Costumed Trekkies to Attempt New World Record at the Official Las Vegas Con this August

Thousands of Star Trek fans will be convening in Las Vegas in August again, to listen to celebrity panels, bid on memorabilia, attend planetary science discussions, stand in lines for autographs and photo ops, and debate the merits of the latest Star Trek motion picture. And again this year, they will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for most people dressed in Star Trek costumes at one location. Hit the jump to learn more about the record attempt and its history.

Breaking the Guinness World Record
The 12th Annual Star Trek Las Vegas Convention again is set to be one of the largest gatherings of Star Trek fans, so one wouldn’t think this would be much of a challenge. The magic number needed is 1064 — 1064 Trekkies costumed as any Star Trek character (or object!) that was part five television series or 12 motion pictures. (The sixth series is Star Trek: the Animated Series, but we don’t yet have the technology to transform into a cartoon character.) Last year Vegas fans had their chance to break their 2011 record of 1040, but fell short. Destination Star Trek London fans beat them to it, setting a new record of 1063 in October 2012.

Costume record attempt at last year’s Vegas con

Star Trek costume record setting is nothing new. Convention cities have been going back and forth in the world record competition — it comes off like a horse race. As each year begins, conventions leave the post, going neck and neck, one event surging forward of the other by a length or a nose. Las Vegas has been alternating costume record attempts with events in London, Tampa, Atlanta and Germany’s FedCon. Many other cities make the attempt, but can’t come close to the winner’s circle.

It All Began With Only 99 Fans
Reports say the origin of the the first title began London in February 2010, with a mere 99 costumed fans. In May 2010, record attempts were made by the Tampa convention and Germany’s FedCon with the Europeans taking the honors at 507. But the record would be upset again, as Star Trek Las Vegas counted 543 costumed fans. Atlanta’s DragonCon won the year’s best with 571. Moving forward to 2011, the title went back across the ocean as FedConXX claimed 691. But in August that year, Las Vegas Trekkies gathered in full force and 1040 costumed fans passed through the doors of the DeForest Kelley Theatre to pull out far ahead of the pack.

The first record attempt with 99 fans at Millennium Bridge in London

507 trekkies at FedCon in Bonn, Germany in May, 2010

Last year, Star Trek Las Vegas fans attempted to unseat their own record, but couldn’t top it. Destination Star Trek London’s October convention not only attracted all five Star Trek captains to the program, but also drew 1063 costumed fans for the record attempt, and the Guinness World Record moved back to the UK.

British Trekkies queue up in London and break the record with 1063 fans

Next month Las Vegas Trekkies will have the chance to redeem themselves. Some fans have tried to analyze what went wrong in 2012. There has been talk of scheduling and program conflicts. Other important events were happening simultaneously. Other fans complained they were turned away by staff because their footwear or costume didn’t meet the requirements. A few have suggested that Las Vegas fans simply lost interest in a second record attempt.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” release this year gives fans a whole new realm of opportunities for costumes and uniforms. Now that another city, country and continent holds the record, maybe there’ll be more incentive to bring the honor back to what many Trekkies consider to be the premier convention: Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas. What do you think? Can they do it?

Join in at the 12th Annual Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas!
Want to help make history? Come to the Las Vegas convention at the Rio All Suites Hotel August 8-11. The world record attempt happens Saturday, August 10th!

Get your tickets now, and join us in fabulous Las Vegas dressed in your Trek best

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TOS – movie uniforms are my favourites.

I still have my red shirt.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

I wish the site would cover conventions other than the ones put on by the rip off artists known as the owners of Creation Entertainment.

There are many fine Trek Cons out there pretty much most weekends every month, ran by great promoters who are not just out for gouging their customers out of every cent they can.

Conventions where the promoters talk and interact with the fans, and listen to both praise and complaints.
But time and again this site only focuses or primarily focuses on Creation Entertainment.

Very sad

“(The sixth series is Star Trek: the Animated Series, but we don’t yet have the technology to transform into a cartoon character.”

Thats funny and wrong, have you ever been to an Anime or Disney convention?
Plenty of people Cos Play in very realistic costumes that are of “Cartoon Characters”

Beautiful rainbow colored tapestry there, and no gray ‘North-Korean-space-nazi’ starfleet uniforms from the last movie in sight yet, I’m glad.

