Only 4% Of Into Darkness Ticket-buyers Read Spoilers + More From Fandango/TrekMovie Survey + Free Star Trek 2009 Download Offer

TrekMovie has partnered up with movie-ticketing site Fandango to do a survey of early ticket buyers for Star Trek Into Darkness, giving some interesting insights into how people plan to see the movie and what they think of the secrecy. Fandango also has a special offer featuring a free download of the 2009 Star Trek movie from iTunes with advanced Into Darkness purchases.


55% Plan To See Into Darkness More than Once + More from Fanndango/TrekMovie survey

Leading movie-ticketing site worked with to develop a survey Star Trek Into Darkness ticket-buyers. This morning they provided us the data from surveying over 1,000 ticket-buyers. One interesting bit is that 92% of those surveyed have seen at least one episode of the original Star Trek (featuring  William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy).

The survey also looked into how ticket buyers were planning to see the movie. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • 93% plan to see the film on opening weekend;
  • 62% will attend the movie with a group of fellow “Star Trek” fans
  • 55% are already planning to see the movie more than once
  • 15% Will Dress Up in Costume

So it turns out that advanced ticket buyers at were not that different than readers (who are expected to be more of the hard core). Our latest reader poll shows 71% of fans are planning on seeing Into Darkness more than once.

Fandango’s Into Darkness advanced ticket-buyers were also asked about JJ Abrams famed secrecy. Here are those results…

  • 56% of those surveyed stated that the secrecy surrounding the film intrigued them
  • 76% have avoided any online spoilers, saying they want to be completely surprised
  • 20% admitted to seeing a few spoilers
  • only 4% read the full spoiler leaks based on overseas screenings

Fandango also released their first indications of sales, saying that as of this morning 71% of all ticket buying on the site was for Star Trek Into Darkness, which is pretty good considering the strength of both The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3. According to Fandango "hundreds of showtimes" from this week are already sold out across the country.

Fandango Offer: Free Digital Copy of Star Trek 2009 with Advanced Purchase

In addition, Fandango has a new special offer featuring a free download copy of JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek (via iTunes) with purchase of tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness. More details on this offer at

Skip the box office lines and buy movie tickets online at Fandango.

Pine and Quinto Take Fandango’s Trek quiz

Finally here is a video from Fandango with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto talking Into Darkness and it also features the pair answering some Star Trek trivia questions.

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im the 4%

I wonder if I can retroactively receive a free download of star trek.. Purchased the tickets same day they were released…

It says you will get an email with your iTunes code within 24 hours after purchase. But I bought my tix already. Out of luck, I guess? I don’t actually have a copy of Trek 09, so this would have been cool.

I want to see Picard.

Ugh! If it was something other than iTunes I would totally do this. Like Vudu or Ultraviolet or Flixster. Anything but iTunes.

fandango then they sent me the e-mail with the i tunes freeby, one of the 93 % going on thursday ..not going to dress up as any trek personal, going to see it more than have a copy of -09 .star trek 09 is in tonight on fx channel.

This is a minor thing, but I hate how they keep referring to the 2009 movie as the “first” movie.

Trek Minus 1 Day and counting.

I’m also in the 4%. I’m elite!

WOOOOOOOO! In the elite 4%!

I wonder if the other 4%’s see spoilers in the same light I do.

Reading spoilers is one thing, I’ve learned to not expect amazing stories in my mind because there is no way that the writers could meet or surpass my ideal story. Knowing the story ahead of time doesn’t effect me, at least when we are talking about a visual medium.

With a movie or a TV show what matters isn’t a paragraph on IMDB it’s the dialog + the acting + the music + the sets + the visuals. Without those things you might as well be reading a book. There is no real context.

The only way to spoil a movie for me is to make me actually watch the movie.

I am also the 4% (unlike last time) :)

Yo, Zach is the bigger Star Trek fan….

@7. DC

I agree. Its a little insulting to negate all that has come before. And I don’t want to hear from Bob and JJ that they are not ignoring what has come before, Im sick of the “we respect what came before” speeches, its all they ever say in the interviews. They didn’t call Casino Royal the first bond movie because it was a reboot with Daniel Craig, it was Bond 21. Star Trek 2009 should be referred to as Star Trek 11, its the 11th fu@king movie! Because its a reboot its called the first movie. It infuriates me to no end. Its not a minor thing a big deal because most people are ignorant and have no idea that Star Trek Into Darkness is the 12th movie in the franchise unless they google it. 12th movie, that is something to be proud of, Paramount, actors, and fans alike.

I’m also a 4%er. Can’t wait to see it in IMAX tomorrow night!

Gee, I don’t envy you 4%-ers. I was SO surprised when I found out the big ID!! Obviously there were always rumours online but I certainly did not believe them. It was hyowge!

But hey, you guys’ll love it :p

I had to do this research assignment a few weeks ago. Take any bit of research, and critically evaluate it. This would’ve been f’ing awesome to base it on. :-(

#2: I also got a ticket on Day One. I guess I wll be comforted by the free poster they’re handing out at the “Fan Sneak” tomorrow.

I am seeing it at 8pm tomorrow, even though I read the spoilers, in their entirety, I will still be enthralled during the experience

I wonder if I can apply my code to the copy I bought on itunes a year ago? And if not, I still haven’t gotten the last few seasons of DS9 on itunes yet… (I kid, of course)

My respects for those who haven’t read spoilers, especially when taking into the account the fact that the movie is out now in 7 markets, including neighboring Mexico (I saw some Americans down here in Tijuana, Mexico over the weekend watching the movie early).

