SNL’s Bill Hader Has Star Trek Into Darkness Voice Cameo + More Tidbits From Cast Credits

TrekMovie has got ahold of the official movie credits for Star Trek Into Darkness and there are some interesting tidbits in the cast listings including a voice cameo for SNL’s Bill Hader and another cameo for JJ Abrams’ dad. Plus find out the names (or lack of names) for some of the new characters. See below (but beware of minor spoilers).


Star Trek Into Darkness Cameos

  • Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader is listed under “Additional Voices” (he was the computer voice for the USS Vengeance)
  • Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted video game series) is credited as one of the “U.S.S. Vengeance Bridge Officers” [see previous story]
  • Christopher Doohan (son of James Doohan) is listed as “Transport Officer” (he had uncredited role in transporter room in 2009’s Star Trek [see previous story]
  • Mission Continues real-life veterans Eric Greitens, Melissa Steinman, Adam McCann, and Jon Orvasky are listed as “Starfleet Ceremonial Guard”  [see previous story]

Noldan North on the bridge of the Vengeance

Now we know what they are called…

  • Noel Clarke (aka “father” from beginning of the film) is “Thomas Harewood,” Nanzeen Contractor is “Rima Harewood” and Anjini Taneja Azhar (who plays their daughter) is “Lucille Harewood”
  • Amanda Foreman who played “Hannity” in 2009’s Star Trek (and appeared in many other Abrams productions) is listed as “Ensign Brackett”
  • Joseph Gatt (the bald tech augmented officer) is listed as “Science Officer 0718” [see previous story]
  • Chekov’s replacement on the bridge is listed as “Navigation Officer Darwin,” played by is Aisha Hinds
  • The other (unnamed) members of the Enterprise bridge crew are Andy Demetrio, Gianna Simone, Rene Rosado, Jacqelynn King, Long Tran, Ningning Deng, and Jodi Johnson

Enterprise’s new navigation officer “Darwin” played by Aisha Hinds

Family and Friends

  • Film/TV producer Akiva Goldsman (I am Legend, Fringe) is listed as one of  the “Starfleet Admirals” (Goldsman appeared in the 2009 movie as a Vulcan science counsel member)
  • JJ Abrams father (Gerald W. Abrams) and father-in-law (James H. McGrath, Jr.) also returned, this time  playing “Starfleet Memorial Admirals” (both played bar patrons in the 2009 Star Trek)
  • Producer Jeffrey Chernov’s son Max Chernov is listed as one of the “San Francisco Residents” (Max also had a background role in the 2009 Star Trek movie)

JJ Abrams father and father-in-law (seated Admirals) return for Star Trek Into Darkness

Other notable cast listings (or omissions)

  • Star Trek 2009 cast members Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison are listed as George and Winona Kirk – although they don’t appear in the film, some of their dialog from the 2009 movie can be briefly heard during a dream sequence/flashback
  • Jason Matthew Smith is again listed as “Cupcake” (as he was in the 2009 movie) even though he was referred to as “Mr. Hendorff” in Into Darkness (and also in the comics) [Hendorff was a redshirt in the prime universe seen in TOS episode “The Apple”]
  • The two “Girls” (aka Cat women) seen with Kirk are twin sisters: Katie Cockrell and Kellie Cockrell
  • The two main Klingons (credited as just “Klingons”)  were played by Nick E. Tarabay (Ashur from Spartacus) and Sean Blackemore (Shawn Butler on General Hospital)
  • J.J. Abrams’ close friend Greg Grunberg has no role in Into Darkness (he voiced the stepfather in the 2009 Star Trek and has had roles in most Abrams productions)
  • There is no computer voice for the USS Enterprise in Into Darkness (the late Majel Barrett voiced the computer for the 2009 Star Trek film)

Jason Matthew Smith (seen in 2009 Star Trek) returns for “Into Darkness” credited as “Cupcake” even though he was called “Hendorff”

More Into Darkness Easter Eggs and Analysis

TrekMovie has more articles taking a closer look at Star Trek Into Darkness. Keep an eye out for those coming soon.

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Bill Hader was the computer voice on the Vengeance. I noticed that in the theater…

neat facts. Keep’em coming. Loved the movie.

I agree! I thoroughly enjoyed it. These people have done excellent work

What is the song that’s playing when Scotty is in the bar

Was that not huge Trekkie Rosario Dawson with the close up when the San Francisco crowd sees the Vengeance swooping in for its water landing?

I KNEW it was Bill! I just saw it for the second time and couldn’t shake that feeling that it sounded just like him.

Anthony, do you know who the girl with the platinum hair on the bridge was? I believe she was at one of the stations just to the side of the viewscreen. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place her.

So are those screencaps from a bootleg? You can tell us in this thread, nobody will know…

Also, maybe it’s just me, but the IDW issue “the Redshirt’s Tale” made me notice the point in the movie where Kirk called him “Hendorff” instead of “Cupcake”, so that was an oddly resonate note that probably played for 0.0001% of the entire STID viewing audience but, dammit, I was one of ’em!


The song that is played the scotty bar scene, is a different song depending on what country you have seen the film in:-
USA The Growl by Conway
UK The Rage Thats In Us All by Bo Bruce
Austrailia The Dark Collide by Penelope Austin
Mexico Noches Estriades by Rosana

there are some more that I am not aware of.