Why does the term “Trekkies” sound so demeaning?
I prefer “Trekkers”.
Of course, I am an original first broadcast on NBC Trekker, so I have seen the media then and now coin the term “Trekkies”, because they wanted to demean the fans that no one could understand their zeal for the show.

Its tough to decide which uniform costume my wife and I will wear for the record. But we will be there to particpate regardless.

#7 Fans didn’t always mind the label “Trekkies” in the old days. I’m slightly old school too, but can’t recall when it actually became a negative term to many. Late 70’s perhaps?


I only wear mine to jury duty… ;-)

im sad i missed the chicago convention it was in october last year and june this year :/

TOS Maroon Monsters all the way!!!

6, Calastir, I liked the uniforms – I didn’t like them when I saw the first pictures of them from the set, but I liked seeing them on-screen. I served in the military and loved seeing Spock and Kirk wearing their hats – “covers” and standing respectfully in Pike’s office, covers held as they are supposed to be. I thought the design was great; I would have preferred a deep blue (black, representing “space,” might also have a negative Nazi SS-type impression) or black with gold or silver buttons. The uniforms were beautifully tailored and suited each actor perfectly. To each their own!

7 and 9, “Trekkies” always had a negative connotation to me (I’m a fan since 1967); I’m not sure if it was coined for the 1972 New York convention (first ever ST convention) or later, but it always seemed diminutive, and, since it was “assigned” as a descriptor of Trek fans by the media, I never accepted the term. When I came into fandom in 1982, (Wrath of Khan re-inspired my dedication) we had a joke that TrekkERS could tell Nimoy apart from Spock. We also used to call ourselves “fen” (plural of fan) but I think that term was a Science-Fiction/Fantasy-wide application.

im in that 1st pic! mirror spock!!!!

I’ve always proudly carried the mantle of “Trekkie”. Whether someone else thought it was cool or not. I find “Trekkers” to be more offensive as it is a term created to try to sound cool. Like Trekkies have something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Trekkies has never had a negative connotation to me, a fan since 1976.

@ 15. EM

I agree totally.

World velour reserves plummet!

Agree with #4—While Creation Conventions puts on the “biggest” star trek conventions..they have a LOT to learn from other conventions..

If Creation Conventions owners were to listen to/solicit feedback and offer bettter programming, their conventions and the entire Star Trek Fandom would greatly benefit.

Just compare the Star Trek Creation Conventions to the Star Wars Celebrations… ’nuff said….

Ideas to make Creation Conventions better:

a) More programming for kids–Star Trek related Arts and Crafts

b) More Star Trek trivia contests

c) have an area –where fans can display Star Trek Related Art Work

d) stop the silly extra fees for “parties, desserts with the stars, breakfast…or the biggest joke: Coffee with a star…?”—-flat fee

e) Exhibit/celebrate Fan Related Star Trek productions– Like Star Trek New Voyages and Vic M’s new production, etc..

f) Encourage Cosplay

g) Panels on how to make Star Trek props, costumes, etc.

h) Any other ideas ?

Who Else Agrees ?

#7-‘Why does the term “Trekkies” sound so demeaning?
I prefer “Trekkers”.
Of course, I am an original first broadcast on NBC Trekker, so I have seen the media then and now coin the term “Trekkies”, because they wanted to demean the fans that no one could understand their zeal for the show.’

“Bryan,” I concur!!

As part of a local fan club in Indiana during the 70s wastelands we used to joke that “Trekkers” were the serious and thoughtful fans while “Trekkies” were the 12-13 year old immature and obnoxious kids running around disrupting things.

[Although, to be fair, I did start a Tribble fight once when someone brought in a bag full of Tribbles they had made–I just picked up a few and started throwing them at my fellow Trekkers! So, I guess that wasn’t very mature. LOL]

[snob]Trekkie or Trekker, I personally prefer the term ‘Trek-connaisseur’…[/snob]

Dave (#18), I remember attending the NYC conventions a couple of times in the late 70s and how accessible the various stars were then–without any extra fees!!

