Fan Production Star Trek Continues releases first episode

The fan production Star Trek Continues, a new TOS era fan film led by anime voice actor Vic Mignogna as Kirk and features Chris Doohan as Mr. Scott (his Dad’s old job), Trek author Larry Nemecek, and Mythbuster Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu, has now completed their first episode “Pilgrim Of Eternity”. As previously reported, it features the return of original actor Michael Forest as Apollo. Keep a look out for a cameo by BSG’s Jamie Bamber, Trek art department alum Doug Drexler as the holographic cowboy, and the voice of the ship’s computer sounds pretty familiar too. Click on to see the episode.

Pilgrim of Eternity

Apollo returns to wreak havoc on Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of the new series.

The new Star Trek Continues web series carries on the original 5-year mission. Star Trek Continues begins right where the original left off. For more about the production and to view the previously released teaser vignettes, if you’ve missed them, check out the official website:

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Very well done. The captured the original series essence nicely.


Wouldn’t the effort be better spent on phase 2?

Seems like duplicated work

It’s… Ok. Personally, I prefer Phase II; but that’s not to say I won’t watch this also.


You mean phase boring?

Don’t forget also, Trek author Larry Nemecek as Dr. McCoy! And nuBSG’s Jamie Bamber (two Apollos for the price of one!) in a role too.

Wow! They got Will Smith for a role as a Security Guard in this!



this is WAY better than Phase 2! it feels like a real star trek episode! awesome job!:-D

Absolutely LOVED the ending. (No spoilers)

Overall, a fun romp… well done all! The lighting, FX, camera angles/moves were all bang-on.

The only critique I can offer? A couple of points could have used some ADR work… when characters had their backs to the camera.

Some performances were certainly stronger than others… but I enjoyed Kirk and Dr McKenna (she’s gorgeous) as well as the guest stars. (Did a total double-take at the red-shirt out on the hull…LOL!)

Really looking forward to the next one.

Holy crap, Jamie “Lee Adama” Bamber at the 16:00 mark!!

It’s a VERY good episode. Great philosophical script, nice professional pace and absolutely great acting. Vic Mignogna NAILS Shathner’s Kirk in every second and Chris Doohan basically IS his father.

Who comes of rather funny is Larry Nemecek as Bones. It’s nt bad at all, but it simply isn’t Dr. McCoy we get here, it’s Dr. McKAY from Stargate Atlantis!

Spock, Uhura and Chekov are also fine…but Sulu is PERFECT, better than John Cho in that role. Yeah, Kirk, Scotty and Sulu are right on target, better than their NuTrek counterparts!

I think they should team up with the guys from New Voyages / Phase II for a very special 50th anniversary project…
Collect all episodes from both series and put them on a DVD / Blu-Ray release as the official 4th season of TOS. Of course, they have to talk CBS into it, but if it was done for CHARITY PURPOSES ONLY, it might actually be possible… The early New Voyages episodes would need some updated SFX though…

I really really enjoyed this and I’m very glad it’s getting some attention.

Also to note is Marina Sirtis as the ship’s computer voice. Doug Drexler also played the hologram.

They really have captured the feel of TOS as far as I’m concerned. If they can put episodes out sort of consistently and maintain this level at the very least I’m all in.

Damn fine episode. Closest to the original so far. I

This was made by a similar production team that worked on Starship Farragut. I believe this was all filmed at their sets in St. Marys Georgia. The Farragut team worked so hard on thei productions, but their acting was never going to be up to a level taken seriously. They were wise to put pros in front of the cameras.
Phase II’s World Enough and Time with George Takei is still my favorite fan production, but this one is a close second. Everything about it nailed the look and feel of TOS, and the story seems like one that could have been in the what-if 1969 4th season. Even the running time and ad breaks duplicated the pacing of TOS. Well done to everyone involved in this. I loved STID,but I think this group had more heart in their work.

Fantastic great acting and writing it goes beyond a fan film Michael Forrest stole it I’m not into phase 2 anymore continues is how it should be done closest to a true season 4 we will get

Why does Sulu have pointed ears?

I liked it! So cool that they got Marina Sirtis to provide the ship’s computer voice, hopefully her schedule will allow her to continue doing so.

Or maybe CBS would want to do their own, even more professional version of the missing two seasons of TOS…and cast some of these guys.

Vic Mignogna would be PERFECT as Kirk.

For Spock I’d prefer Brandon Stacy from Phase II though.

Scotty…well, no question…Chris Doohan.

Grant Imahara is the perfect Sulu (though some of the other guys on Phase II have been brilliant as well)

I still think John Kelley from early New Voyages would be the better Bones…though his acting is a bit limited, he looks and feels the part…

It might actually work with these guys. It wouldn’t be too prizy producing 60s style TV episodes and it’s exactly what a lot of fans have wanted for years now… The 50th anniversary would be the perfect opportunity for this gem of retro TV…

Bring us more Vic especially those new sets built

@19: WOW! I didn’t know that. That makes it even cooler…Marina Sirtis follows her “on-screen mother” as the computer’s voice…Can’t believe it!!!

I wish this article had SPOILERS in the headline, because this episode was so much fun without knowing who the computer voice was, or who would be on the hull with Sulu, or…

I wasn’t spoiled–I watched it before reading these comments–but I feel bad for people watching it now who already know those “easter eggs.” I was THRILLED when I realized who was voicing the computer! It was a wonderful surprise in a surprisingly involving and emotional episode.

That was fun! In some scenes Mignogna physically resembled Shatner.

Like ST:PII, there are things I liked and did not like. But that doesn’t take away from appreciating it for what it is – an effort of love. They did a good job, and it is enjoyable. I really liked that they brought back the Apollo character – clever. It was fun seeing Michael Forest reprise his role. As a child I loved that episode, and it is still one of my favorites to this day.

