Chance at a Worf TV Show? The Idea’s “Never Dead” Says Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn called in to chat with the guys over at the Transporter Room 3 podcast to talk Trek and the possibilities for Trek on TV. He even mentioned a script that he himself wrote for a possible Worf TV show, where the Klingon we know and love is fighting for the Empire (and even has some humans on board for the ride). Is that still a possibility? It’s “never dead” says the man himself. Hit the jump to hear the podcast.


Transporter Room 3: Episode 50

Michael Dorn chimes in about a Worf TV show around 1:15:00

Transporter Room 3 Talks to Michael Dorn about Worf on TV
“Where do you suppose Worf is now?” That was the question posed to Michael Dorn at the end of his chat with the guys over at Transporter Room 3. His answer hinted at a (now likely defunct) script written for a Worf TV show sometime last year.

“Well, I actually wrote… last year, there was a chance that there was gonna be a Worf show on television. We don’t know where it was gonna be; it may not have been networked. It may have been cable. Who knows? But, there was interest.”

It turns out, Dorn even penned some of the script himself.

“What I wrote is Worf is still on a journey of discovery, is still trying to find his place in the universe. Not in the Klingon world or in Starfleet, but kind of in the universe and in his own soul. He has a ship. He has a mission. And he has his first officer — his girlfriend. He has a new girlfriend who is as badass as he is. And he is, basically, with all the things going on, he is still trying to hold the Klingon Empire together with all of its faults and foibles and assassinations and coups. And at the same time he’s trying to find his own way in the universe.”

That sounds cool. Is there still a chance that it could happen?
So there’s a script, and there’s some sort of interest, according to Dorn. But, is this something that’s still a possibility? When can we see Worf on TV?

“I have the script! I think that if there’s enough interest with the fans, with the news media, with writers, it’s never dead. The script is done; I’ve already written it. I’m getting ready to send it out and kind of inundate the business with it to see if anybody’s interested. So we’ll see, but it’s never dead.”

“It’s a Klingon ship”
Dorn goes on to talk a bit about the details of the would-be new Worf show. “It’s a Klingon ship,” said Dorn, who added that, the same way the Enterprise was home to a Klingon, Worf’s ship would include human officers aboard.

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Since Worf resigned his commission, he’s been teaching pottery classes on the planet Sculpture 4…..

So, the proposed show is basically an inverse of TNG. Been there, done that.

Ain’t gonna happen

Well all you can say about that to Mr. Dorn is, “Qapla!”

I love Dorn, and like Worf, but I really wearied of all the Klingon politics and societal and family challenges in TNG.

But I have to say, I have never seen any Trek actor – including Nimoy – exude such personal charisma and oh, I’ll just say it, sex appeal, as I saw when I attended a con at which Dorn spoke. Whooo-ee!

Uh, no. I think we have moved on. I wish that the ex-Trek actors would do the same. No more Michael Dorn, William Shatner, George Takei, et al.

Time for new actors to headline any new proposed series.

Otherwise, it just becomes “Inside Star Trek” all over again….

BTW, I like Michael Dorn as an actor, and Worf as a character. I just don’t have any desire to see any more of them.

This show was NEVER being considered, I guarantee you. It never had even the remotest chance of being made.

Memo to Michael Dorn,

Dude, I loved you 25 years ago on TNG. But you are in your 60’s now. Your Star Trek ship has sailed.

Enjoy your free time and your grandkids — you’ve earned it!

Red Dead,

Very encouraged to see that Mark Hammill is getting into shape:

Man, I wish I had a couple million dollar contract for a movie to force me to get motivated to lose some weight!

i do want to see another show set on the prime timeline,one more jj film and finish it,then straight back with the prime timelime,the worf show could be as good,like ds9 tried to break away from a starship show this could do so as well,ok its still on a ship however a klingon ship so diffrent,maybe a straight blurau would be great

needs to be a story about this twitter post

#8 MJ

Don’t mean to bag on your post, but the article you linked to says the picture of Hamill is from 2005. Hopefully he can get himself into the kind of shape in that picture, though.

Okay, before the ‘no way in hell’ critics go to ape s**t over this, Dorns post-Trek career has pretty much consisted of some voice over work. So cut the guy some slack for trying to keep busy. If the guy is scratching for work, I’d much rather seem him do something, anything in Trek then working as a greeter at some Indian casino in North Dakota somewhere….

