Star Trek Into Darkness Dedicated To Post-9/11 Vets – Four Vets From Mission Continues Featured In Film

If you watch the credits for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness you will notice that the film is dedicated to post-9/11 veterans. And the connection doesn’t end there as Abrams cast four vets from the Mission Continues charity in the film. More details below on the real world veteran connection to Star Trek Into Darkness.


Star Trek Into Darkness dedicated to vets

Star Trek Into Darkness deals with some modern themes with our future heroes facing off against the terrorist John Harrison. But the modern day connection doesn’t end there as the film is dedicated to heroes of today. The final credits for the film contain the following dedication…


And director J.J. Abrams even included some actual post-9/11 veterans in the movie itself. There is a scene with some Starfleet personnel folding the flag of the United Federation of planets, which has been seen in some of the trailers and commercials for the movie. Four of the six people pictured are real US vets.

Scene in Star Trek Into Darkness featuring post-9/11 veterans

The war veteran connection to Star Trek goes back to its beginnings. Many of the original series cast and crew were World War II vets, including Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, Mark Lenard, and Matt Jefferies. In fact, Roddenberry named the Starship USS Enterprise after the US Navy Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise which served with distinction in the Pacific during the war.

The Mission Continues and Star Trek Into Darkness

The four vets featured in Into Darkness (credited as "Starfleet Ceremonial Guard") are Melissa Steinman (US Coast Guard), Adam McCann (USMC) Jon Orvrasky (USMC) and Eric Greitens (US Navy). All are members of the Mission Continues charity, a service organization  that helps post-9/11 veterans transition from the military to leadership roles at home. J.J. Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath have been active supporters of the organization.  In addition J.J. also sponsored a charity auction for Mission Continues offering a VIP trip the Hollywood premiere and all proceeds for the new Star Trek add-on for the Action Movie FX app go to Mission Continues. There is even a Mission Continues link on the official page.

Mission Continues founder Eric Greitens talking on the set of "Into Darkness" (with JJ Abrams looking on)

Greitens (a former Navy Seal) founded Mission Continues in 2007 and he was recently named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the world. The organization sponsors veterans’ enrollment in a 6-month service and leadership program. These veterans dedicate themselves to serving in their community, volunteering for at least 20 hours a week in community organizations to address issues like homelessness, illiteracy and unemployment. The Mission Continues provides the tools, the direction, and a living stipend to these veterans, while the veterans deploy their experience, their skills, and their desire against our communities’ most pressing problems. Since its inception, The Mission Continues has awarded more than 600 fellowships and engaged thousands of volunteers at more than 350 community organizations.

Mission Continues vets  Eric Greitens (at far end of flag), Adam McCann (to Eric’s right), Jon Orvrasky (to Eric’s left) and Melissa Steinman (back to camera…across from Eric)

Greitens and his fellow vets actually developed a new flag-folding procedure for Starfleet. He felt that since each branch of the real-world military has their own flag-folding procedure, Starfleet would have their own as well.

For more information, visit  or follow on Twitter: @missioncontinue.

Mission Continues founder Eric Greitens with producer Bryan Burk and director JJ Abrams

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Pretty awesome stuff!

Bravo gentlemen.

Has anyone else noticed that JJ has his “camera face” in almost every photo you see. Maybe it’s the framing of the glasses combines with the jet black hair (which I guarantee will be showing some gray by ep. VII)

didn’t even notice that dedication. And I watched the credits the whole way through. Maybe it’s only included in some releases.

TreK IV’s dedication to the Challenger crew got a huge round of applause in its day. Just noting.

#4 This.

I sat through the whole end credits at the midnight showing (much to the chagrin of the staff), and that credit did not come up (I’m in Ireland). Maybe they’re only using it on US prints of the film?

Yeah, just reading it again, it must be a US only credit. ‘Our’ does seem to signify only using it in only one territory.

I love it when there is a depth to stories that points to a bigger and more real picture. This is wonderful. I will be looking for that credit after the film.

We should never forget and always be sure to honor those who give their lives in either daily service or through actually sacrificing their lives. God bless them.

Semper Fi J.J.

Since I’m a vet, can I be in the next Trek movie, pretty please =D

Hey Boborci……So over the months and years were there and posts on here that made you think “they figured it out.” ?

As a Desert Storm Veteran (USAF), I applaud the support that the Star Trek folks are giving us- both past and present. I am going to look into the “Mission Continues” organization and see if there is something I can do to pitch in locally.

I was in uniform when I literally bumped into Leonard Nimoy in an airport book store back in the mid-80s. He saw my Space Operations badge and teared up a bit when I pointed out the Starfleet-style delta-shield element on it. He told me that he served two years in the Army, stationed near Atlanta Georgia. He wore his old uniform when he played the sergeant in “Them”.

