TrekInk: August 2013 Star Trek comics from IDW and other comics news

Kor The Gorn are coming! IDW Publishing’s August 2013 solicits include the return of a familiar adversary to the ongoing Star Trek series, a trade paperback collection of classic Klingon tales, and more. Details after the break.

Coming August 2013 from IDW Publishing

Star Trek #24
Mike Johnson (w) • Claudia Balboni (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)

The adventures of Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew continue in an all-new adventure that follows the events of the hit film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and the new STAR TREK video game! A classic enemy returns in this story overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci. Beware… THE GORN!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 8/14/13

Retailer incentives:
   • Order 10 copies, get one free variant Tim Bradstreet sketch cover!
   • Order 20 copies, get one free variant Photo Cover!

Cover art by Tim Bradstreet; Retailer Incentive photo cover

Star Trek: Best of Klingons
Scott Tipton, David Tipton, Mike W. Barr (w) • David Messina, Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villigran (a) • Sharp Bros. (c)
Sharpen your bat’leth and prepare for war in this collection of unforgettable Klingon tales from the Star Trek universe. Including the original 4-part DC start to The Original Series as well as the 6-issue Klingons: Blood Will Tell series by Scott and David Tipton, this volume is fierce and loyal to the Empire. Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!

TPB • FC • $24.99 • 234 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-725-1
Expected in-store date: 8/14/13

Cover art by the Sharp Brothers

Star Trek: 100-Penny Press
Mike Johnson (w) • Stephen Molnar (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)
The Hundred Penny Press returns! One dollar versions of crucial IDW books! First up, STAR TREK #1! The ongoing series that picked up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off! Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before! With creative collaboration from STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

FC • 32 pages • $1.00
Expected in-store date: 8/7/13

Cover art by Tim Bradstreet

Roundup of Star Trek comics news

Wired has a preview and details about Star Trek After Darkness. The updated release date of Star Trek #21 is May 29.

Star Trek #21 panel

Panel from Star Trek #21

All IDW digital Star Trek comics are half price thru May 19. IDW has also posted an interactive temporal chart showing the prime and alternate timelines from the latest films. Clicking on the image below will take you to IDW. Once you’re there, click on Sale.

Star Trek Temporal Chart

Amazon UK has a listing for the trade paperback collection of Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness from Titan Books, with a photo cover featuring John Harrison.

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, UK edition

And Bob Orci tweets more Harrison is coming! has a first look at IDW Limited Star Trek editions.

IDW Limited Star Trek Volume 1

Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before, IDW Limited

Amazon has three new listings for Star Trek comics in hardcover scheduled for release this winter. Cover art isn’t available yet.

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2: The Complete Series
  • The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time crossover for the first time! Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise have joined forces with the Doctor and his companions to combat an unholy alliance between the Federation’s most terrifying enemy and one of the Doctor’s greatest antagonists. But once the Cybermen turn on their Borg allies, the Doctor and Picard find themselves at odds over how to proceed against the threat, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance! ISBN 978-1613777824

  • Star Trek: The Stardate Collection, Volume 1
  • The comic book tales of Star Trek have roamed the universe and spanned publishers, but now Star Trek: The Stardate Collection collects the many iterations of Trek in order… by stardate! Helmed by Trek experts Scott and David Tipton, and featuring special commentary and creator interviews, volume 1 starts at the beginning to reveal the motives, machinations and decisions that shaped the intrepid crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. For new and old fans alike, there’s never been a Star Trek collection like this! ISBN 978-1613777114

  • Star Trek: The Newspaper Strip, Volume 2
  • Edited by Dean Mullaney with an Introduction by Rich Handley. Collecting the second half of the rare daily and Sunday newspaper strip. Ten complete missions from October 26, 1981 through December 3, 1983. Stories by Sharman DiVono, Larry Niven, Martin Pasko, and Gerry Conway; art by Ron Harris, Padraic Shigetani, Bob Myers, Ernie Colon, Dick Kulpa, and Alfredo Alcala. ISBN 978-1613777763

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization celebrated Star Trek Week with a series of articles on Star Trek comics.

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization

Sequart Research & Literacy Organization

That’s all for now.

Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.

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Hopefully, they’ll continue publishing the trade paperbacks of the Ongoing comics. As I have to order them from overseas anyway, I prefer to order the TPB and get 4 comics at a time rather than have to order each individual comic – even if it means I have to wait longer for them.


Any idea when they are going to publish the follow up comics to the movie
“Star Trek After Darkness” ?

Anthony, do you know if there will be a Movie Adaptation of Star Trek Into Darkness? For the 2009 movie the first issue came about 8 months after the release date so we might have some time to find out, just wondering f you’ve heard anything!

