Photos From Star Trek Into Darkness Hollywood Premiere

Star Trek Into Darkness held its Hollywood premiere on Tuesday and TrekMovie was there. See below for dozens of photographs from the event with cast, crew, Star Trek luminaries and more from LA.


Star Into Darkness Hollywood Premiere

Tuesday night May 14th saw the Star Trek Into Darkness world tour finally make it to Hollywood for a premiere at the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Blvd. The white carpet was rolled out for most of the movie’s cast along with the producers, some of the crew and even a few luminaries from Trek’s past.

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The White Carpet at Dolby Theater for Star Trek Into Darkness Hollywood Premiere

Star Trek Into Darkness actors

Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Chris Pine with his father Robert Pine

Chris Pine and Karl Urban

Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Karl Urban

Karl Urban

Karl Urban

Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood

Peter Weller

Peter Weller

John Cho

John Cho

John Cho

Nanzeen Contractor

Star Trek Into Darkness Crew

JJ Abrams

Neville Page (creature designer)

Damon Lindelof

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

More Star Trek luminaries

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

Jennifer Morrison

Rod Roddenberry

More from around the Hollywood premiere

Fan at Into Darkness premiere

Fans in the bleachers

The White Carpet

More from Hollywood coming

Anthony Pascale was at the other end of the white carpet for the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere and he got a few quick video interviews with some of the cast, crew and Trek luminaries. Look for those videos soon.

All photos by Albert L. Ortega. Albert is a photojournalist and life-long Star Trek fan. You can visit Al on his Facebook page.

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WOW – Alice Eve looks incredible! As does everyone.

Chris Pine as Commander William T. Riker…wait a minute.

Great shots, Albert!

Well. Tonight. We all go. Into Darkness.

Many thanks for the terrific effort Albert, looks great!

Do you know how i know that JJ didn’t take Albert’s Photo?


No lensflares.


Alice, Zachary, Alex and Peter Weller look like future San Francisco people. That’s a compliment.

BobOrci. Saw you at premiere!!!!!! Was psyched to see you in person,sir. Wanted to ‘holla’ but… was too busy snapping pics.

So are they figuring nobody knows Benedict Cumberbatch in the US anyway? Or why isn’t he at the US premiere? Very, very strange.

Alice Eve. O.M.G. She is friggin’ stunning. Plus she seemed like a total sweetheart. Live long and prosper, Alice.

@9. Martin D

I think I read somewhere he was back working on Sherlock.

Wow so nice to see Robert Pine with his son Chris,,

Ive always wondered if the police motorbike part in Star Trek 2009 was somesort of refernce to “Chips”

1) Anyone know why Nimoy is growing his hair long?
2) So that’s who Chris Pine’s dad is! CHIPS
3) Chris is looking a little thinner
4) Hair…

My God, it’s full of stars!

where is our “original” Kirk?

Leonard Nimoy is looking good there…
No Bill I notice! do you think his invite got misplaced or something? ;-)

Not long for me now, going to see STID at the BFI IMAX this Sunday at 09:00 \o/

After which, it will be nice to not have to stay away from spoilers any more and be able to join in on any discussions…

Nice to see Chris Pine bring his Dad to the big premier–I was a HUGE Chips fan back in the day. I’m guessing that most of us here know that Michael Dorn was on Chips for a while–from what I remember, all he did was stand around a lot and smile. No wonder he liked playing Worf so much! Going Friday night–can’t wait!

9. BC was able to take a few days off from Sherlock for the London and NY premieres and connected press events. LA too much time I guess.

With that haircut, I’m wondering if Zack Quinto is playing Morrissey in his next film!! :)

It is awesome to see Star Trek get the attention it deserves!

I cant articulate how excited I am about going to see the new Trek film this weekend!

For those who are interested in reading film reviews, I have been reviewing all the previous Trek movies on my blog. Check out my ST:09 review here:

The day has finally arrived, 8pm tonight! Omg

Great photos. Glad you got a shot of yourself in there, Al. Looks like you had fun! Me? I’m going to see the movie in IMAX TONIGHT!!!!! Finally! Tomorrow, I can read all the reviews and articles I have been skipping,

That first picture of Karl Urban reeks of Gary Mitchell! (I mean that in a good way!) I wish he would have been cast as Mitchell and given a hefty role, and given Gary Sinese the role of McCoy. Not that Urban is in any way bad as McCoy… but he is definitely a dead ringer for Mitchell.

Leonard Nimoy sure looks happy.
I like that.

For all fangirls (like me) ….

