Watch: New Into Darkness Clip + Bones Profile & Urban EPK Soundbites + Conan’s Trek Gags + Eve Audiobook Promo

cardsAnother day and another bunch of Star Trek Into Darkness videos to share. Today we have a brand new clip (which aired on MTV last night), a new Bones character profile (and Urban EPK soundbites), plus some Into Darkness gags from Conan and a promo for the audiobook narrated by Alice Eve.


New Clip

Here is the latest Clip from Star Trek Into Darkness, an exclusive to MTV.

Bones Character Profile + Urban Soundbite EPK Interview  

Today Paramount (again first featured at released a new Star Trek Into Darkness character profile – this time for Dr. McCoy.

And here is Karl Urban’s EPK Soundbit video (note question topics are listed at the beginning).

Alice Eve talks Audiobook

Simon and Schuster Audio just released a promo for the audiobook of Star Trek Into Darkness narrated by Alice Eve.

Conan Denies He spoiled the movie

On Tuesday Conan O’Brien did a comedy bit about Star Trek Into Darkness, but it got some wondering if he accidentally released a spoiler. So last night Conan did another bit defending the first bit. Watch them both below.

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The volcano clip was shown in the 9 minute preview with “The Hobbit” last year.


The end credits.

OMG!! Kirk’s Gay!!!

Come on, that’s not really a surprise now, is it?

@2, You mean the “FAKE” end credits.

I could listen to Alice Eve FOREVER.

In the Bones video you see him with one of the cryo-pod looking things from the one trailer. And he is with them in sickbay

That’s a surprising twist. Didn’t see that coming.

@5 indeed. If she reads 50 shades of Grey… Oh my.

Eve’s voice for the guys.
Cumberbatch’s voice for the ladies.

I can’t get over Kirk’s face in that parody! Haha.
One. One. One. One. *kirk’s face*

I still like Quinto’s Conan ‘spoiler’. Laughed myself silly. He totally trolled the show:

Someone in Conan’s staff should be in some big trouble for that. Spoiling movies that aren’t even out yet (at least in the country in which it was created) is not cool. Obviously Conan him self didn’t mess that up but someone on his staff did and probably ruined a big part of that movie for people. After the film’s out I think it would be nice to admit they messed up and apologize. Still love Conan, though, he just needs better editors or something I guess.

Alice Eve “supposes” a lot.

Unfortunately, the two Conan clips are not available in my country…

WOW, there were two VERY interesting spoilers in those REAL end credits!

Is no one going to post some nonsense about how they didn’t realize McCoy was in this movie? I thought you all were convinced they were replacing him with Uhura.

@13: Have you ever heard of “Proxy”? Maybe try searching for Firefox add-ons (or whatever browser you are using).

Those weren’t the “REAL end credits”. They were made by Conan’s staff using the IMDb listings. D’oh. Real credits? Urban is “Leonard McCoy”, not “Bones”. Pegg is “Montgomery Scott”, not “Scotty”, etc.

@15- They have replaced him with Uhura. It’s pretty obvious. All characters will get a profile I’m sure, doesn’t change the fact that they made the mistake in the first place.

It’s a shame, from what I hear Bones is nothing more than a caricature in the background. This is a gret character, Deforest Kelly and Karl Urban deserve better. But oh $hit I forgot, we need to be modern…

Please everyone – wait until you see the movie before you get all worked up…

Bones and Uhura have about the same amount of importance, I would say. She needs to speak to the Klingons and gets few developmental scenes with Spock. He has to work on a certain device because he has steady hands. It’s also him who realizes an important plot point and basically saves the day in a way in one scene ;)

Oh man… laughed HARD during that coordinates thing from Conan! A true LOL if there ever was one. *Excellent* editing. Timing was great.

I just wonder why Karl’s Bones never smiles, though he in ‘real life’ always does…

@20: Yes, he had to do some important things, but the scences passed way too fast.