J.J. Abrams endorses Rupert Wyatt for Star Trek 3 director – still nothing official

While still nothing official has been announced about the next director for the 3rd Bad Robot Star Trek movie, the website HitFix caught up with J.J. Abrams during the home video release celebration of Into Darkness. They asked him about the rumor that Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) was being considered, and the status of any pre-production progress on the 3rd movie.



On Rupert Wyatt:

He’s incredibly talented, and we’d be lucky to have someone as talented as Rupert. But there are things we’re focusing on right now before the director, which is just sort of the fundamentals of where the story is gonna go.


On the status of Trek 3:

It’s too early to talk about details, but there have been a lot of really exciting ideas about what comes next.

On producing Trek 3:

I plan to be involved in the story and producing the film and I feel very blessed to be involved at all.


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Wyatt would be good. Fortunately for Star Trek, Orci and the rest of the folks who made the last two movies should be sticking around.

I am glad these guys are making these movies. Trek for a new generation. I think they take far too much criticism. I love these new movies.

Agreed. I don’t imagine it keeps them up at night. LOL

They need to get it (Star Trek) BACK to the prime timeline in the next movie. I would have really enjoyed seeing the prime characters in the academy. The story arc should incorporate both timelines, maybe have Prime Spock trying to return to his time and something gets fouled up and both exist for a short time. Wouldn’t it be an iconic moment to have Shatner and Pine look in each others eyes for a moment in time? THAT would be a movie worth seeing!!

#4: No.

What you’ve just described is a cheap, gimmicky, groan-worthy X-men plot.

No more prime timeline. Don’t even want to see Nimoy again. Let it go.

@4. Not only no, but hell no!

Yes, love movies. But what lies beyond Star Trek 3? THAT’s the question …

Still early days though.


Lets see…… ‘we’d be lucky…”, “it’s to early…”, “I plan to be….”……

Loose translation: Nothing is being done at this point, except chatting up a few talking points over pizza and beer.

Wyatt would be a great choice.

Still think they should bring in Ron Moore to help write.

How many posts away are we from someone seriously proposing that they bring 67 year-old Nicholas Meyer out of retirement to work on this? LOL

It’s the five year mission. I want some black hole or voyage to the end of the universe or some area of space where logic does not function and they have to work out how to escape where traditional methods won’t work & it’s all about figuring out the physics and logic of this weird phenomenon.

Just NO Villain this time. And no canon references. Make something truly original. The 3rd film will be make or break. I’ll love it whatever it is but no more referencing the past.

@ 12. Platitude – September 12, 2013

“Wyatt would be a great choice.
Still think they should bring in Ron Moore to help write.”

Agree. Ron Moore should be called in to help Bob & Alex. Not sure if I like the idea that Abrams will be involved in the story as well. He should leaves that to the writers & whoever is going to direct the movie.

@12. Oh, so you are on board for a reboot of Generations? John Logan was nominated for an Academy Award, that’s no guarantee of success, either.

4 CoolPT, Gosh no, I couldn’t disagree more. We need room for new stories and a new dynamic for Starfleet. I think the shake-up after Marcus goes would provide many interesting storylines.

I just feel like the Prime timeline’s been done to DEATH. We hopped backward in time for “Enterprise” – good series that didn’t get its due – and forward in time for ST:TNG, DS9 and Voyager. I don’t want to go 200 years farther into the future – imagine the sets and technology? I can’t. Having it farther in the future than TOS is problematic as it is.

11 Phil, Yep, sounds like the same kind of messing about they did before the thoughtfully considered, “not-rushed” STiD was scripted and began shooting [sarcasm].


13 Dennis Bailey, hahaha! They’ll be jumping on the bandwagon anytime now :p … Nick Meyer, Shatner, more Nimoy … I just feel like folks need to move on. Ron Moore or a Sci-Fi writer would be a great addition to the writing staff [as long as we don’t get all that “honorable Klingon warriors” stuff. It was already tiresome by TNG Season 4.

They’re not going to do a movie without an actual character as the villain.

#1: I think you meant UNfortunately.

@ 4 CoolPT,

I agree. According to what I understand, JJ and company only have a contract to do three films. Once JJ gets further into the “Star Wars” universe, I personally believe he will just move onto other things.

