Ortiz TOS episode art prints colleced into a limited edition book and new TAS posters

Pop artist Juan Ortiz who has been creating retro movie-style posters for all Original Series episodes recently completed all TOS episodes. Titan Books is now releasing the entire TOS collection in a limited edition coffee table book in the US and UK. It’s a great deal for those who want all of the episode posters in one collection. Ortiz has now moved on to The Animated Series, and is on a fourth wave of posters for those episodes.

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz


What if every Star Trek: The Original Series episode was a movie event? What would the movie poster look like? This was the inspiration to develop a one-of-a-kind set of images for the series that launched a franchise. Artist Juan Ortiz has created unique retro-style art with the look of a 60s movie poster, comic book, pulp novel cover or advertisement, one each for all 80 episodes.

Titan Books

The Animated Series Prints

Sold exclusively through Star Trek.com, Ortiz has released three previous waves of TAS posters. This newest fourth group contains posters for: “The Ambergris Element,” “The Slaver Weapon,” “The Eye of the Beholder,” and “The Jihad”.

ortiz_tas_ambergris ortiz_tas_jihad

Star Trek.com

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Loved The Ambergris Element!! So cool to see Kirk and Spock as fish, plus the new shuttles. The Jihad was more controversial for its title than for its content, but it’s also a cool TAS ep.

Neat posters!!

Everytime I see the word ambergris I think of the movie Hannibal when they are trying to figure out Lecter’s custom scent

“Sold exclusively through Star Trek.com Ortiz has released three previous waves of TAS posters, the newest fourth group contains posters for:”

Jheez, guys, come on… PROOFREAD. That sentence makes NO SENSE whatsoever from a grammatical standpoint, and is just embarrassing.

Yeah, cuz rest ofus never maks typos!

Which poster is the inset from? I’ve looked through all the links.

@#3 English comprehension not a strong point for you then?

It could be worded better but the point is still made.

Also, its the Internet.

Also, its a blog site.. Ya know, not professional journalists.

Also, I’m sure someone with more time than I will come along and grammar nazi any posts YOU make.. Then we are in a parallel world of grammar pain.

Because.. It’s the Internet.

That’s what the species do now. Only really a little step up from hitting eachother with rocks, so…

@6 wow RoR… feel much humanity lately?

i’ll admit my ignorance for some of the episode titles from TAS. shocking to actually see the title ‘Jihad’… but i guess back in the 70’s the name didnt have its poltical and religious steaming pile as large or offensive back then.

#8 —

There were several that didn’t match their episodes. Most egregiously “Amok Time.”

I looked at them every time they released a new set … I ended up liking about 50% of them.

I don’t like these enough to get a book of them. They’re just not that good, most of them. 3-4 are good. That’s it.

Wish they’d spread it out among more than one designer.

#10 —

Had I the job (and a lick of talent), I would have used steam rising from the coal pit, encircling a stylized image of the shattered gong. That’s why I hated the dragon so much. If he wanted something to represent “fever,” there was a steaming pit … right there in the episode.

If I was going to include a face on it (as he did), I’d make sure it had pointed ears.

But that’s just me.

What is Thunderbird 4 doing on the cover of The Ambergris Element?

Pick, pick, pick.

It’s getting as bad as aintitcoolnews around here.

I’m looking forward to my copy of the book arriving from Amazon any day now. A fun, fresh take on a 47 year old TV show.

These are wonderful!

Got my Ortiz hardcover in the mail yesterday! I don’t have enough room in my home for shot glasses or posters, so this is the BEST format to collect all of his amazing artwork!

I see where the link takes you to Titan Books’ website, which informs you that the book is nearly 25 pounds.

That’s pretty heavy for a book. ;)

Seriously, it’s good to see someone putting effort into TOS and even TAS remembrances. I mean, he could have done Voyager.

I would love to see TAS redone. Keep the voices, replace the visuals with high quality computer generated imagery! I know there have been thoughts along those lines. Are there any actual plans to do it?

The Ambergris Element.

