Amazon and Best Buy Offering Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray/DVD Pre-order Bonuses

UPDATED: Is it too early to start talking about the Blu-ray for Star Trek Into Darkness? Well Amazon and Best Buy don’t think so and both are offering special promotions for pre-ordering the Into Darkness Blu-ray/DVD combo pack bundle. More details below.


BestBuy offers $8 Off movie tickets plus more bonus content

Starting today (May 19) through to June 1, you can pre-order Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (2D or 3D) and receive a $8 coupon towards an adult admission at participating theaters nationwide. You can also get access to exclusive content from Star Trek: Into Darkness on CinemaNow and the ability to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness via CinemaNow approximately 2-3 weeks before the movie is available in-stores. he 2D Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack is selling for $22.99 and the 3D version is selling for $29.99. Go to to pre-order yours.

Amazon offers Free Comic Book + Phaser Gift Set

Amazon also has Into Darkness available for pre-order as of today. If you order the DVD (for $16.99) , or the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy (for $19.99) or 3D Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack (for $24.99) you get a free digital copy of Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness #1.
Go to to pick your Into Darkness pre-order pack.

Amazon is also offering an Into Darkness Limited Edition Phaser Gift Set with 3D Blu-ray Combo Gift sets. The retail price of the set is $99.99 but it is selling for $79.00. Amazon is also not listing a release date. Pre-order yours at



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BluRay release date?

Why does the USA get all the good promotions?



Amazon has also started preorders. In addition to the regular copies, if you go through the Star Trek app, a gift set with a replica phaser is available.

BestBuy is not getting my money.


Rumor is 9/24/13

What is up with the BluRay/DVD combo packs? I don’t remember VHS/DVD combo packs when DVD’s came out.

Does Best Buy offer price match guarantee???

I agree with 5, BestBuy is not getting my money either..

Be cautious….when Prometheus came out the only way to get the complete documentary was to buy the the 3 D blue ray combo. Or you could have the current debacle of Oz…where if you buy the 3D you DO NOT get the 2 D blu (but can send away for it for a small charge.)…..

I usually keep the 2d blue for myself and give away the dvd, ultra violet copies.

I must admit (I love the movie)..but all the nay sayers on ths and other sites about ” too much action” “not enough science” “wheres the exploring”…but we all go..”awesome,a phaser!”….methinks one of McCoys medical instruments might not raise as much interest.

I wonder if Target (or anyone) will offer some special set like they did with the 2009 movie – like the Enterprise replica the DVDs are stored in?

One thing to note…I think 9/24 sounds a little early….. but…. As a major tent pole release I guarantee you STID will be on doorbuster pricing for Black friday. Last year I saved mucho bucks by not buying for a few months.

Getting that phaser is a no brainer. Amazon’s got my money!

I pre orderd both amazon3D combo packs to lock in the price.
i will decide as we get closer whether I actually want the phaser or not depending up the quality of the phaser.

As for what 10 Porthos said, the OZ 3D bluray release is something Disney has quickly learned not to do again thanks to the PR backlash it has recieved, so don’t count on seeing something like that again in the future from ANY studio. Second thats a disney release and this is Paramount different studios differnt marketing stratagies.

As for the bluray combo having more content not on the standard bluray releases well of course, we are paying a few more dollars for the 3D release so its not out of expectations to expect us to get added bonus content. All studios do this Fox with Prometheus and Life of Pi Disney has done it so has WB and Paramount and Sony.

And it goes the opposite way as well there are times studios leave bonus content thats on the 2D release off of the 3D release. Now if you wanna complain about something, there is something to complain about lol

Is this another own goal, I mean I thought they wanted bums on seats now in America!

The 3D Blu-ray and Phaser shall be MINE!:-D

Desperate marketing plan B I guess they have to do something to inflate the numbers now!

#17. Ummmm, no. Pretty much every major release is put up for pre-order around the release date now.

can you take the phaser out of it’s display case or is it glued in there?

Not early at all. Most blu-rays come out 90 days after its theater run , in some case the movie is still playing in the theater. So i wouldn’t be surprised if its late August Early Sept. Lincoln was later because of awards.

Oh forgot if Star trek doesn’t make the money the studio thought, it may get a early date, we have seen that happen with movies also

They picked the worst possible cover.

Ted I actually like that they are using the Final Theatrical One sheet.
I think that is a very iconic image from the film as well.

John Harrison- That is my question as well, and probably will be the deciding factor if i stick with the 3D combo pack on its own over the 3D with Phaser combo pack. that and if its to scale ect ect.