The Mission Continues sounds like an awesome organization and one that fills a much-needed role. I have multiple relatives and a number of co-workers at my evening job who are post-9/11 vets and we’ve sometimes talked about the struggle some have to transition from military to civilian life and translate their skillsets. Also my dad is a Vietnam vet so this makes me smile for that reason too.

Although when I see the dedication, I’ll probably be thinking mostly of my cousin who never made it back home in 2008. I bet he would’ve liked The Mission Continues! :)


Agreed, same thing with me.

I believe in Karma so I’m okay with it. :-)

It’s amazing how many service people continue to give even after leaving active duty. Around here it is the group started by a vet, which helps out homeless vets (two most shameful word, IMHO!). @16. Paul, the US learned its lesson after Vietnam and now shows greater respect for our military men and women. I am glad that you recognize that.

This is why the Star Trek franchise is so much better than Star Wars franchise. REAL HONOR! Bravo JJ and Co. Many, many thanks!

boborci and Alex, please accept the eternal gratitude of this hardcore Trek fan for bringing morals and meaning, ethical debates (even if brief), and the discussion of current real issues back into Trek. It makes Into Darkness the most trekkish film since Insurrection, of course with a far greater story than that one.

I never noticed the homage given either, but then again, I did not stay till the end of the credits. It is lovely that the movie did what it has done.

I am not against the soldiers, whether they be US, British, NZ and so on, per se. They are often sent to do difficult and life threatening assignments and most are courageous and want the best for their own, whether it be their unit, their own countries or the people they are there to protect, like innocent civilians in a warzone, if they are part of a UN peacekeeping force.

I just don’t like a lot of the policies of the various governments…

#17 – This is not the thread where the movie can be discussed by those who have already seen it. Your post was totally inappropriate and out of line. It is entirely possible that people coming to this thread are deliberately by-passing, ignoring the other thread so that they won’t be spoiled before they have the opportunity to see the movie for themselves.

Please, Anthony, can you delete this offending post.

Nice gesture. Regardless of what side of the isle you are sitting on the men and women who are returning home will need and deserve our support for stepping into harms way on our behalf. From what I’ve learned, they will need a lot of support….

If you want to debate politics, find a different thread.

Many around the world serve their countries, and do so honorably day in and day out, with little appreciation or support. This dedication, and the casting was an honorable action by JJ. Bravo.

Agreed. When you look at the celebrities who support these organizations they do so out of respect for service, not political affiliation. Take the politics elsewhere, this is for the individual who signed on the dotted line, something most of us will never do. That is deserving of some level of honor and respect.


JJ Abrams rocks.. anyone who calls this guy a hack needs to look at how much respect and admiration he commands from everyone that works with him..

Even if he never directs another Trek feature again, he’s put the franchise back on the map and in great health….

Abrams and the trek crews from the beginning have been class acts. Recognition of service and charitable acts have long been a trek tradion.

Now we’re talkin!! MY THANKS to the Trek PTB for this awesome recognition!! Wish we saw more of this kind of patriotism in this country!

Stock just went up in my opinion!!


300 hundred years old 9/11 vets.

Take the whining to a different thread…

Awesome! Go Coast Guard!!! I’m a new member, shipping to basic in just under 3 months- proud to join a force of awesome people! I don’t understand why so many people are arguing about the military- there’s always going to be wars whether we like it or not, the troops have no say in the matter… I joined because I want to be part of something bigger, and whats better than a force that saves lives and protects this country? I also have 4 friends in the Army right now, one in the Navy, and my brother is also Coast Guard!

Good luck, Leenyr! I wish you all the best.

Thanks Bob, JJ, Alex. This twenty year Navy vet thanks you.

Congrats Leenyr. I was in the Navy for 11years and had the honor of serving on the real USS Enterprise twice for a total of 7 years. It was a dream come true. I hope you enjoy your time in the Coast Guard. Just don’t ever get discourage because there will be difficults ahead of you. I was around negative people while in the Navy and outside of the service; both being really negative about service members. Those people will never know real honor, courage, or commitment. Good luck in the Coast Guard.

As for you Phil, I think you need to go choke yourself with a hater sandwich. Hahaha. Too bad your not good enough for that dotted line.

@44. Pound sand, buddy, I’m very supportive of the point of this thread, and if you want to troll, it won’t be here.

My late father and I are (were) both vets and Legionnaires. To politicize this is to lose sight of the purist intent of the exercise. God bless you, J.J., Bob, and all who are involved in the tribute to those who have put their lives on the line, regardless of the dogmatic POV of others, whether it be yea or nay.

America and the US has always served the cause of freedom. God bless those who serve, and thank you to JJ for an honest and heartfelt shout out. For those around the world who might differ, you may thank us at any time for the fact you don’t salute a Nazi flag.