I hope they come out with more.

I forgot to mention: Chris Doohan – WOW! It was fun seeing him in STID, but this is his calling. Glad he had a big role in this. When I see Mr. Quinto as Spock, I really feel that there is only one character played by two people (him and Mr. Nimoy). Now I feel the same with Scotty; one Character played by two men, in this case father and son. If you are reading this, great work, Mr. Doohan!

Chris if you visit this thead, excellent job.
Its obvious You all put alot of love and heart into this and it shows through and through.

This was great Star Trek. And that end scene WOW, words can’t convey how excellent that was.

19) JJ should have had her take over for the enterprise computer on into darkness.

It was great hearing her as the computer on here.

I’ guess some of us can’t never see our dreams the way we would like them,
Phase 2 might be boring on occasion but its a new crew and personally if I’ could do what all of you wonderful people at ST continue do, I would do continue like phase 2 in other words continue yes but not Kirk and company…

Loved it.


Just A little cheesey

a little cheese with that ham?

Very fun. Kind of a Phase II guy myself, but honestly, can we have too much Trek? I welcome more!

This was great- an episode with heart, totally lacking in ST:ID. Some thoughts: I see no need for competition between this and the Phase II team, I’d like to see them combine efforts and really give us something. Kirk here was good, has the mannerisms and look down perfect, but I was bothered by his higher pitched voice. Chris Doohan- looks like his father but sounds identical. I loved it every time he spoke. Like Phase II, I love the use of all the original music, which to me was as important as the characters were. I know why Larry Nemecek was used to play McCoy and it is a nice tribute, but I didn’t get much of a McCoy vibe from him. I liked that Uhura and Sulu got their own special scenes. Next time Chekov should get something a little more. Overall, I’m really so impressed and like #13 mentioned above, it would be great if CBS could recognize the potential in a retro series set in this time frame.

Loved it. Chris Doohan? Fantastic!! Vic- nailed it. Move over, Phase II.
Now if they’s only fix those too-wide blue frames on the bridge screens…

i hope they go back to the “piece of the action” planet love to see what they can do with that

the computers voice is marina sirtis

Could this get picked up by Netflix as one of their “original series”. The way they did with Arrested Development?

Just saw the first 15 minutes so will watch the rest later. Very impressive.

The Kirk is very good as is Scotty.

The rest are ok but I would prefer a stronger Spock. Not that I minded his acting but he just does not seem to fit the character.

After I’ wrote #28 above then I’ proceeded to watch Pilgrim of Eternity and found myself that what I’ wrote before is something that I’ still believe, yet at the same time this 51min movie was more interesting and better then ST into darkness for me lol,lol,lol,lol, I’ know it would not make a dime on the big screen but just like the other one gods something, you all know the one with Uhura and charlie x , I find myself loving these new episodes.
Phase 2 with this cast and the phase 2 cast combined as a new series, new name not continue and’ not phase plus a new constellation star ship like the Potemkin would be my favorite series on TV….

It was a brilliant move putting Bamber behind that screen door helmet visor.

And Dr McCoy… he doesn’t seem like Kelley, but he does sort of feel like a character actor from that era, so I’m fine with that.

I’m not really a fan of fan productions, but I’ve gotta say that these guys have done a great job. Vic Mignogna and Chris Doohan are especially good. I didn’t realize that was Doohan at first, but was thinking, “Man, they got a really good guy for Scotty!”

Chris, I think your father would be proud of your performance. Very professional. And Mignogna does a great Shatneresque job as Kirk, without taking it to an impersonation. A delicate balance, and he pulls it off.

Much of the rest of the cast is good as well, but these two stuck out to me. Some of the other actors could be stronger, but I won’t name names.

The production values and effects are great. Overall it seemed very much like TOS. Good job, folks!

and jimmy doohans son as scotty was just the BEST it really feels like oldskool trek :)


Love this, reminds me what I loved about original Star Trek.

Like the classic show pacing as well … entertainment doesn’t need to be at warp factor 9 (like the recent movie) to be equally as absorbing (if you’re a TOS fan) I think.

Enjoyed Captain Kirk & Scotty the most, great to see Apollo once again :)

Yes! I got my Trek fix! Well done!!

I´m completely impressed! My applauses on the amazing work!

Great episode, really enjoyed it.

I had no idea Dr McCoy had a bit of a weight problem between TOS and TMP!

Gee, i expected more Phase 2/Continues debate on this thread.

But then that’s like debating the various versions of the classic/movie era TOS comics. All have the same characters, but are executed in different ways.

I did feel Vic pulled off playing a character 14 years younger than he is better than expected. Much like Rob Morrow’s character Don Epps in the TV Series NUMB3RS who was 11 years younger than he was. I

Loving tribute to TOS by Trek lovers and it shows. Sure you can compare the acting merits between Continues and Phase II, but all the efforts here deserve so much applause – especially the writing that really is reminiscent of the original series. Congratulations to all involved.

We don’t need debate about phase and continue in my opinion, we just to support both some how…

Gee as someone said, star trek 2 should be the combination series with these actors from phase and continue unless they live far away each other.
If so then continue with new ship and new characters and phase with better production values with our donations…

St phase 2 titled ST The New Series and Continue titled ST potamkim or ST Fan Series.

Does anybody where I can keep up with phase 2?

I know I won’t get what I want but love this episode I just don’t like that they play original characters.

I was waiting for TrekMovie to post some news on this!

Quite enjoyed the episode. The aesthetics and look was most definitely TOS. Also if any one noticed the music, I believe Vic composed some original background music to fill the gaps. Loved the rendering of Enterprise as well.
Needless to say, I’m extremely impressed!