…. take tissues with u ;) ….

Have fun, I will go the third time this evening. JJ made us a wonderful movie.

My Goodness—Bruce Greenwood looks awesome!!

Chris must have his Mother’s ears.

Truly enjoyed this white carpet walk. Thank you from a ’66-er!

Make that a since-66-er!! btw Alice Eve goin all Jeri Ryan for her LA walk.

36 more hours until the wait is over!!

Sgt. Getraer!!

@30 hey, Nero said that.

I see Zack is prepping for his role in the Captain Kangaroo reboot. Oooopseriously showing my age.

Hey Levar,

Do the toes of those shoes reflect up ?

Is Zachary trying to re-boot the ninetees as well with his ‘Ice Ice baby’-look?

Re: the fan with the sign.

Is the Delta sheild the unniversal symbol for “Grok” ?

There’s a phrase I haven’t seen in a looooooooong time.

@32 I know! ;)

Oh my, Jennifer Morrison really needs a stylist on staff. What on earth is that outfit?

Loving Nimoy’s struggling artist hair. He always looks like he’s having the best time, no matter where he is.

Less than 9 hours before I go into darkness!!!!!

And AGAIN Anton Yelchin is absent from the film’s marketing. I have to wonder why he’s been entirely removed from all of this.

9. Martin D. – May 15, 2013
«So are they figuring nobody knows Benedict Cumberbatch in the US anyway? Or why isn’t he at the US premiere? Very, very strange.»
– – – – – – – –
Glad to see you miss Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch at the LA Premiere. Me too.
BUT there’s a very good reason: He his shootting “SHERLOCK” right now in the UK. Sure he’d love to attend the Premiere. At least he managed to take a couple of days to visit the US for the Yew York Premiere and some appearances at TV shows and interviews. The man really does not stop working. It wonders me what astounding amount of energy he has… not only in the intensity of his deliveries when performing, but with his extensive workload in general.

BTW, I still see ocassional misspellings (and mispronunciation) of his surname by journalists, TV presenters and others. CUMBERBATCH is a long surname, but not difficult to pronounce or write, and even less for an American, I think.

… I preffer not to imagine what Sherlock would say about it…
[“Sherlock” THE GREAT GAME (Minsk-Belarus scene) (Series-1, Ep-3)]

Gorgeous people. I am ever so excited to be going to the movies tonight…

Wow, with his hair like that, Nimoy appears to be aging BACKWARDS lately.

786 minutes

Just a note about the actual design of the event location…

It sure is branded in the United States…looks like the name of the film is ACER STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS MICROSOFT.

I understand sponsorship items, and am a designer by trade, but did it have to be so much sponsorship vs. the name of the film? London and Berlin looked like you were at a Star Trek event (from the photos).

Here we are at a computer store (non-Apple).

Oh well…just a graphic designer/Trekker venting a bit. I will have my own premier Friday night – STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS in IMAX 3D courtesy of the ESURANCE contest (see what I did there?).

I hope everyone over the pond enjoys the film tonight!

I was one of the lucky people to go to the premiere and it was great!! Watching them set up the premiere during the day to the big event last night is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Sadly it’s over but “It was fun!”

I was hoping to see more Star Trek alumni and a slew of non trek actors at the L.A. premiere. Granted he may be busy but Tom Hanks is a HUGE Star Trek fan, why wasn’t he at the 2009 or Into Darkness premier. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Seth McFarlane, Robbin Williams, Kelsey Grammer, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Rosario Dawson, Olivia Wilde are all self proclaimed Star Trek fans. Would have been amazing to have that support for Star Trek L.A. premiere.

Fashion Police: Trek Edition!

Zachary Quinto looks like Morrissey, but hipster Zach is hipster and he does his thing. Peter Weller looks like a dude I would totally hang out with. Love the polka dots. Karl Urban doesn’t have a stylist, but he needs someone to take pity and style him for big events – he always looks good because he’s him, but his suits miss more often than they hit. This is a miss. Pine is the opposite – he’s been looking too slick and over-styled to me, which I’m sure real fashion commentators love but I do not. The double-breasted-suit + pinky ring combo is giving him a slight unfortunate aura of Smug Young Businessman. The Cho is flaw-free as always, the ladies all look great (yes, even Jennifer Morrison; I mean, she is actually kind of pulling off a sparkly sky-blue jumpsuit, which is hard to do and should be commended), and it wouldn’t be a Star Trek event without Bruce Greenwood looking like he wrestled somebody before strolling in, bless him.