Talk Show Clips: Quinto Talks Pon Farr + Saldana Plays Glowing Space Ball Game + Eve Reveals Alien Theory

Thursday and Friday had more Into Darkness celebrity talk show appearances. Zachary Quinto talked about Pon Farr for the next Star Trek on Conan, Zoe Saldana talked kick-ass Uhura and played glowing "spaceballs" game on Fallon, and Alice Eve revealed her theory that birds and aliens are related on Jimmy Kimmel. Watch all the clips below.



Here is the latest set of clips of Star Trek Into Darkness celebs doing the talk show circuit.

Quinto talks Pon Farr For Next Trek + Trek Cast Trip To Hooters

Eve reveals aliens are birds theory + her "Cumberbitches’ family
(Jimmy Kimmel)

Saldana Fallon Plays Glow in the dark "Spaceballs"
(Jimmy Fallon)

Speaking of Fallon, he also did a Star Trek-themed comedy bit on Thursday.

Eve and Abrams on Conan next week

The final appearances for the Into Darkness celebrity talk show tour come next week with two appearances on Conon (TBS) with Alice Eve on Tuesday May 21st and JJ Abrams on Wednesday May 22nd.

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I can not get over how absolutely stunning Alice Eve is.

Zoe is absolutely gorgeous. She has such a beautiful skin tone.

Alice Eve. #love

Alice Eve …..Kimmel has that stutter guys get when you know you’re talking to a woman who’s wayyyyyyyy out of your leauqe.

I felt for Kimmel. I had that same stutter when I interviewed Eve. In person she is very charming, it is intimidating I admit.

Alice Eve could teach me about the “birds and bees” anytime she wants.

I agree, Alice Eve is stunning.,

I know it’s just personal preference, but I never saw all the “ga ga” over Zoe. She’s cute, but she’s ridiculously skinny. Different strokes, I guess.

See that’s the thing. I don’t see all the “ga ga” over Alice Eve. She looks like a female version of Gary Busy. Complete with the teeth. Different strokes, I guess.

Hmm, no bitch comments about Alice.

Wonder why. ;)

Alice Eve was great in STID. Want to see more of her in the next film.

Dudes-in the words of the Shat: “Get a life”! Go out and meet some real girls, the quadrant is if full of them!

@gingerly- because Alice is stunning and charming and funny. Why would there be bitch comments about her??

I see what you were hinting at. Get over it. Some people just really like Alice Eve. Not hard to see why.

@INS- different strokes indeed. He looks like Gary Busy? Insane. The woman is a goddess.

Richpit- I agree 100%

Gary Busy is hot.