Into Darkness Blu-ray bonus feature clip, production art & contest, and Honest Trailers take on STID

With the physical disc release of Star Trek Into Darkness only a few weeks away (September 10th in the US) and the digital download version available now, Paramount has sent out a clip of the “making of” feature included on the Blu-ray editions of the movie. Paramount has also shared exclusive production art from production designer Scott Chambliss with and Yahoo! Movies. The art has a code you can enter to win a trip to the performance of the music from Into Darkness live in London. Also, the guys at Screen Junkies have released their Honest Trailers edit of the Into Darkness trailer.

Making of STID clip

Chambliss Production art

The product art images have a code that you can enter on the new Defeat Khan website ( for a chance to win a trip to see Star Trek Into Darkness live orchestrated in London by Michael Giacchino. The site also uses some of the most advanced 3D technology to allow you to instantly create your own personalized Star Trek avatar with just an upload of your photo. You are then tasked to join the Starfleet Academy to train with a variety of simulations testing your IQ, Vision, Focus, Memory, and Speed as you move up the ranks to help defeat Khan. By connecting to Facebook, you can also compete with your friends to see who has the superior genetics.


Click on the image above for more art and full size images at


Click on the image above for more art and full size images at Yahoo! Movies


Honest Trailers take on STID

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Just posted the Honest Trailer of STID in another thread.

Can’t help but agree with it.

WOW. Look at the size of the Vengeance in that image. Its Star-Destroyer sized!.

It is WRONG that I both liked STID a lot, but also pretty much agree with mos to the Honest Trailer review of it?


“most of the”

The amount of stuff in those “Honest Trailers” that are explained perfectly in the films is ridiculous. . .

And…”they both have running in corridors “???

For God’s sake….*facepalm*

Oh and renaming all the characters to words that rhyme with their name is the most pathetic, childish, primary school thing i’ve ever heard.

HOWEVER – The impression of Nimoy at the end was pretty damn good.

Kirk desecrates a God – No – he was deliberately leading the tribe away from their deaths.

Khan doesn’t Kill Spock ! – No he was surrendering in order to save his crew / get to Admiral Marcus. if he’d killed Spock – Kirk could have killed him there and then.

So has anybody figured out if he’s supposed to be Khan yet? I still think he might be Harry Mudd or Susanne Pleshette. In fact, I think Peter Weller may be Trelane or Admiral Cheney. I can’t wait for this to come out.

@5 @6

Dude, no offense, but you need take this as it is intended — with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Lighten up!



Sounds like you have been talking to Keachick. ;-)

Yep, “honest trailers” nailed it. I’d love to hear Lindelof, Orci, or Abrams response.

Okay honest trailers was funny, and I LOVED STID but….really as Trekkies, we dont need to speak too loudly about this. The whole prime universe franchise has so much recycling in it it’s not even funny. People who hate Into Darkness will take this and say “SEE SEE, I TOLD YOU!” when in reality it’s basically True about all of Star Trek that came after TOS. Sigh… fanboys who are in denial…


You people just don’t get it. Honest Trailers does this for many good movies. It’s suppose to be funny.

Actually no, just finished watching the clip and the snide commentary was just too lame

ID sure is getting a lot of hate in the past few weeks.

I recognize the flaws of ID but enjoyed it immensely. I’m puzzled by the venom towards it, particularly at Las Vegas 2012. I was at Grand Slam this year and there seemed to be plenty of love for the Abrams alternate universe there.

I’m sure those same fans didn’t boo Alice Eve or Karl Urban at their Las Vegas 2012 panels, though.

@13 That’s interesting, because I could swore that I just you youself saying about in post @11 that:

“Okay honest trailers was funny.”

Wow,you must be setting some kind nerd vacillation speed record here?

I love the Honest Trailers and the one for Into Darkness is hilarious as is the one for Independence Day, Batman & Robin, Superman IV and The Avengers. Even the one for Skyfall is hilarious

I agree with the points it brings up for Into Darkness and it does it in a humourous way, which is the intention. I love the Avengers and Skyfall but I still laughed at those honest trailers.

Hey PEB, I thought you said earlier that you thought it was funny???

I have Into Darkness pre ordered but to be honest I am more excited to get season 5 of TNG on blu ray.