@8, @9 Re: platinum-haired girl (my favorite addition to the crew) – I believe this is Melissa Baldridge

Didn’t the Vengeance have a male computer voice saying something to the villain towards the end of the movie? I’ll have to watch again, but could this be Hader’s voice?

Platinum.blonde on the bridge is Jodi Johnson.

Did you not read the article above Dismayed? It is Bill Hader.

Whatever happened to the two walk-on roles for Star Trek Into Darkness from the Super 8 Sweeps contest (

I entered religiously every day, convinced myself I could actually win, and at the end, I asked Bob Orci and Super 8 star Joel Courtney (we followed each other on Twitter), and even did the whole SASE of the winner’s list to Paramount, as per the official rules. Bob said he had no control over it, Joel couldn’t help, and I never got back any responses from Paramount. To this day, I don’t know if the contest really ever had a conclusion or the two winners, and I suppose it’s pointless to ask for the results again, since the request to receive the winner’s list had a statute of limitation to six months after the end of the contest.

Needless to say, if you couldn’t tell, I really, really wanted that chance to don a uniform and be on the set, or the bridge of the Enterprise. Maybe if Mr. Orci reads this, he’ll find a way for Star Trek ’16.

Im really curious who voiced the Enterprise computer. You only heard it once and that was in the engine room near the end with Kirk and Scotty.

So, has Cupcake been using Rogaine? I remember him being bald up top, but in STID, he’s got a full head of hair.

Did Del Trame make the credits?

Will catch the film later this week.

@16: Isn’t her last name spelled “Johnston”? (That’s what IMDB says)

FYI “Jodi Johnston” is also known as “Jodi Ilene” and it looks like that’s precisely the platinum haired girl.

Well whoever the platinum blonde girl is, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous! Lol. When I first saw her on screen, i thought to myself, “Hello!” Lmao! She gave me even more reason to look forward to scenes on the bridge! Lol.

Thats funny, I totally thought I heard Bill Hader’s voice in there but doubted myself! Now I know its not just because of my obsession with Stefon. :p

Speaking of ancillary characters, was the bald crew member with the electronic voice on the Enterprise bridge an android?

Does anyone know who “Moto” is or where she appeared in the film? She was played by Heather Langenkamp, best known as Nancy from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, whose company did effects work on the film.

I taught a Long Tran in the 80s. He used to beat me on the multiplication drills…

I could have sworn I saw Mindy Kaling in a shot in engineering. Did I imagine that?

I also have to chime in re: Mindy Kaling. The camera lingered briefly on her, and I’ve been hunting it down online ever since.

Two Klingons? I remember the one talking to Uhura (Blackmor), which one was the other (Tarabay)?

I mentioned before that I swear the first ship on Marcus’ desk in Fireball XL-5 . Also thought I glimpsed Thunderbird 1 there.

During the tracking shot in the bar. There is a woman who bares a striking resembalance to Kaitlin Dar (STV).

Interesting note is when Khan gives the Vengence the order to go to Starfleet headquarters. After 9/11 the makers of the game Flight Simulator changed the programming so you couldn’t crash into buildings.

AJ – Been asking in several threads. No answer yet.

SPOILER question …

Did anyone see what, exactly, happened to Hendorff and the other redshirt on Qo’noS?

Nolan North is In EVERYTHING!

“Moto” is the security officer in the Enterprise brig. The green alien with the big head.

Heather Langencamp has mostly been a makeup effects artist the past several years, so that’s her under all the makeup.

@33 Gracias!

Fun thread! Thanks Anthony!

Anime voice actor Beau Billingslea(Cowboy Bebop) played the Starfleet Captain that Spock was temporarily assigned to.

@17 / James: the article didn’t say that when I posted my comment. Anthony must have confirmed it and updated the article.


Ahh thanks, that’s definitely her! They kept showing her so I kind of expected her to have a larger role than she did.

Perhaps it was just me, or did STID put many visual jokes as tributes to all the previous ST movies? The “seat belts” from the deleted scene in Nemisis, Cat girls from STV:TFF? Scotty seeing a “whale” of a fish. I nearly cried out “There be whales here!”

I still wonder whether Officer Darwin is actually Deltan and whether Science Officer 0718 is Rug from TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Off”…

@44: Not to forget Praxis already destroyed in this timeline.

The Vengeance weapon systems were highly reminiscent of the Scimitar, Scotty sabotaging that ship harked back to ST:III’s Excelsior sabotage, Sulu in the Captain’s chair is a hint at STVI, and this time Kirk didn’t fall off that railing as in GEN, due to Chekov’s superpowers. His “near death” scene reminded me a bit of the Shat’s goodbye on Veridian III. Yes, there are MANY visual references to TOS and the first ten movies…

This is the trivia stuff we live for…keep it coming!

Saw the film in IMAX 3D…going again today in 2D…need a second viewing to really get to grips with this new Trek. However, best special effects I have ever seen in a Trek film…and dare I say it, best EFX in a Sci-Fi film ever.


I hope the next issue of star trek magazine has interviews with all these little guys
peter weller noel clarke Nanzeen Contractor Anjini Taneja Azhar Joseph Gatt Aisha Hinds Amanda Foreman Jason Matthew Smith oh and who ever plays keenser.

Did the Klingon characters have names? Also, did Marina Sirtis or Nichelle Nichols voice the computer?

There seems to be an android tripe character on the bridge. Any info on him??