Really do we need a TV show about Worf in his old age single handly fighting the Senile’s of the planet Geriatrics 4 or carpet bombing the peaceful non technological moon world of Rustic 12?

Mr. Dorn have you thought about maybe a nice night club act or even driving a Mr. Softie Icecream truck?

Just sayin….

Man, you guys are lame.

I would LOVE to see him don the makeup and head gear one more time. Is there a most solid and kick ass character who they could possibly make a new thing out of??

I hope this happens. I will watch it, all of you haters will watch it… do you REALLY want NOTHING to happen? Would that make you all a lot happier, just waiting for another film with Chris Pine and co?

I for one am excited even at the possibility of seeing Michael Dorn’s Worf, one more flippn’ time. There are always possibilities…

The idea is dead.

This is the same guy who thought fans would fork over $750k to watch him do a romantic comedy with his Trek cronies.

I like Worf, but Dorn’s ego is increasingly bugging me.

@13 (The Keeper): You’re saying NOTHING. Michael Dorn probably looks better now than when he first played Worf, thanks to having a strict diet and exercise routine. Secondly, he would be in make-up playing his old character, and his script would be about an older Worf who is still adventuring. Geriatric, he isn’t, especially when compared to THIS guy:

Personally, I’d be lucky to be like Dorn or the “Old Man” who is doing pull ups at their age…

I think this would be rad, but I’m not sure that it really as much a of chance to happen. But maybe as a mini-series?

I think it would be great to see Worf again, even if just for a low budget DVD movie or mini-series. What would it hurt? If you wouldn’t want to see it, then fine, don’t tune in. It’s ok to not care, just as you may not care to read any of the trek novels that have come along. But please don’t shoot it down for those of us who would enjoy it.

I wouldn’t really be interested to watch it, but more power to him if he could actually get it made. I liked Worf on TNG just fine, but can’t see him headlining a whole series.

But heck, I’m no TV executive.

I’d love to see a Worf show. His was one of the richest charaters in Trek until they tried to make him a joke in the films. I would rather see him as the first Klingon captain in Starfleet. His mentors have been among the best leaders in the fleet: Picard, Riker, and Sisko. It would interesting to see him employ a bit of each of their influence on him. In this series, we would see that he has matured into a capable leader, a skilled tactician, and an accomplished diplomat.

Let’s see…We’ve had Michael Dorn, Brian Fuller, Seth McFarlane, and (if I remember correctly) even Ron Moore express interest in a new Trek TV series. And probably a few that I can’t rember right now. Not to mention numerous posters here. HELLO CBS, ARE YOU LISTENING????

Yes, unfortunately the picture of the fit Mark Hamill was from about 2005 or so. Almost ten years ago.

So we have to hope that he does some work outs at the gym…

The Klingon politics and plotting got as boring to me as Bajoran religion.

This is never going to happen.



Oh, and about Mark…. I’m his age and damn, it is HARD to loose weight at this age.

I wish I had a personal chef and trainer to help!

THX, Read Dead,

Whoops — yea — I didn’t read beyond the photo. I hope can look close to that photo for the movie.

Dorn, the George Takei of TNG.
I’m sure there was interest in a Worf show- in his household anyway. Beyond that…….

The series sounds cool to me.

God please NO. I love worf, really I do, but Captain “I’m going to shoot the viewscreen because Q’s face is on it” really, really doesnt need to happen.

Leave it go.

Give us a series set 75 years AFTER The Next Generation. Bring back an Enterprise and crew it with a whole new cast. Take us into the future as TNG brought us to where we are now.

Sorry Worf, but you’re played out. You’ve been in more Star Trek that anyone else and probably ever well. Be glad and move on.

Not going to happen. No movie/tv exec is going back to the “Prime” Universe. The J.J. movies and their success have closed all doors to anything TNG, DS9, or Voyager. Sadly.

In the novel universe, at least, he’s the first officer of the Enterprise now under Captain Picard. I’ve been an avid novel reader and followed the continuation of the spin-offs. In a way, a Worf based show would bother me if for no other reason, it would blow up years of stories that have been written since Nemesis.

