Watch: Jon Stewart Asks JJ Abrams If He’ll Apologize For Saying He’s Not Trek Fan + More JJ NYC Clips

On Monday Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams was in New York to promote the movie, appearing on NBC’s Today Show, The Daily Show with John Stewart on Comedy Central and Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show. See below for video and audio clips of all of his appearances.


Abrams Talks Trek On Today Show, Daily Show and Stern

Here is the clip from the Today Show.

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And here is Abrams extended interview from the Daily Show (in two parts).

Before J.J. appeared, The Daily Show also did a segment on the new IRS scandal which included this image of president Barack Obama Trek-ified. 

Daily Show gives President Obama the "Into Darkness" treatment for IRS scandal

J.J. was also a guest on The Howard Stern Show. You can listen to his interview below.

Abrams has two more media appearances lined up: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) on this Wednesday and Conan (TBS) next Wednesday (May 22).

TrekMovie will bring those to you here along with other Trek celeb media appearances this week.

Reminder: Hollywood Premiere Tonight

TrekMovie will be at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness tonight (Tuesday May 14). You can follow live tweets from @TrekMovie on Twitter starting at around 5:30 PM.

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I love howard stern’s interviews

I like Abrams’ Trek but I feel like he doesn’t have respect for all the people that worked on these shows before he came along. Just my opinion though

I like the first movie a lot.

But now that we have a sense about the new movie, I get more of a feeling of kids playing pantomime dress-up. With reeeeeealllllly big budgets.

I’ll know for sure in 2 days.

PS: Just watched Super 8 for the second time. The movie falls apart the second time through, revealed as a total pastiche of late ’70s/early ’80s Spielberg, with all the trappings but none of the soul or wit.

T-minus 36 hours?

Will J J apologise for spelling Qo’nos wrong.

Styrofoam Rocks Libel!!!!


why should he?

@2 Unless you have hard evidence I would not spend too much time thinking that.

Perhaps the amazing way JJ and crew gave Kirk the most incredible entry into the universe could be seen as a slap on Berman for the shoddy way he Killed JTK off.

But you’d have to be thinking a bit too hard to read too much into that.

5 Trekofold
I forgive you for doing the same, it’s Qo’noS with an S :p

star trek:11 (nero) is on tonight on the fx channel, now JJ a trekkie ,come on he has said in the past hes not a much of a fan, now he comes on the talk show said all of a sudden hes a fan. it so con fuseing it make me dizzy …

the movie is not just for trekker it also for movie goers , as a 47 year trekker its t- minus 25 hours untill i see star trek :12 on thursday @ 3pm. we will see if he keept his promise about this movie being for us trekkers.about the movie goers well the more people cramed in to a theater the more money it makes for paramount .

abrams does have writers that work at bad robot that come up with new ideas for different new shows & movies. about careing for the people who create show…. i’m sure he cares ……

Hopefully it won`t be Bryan Singer who directs the next movie – Would be “Star Trek into boredom”…

I’ve always liked Howard Stern’s interviews, he really know how to get the truth from his guests.

I really liked listening to JJ explain how the deals of movies getting made. Yeah, the Eddie Murphy story was funny, but I could listen to that move-making stuff for hours.

#3 kids playing is it exactly it. Its like a school field trip without a teacher. Lots of running around and getting into trouble. And kissing the girls. God its poor.

It’s not just JJ who has been getting the Klingon planet name wrong.

It was KRONOS back in Trek VI..the ships name was Kronos 1.

@8..Kirk’s intro into the Trek universe in Trek 09 was probably the most amazing scenes in any Star Trek (the Kelvin attack scene, is what I refer too)..

I do like that Abrams said he did go back and watch TOS to gain an understanding of the show and the characters that he wasn’t able to get into when he was younger.
Well, I guess no one is going to pay attention to that.

@5 Trekofold
@9 NCC-73515

According to Star Trek: Star Charts, “Kronos”, “Kling” and “Qo’noS” are all alternative names for the homeworld.

“Chronos” was a more rare alternative spelling used in the scripts of only two Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, “Once More Unto the Breach” and “Extreme Measures” The spelling “Kronos” was however identified as the correct one, when it was seen on screen in Star Trek Into Darkness.
– memory-alpha

Too much star wars talk in all the interviews

@17. What do you expect? Nobody is going ask the guy who is directing Episode VII about Star Wars?