Of course, times were different as we were still a rather small group, there was no new live Trek for nearly 10 years, and the stars were still young!! lol

Except for Shatner and Nimoy (the one’s I attended did not feature Kelly) the rest of the cast seemed quite engaged with the fans and it was easier to get an autograph.

Shatner made an official appearance and gave his one-man act (I remember him doing a reading of War of the Worlds and telling a story about hunting Kodiak bear in Alaska) but was a little less accessible–don’t quite remember if they charged anything for a more intimate autograph session or not. On the other hand, Shatner might have been a little busier with other things and unable to stay for long too.

Nimoy, however, made a surprise visit to one convention while doing the Equus play in the City at that time. He certainly didn’t come to offer autographs as he proceeded to bawl out the fans for sending nasty notes to him because he hadn’t decided whether to do the new Trek series/film at that point. Definitely made for high drama at that convention as word spread he was there and EVERYONE streamed into the main ballroom.

My greatest joy at these conventions was the hucksters tables (got to meet some personalities who went on to some fame such as Blueprints artist McMasters among others) and the viewing room where we got to watch as much Trek (TOS) as we wanted since VCRs were still a bit expensive and you were at the mercy of syndication schedules for airings of Trek.

In short, these conventions were still the kind made by fans for fans!

I’m a proud TREKKIE and fan since ’66. It’s always been my understanding that Gene Roddenberry himself coined the term Trekkie, hence my preference to that term. I know for sure saw an early 70’s interview with him where he used that word. I perceived no condescension on his part.

So the record attempt is to be Saturday Morning. Hello Hangover! To be fair, it is difficult to schedule a good time, however personally speaking, the morning after the Captains’ Chair party will be a struggle!!!

That should have been- “preference *for* that term” and “I know for sure *I* saw…”

Where’s my coffee?

Crazydaystrom….I have some freshly ground Starbucks brewed up…;-)

@19. Schiefy – July 16, 2013
“As part of a local fan club in Indiana during the 70s wastelands we used to joke that “Trekkers” were the serious and thoughtful fans while “Trekkies” were the 12-13 year old immature and obnoxious kids running around disrupting things”

Maybe that is why I have always considered myself a Trekkie! I was just 12 years old when I first watched Star Trek in 1966 ;-)

I have to admit, I don’t really like the term Trekker. However, I will accept the validity of the term – in the spirit of IDIC – just so long as I am not expected to apply it to myself.

26. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – July 16, 2013
In the spirit of IDIC…we all love Trek no matter what our labels! :-)

I’m a Trekker. I’m not one of ‘those Trekkies’. Eurgh.

As Gene Roddenberry famously stated on whether the term was “Trekkies” Or “Trekkers” he said it was “TREKKIES”!! And he went on to say he should know since he created the word.

Proud ‘Trekkie’ since 1991. I was 8 and my Dad said, “Finish up with your homework before 4, I have something I want to show you.” I finished with about 10 minutes to spare, and on came my first Star Trek: TNG episode, “The Royale.” To this day it’s still one of my top 10 episodes, mainly for the sentimentality of it. Anyways, long story short, since the day I watched that episode, my Dad said I was on my way to being a Trekkie, and may God forgive him. And so to this day, I claim Trekkie!

So nice to read comments on a story here that aren’t just bitching and whining and snapping. :-)

So nice to read comments on a story here that aren’t just bitching and whining and snapping. :-)

By the way, Trekkie, Trekker, I don’t mind either. Though I’m now quite partial to nr 20, Calasir’s “Trek-connoisseur”

#4 Well Said

Trekkie, Trekker…. oy vey.

I’m a Trekkie and I’m totally OK with the name.
That’s the name that’s been commonly used for ST fans since the 1970s and I’m cool with that. Even the creator of the show himself endorsed it (and it’s in the Oxford dictionary), so how can that be a bad thing?
Time honored. Time tested. ;-)

Trekker always sounded so pretentious to me; as if using it made one a better class of ST fan somehow. I mean, come on; this is a celebration of fiction. It’s not like we’re joining the astronaut corps (although some Trekkies have).