Can I just say how very illogical it is not to have a catwalk or some other access to the crucial point of the Warp Core? It’s lucky it was Kirk climbing up in there …

I don’t think Scotty would have made it, based on his gasping during all that running on the Vengeance : )

And I love “Honest Trailers”

Their take on STiD was mostly right-on, and the contribution by HISHE was pure genius. The names at the end were worse than a peurile MAD satire … but the rest was quite funny for the most part. Of course there are points I disagree with, and they didn’t hit them all, but


@18. Well, in WOK, it was even more silly — just a sheet of transparent aluminum.

But that movie is beloved, so we dare not bring plot and technology issues with that movies — that is off limits — free pass!

@3, I agree, I liked the movie a lot but still thought that Honest Trailer was pretty accurate. It was a fun movie, but a bit flawed.

On a slightly different topic, With all the whinging about piracy affecting sales of Blu rays and dvds what crackpot thought it would be a good idea to release new movies online weeks before the discs come out.

I weep for us Trekkies sometimes when something like an Honest Trailer is taken seriously… There’s your *face palm*

Oh dear, that honest trailer is soooooo right. And the problem is: I even defended Nemesis and Star Wars Ep. 1 against criticism like that! But this time I simply cannot help but agree with most points of criticism. If STID is an archetype the future of this Star Trek, it is boldly going nowhere…

Ripping off TWOK scene by scene and line by line is one thing I could handle, but the gimmicky nature of all that science and technology (transwarp beaming to Kronos, Khan’s superblood) that make anything obsolete…warp drive, starships, death itself…is so lame and so cheap it really hurts.

And that review doesn’t even account for
– dropping out of Warp close to the MOON but going down in EARTH’s atmosphere a couple of minutes later after having reached our solar system in about 30 seconds coming from the Neutral Zone,
– the “phone-call” to a club in Frisco from the Neutral Zone,
– the infamous blown-up Klingon moon,
– the stupid Klingon make-up changes (we’ve had these discussions for 30 years already, so why start another feud?),
– the pointless android stand-in character,
– the literally superfluous underwater starship cr*p (yeah, I accept she CAN go there, but why?),
– those long-range torpedos without any fuel tanks and
– that hilarious plot centering around Khan being shoehorned into Section 31.

And the only thing Simon Pegg has to say about people criticising this travesty is “F*ck off”…

Fans at that con were right: It is BY FAR the worst Trek movie in retrospect. Despite all their flaws, TFF, GEN, INS and NEM aren’t half as bad as this lazy, lukewarm fanfilm only blessed with insane production values. Script-wise it’s a total entire disaster, a declaration of creative bankrupcy beyond repair…

#24. Smike
You liked it then

BTW Matt Wright, THANKS FOR POSTING THIS you made my day!

Spock 69 I know, right? Off to download [legitimately] and make screencaps! ; ) Hmmm … wonder if I can find a way to elide most of the extreme violence ….

The whole movie will probs be posted on YouTube &c. by some enterprising pirate in the next couple of days ….

Marja –
Think you’ll find Enterprising dudes have already posted it on many sites already.
I don’t get why they released it early on itunes, the pirates must be partying on that boat

Honest trailers does both good and bad, very bad, movies. Batman and Robin for instance. I don’t think STID was quite THAT bad, but I don’t think it was particularly good either. And the trailer points out some pretty big problems the movie has. Same goes for their take on Trek ’09.

Oh well, the honest trailers are a fine piece of satire either way.

I bought the Itunes Version and it’s just amazing to see all the little details.
can’t wait for the 3D Blu-ray!

I agree that Simon Pegg just says F— Off to anyone who criticises him.
I used to love him in Spaced and Shaun & Fuzz but he’s turned out to be a total whore in real life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he begged JJ for a part in Episode 7.


Are you a politician by any chance? :-)


“Fans at that con were right: It is BY FAR the worst Trek movie in retrospect. Despite all their flaws, TFF, GEN, INS and NEM aren’t half as bad as this lazy, lukewarm fanfilm only blessed with insane production values. Script-wise it’s a total entire disaster, a declaration of creative bankrupcy beyond repair…”

I thought the Honest Trailers clip was funny…..LOL….but your statement here is the funniest thing I have read all day! LOL!

Worse than “The Final Frontier”, “Generations”, “Insurrection” and “Nemesis”…….hee hee! HA HA!