Sorry about that I meant @Mark

Just a question abour the chart… was not established by Scotty in #15 that the JJverse is not an “altered timeline” of the Prime Universe but an altered timeline of a parallel universe, instead? I mean… reading the comics it’s hard to believe that the past of the JJverse (before Nero’s arrival) was the same of the Prime Universe… the same ENT’s timeline (e.g. #1 – Starfleet existed 200 hundred years before the events of the first movie, #10 – NX-01’s design had already changed 100 hundred years before the events of the first movie).
Now I find that chart a bit confusing…

@The Sisko

The way I understand / interpret it is that, the jj-verse was a different universe before Nero interrupted the timeline, but it was the Narada’s interference that caused the change between the two formerly identical universes.

It is consistent with the multi-verse theory, which Stephen Hawking is currently trying to prove mathematically; there exist an infinite amount of universes in the multi-verse, which are all either infinitely different or infinitely similar (yet still somehow different), to each other.

The red matter from the film didn’t exactly send Nero / Spock Prime back in TIME, but more to another universe, and his arrival CAUSED the split between the timelines.

This leaves the history of — Enterprise — intact. In this new universe, I imagine, the inexplicable destruction of the Kelvin caused Starfleet to adopt a more offense / defense attitude / capacity, which explains the different appearance in the ships and technology; it’s variations on a theme, and also a different possible timeline.

This is why the similarity between Into Darkness and TWOK exist.

Enjoy, Captain

I meant to say, ‘either infinitely different or infinitely similar, and EVERYTHING in between;**

Why do we have to say John Harrison? Lets stop using that name and give the guy his real name…. Khan Noonien Singh! I’m looking forward to the comics when Section 31 finds the Botany Bay and brings Khan and his 72 men and women back to Earth! Hopefully the comic guys can show a little Pre- Eugenics Wars before Khan gets Cryo frozen in the year 1996!

Thank you Melllvar.
The red matter created also a spinning black hole, so according to the Roy Kerr theory, Nero could have arrived in a parallel universe, and altered the timeline of that universe. And before Nero’s arrival the two universes were formerly (almost) identical… but they were somehow different, according to the comics, at least. :)

p.s.: Errors in my previous post: I meant 200 years and 100 years respectively… sorry. :)

“Best of Klingons” why bother? Seriously?
Both theses stories have been collected like Next Gen Beginnings (Classics Volume 4)
When are they going to release something That wasn’t already done as a trade before-
Do they not realise every Trek Comic fan that would buy them already has them?
How about collect something that hasn’t been released as a trade before?????????????????????????????????????????????

@ Mark Martinez do you know if ‘After Darkness’ will be collected into a TPB like ‘Countdown to Darkness’ or will it just be part of the Ongoing series?

also how many issues is ‘After Darkness’?



There appear to be at least three different versions of “Countdown to Darkness” as a TPB:

(Note that while the first is published by IDW, the latter two are published by Titan.)

Do you know what the differences are between these three versions?


Crossing fingers for a little plastic surgery in the “John Harrison” comic book miniseries…. I expect that the lack of resemblance between Montalban and Cumberbatch would not have rankled the casual fan/moviegoer (especially given Cumberbatch’s absolute owning of the character), but it would be nice to sync (Sikh?) them up somehow. I also hope that the Botany Bay won’t look too different… wasn’t there a really cool new rendering floating around somewhere?

@1 – I like the way you think.

@2 – That’s the plan.

@4 – No plans for a straight up adaptation. But we will be seeing things in the comics that took place “during” the movie off-screen and dovetail to specific moments in the film.

@8 – That’s how I see it.

@10 – (insert evil laugh, rubs hands together)

@16 – Most likely. Might have #24 in their too to make it an even four issue TPB. Thanks for a great write-up on all the comics news, Mark!

So glad to see the movie continuing in comics! Looking forward to the Volume 6. My daughter and I are really enjoying the previous volumes.

Very glad to see that they have decided to go ahead with The Newspaper Strips: Volume 2! I’m guessing sales for Volume 1 must have been good, then?

Thanks for another great review mr. Martinez. And thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions. I have really enjoyed the ongoing comic book series so far (I have both the individual issues and the collected TPBs) and I look forward to the After Darkness and John Harrison mini-series!

LOL at the preview for Star Trek #21 I didn’t expect that so soon.

