and Android App Banking complete with photo check. More info on Star Trek cards at

Star Trek Checks

If you prefer to do you finances the old-fashioned way, then ChecksInTheMail offer a number of different Star Trek Check designs, starting at 20.99 a book. They also offer Star Trek check book covers.

Some of the new Star Trek check designs

Star Trek Email

Another way for you to Trek-ify your life is the recently announced Star Trek personalized email accounts. Fans can now have their own personal email addresses using,, or Each email address includes unlimited email storage, an anti-spam and anti-virus service along with choice of webmail or desktop clients. The cost is $15/year and you can get yours at


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Can the debit cards be used for travel money?

Will Quark accept the debit cards and cheques?

@2, I don’t think Ferengi’s accept checks but I’m sure debit/credit cards and gold pressed latinum are OK.

Wish they would make these debit cards available outside the US. :(

Also, the purpose of having Trek (or any similar) branding on something would be to keep as a “souvenir” but these have the standard t&c’s that state that “they own the card and could be requested back at anytime”

Didn’t they have these in the 90’s and early 2000’s? None of this stuff seems “new”, just an old idea being reused.

Beware of Ferengi’s. Once they have your money they’ll never give it back.

“no returns – huu-mon.”

you mean they don’t use money in the 23rd century?
-no they use pre-paid debits and star trek checks

Hmmm…would sign up TODAY for the email if it was “”

TOS Trek… not the new cast. That tells me something.

Star Trek Into Debt

SWEET!! =)

#9- It tells me that no one is going to remember Chris Pine in 5 years. Pine is a fine actor, but Shatner IS Captain Kirk, and everyone knows it.

I miss my MBNA/BoA Star Trek Credit Cards. I got a free photo at the Star Trek Experience for applying for this card.
It didn’t offer anything more than a picture of an Enterprise on the card and a Starfleet graphic on the monthly statement, but damn it, my CC had a pic of the Enterprise on it and the Starfleet logo on the bill!

And no Ferengi worth his lobes would accept a check.

“” 9. Jorg Sacul – May 10, 2013

TOS Trek… not the new cast. That tells me something.””

Yeah me too… They are marketing these to the older generation as they know that the younger generation is not at a point were they care none to much about these things. Myself being sort of in the middle I enjoy them but I think my favorites are the checks with the different series ships and the checks with the different series captains.