The only time submerging a spacecraft actually made sense. ;-)

I am a great fan of TAS and I’m glad to see that series get a little bit of love.
I mean, it had the original cast in NEW adventures. It was the dream come true of every Trekkie, circa 1972. I myself watched them on first run. Combined with reruns of TOS at the time, they were my ‘gateway drug’ into ST (and some of their fantastical plots/aliens were no doubt drug-inspired, I’m sure; but they were interesting all the same…). ;-)

Granted, the animation is somewhat limited, and they reuse the same actor’s voices ad infinitum but for the most part, they really captured the essence of TOS very well indeed. I can forgive their limitations the same way I can forgive some of the cheesy sets and dodgy makeups of the live action series; because the stories were a lot of fun.

I got this book on release day and I love it. It’s a great coffee table book and the descriptions of where he got his inspiration for each poster is nice.

I just wish the main color of the cover was any color other than white.

Chirst, trekkies are so uptight these days.

One thing they definitely got right on TAS, though, was the hiring of people like Mark Lenard, Roger C. Carmel, and Stanley Adams to reprise their roles as Sarek, Harry Mudd, and Cyrano Jones. Also, there’s an episode (“The Survivor”) where the antagonist is played by Ted Knight, who had done a lot of work for Filmation a few years earlier, before he became famous as Ted Baxter.

And Sarek and young Spock’s conversation in “Yesteryear” is almost word-for-word used in the 2009 Star Trek movie. But you already knew that.


I like a lot of Ortiz’s work, but I agree, it’d be lots of fun to have multiple artists working on such a project. As a bit of an artist myself, I’m sure graphics artists would really have enjoyed such a project.

Maybe Ortiz was the first one to think of it and he initiated the project? Who knows.

Also, as a “grammar Nazi” myself, I can identify with the “pain;” when I read some things [like badly proof-read fanfic] I just move along, b/c I can’t stand reading that kind of writing.

But I give people working in their spare time to produce a widely read, short article for our pleasure. It’s not like they’re story crafting, they’re just trying to pass along information.

Hell, my local newspaper has more mistakes.

Re: “Amok Time,” it might have worked for me if the dragon had flames issuing from its mouth. The dragon is a mighty thing to wrestle with.

But the firepit and the broken gong kind of says it all, and I’d love to see his portrayal of the gorgeous Arlene Martel as T’Pring.

Big fan of The Animated Series ,
So,I concur.

Congratulations, to some of you. Your pi$$ing off Bob made the news. Keep your panties in a wad, it won’t change III.

#28 dscott

I believe you are lost, old man. The pointless vitriol has been relegated to the “Star Trek Is Broken–No It’s Not” threads. This would be the “Funny Drawings As They Relate To Star Trek Episodes” article.

Plomeek Soup… what do you think a Plomeek is? It’s a dragon. Mystery solved!
And the death hand gripping the Enterprise… well, Khan did take over the Enterprise from its crew and was ready to kill them off. Kind of foreshadows Wrath of Khan and also Into Darkness in a strange way.

Well, one thing I find interesting is that he inserted a drawing of the Aquashuttle that I released on another poster back in the late 90’s. Very flattering, though I would like to have known beforehand if possible. Maybe he’ll give me a free autographed copy? :)

#29 THX-1138~


Nice to have thread ushers… ;-)

Well I don’t think I’ve been around this site since the movie came out in May. Looks like there are alot of interesting articles to catch up. Looking forward to reading up in the comments sections to boot! It’s nice to come to a little corner of the web and know it’s a safe and welcoming place for a Trek fan. A place with fans respecting each other’s opinions. Everyone getting along and trying to live up to the ideal of Trek and IDIC. What I’m looking forward to seeing if Bob Orci has been interacting with the community. I always enjoyed the way he would keep in touch with us fans because we would give him respect for having help revived Trek! It’s feels good to be back!

#32 Sebastian

I wouldn’t want a fellow poster to waste a good diatribe.

#33 MJ….er….”BJ”

This is a completely safe place for any Trek fan, no matter their position on any issue. Unless they are a$$hats.