I have a question about the comics and I hope someone can reply because this is confusing.
The ending of the sequel (that is the start of the five year mission) seems to take place one year after the end of the crisis in the movie (yet, people that have the novelization say that there is no time jump in the end ?!?) so do the comics follow the evens that take place a year after (so the beginning of the five year mission) OR do they tell us what the characters did BEFORE the last scene of the movie?
Though, I guess the answer should be the first one unless they’re not aboard the enterprise …

I’ve been enjoying the ongoing Trek comics tremendously but am a bit confused — Into Darkness ends with the crew about to start their famed Five-Year Mission, yet the Ongoing Series has already covered so many of their classic adventures in between the first and second films.
It’s as if the Enterprise had already been on quite a long exploratory mission before the events of Into Darkness, yet the impression one gets from the film is that it’s only been about a year or so as Kirk is still quite wet behind the ears as captain.
How much time passed between the events of the first and second film in this Trek universe?

And really, there won’t be an official comic adaptation of Into Darkness? That’s quite strange and out of the norm, no?

@23 The ongoing time between Nero and the vengeance of Khan (haha) was simply a ‘shakedown’ cruise? Folks always assumed in the 70s that those would be about a yearlong mission. A 5YM was a pretty big undertaking. In the original universe, it seemed Pike had a number of long missions, but incidents such as Rigel and Talos seemed to cut any 5YM short.

Do we know if Orci and Kurtzman are going to continue work on the Ongoing comics?

YES! 4-issue Harrison mini-series! I am SO here for that. Very excited for these to come out. I don’t even typically like graphic novels but I make an exception for Star Trek.

@22. Jemini – May 19, 2013
“The ending of the sequel (that is the start of the five year mission) seems to take place one year after the end of the crisis in the movie (yet, people that have the novelization say that there is no time jump in the end ?!?) so do the comics follow the evens that take place a year after (so the beginning of the five year mission) OR do they tell us what the characters did BEFORE the last scene of the movie? Though, I guess the answer should be the first one unless they’re not aboard the enterprise …”

I’ve just finished the novelization myself, and (as far as I can see) it doesn’t mention the one year gap that is mentioned in the movie. I would say that, while very close, the novelization does not 100% correlate with the movie as we saw it in the cinema.

As for the issue of whether Ongoing #21 happens after the Enterprise is refitted, or during the intervening period, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Kirk & company are shown in their active duty uniforms in the preview, so I would guess they are on a starship, but is it the E?

If this is all taking place after the refit (ie about a year), it does raise the question of what everybody was doing in the intervening year, while the E was refitted…

According to the IDW timeline in the article above, the time between the events of ST09 and STID is just over 1 year. Ongoing 18, 19 & 20 take place before ST09. Ongoing 1 thru 17 take place between ST09 and STID.

when will star trek # 21, 22 , 23, 24 be collected into tpb # 6?

@23: One year had passed between ST09 and STID. The problem with the comic books is that they simply did not know that STID would adress the beginning of the five-year-mission, so they took stories from the primeverse as if the FYM had already started at the end of ST09.

However, this isn’t a big issue as events might happen at different points in the new timeline anyway. More of an issue is that they are doomed to waste the potential of NuTrek’s FYM in comic books and games only. I guess the third movie will take place either within or after the FYM, keeping it off-limits for any further TV installment.

This is soooo incredibly sad. I hate CBS for having grounded JJ’s original plans of a multimedia franchise including a new TV series.

Thus the new movie trilogy (or be it a quadrology or whatever) will remain a torso only, showing the beginning and maybe the end of the FYM, but not the adventures themselves.

@23, 31

I was under the impression that it was 6 months between ST09 and STID. I cannot find it anywhere on the web, so perhaps it was in an interview.

But either way, yeah, a much shorter amount of time than you might expect.

@32: Yeah, I too remember seeing/hearing in one of the interviews that STID is supposed to take place six months after the 2009 film. But the movie itself trumps that, since the events are shown to happen mostly after stardate 2259.55 – a little over a year after the destruction of Vulcan (2258.42).

How is it they never miss a beat with STAR TREK (and DOCTOR WHO) with several different new and reprint titles a month, but IDW can’t get on track with a single issue of JERICHO – with long delays,and having to even go back to press with the TBP of the first mini-series 3 times already?

how about a Khan vs Picard mini series? (Myriad Universe)

e.g. clone Khan and have him unleash hell for the federation (as he would have retained some memories from TWOK a la Ripley in Alien Resurrection)

shame they didnt do that for Nemesis instead of Shinzon – Javier Barhem/Bencio Del Toro as khan for the majority of the film kicking ass killing people etc but had Richardo Montalban for the final scenes where he accelerates in age. maybe a Nimoy cameo. maybe Meyer directing again (or at least Frakes). called it ‘Star Trek: Vengeance’ (as that was the original title for TWOK)

#10: Because it’s still a spoiler for a lot of people?

#35: You can always write a fanfic of it if you want. I think it sounds just a bit too contrived.