I would say the release date will be just in time for the Christmas shopping season, like before Thanksgiving.

@14 I agree…the true burn is when you buy the 3d to get the extra content that the extra content is included on the 2d blu ray.

It’s a preorder so it’s easy to cancel, I have a tendency to wait and see what target does they have a tendency to offer extra documentarys.. be quick those because that extra disc is usually for the first release only.

I’ve put off buying The Hobbit as I expect a extended version with the release of Desolation of Smaug.

Curious asto the Bestbuy backlash above….. anyone ?

@19 John Harrison – if its not glued in, yours might be “locked on stun!”. (don’t get shot!). :-D

I guess I will finally be forced to buy a blu-ray player. :/ I want that phaser!

@11- Since they already did the Enterprise, my hope is that they do the Vengeance. Wouldn’t make any sense to do the Kelvin as that’s only in the first movie.

@7 – initially the Blu/DVD combo packs were for people that hadn’t switched to Blu Ray yet, but were planning to in the future. Also before the push for digital media, you could use the DVD for in-car entertainment system or kid’s room etc.

@8 – I just purchased a Bluetooth Speaker at Best Buy. I told them it was $15 less at Amazon, they looked it up online and matched the price.

It’s actually a new version of the Qmx phaser with a rotating emitter barrel.It had its own product page on the Qmx website over the weekend but then it was taken down.

Ugh I hate this best buy exclusive content crap. I just pre-ordered at Amazon and didn’t realize Best Buy was doing this stuff again. I hope it gets uploaded to YouTube and stays there for a long time.

I actually went the Best Buy route, one reason being that I didn’t have the cash to spend for the phaser set via Amazon (saving money for vacation is sometimes painful!)

With the Best Buy preorder, I’m able to try their CinemaNow (which is not too bad, actually) and see the bonus feature that came with it (it’s actually pretty cool!) and have the money toward another visit to the theatre to see Into Darkness!

OK, I only ask this because I don’t know and figure someone here will know the answer.

I don’t have a 3D television. Will the 3D disc still work with glasses (which I’d be willing to purchase) on my 60″ LCD tv?

@33: I’m not completely sure, but I think you need at least a 3D Blu Ray player and 3D TV, so it would run the signal from the disc and player correctly. I’m not sure, but I’m only going on what I was told at one point.

@33 no wont work you need a 3D player and a 3D tv…. would be nice if they’d issue and old red and blue conversion but it will never happen…this could be the xmas that the prices fall but I doubt it.

Why not just wait until the JJ Abrams’ masterbox set comes out and you can buy Star Trek and Star Wars packaged together for $9.97 at Wal Mart. Ridiculous as you may think, mark my words that the day you see it ten or fifteen years from now, you’ll remember this comment.

The phaser is great! I ve got it!

My kids got me the Qmx phaser for Father’s Day back in ’10 and it is way cool! I wish they would come out with a whole line of them all to the same scale and all with the same type of display. At $50 a pop for static models, I’d buy them all.

Is Best Buy doing something different? I remember last time they offered the four metal badges, which I bought, while Amazon offered a diecast model of the ship IIRC. I’d love to get the new insignia and rank pins with a BD set.

22 <>

It has an unconscious/subliminal effect doesn’t it? I mean, it looks cool. But it also reads as ‘falling’, running out of steam, etc. Exactly what this should not say. But that’s just my opinion.

I just preordered the amazon pack, got my soundtrack today. Kind of wishing it was the full soundtrack not just 47 minutes, I’m guessing they’ll release the whole thing later on like the the 09 soundtrack.

Does anybody know if this phaser has electronics…?


Star Trek Into Darkness pre-orders have eclipsed US Sales…All BD Editions. They ve surpassed even Iron Man 3..

He, talking about losses at the North American Box Office…

Do we know if its the IMAX 3D version on Blu Ray?

he who…..details losses its all o ver alreadyhuh?

This is ludicrous…the film’s not even out of cinemas yet and it’s available to preorder, what is this madness?

This is actually the first Star Trek named thing that I’ll absolutely refuse to buy, not encouraging them with any more of my money.

I will never own Star Trek Into Darkness, even if I see it on blu ray for £1.

@47 – someone needs a hug

Nemesis4909 sounds ambivalent. Maybe when he sees it again he will realize that he needs to trust his instincts that this is a great movie and a great Trek movie.

by the way september 24th is the release date for the blu-ray/dvd