And Melissa Steinman has one sweet ass.


It was meant for the American audience, not the international moviegoers.

Regardless of the countries the message was or was not displayed in, its a nice tribute.

I have people I care about in the US so the fact those vets have protected their way of life, i thank them for it.

As i thank the veterans of my own country for protecting mine.

As world-wide aware fans, U.S. citizens are aware that most of the outside markets don’t share our freedom of speech 1st amendment views, and so it comes as no surprise that various censoring boards and entities will remove such a tribute. However, it nevertheless disturbs me when various U.S. companies just throw up their hands and decide, preemptively, do the various oppressive regimes’ jobs for them in the pursuit of profits.

Now, we don’t have enough information to know if that’s the case here, but I can note that when the U.S.’s most powerful economic entities fail to let liberty’s strength raise their arms to constantly knock on these closed doors, we as a nation lose much.

The dedication was not shown in the german version. I could only guess why: Post 9/11 politics are not very popular in Germany and other western european coutries and Paramount tried to avoid any bad reactions because of that dedication.

Personally I think it’s nice and honorable from Abrams.

I think it’s great, but I wish it had been a dedication to all veterans, rather than specifically pointing out only the post 9-11 veterans. But that doesn’t make the dedication any less admirable. Well done JJ and company.

No need to get in a flap about this. It’s a statement about honoring veterans…not about blind patriotism.

On the other hand,there is precedent for American patriotism in Star Trek:

Watch TOS ‘Omega Glory’.

Am I making a contradiction? Probably, but after all, it’s an American show… with it.

I serve in the Canadian military and I, like most, have opinions on global politics. I’ll keep them to myself here.
I have seen Eric Greitens interviewed on another show and he strikes me a genuinely caring person. Kudos to him in his efforts to help his fellow countrymen who need help. And kudos to Mr. Abrams for honouring his efforts and the people he helps. Well done to all!

Just to clarify, The Mission Continues organization is not about politics, nor is it about fighting wars.

The organization is about helping veterans who’s war is over, and who’s term of service with their respective branch of the armed forces has ended.

It’s hard to articulate in words, but upon discharge from the military, there is an acute sense of the loss of one’s purpose. It’s a feeling of is that it? Is this all there is?

Needless to say, the adjustment back into civilian life can be extremely difficult for many Veterans, especially those who’s experience in the military included active combat.

The Mission Continues helps Veterans regain their sense of purpose and fulfills the desire to still serve as a part of something bigger than themselves in their new role, and new life as a civilian.

The program not only helps Vets, but it also provides valuable public services and a labor force to projects in their communty free of charge.

It’s a win-win program, and a great help to many, many people.

This dedication is on the British print, but it’s a literal case of a flash so quick you can’t really read it & you can easily miss it by blinking or glancing down at your popcorn…

A 30 year retired vet here. From showing the movie to a terminally ill kid to propping up the vets that have given so much of their lives, this crew lead by JJ continues to represent Trek with class and dignity.

None of this needed to happen to make a movie. It’s a testament to the heart and dignity of those involved.

It really is appreciated, I hope JJ and the cast & crew realize that.

Thank you.

As a post-9/11 veteran, I am deeply honored and touched by J.J.’s gesture.

I watched this movie for a second time last night and watched until the end of the credits. I did not notice this dedication appear anywhere.

I have to say though that it would have been good if the dedication did appear there for NZ audiences to see, because NZ and Australia have been the US’s strongest allies since WW2. Although many of citizens (Australian, NZ, US) may not have agreed with the governments’ policies and reasons, our soldiers (both Australian and NZ) have always been there fighting alongside the Americans, no matter what or where. Our numbers are small, but we were there with some dying, nevertheless.

An awkward dedication, considering the movie plot.

No matter what one might think of the movie’s plot, or who John Harrison actually is, it is nice to see J.J. starting to move Trek back towards a discussion of the human condition, which is where Gene wanted to take the series (within an action/adventure framework, of course).

The dedication should be in ALL prints. Maybe the words could be written differently. I don’t see the point in having a dedication only in the American prints. The Challenger dedication was in all prints, including here in Brazil. If the movie is to be dedicated to somebody, I believe it should be true everywhere it’s shown. Anyway, Abrams initiative is fantastic.

As a retired Coast Guard member, I really appreciate the gesture by JJ Abrams, and have great appreciation for the goals of The Mission Continues. TMC is performing a vital and honorable service. It breaks my heart to see and hear of homeless vets.

Spock’s Uncle, I hope you didn’t intend to disrespect Ms Steinman by centering your praise on her body, and in terms objectionable to this veteran. While Ms Steinman may be attractive, I wish you wouldn’t center your praise on one of her body parts instead of the service she has done for our country. I’m guessing that you think it’s a compliment (sigh).