2. Ensign Ricky~

And by Grabthar’s hammer, you’ve lived to tell the tale…. ;-D

The greatest joke ever perpetrated within the Star Trek fan community is the argument about whether “Trekkie” or “Trekker” makes any difference in how the non-fan community sees us. Simply hilarious!

Watch. Enjoy. Play. Dress-up. And nevermind what those who don’t share the wonder may think.

My favorite convention ever was the Boston Bash, celebrated yearly, put on by fans for fans. A very well-organized convention, without extra fees for things and with plenty of interesting panel discussions. There was another general science fiction convention held in the DC area, also with many great panel discussions, and some “greats,” including Isaac Asimov.

When Creation horned in [and I don’t really remember them until the mid-eighties], things became expensive. Very expensive. They still put on some darn good cons, though our joke used to be that they put on “cons” while other organizations put on conventions, i.e., Creation was known to exploit any opportunity for a buck. Looking over the latest slate of events, I have to say [sigh] that doesn’t seem to have changed. Some of that may also be because the actors have recognized a marketing and money-making opportunity for themselves, and Creation is only too happy to oblige.

The viewing rooms for Trek media were always a lot of fun – nothing like gasping in unison for the 10th time at the “wound” Khan’s phasers inflicted on our dear Enterprise – and costume contests were a blast, often judged by big-name fans or original contributors to TOS, or Trek novelists. DC-area fans were also privileged to see the beginning of the “Boogie Knights,” a group of songsters who could put a sci-fi twist on any pop song out there, and appeared Knightly in full regalia.

Though I have a cautionary note on displaying artwork. Even in the early ’80s, there was a plenitude of artwork that would curl your hair, if you weren’t big into “slash” or XXX-rated art. There were a LOT of great “G and PG” artists though, and I miss the old days of Trek zines with their pen-and-ink illustrations and cartoons and … ahhh … parodies. Fannish fic to muse over and enjoy again and again.

I met some fellow fen at one convention and we started a Star Trek zine. Those were the days!

Yes, Bryan, #7, we oldsters remember just how patronizing the media and schoolmates and co-workers could be about our Trek love!

“Galaxy Quest” was a big, big hit with Trek fans for many reasons obvious to us, among them the fun the movie had with Alan Rickman’s Serious Actor Who Did Not Want to be Typecast … by then at last it was becoming “cool” to be a nerd. (Never mind that sports fans have some kind of cultural legitimacy that until recently “nerds” did not. Now that corporations and media have realized our fannish profit potential, we’re becoming really popular – Creation is a prime example!)

Now, thanks to years of Trek on TV, hit TOS and TNG movies, and two recent hit movies, people can freely admit the TrekLove that Dare Not Speak Its Name ;)

37. Marja – July 16, 2013

You helped me remember some of the other great features of the NYC conventions I attended.

The “Good Doctor” Asimov was certainly one of them as he never failed to entertain (except for the time a friend of mine from my home state of Indiana came out when I was living in NJ got “squeezed” by Dr. Asimov–she wasn’t sure how to take it! lol And after reading a more recent bio detailing warts and all–I am not sure either now!!).

And yes, the panels and the “futuristic fashion” show and so on made these conventions a wonderful experience when you wondered if you were the only one who obsessed over a fictional world.

I have not attended a Creation con (as mentioned they are expensive) but I do think they are probably not the same as the fan-cons like NYC and Boston because most of us were there for love of our little Trek that could not to make a fast buck.

I’d like to think it was a fulfilling experience for the actors and others associated with the show too and not solely an opportunity to put a few extra dollars in their bank accounts.

They may not have been the slickly run conventions of today but they were OUR conventions–and we only shared if you were willing to embrace “strange new worlds.” :)

Y’know, it actually IS accurate — AND technically possible — for the 2nd paragraph of this story to refer to “SIX television series” instead of just “five.” Last year at Las Vegas, somebody was going around dressed in the VERY original costume of a “glommer” (hope I remember that right) from the “More Tribbles, More Troubles” episode of the animated series. This person was also paired up with someone who was dressed as a very, very large tribble. HIGHLY unique idea …. and the pair should’ve gotten a prize after making it to the on-stage finals of the costume contest …….. but I had the feeling that the 3 celebrity judges of the contest had never seen the cartoon episode and didn’t understand the reference!