Some suggestions For Star Trek XIII…

Final Fronteir
Strange New Worlds
New Life
New Civilisations
Sound familiar?

On a Real budget!
The sahame about the last 2 films, they had big budgets & big action but barely saw another planet was all earth & gun fights

To Bob, Alex, JJ and Bryan – Solid choice for a director.

With regards to the new movie: please DON’T turn it into Star TrekWars.

Star Wars is endless conflict (given the name). Star Trek is exploration, of the human condition and the unknown.

If you’re going with the Klingon war prospect, how about a triple threat of Kor, Koloth and Kang? Three ships plus the Enterprise. Dare I ask, have an away mission to a damaged Fed ship where Sulu assumes temporary command.

But don’t do the “one of the Klingons” turns evil/betrays nonsense. Make this about the Feds and Klingons finding themselves forced to work together — and fighting alongside each other. And when it means doom for both sides, the Organians step in. Both sides stay war free, although still somewhat distrustful.

I don’t want to see shoot em up Trek.

Get back to the Grand Adventure.

After 3 they should do a TV series set in the nuTrek verse, with a new crew. And they could use it to have guest stars from the Prime verse every once in a while.

If they do go back to the prime universe, the next film should be called “Star Trek XI”. I think JJ’s mirror universe needs to stand alone.

They got away with earth in the first film where they were putting the crew together but didn’t fullfill the promise of the first film & go out exploring
Instead straight back to earth (to appeal to the forign market)

Don’t forget the third Vengefull Villan in a big Black Ship in a row- Ughh

Is that too much to ask for $150-190 Million budgets?

Now if only we were getting news that the writers were leaving, too, I’d be much happier.

I wonder how much control the writers had over how shallow New-Trek has been. I guess we’ll find out when Trek 3 comes out since it doesn’t seem like the writers are going anywhere.


#20: “I think you meant UNfortunately.”

Clearly, some obscure use of the word “think” that I was previously unfamiliar with.

Uh-uh. Try again.

@ 11. Phil – September 12, 2013

“Lets see…… ‘we’d be lucky…”, “it’s to early…”, “I plan to be….”……
Loose translation: Nothing is being done at this point, except chatting up a few talking points over pizza and beer.”

Hopefully it won’t take them another FOUR YEARS to finish the movie.

@ 18. Marja – September 12, 2013

“11 Phil, Yep, sounds like the same kind of messing about they did before the thoughtfully considered, “not-rushed” STiD was scripted and began shooting [sarcasm].


YES, I really hope that Lindelof will have ZERO input in this process.

@11. Phil

Yum! Pizza and cold beer sounds good right about now!

I’m still holding out for Brad Bird, but this would not be a bad alternative.

Agreed . . . new story, new situation. We’re finally starting the 5 year mission. Kirk’s the youngest captain in the fleet. No mentor to fall back on. He’s on his own far from Earth and Starfleet. Adherence to the prime directive is about to be tested.

As far as the haters . . . the “old ones” (and you know who you are) who are on board are eager for more. Those that aren’t . . . then so be it. Let’s just get on with it and make the third in the series original with no references to the past. Been there, done that.

Loved ST09, adored STID and cant wait to see what they come up with for the third one. This is a golden age of critical and commercial success for Star Trek – lets hope it results in a new TV show.

LL&P Star Trek

Sorry poster number 4, but add me to the ‘hell no’ brigade

I think it’s a safe bet we’ll never see the Prime Universe again, at least in the movies, especially from this crew. And as much as I grew up with and loved it myself, I have to agree with keeping it in the Alt. timeline. And for God’s sake, don’t include “Khan” in it again. Or whoever he was.

I’ve already watched Into Darkness twice since I purchased it, I love the new movies. I am glad everyone from the previous 2 movies will be involved with the 3rd.

With regards to the prime universe, its never gone, just like the mirror universe is always there. I have a feeling a new TV show will still take place in the prime universe because a lot will change. Undoubtably after the Dominion War, Bajor and the Cardassian Union have joined the Federation, with the Federation helping with resources to rebuild Cardassia. With Rom as the new Grand Nagus and the reforms on Ferenginar, you have to assume that they also end up joining the Federation. Who wouldn’t love to see Cardassians and Ferengi in Starfleet uniforms. With Martok as head of the council, I have a feeding ties between the Federation and Klingon Empire are stronger than they have ever been. This is assuming we continue in the prime timeline.