@15. People ignore this often. It’s sad that some get so fixated on the fact that he wasn’t into Trek, and think it’s a bad thing that he came to appreciate and like it during the process of making ST09. The further assumption that JJ must hate Star Trek is even worse. I don’t get the need to assume ill will. It’s okay not to like what he made. It’s not okay to be so venomous towards him because you don’t like what he made.


I dont know about the others but Howard Stern he only talked about Star Wars for litterally 5 minutes out of the 35 minutes so it was fine.

Man that Howard Stern interview was hilarious. Especially giving him crap for producing all the TV shows. Loved the Eddie Murphy bit and thought his script for Superman story was classic internet nerdery. Man, its crazy.

Im not a Howard Stern fan but because he can just be so loose with his mouth and everyone knows that he can just get them to be downright honest about everything.

18. Star Trek: Nemesis blows, is the point – May 15, 2013

—@15. People ignore this often. It’s sad that some get so fixated on the fact that he wasn’t into Trek, and think it’s a bad thing that he came to appreciate and like it during the process of making ST09. The further assumption that JJ must hate Star Trek is even worse. I don’t get the need to assume ill will. It’s okay not to like what he made. It’s not okay to be so venomous towards him because you don’t like what he made.—

Well, JJ lays it out right there in the interview why people like me would like someone else to be at the helm of Trek. In his own words, JJ says that he didn’t understand or appreciate Trek until [it became a career prospect for him]. And even then, assuming he “got it” after he went back and watched TOS, he must not have appreciated it too much since he immediately turned it into something very different than TOS (and TNG).

Trek had always been about big philosophical and sociopolitical themes played out in a foreign, futuristic setting which served (to varying degrees) to disguise those themes and thereby facilitate a more open-minded reception and judgment of the material by the audience. What JJ complains about as being “static” in Trek was the development of the aforementioned themes. The action was going on upstairs, in our minds, not on screen in the form of running around and explosions. And even so, there was no shortage of action in Trek past. When watching TWOK, STVI and the best of TOS and TNG, Trek fans don’t find themselves bored by the lack of action. Rather, we feel stimulated, compelled and invested in and by the story. But not JJ, apparently. To him Trek past was too “static” and uninteresting. Not enough action. So he’s taken out what he didn’t like about Trek—thematic development—and replaced it with what he does like—lots of running around and explosions.

And that pretty much sums up what people like me don’t like about JJ’s Trek. I appreciate his contribution to the franchise, but I really wish he’d move on. Trek has served its purpose for him. He’s much more suited to Disney’s Star Wars, and it’ll probably make him more money than Trek, not that he needs it by this point.

whenever i watch the crap contributed by JJ “Hack” Abrams… sure, has that glossy look… that other treks could’ve been benefited by…

i’ll watch an episode of Star Trek: DS9’s “Far Beyond The Stars” and go… Holy Crap.. This is great writing! It’s uncomfortable, compelling, and rewarding…

The best part of this interview is that it explains so well why I hate his Star Trek films and why they are not Star Trek films. JJ has never been a fan of Star Trek and does not get it. It is too philosophical, too cerebral for him. He can’t wrap his head around. And neither can most movie goers. So in order to make a Star Trek film he and others can grasp, he has to dumb it down, fill it with special effects and mindless action. That is what he and the rest of the movie going public understands.

Okay, I saw the Stewart interview the other night. It seems to me that Abrams does get the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. Both he and Stewart won’t say it. But I will. Star Trek is science fiction. Star Wars is not. it’s fantasy. Let’s hope that Star Trek Into Darkness is Star Trek. From what I’ve seen, I’m hopeful. I


If you don’t have anything nice to say about the new movies (which you clearly never have) then don’t say anything at all.

It’s just one negative comment after another with you, isn’t it?

At about 4 minutes into the first Jon Stewart clip, Abrams says that Star Trek is his favorite show of all time. It was a slip, it seems like he meant to say Twilight Zone. But I think it threw Stewart at the time. And it does provide an interesting clip that I would not be surprised to find propogated out of context. ;-)

This was very entertaining and I am a fan of both of these men but I’m sorry… I thought of these clips as a huge insult to Star Trek. The entire interview was about whats coming next with Star Wars with the excuse to have JJ on being Star Trek. This is pretty much my worst fear beginning to be realized.