I can’t believe there’s only one day left !!! I haven’t read spoilers, and am absurdly excited for one of my advanced years. I feel like it’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow night I will put those stupid glasses on and be one happy old Trekkie. My Trekkie adult daughter and I will confer via phone the moment after the movie ends. Good times.

I am in the 4% as well, because you can pretty much piece together the movie from all the trailers anyway. Nothing surprised me once reading the full plot.

Anthony, will there be a review from James Trowbridge again? If I remember correctly, he even interviewed other kids in 2009. It would be interesting how this movie works for kids.

This only confirms what I said the CinemaScores indicated for 2009’s opening day: newbies weren’t present and the word of mouth was spread by the true believers.

And perhaps it should be noted there is no way for this survey to track negative impacts of ads, spoilers, trailers, promotions, etc. that may have led to people deciding not to buy a ticket.

Wow! 100% of us are the 4%!

i live in the 4%

I look forward to its release in the states so I can fiscuss why this film broke my heart.

The free iTunes copy of the movie Star Trek, is it in HD format or SD format?

I’m the 99%. Oh wait, wrong board.

I haven’t read the full spoilers, although a couple of comments that I accidentally read were spoilers. One more day!

I’m the 47% – oh, the other wrong board

#27. mr homn – May 14, 2013

Wasn’t Ficus, Richard Benjamin’s second in command in the old sf comedy series, QUARK?

7, 13 – TPTB don’t care about what came before. That’s the honest to goodness truth. They look at the 50-odd years of Trek before 2009 as a nostalgic trifle. They pay lip service about “respecting Roddenberry’s vision” but ultimately care more about producing a franchise that will generate $100 million in he opening weekend. That’s a fact.

To them, the less you can associate Star Trek with long-time fans, the better. That way, you can expand the fanbase. Even though the long-time fans like us are the ones that kept Star Trek alive during the dark and learn years and saved it from dying time and time again, they know we will fork over money to get our fix again. And if we don’t like it? Well, there is a new fanbase ready and willing to take our place.

I am so looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow night at the sneak peek. I hate to admit this, but I read all of the spoilers. I just couldn’t wait….

But it actually helped in this regard: I was able to warn (no spoilers here) the people that I am going with to watch a certain movie of the 12 Star Trek movies again before we go see Into Darkness because it has been a long, long time since some of my buddies had watched it. I think that will help in their enjoyment of the film.

There are 6 of us going, and I am easily the most diehard fan of the 6 series (animated included) and the 11 previous movies.

And on another note: I wanted to thank Anthony and just say what an absolute joy it has been to check the site and see so many trailers, interviews, information, etc. regarding the new movie and Star Trek in general. I am so glad that there is a site that stays so on top of something that I haved loved since I was a kid, and it brings up many topics and thoughts that just bring a smile to my face. I know that Trek fans tend to be about the nitpickiest bunch in the world, but you have to just be enthralled with how invested and loved this franchise is by its fans….I know that many on this site feel the same say and I am certain that Anthony feels that way too. Again, thank you Anthony for all that you do for the fans….very much appreciated!

PS – And this is my first post! :)

@ 33,14

You are oh so wrong…

I know a little of what is going to be in the movie, mostly from the previews & very little from this site, no offense. I want to be surprised going to the movie, makes it more fun for me.

I will likely see it more than twice, was going to catch it Thursday before work but since I took Friday off for it will see it a couple times then.

The Wrap has now increased its expectation of opening weekend sales to $100m (up from initial estimates of $85m).

They say, “Expectations have risen since Paramount last week announced Imax sellouts for Wednesday’s shows in New York, L.A., San Francisco and several other major markets, and moved the wide release date up a day, from Friday to Thursday.

On Tuesday, tickets for “Star Trek Into Darkness” accounted for 71 percent of online ticket broker Fandango’s sales, and rival reports more than 300 sellouts. The reviews have been very strong; it has an 88 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.”

The film is currently #1 in the UK, Germany and Australia, having unseated Iron Man 3 from the top spot.

Looking good!

I’m in the 4% – Turns out that Chris Doohan is promoted to Captain… ;p

I bought my tickets three weeks ago — and Fandango just sent me a code for a free download of Trek 2009.

Though, I already have the DVD, I will still probably redeem the code so I can also watch the movie on my iPad.

I’m in the 4%, but as Phil [I think it was Phil] said on another thread, the spoilers were just like the book cover flap, a digest of what to expect, with not a hint of how the emotions are conveyed or the fights are fought or the starships warp.


Quick poll, guys, should I wear Starfleet blue or leave my costume home? [I’m nowhere near as cute as the ladies in the film]

… maybe Sneak Preview night is Nerds’ Night Out, eh? Hmmm

Oh, come on… I already bought my ticket through Fandango, but because I bought it too early I don’t get a download? :(

Looks like STID is tracking for a 100MM opening weekend now…

I’m in the UK and have seen it twice…once on the first showing on the 9th and then with a mate at an evening showing the following day. Hope to see it in IMAX as well.

I pre-purchased IMAX sneak peak tickets several weeks ago and received a download code this morning. So keep an eye on your e-mails.


Careful with those spoilers. :)

I’ve seen it 4 times but I am a Cumberbatch fan and admittedly would only have seen it once otherwise

Update: despite having bought my tickets a while ago, I was emailed a free download code today. :)

Anyone knows if the download is in high definition?

I saw the movie for a third time yesterday – this time in IMAX 3D. I have now seen the movie in its 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D versions. I love 3D! Next week, I will need to take another person to see it – in 2D.

I must say that I am happy to be able to see “my captain” on the big(gest) screen.

The download (unlike the version from the DVD and Blu-ray) IS in BOTH HD and SD and includes the iTunes Extras thingy.

To anyone who hasn’t gotten their code yet, check your spam folder. That’s where mine was.