You must have stood too close to the gong at the “Gong show” that was the poll at the convention! LOL!

30, David, the “whore” comment is a bit beyond the pale. I won’t try too much to excuse Pegg for saying the F word, maybe he should’ve said “sod off” instead …

Remember the great controversy over Bono [U-2] receiving a Grammy and saying in his acceptance speech that it was “f*cking brilliant” to receive it? The word “f*ck” is used a lot more liberally in Britain than it is here. It’s even losing its horror here, if you listen to/overhear young people in the US. I predict that in the next five years we’ll be hearing it in PG movies and in TV shows aimed at adults. A generational curse, if you will, somewhat like sh*t was for my generation.

He’s a total SF nerd so I could forgive his appearance in SWars 7, as long as he plays some alien under tonnes of makeup. He will have died and gone to heaven to be in both major SF franchises. More power to him I say. But I like the guy.

HONEST TRAILERS is doing what MAD Magazine always did – making brilliant satires, even though we disagree with certain elements, we can laugh like he11 : D


PEB just called me 5 minutes ago and said he now thinks again that “it is funny.”………

……Wait, just got a text from PEB, and now he says “it’s not funny.”

Also, PEB says, “Ginger,”…..wait, now he is saying “Marry Anne”.


Geez, poor PEB is probably a very, very confused individual. :-)

#32 Marja–There’s a big difference in usage between “f**king brilliant” and “f**k yourselves.” Pegg wasn’t using the casual, common variant as you’re suggesting. “F you” is a very clear, direct, hateful comment, NOT comparable to merely emphasizing a word with “f-ing.”

Pegg, like Orci, has contempt for those who won’t suck up whatever pap they put before us. Sad, really, he seemed like a nice guy, but saying “f**k you” to fans pretty much buries that impression.

We have Pegg and Orci showing contempt for fans, and we have Orci and Lindelof showing contempt for the core concepts of Trek (i.e., we’ll all learn to get along and go exploring for fun, etc.). We have Abrams & co who think that the neatest things to do with a STARSHIP are (a) use them as submarines and (b) watch them crash.

Is it any wonder why so many of us no longer feel that this new version of Trek is really Star Trek? Or at least, it’s no longer a version of Star Trek that we care to be a part of, and THAT is why we are so pissed at STID.

14 & 16 Yes I said, I thought it was funny, and then the more the video went on and the comentary went from being cleverly sarcastic to just snide I went ahead and said “actually no” in the next comment. Am I not allowed to do that or something?

Haha I mean, listen, I totally get it. And honestly, I get why some people don’t like alt-universe Trek and some do like it. I just feel like we’re destroying ourselves with some of the bickering and things like this or like Cawley’s video where TOS Enterprise sends JJ’s into oblivion ( I could laugh and have a better sense of humor if there wasn’t ACTUAL hate for this newer version. It’s kind of like, why call out JJ Trek for one thing when you can do the same for many many years of prime universe Trek? Why the name calling? Why the childish web posts? If we were more civil about the state of Trek, it would all be in good fun and it would all feel like it’s in good fun. But it just doesn’t feel that way. I guess that’s my issue with all of this.

MJ who could or would choose JUST Ginger or Mary Anne? I mean dude…really

I don’t expect the new movies to be like the old stuff. I just expect them to be entertaining. STID WAS. And they are better than the Star Wars prequels. Argue that. Dare ya.

Look, I love STID, but that’s pretty damn funny.

@Smike and PaulB

About Simon:

It’s not like we’re giving them much love either. If fans can dish it out then they should be able to take it. “Do unto others” and all that. They (the cast, crew, writers, director, etc.) really get A LOT of hate, scorn and hostility shot at them, Orci and JJ in particular. ESPECIALLY from the very people who should be supporting them. So I can sympathize.

#41 LizardGirl, I disagree about it being a dish it/take it situation. Fans are paying customers, with every right to give feedback (positive AND negative) about what they receive. I haven’t seen a lot of people saying, “F— Pegg” or anything like that to the actors. (A lot of “F— Lindelof,” but that’s a different matter.) The ACTORS have not been the brunt of fan hatred–at least, none that I’ve seen.

The writers and Abrams have received a lot of much-deserved harsh criticism and far too much pissy vitriol, but the actors are almost universally liked, so Pegg hasn’t been dished what he just dished out.

