J.J. Abrams Reveals ‘Shower of Evil’ Deleted Cumberbatch Scene from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness

This week has seen the final stop of the Star Trek Into Darkness celebrity talk show tour with Alice Eve and J.J. Abrams appearing on Conan on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

J.J. reveals bit of deleted ‘Shower of Evil’

Benedict Cumberbatch has talked about how there was a scene that both he and his personal trainer were sorry to see cut from the final film. On Conan last night, Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams revealed a bit of the scene while talking about the controversy over Alice Eve’s underwear scene.

J.J. also talked about how he likes to put easter eggs into his movies.

And here is a bit more where he talks about visiting the set of Downton Abbey.

Alice Eve talks about being an exhibitionist and does impressions

And for her Tuesday appearance, actress Alice Eve talks about being an exhibitionist when she was a little girl.

This extra bit is only available on the TBS site. Watch Alice show her best J.J. Abrams impersonation.


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Gosh darn, looks like the naughty schoolgirl and showering augment cannot be seen from Australia.

Enjoy the sauce, America :)

I feel just like Chekov when Kirk told him to put on a red shirt

Alice’s outfit there’s more eyecandyish than the scene was!

Alice Eve is turning into the Chase Masterson of the JJ verse…she gets into every shot on the publicity tour….she is a co-star, and will be forgettable to anyone who does not know Star Trek lore. I m not saying she is not a nice person…but she just seems to photo bomb everything.


For the world outside the US.
You’re welcome.

Was it put in for sex appeal? Of course. Otherwise it would not be in the trailers. Is it a tempest in a teapot? I think so.

In the context of the film, Alice’s character (spoiler free) tells Kirk to turn around, but doesn’t actually say why, if I recall correctly. After a beat, he turns. She tells him to turn back around, and he does.

Is it sexist? Not sure. Is showing Pine without a shirt sexist? Would the shot of Benedict have been sexist? Is the shot of Pepper Pots in “Iron Man 3” in similar clothing sexist? Or Slave Leia (which now seems to be a staples of costumes)?

While I think we could have done without any of the shots, I was reminded of classic Trek, when they would show lots of skin, including Kirk getting his shirt off whenever possible. Sex sells. So, there is that.

Well… my day is complete. This is even better than when Mycroft stepped on Sherlock’s sheet. :D

WHY WAS THIS CUT FROM THE FILM? ;_; Worst editing decision ever.

Is JJ seriously sticking to that “We see Kirk in his underwear so it’s fair trade off” excuse? I seem to recall that scene in the movie featuring two alien girls with CGI tails wearing nothing but underwear. And when Kirk got out of bed, the camera wasn’t focused on him, it was focused on the alien girls. That does not balance things out. Either JJ Abrams sucks at math or he seriously thinks that exploiting women like this is something that Star Trek should “honor”.

Frankly, I would rather have this “equal” business be put to better use than how much skin each gender shows.

She is the hottest thing to hit Star Trek in ages

I’m straight – but BC in the shower! I’m… suddenly, well… shall we say… confused.

Lol shut up there was half naked bimbos in TOS ever other episode, and kirk slapped them in the face half the time.

Looks like she’s still a bit of an exhibitionist. Nice shirt Alice.

Dam JJ why did u cut that scene lol


That’s what bothers me. The filmmakers justify their treatment of the female characters as a way of honoring the original series. That’s a bad direction to take.

That scene would have been gratuitous. Glad they cut it.

TOS was bright, colorful and sexy – it was fun, adventure! New Trek is the same, that’s the point! :D

It’s this or Picard sitting at a boardroom table discussing the problem! :(

More sexy-Trek, please. Engage!

Not the set – Highclere Castle is a real castle

Kayla did u like shower of evil?

Ah the shower of evil! Wish it had made it to the big screen! :D But maybe it will be on the DVD.

I, er, *like* the shower scene! It had better be on the DVD. BTW, if the shower of evil hadn’t been deleted, I could view the Carol Marcus changing scene as fair play. ;)

Chase is cool, you should get to know her.
They are actors trying to keep themselves in the spotlight, ‘cuz that’s what we do! It’s our version of marketing and you HAVE to keep your face out there.
It’s our JOB.

Holy Boob-age, Alice!

The fangirl comments in the You Tube are particularly hilarious.

We all just have to wait until the special edition/directors cut DVD/Blu-Ray comes out in OCT and these deleted scenes will be on the disc(s).

Alice sure can melt butter when its placed next to her but I am quite sure some women feel the same about Pine so whats the big deal if they strip down as it seems that every movie must have such a scene nowadays.

I have met and spoken with Chase at all the Vegas Cons since 2008. I have her CDs which I enjoy a lot and I am trying to get her some airplay time on a local internet station that plays the standards as she sings. She is really a nice, great person and always friendly to my wife and I.

