Watch: NASA Google+ Hangout w/ Lindelof, Pine, Eve & Cho & ISS Astronauts

This morning NASA partnered up with Paramount for a Google+ Hangout with Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Damon Lindelof and stars Chris Pine, John Cho and NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Watch live below (or replay the recording after the event)


Into Darkness and the ISS

In this live Google+ Hangout, NASA astronauts connect with “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS” writer and producer Damon Lindelof, and stars Chris Pine, John Cho and Alice Eve to discuss the emerging intersection between the fiction of Star Trek and the reality of NASA’s current programs. Watch live event below. (you can scroll back the video to watch from the beginning).

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E P I C !!!

This was fun to watch. I love that they got trek and nasa together, its the way it was meant to be. This was a great little get together.


Wow loved it – that’s a long distance Skype call

There’s an emerging intersection? Does this mean the ISS can now dive under the sea?

…still using 20th century technology in space… laughable!!

NASA is as fake and purposely dumb as JJ-trek!

…at least we are not needlessly killing shuttle crews anymore…

“Do you have computer with Internet or Russians chess on it..” or something like this)) Com’on! We can do more than just chess)))

ISS is a small Trek world. It’s Gene’s vision alive and it is a good example for everybody here on Earth.
Nice chat, I loved it.

Schmutz is German for dirt ;)

#6, I recognize a troll when I see one. You want a reaction from someone? Ok, I’ll give you one. I knew members of those shuttle crews. I worked closely with the STS-107 crew. They were all great people. And they gave their lives in the hope that space travel would someday get us to the stars for real.

Good stuff.

That was a really interesting conversation, and worth the time to watch it.

Wow, really great interview/chat. Thanks for sharing this.