Watch: Replay of JJ Abrams Live Facebook Chat (with special guest George Takei)

Yesterday Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director J.J. Abrams participated in a live chat on Facebook, hosted by SNL’s Andy Samberg, and with a special guest appearance from George Takei. And you can watch a recording of it below


Abrams Live Facebook Chat Replay


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Samberg pretty much ruined this for me. Everything doesn’t have to be a joke. Waste of time watching this.

Oh my….

I would love to sit with JJ and pick his brain about all sorts of topics. The guy is a creative genius! Love watching interviews with him!

Star Trek Into Darkness was great !

whens the next one !!


George is LOVE.

I hope they also make an Interview with Nick Meyer.
It would be interesting to hear, what he has to say about Into Darkness.

The presenter is an a$$. I would have enjoyed it if he let JJ speak. Just watch the BBC Culture Show Special where Mark Kermode interviews him. It’s miles better and you get some true insights.

That guy reminds me of Andi Dick.

Same problem Samberg had on SNL. _He_ thinks he is funny.

Totally detracted from the “interview”.

Bill Hader did a voice in Into Darkness?!!!

The Fallon interviews still remain the best. Samberg should have smoked a splif before, he seemed too nervous. Love you George!

Here are a few questions I wished he would have asked JJ:

1) Was there a conscience decision to make the story more Earth-based in order to make it more accessible to an international audience and if so, how will this affect Star Trek movies in the future?

2) Are there any plans that you know of for a new Star Trek series. Even though the show is owned by CBS, what would you like to see in a new series?

Who set up the lighting for this? My 5-year old Niece? Samberg ruined it for me as far as trying to watch it, I only made it half-way through.

John Gill — Your 5-year-old niece will never do lunch in this town again!

Samberg is typical SNL. Mug for the camera. EXPECT laughter for the lamest jokes. Ugh.

STID boxoffice Mojo: Worldwide: $31,700,000.
It’s just the beginning, outside USA

I think it was obvious even JJ had to hold back looking at Sandberg like “Really man, tone it down a tad here..”, but JJ is so professional he was able to make things not awkward due to Sandberg’s douche bag ways… If you’re gonna host something where people want to get answers to questions, there’s no need to lay on the humor non-stop.

Should have just had Takei host this thing..

This is fun. Why complain about Samberg? He’s funny enough, goofy, and appealing to more people than if this was hosted by, say, Chase Masterson.

Star Trek is a big media franchise now, and so it’s nice to see relatively recognizable people associated with it, even for the promos.

True true..

Given that Ironman 3 is already at 950 million worldwide after only two weeks, it’s safe to say that Star Trek simply isn’t in the same league with those summer blockbusters. Either they return the franchise to TV at some point or they finally cut back on the budget…120 million would suffice to produce a worthwhile Trek picture if you cut back on silly action and focus even more on themes and characters (not that this wasn’t part of STID)…

As much as I’m looking forward to “Star Trek Into Darkness”, I am equally pumped for “Fast & Furious 6”, which promises to do huge business at the box office. F&F6 comes out a week after STID.

“Fast Five” was the biggest grossing movie in the “Fast & Furious” series, so we know that F&F6 will do at least as well, if not better.

So it looks like STID is most likely only going to be #1 at the box office for one weekend. Hopefully, it has “legs” like last time….

Who is this idiot interviewing Abrams?!?

Turned this off after about 4 minutes ..

@17 Whoa, what’s with the Chase Masterson hate? I’d rather look at her than this guy.

Samberg was terrible.

Seemed like Samberg just wanted to “be funny” and not do an actual interview, and like Abrams was trying to be patient and “play along” but ultimately was disappointing – would have been much better if Samberg had read out about twice the number of internet questions. There must have been thousands. How insulting to the fans online to wrap up seven minutes early. And how sad to waste an opportunity to ask JJ Abrams some good questions.

This was a waste of time. Samberg was not funny and did not interview JJ. I don’t think Samberg used any actual fan questions. It was like a terrible SNL skit gone horribly wrong.