But, there’s not going to be any continuation of the spin-offs. Whether you want to see it or not, it won’t happen. You may see a new series someday in the prime timeline, sure. But it will likely be something like ideas that have been floated that take place maybe a century or more after Voyager. Far enough from the other shows that they can create something more or less original without conflicting with canon.

I think the next Star Trek series will be set in the new movies universe and it will be told from a human perspective and the majority of characters will be human and not aliens. I really doubt we will see Worf in a main role again, especially played by Michael Dorn.

Why not make a web-based series like New Voyages / Phase II, or ST Continues, or all the other high-quality fan series that have appeared in the last years…?

Sounds like a good ‘Blood and Chrome’ type short series. I would enjoy seeing Dorn as Worf again. I vote yes.

As much as I like Worf, this sounds like a terrible self-serving vanity project.

I enjoyed Worf showing up in all the movies and series, sometimes inexplicably but a Captain Worf series? No way. That would not sustain Trek.

Now if Abrams wants to include a young Col. Worf in the next movie, I’m down with that.

I’d be so in, sounds much more exciting than another bland TNG repeat set in an elliptical vs a spiral galaxy with even blander aliens.

@ 8. MJ: Can you not read? Or are you just blind? The website you linked to CLEARLY indicated that pic of Hamill was taken almost 10 years ago.

No, no….please…no Worf centric show. I loved the character…especially on DS9 where he was more…”complete” and not screaming embarrassing Klingon nonsense as he did in at least the earlier TNG seasons.

I don’t care to see a love relationship on Trek. That is NOT what Trek is about or for. Girlfriend for a first officer? Seriously? You don’t think that would compromise Worf’s ability to command effectively, Michael?

No more Klingon nonsense. That grew from interesting to rather tiresome in just a couple seasons of DS9. I sure as heck don’t want to see an entire series based on it.

Klingon nonsense meaning the political infighting, etc.

I think Worf was/is my favorite ST character by far, and while I would love to see a guest appearance by the character, I don’t know that he could lead a successful series. That being said, I think that the more important take away of the interview (at least the written part above) is that whether it comes from the fans or past Treak actors, there is a definte feeling that ST to be back on TV, which I completely agree with.

#37. ME!!

Did you not see MJ’s post at #25? Or are YOU blind?

Of course I’d watch it, or at least give it a try. So would most of you. Now, rest assured you’d COMPLAIN about it afterwards, but you’d watch.

Unless someone can make a Trek series as compelling and addictive as Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, or as grand and sweeping and epic as Game Of Thrones, I don’t want it anyway.

Any new Trek show has to be a completely different animal than what any of us have seen before. With GREAT writing.

I love Worf and think ashow with him as Capt would be sweet. I don’t think it should be on a Klingon ship. I love the Klingon and every thing about them but I think to many people would be turned off by seeing a show taking place a dark lighting Bird of Pray. I would love to see Worf be the Capt of a next generation Defiant typ war ship. I also would love to see Martok back on tv.

Crud, we told them NOT to do a new movie with Khan and they did it anyway so….

Get ready for Star Trek: Wrath of Worf next fall on G4!

These TNG guys make me laugh, nobody is interested & Paramount gave you all the chop in 2002 after your 4th disaster of a movie. TIME TO RETIRE !!!

45–I wouldn’t put First Contact in the disaster column. While it has a few detractors, it was a blockbuster when it came out.

I’ve noticed many fans have it as one of their top 3 to 4 Star Trek films.

But, it’s true, CBS already doesn’t seem to keen on any new series at this point. Certainly not a follow up to one of the spin-offs. The most Dorn could hope for might be a role in an episode of any new show (perhaps as an older Worf in a show taking place 100 years later, since we know Klingons are long lived).

45–Unless by “disaster” of a movie you are simply referring to Nemesis, and not lumping all 4 movies together.

Maybe he could play his grandfather…

The headline floating around is that Orci is pitching a series to CBS. So the list continues to grow….and we need to accept it will be in the new universe if (and that’s a big if) it happens…


I think seeing him in his regular [sex-aaaay] Human form might be cool in the next movie. He could play an Admiral in charge of Fleet Ops, or an updated Commodore “Decker” … a nod to Trekfans that wouldn’t disrupt the film or its plot.

… that is, if they can’t get DENZEL WASHINGTON or TOM HANKS ;-)