I don’t feel that all Star Trek movies and TV shows from here on in have to be in the alternate universe. The alternate universe was a nice vacation for Star Trek to step into something and take a change, try something new and learn something.

There is no reason that a new TV in the prime universe cannot be as badass as the movies yet continue on with tradition. I’ve said this before and ill say it again, a new Star Trek TV show should take place 100-200 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis with the TV show taking concepts, ideas from previous Star Trek, the new movies, and a littles show from Ron Moore called Battlestar Galactica.

I wish to ask this question:

Why the strong feelings from some of you that Star Trek be forever finished with the Prime Universe? I’m not saying that that AU set up by JJ and company needs to be “reset”or anything, just why does the original time line (or what-have-you) have to be done away with?

My personal wish is that Star Trek returns to TV and that it takes place a long time after Nemesis in the Prime Universe. I would prefer a new Enterprise and crew but that isn’t imperative to me.

I understand the original concept that JJ and Orci and the rest had for the AU and it being something to free them from 40+ years of canon and such but I don’t see why that would have to be the case for a Star Trek series set 100-200-300 years past Voyager. I’d personally like to see where man has advanced (or not) and what the current state of the Federation and Starfleet is.

As for the possible new director, I don’t know enough about him. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a good movie but not anything to me that was ground-breaking or amazing from a directorial point of view. It appeared to be a well managed production so that’s good.

#37 Commodore Adams

You, sir, are obviously a man of high intelligence and uncompromising good taste.

Either that or the Force is strong with the both of us.

Or maybe all of the above.

It is time for someone NEW. The whole idea about going back in time to erase everything was to do something NEW not a rehash.

STID was a piss poor Star Trek II wanna be and I don’t appreciate being told to “F” off by cast and the writers. People who were NEVER fans in the first place.

Something original or get out!

I am number 8 and 11. Number 40 is someone else.

Phil – only ONE (1) writer told ONE (1) person to “F off” and only ONE (1) cast member told ONE (1) small group of people to “F off”.

None of the writers or cast have ever told me to “F off”.

Just saying…this is no time to exaggerate or misrepresent the two actual events that took place.

Please – just stop.

Oh, I see. So there is a imposter here now.

Too sad.

Opening Prologue Scene: Nurse Christine Chapel is discovered on a distant planet with scientist boyfriend Roger Corby gone mad and sends Ruk on the attack. Kirk Fu and Spock Mind Meld attacks ensue as Chapel is heroically rescued!!

Roll title” Star Trek Ruks” or “Star Trek Rules”or “Star Trek Games” You know that they hate Colons and boborci removed all the colons on his PC and IPad.

The Klingons take Ruk’s body to build their own fighting androids unknown to the Enterprise crew. Later as Kang, Kor and Koloth engage the Enterprise the angry Ruk android defeats the Klingons as the Enterprise gets their butts kicked. Nurse Chapel then pleads with him not to destroy the Enterprise, (weep, weep) Afterwards Spock and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson defeats a cadre of cloned Ruks to save wimpy Kirk’s life. THE END.

Can we get some new writers as well, especially after Orci’s recent tantrum that pissed off a lot of Trek fans?

@44. Dooooo you smellllllll what the Ruk is cooking?

I foresee an Oscar here.

@ Phil


#17. Marja – September 12, 2013

We are so compatico that hope you can forgive me this, but whenever I hear a fan declare that some “universe” has been “done to death” I hear the Animaniacs singing IT’S A GREAT BIG UNIVERSE.

I mean, how could the Prime universe be over? As best I recall they haven’t even visited another (unparalleled) galaxy yet? Do you have any idea of how many galaxies there are that don’t even resemble ours in the slightest manner whatsoever? The Kelvans (sic) hinted that intergalactic travel is within Federation capability. And I’m very curious as to whether or not Kirk gave them a better deal than he did Khan? A Federation Intergalactic ship using reconstitutable dodecahedrons(?) instead of suspended animation chambers…

Ronnald D Moore would be a brilliant addition to the writing staff and why not make him executive producer too?

All sounds really promising I think.