For Pegg–who gets PAID by the fans for his work–to say “f**k you” to fans is VERY different than fans griping about the movie. ‘Thanks for paying for my lifestyle, now F**K you!’

I’ve been a Trekkie since the early 70s with TAS in first-run, and I adored ST09 beyond belief, but STID and the behavior of Pegg, Orci, and Lindelof has made it clear to me (and others) that Star Trek has become something that is no longer welcoming to a lot of us, whether we’re TOS fans, TNGers, or whatever. Maybe it’s still “real Star Trek” (whatever that is), but it’s no longer a Star Trek that some of us want to be around.

Classic Trek in ALL incarnations said, “Humans will outgrow this savage phase and become better, more enlightened people.” Lindelof openly scoffs at that idealism, and Orci’s conspiracy theories clearly show he doesn’t believe it either.

The new Trek is summed up in Pegg’s words and attitude: “F**k you, humans suck!”

Classic Trek: “The human adventure is just beginning.” New Trek: “F**k adventure, let’s start a fight club!”

re:#42 — I didn’t mean to imply that Pegg actually said, “F**k you, humans suck!” I just meant that his “F you” and the “humans suck” attitude of the writers add up to that being the nuTrek attitude.

# 25. Smike

Well said.

Smike: Try decaf!

Sorry to ay this, but Simon Pegg is right! It’s a wonder Star trek has lived as long as it has. I swear, the fans will drive it into the ground. Pathetic!

@ Paul~

“I’ve been a Trekkie since the early 70s with TAS in first-run, and I adored ST09 beyond belief, but STID and the behavior of Pegg, Orci, and Lindelof has made it clear to me (and others) that Star Trek has become something that is no longer welcoming to a lot of us, whether we’re TOS fans, TNGers, or whatever. Maybe it’s still “real Star Trek” (whatever that is), but it’s no longer a Star Trek that some of us want to be around.”


Yeaaayyy, brother! Exactly. We’re no longer the ‘desired demographic’ anymore, so we older fans get a “f**k you” and are shown the door. Here’s hoping the next movie crashes and burns if it employs the same lazy, uninspired writers….

#46 – Sebastian, I was surprised–as a 43-year-old fan–to find myself loving ST09. It’s my third favorite Trek film EVER, and I don’t care about any of its flaws while watching it because I enjoy the ride so much.

But STID shows what you said: these writers are lazy and uninspired. OR maybe they really wanted to be original, but Abrams overrode them, or Paramount, or…

But Orci’s own comments about their writing OPENLY confirm the laziness, the “didn’t think of that” mindset of this bunch. That’s all okay, if only they actually believed in the basic premise of Star Trek.

Oh well. Maybe the third film will surprise me like ST09 did, but I really doubt that from this bunch. They only have about three tools in their belt, and they’ve used ’em all–twice!

# 47

I enjoyed ST09 too! Very much. Had no idea it was a fluke.
I think the writers loved it as much as we did; so much so that every good thing about it was copied and used again in STID. They had a whole new rebooted universe and they cut and pasted a script from the best moments of both their own movie and Wrath of Khan.

Disappointment doesn’t begin to cover it. I just don’t like this movie at all. And judging by the pile of cash it made? I don’t think the writers will feel any pressing need to change the formula any time soon. As Deep Throat said to Woodward during the Watergate scandal, “Follow the money…”

I can almost guarantee you that the next movie will have a rehashed, popular villain (The Borg, Charlie X, Gary Mitchell, Harry Mudd, whatever) and some sort of revenge plot. And I’m sure they’ll ‘blow up stuff real good’ too (gotta keep the 14 year olds from squirming in their seats too much; they might get bored, heaven forbid…).

Yeah, this is REALLY what Gene Roddenberry wanted, I’m sure….

@48. I do agree that STID wasn’t nearly as good at Trek 2009. But Trek 2009 was such a nearly perfect movie, that it was hard to top that.

I really like STIII-The Search for Spock. But I remember when it came out, right after WOK being so universally loved, that a lot of people bitch about it. Just like we are seeing now with STID.

I guarantee you that if STID had come out after Nemesis, it would be beloved right now.

Trek fans will bitch no matter what. I bought the film off iTunes and despite its problems, it’s still a very enjoyable Trek adventure. Far more watchable then 3/4ths of the TNG films.