Sheesh…it’s not like they’re sitting around rubbing decontamination gel over each others’ nearly nude bodies.

Ah, so that’s where the Amok Time music comes in XD
But the FSNP with only 3 fingers is very weird. :p

I think that dress shows more than her shot in ST.

Look, Dame Helen Mirren has shown more skin in more movies than Alice Eve ever will, but Mirren is a truly great actress and Eve will likely never in an Oscar.

In this business it’s easy to be more remembered for your boobs than your acting ability (male or female). You just have to decide which is your greater asset and how best to deploy your assets at any one time.

Holy cow..Alice Eve is beyond gorgeous. Hottest chick I’ve ever seen in Trek. I will admit the underwear scene was unnecessary, but I can’t deny her body was out of this world.

Also Cumberbatch isn’t nearly as scrawny as I thought he would be lol

There had to be some inkling of Kirk’s attraction to her, and that scene underlined it, I think. A typical Kirk moment. We know they have a son together (in the other timeline anyway.)

@ 25 Touche. Enterprise wasn’t exactly subtle in that way….

Cumberbatch…shower….my day is complete

@10 Spock Jr- OMG That made my day. Well done sir.

Losing respect for JJ by the minute. He just doesn’t get it.

@11 Citation needed on Kirk slapping any woman in any TOS episode, and the context. And Janice Lester in Kirk’s body does not count! ;)

Spot on observations – and with JJ’s comments I’m under the impression they still don’t get it. I don’t hear anyone objecting on the grounds of being a prude, but based on context. If the movie established some basis for a relationship between the two, then a scene where they are intimate would have been appropriate. What was shown was a commanding officer sneaking a peek at a subordinate.

Context for this is still almost daily news. Incidents in India, sexual assaults in western militaries, issues with the glass ceiling all abound, and hardly fall under the definition of western ‘social constructs’. When a woman can ride the subway in Mumbai without being groped, drive in the Middle East, not be female circumcised on the African continent at birth, or freely earn promotion and equal pay in the western world, only then will we have obtained the society envisioned in Trek. That world would not have any objection to admiring beauty, just in proper context.

Does anybody remember the record “Inside Star Trek” which featured a bunch of interviews and speeches by Gene. “You cannot write in science fiction without realizing that sexual equality is as basic as any other kind of equality. This does not mean that in future pictures I will ever stop using women as sex objects, as I will not, but to be fair we have always used and will be continuing to use males as sex objects, too.”

you know what???
As long as kirk and caral marcus did´nt had SEX on-screen, and fucked and fucked even more in five scenes in the movie I don´t care wheather she showed her hottiness, because if she did´nt we would probadly complain abot that too..

Okay My beautiful feminists trekkie sisters, all things being equal where is your outrage? Did you leave it in the bar on Nimbus III?

Benedict…wet…I am emotionally compromised…done!

WELL! After that clip of BC in the shower, I have to take a shower…. most likely for different reasons.

We saw less of Kirk’s unclothed body than we did of Carol Marcus’s body. What’s more, we never even learned what two cat ladies’ names were. You should at least be told a first name of any sexual partner. That’s just good manners.

Supreme Court – yes, you are being a bit dismissive and insensitive towards the Female.

Unfortunately, others (who call themselves “feminists”) are also being that way as well, in a different way though, perhaps in an even more insidious way – strange though it may seem.

uh…so the straight guys got Alice Eve in her undies…and the gay guys got…nothing…well…the lesbians certainly loved Alice eve. I see great potential for her in more movies where they want her to do some topless scenes. I’ll pay for that. Looks like she’s got some nice boobs.

“Alice in Wonderba” and “Cumbershower of Evil”


I think JJ should shut-up about it. Lindelof addressed it already via Twitter. They’re just making it worse now. I also hope Paramount has given advice to the actors to not comment about the issues at all and just let if fizzle. Can you imagine if one of them openly criticizes the decisions made in the film? Gonna be messy and will just give Trek a bad rep.

@ 4. yeah i said it – May 23, 2013

Alice Eve is turning into the Chase Masterson of the JJ verse…she gets into every shot on the publicity tour….she is a co-star, and will be forgettable to anyone who does not know Star Trek lore. I m not saying she is not a nice person…but she just seems to photo bomb everything.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

If you replaced that name with Zoe Saldana you would be 100% right.

Dam I swear I am straight but that shower scene is so delicious lol


You forgot war crimes, black ops, insidious deals with aliens also, why just the focus on undies? There are many more world wide issues on hand, you guys raised by nuns?

Can Alice wear that outfit in the next movie!?

34. I believe he hits Shana in Gamesters

You think your shower is safe… it’s an illusion.

If they’re going to show girls in their underwear (with a steady camera), then they need to show the guys in their underwear (with a steady camera). It’s only fair! ^_^