#13 Marja – “The uniforms were beautifully tailored and suited each actor perfectly. To each their own!”

Yes, I totally agree about the colour and tailoring of the grey uniforms. The hats – not so much, but then, I am not a hat person.

If I have thought of myself as anything, it has been a trekkie. I quite like the title. I guess one of the advantages of living so far away downunder is that I have not been aware until very recently of the negativity and bitching that has gone on among Star Trek fans. It makes me sad. There are times when ignorance can be bliss.

#13 Marja – “The uniforms were beautifully tailored and suited each actor perfectly. To each their own!”

I like the grey uniforms too. They looked so professional all of them at the end of the movie. For some reason I really liked Spock wearing the hat with his pointy ears neatly out of the way.

It always interests me, when you see these pictures of large gatherings of fans in costume, of the ratio of Red to Blue to Yellow. Red always seems to be the dominant color – given the Red engineering/security of TOS, the Red (more burgundy) of Command of TNG, and the overall red of the TOS movies.

I wonder if there’s some sort of psychological data we could glean from which colors from which series people choose.

What inspires you to be a TOS redshirt? Who wants to be a Yellow TNG’er?

Just thinkin’…

I’ve never been to a Trek convention but I have the impression that in the old days half the people there were in costume.

The “record” here has only been kept since 2010??

43. William Bradley – “I’ve never been to a Trek convention but I have the impression that in the old days half the people there were in costume.”

Well, I do remember dressing up as a Klingon (minus ridges)at the NYC convention in the Fall of 1977 accompanied by one of the “Sand People” from Star Wars as we walked down the street to see “Star Wars” which was amazingly still showing at local theaters!

However, I do not remember an overabundance of costumes except for some sort of costume show on the schedule. I will have to dig out some of the old programs for the conventions I attended and see how frequent something like that occurred or maybe someone else has their handier or has a link to one that has been scanned and posted online?

Here’s a link to mostly convention covers from various venues:

The first one is a NYC convention I attended in February 1978 featuring William Shatner but was not their annual Fall convention. You can see a scan of the program for this 2-day event.

Looking over some of the other scans I noticed you could actually attend some cons for $20 bucks!! A far cry from the Creation Cons cost today! lol

Very interesting, thanks!!

I myself am partial to wearing Science Blue, not only b/c Spock and McCoy are my fave characters, but also b/c I think in that time and place I would be a psychologist … plus I look best in that color [smile].

Kea, I too am amazed by the flame wars on the main thread … simply amazing, and not in a good way …
– Of course I have occasionally voiced opinions that some have vehemently disagreed with, like that time I mentioned the small/vocal minority of K/S fans and how they hate the S/U relationship :P
– But for the most part, there’s an atmosphere of “spirited debate” – the differences you and I had over the UNDIES! in the preview … and your feelings about the “cat women” when Kirk, per Quinto’s joke, “got a little ‘tail’ ” – too bad they didn’t have names and interests, but God forbid we take a minute or two for character interaction (we obviously need to see more kicking and head squishin’) … tho I differed with you on the “skin” treatment of Ms Eve, I liked a lot of what you had to say about the beauty of the human body, and the unfortunate rep Kirk has for being a “tomcat” … Pine is bringing the idea that Kirk *does* simply genuinely *like* women. Even Shatkirk, when you look back to Season 1 of TOS, respected women.

As for the hate, I’ve just learned to skip on down past the flame wars … or the endless box office numbers, or the long lectures by a certain poster who’s been absent for the last month or so :)

@47 Marja

I like the uniforms from ST2009 the best. The reds/blues/golds are a deeper, more saturated color and kind of remind me of TNG’s rich colors. I guess if I was in starfleet, I would realistically be a red shirt, though I really do like the science blue the best!

I like the word Trekkie because it rolls off my tongue more easily than Trekker! ^_^
Official World Record

You should be disqualified if you wear a “made up” uniform…like those ones you see where people take a normal one and then put weird non-canon metals, patches and pins all over it. Those just look bad and no officer in any series wore any of that ridiculousness.