UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Orci talked to CBS about Trek TV Show

Putting Star Trek back on TV has been increasingly talked about as of late. Out of nowhere a tweet from reporter Joe Michalczuk who was covering the Ender’s Game press junket for the UK’s Sky News claims Roberto Orci told him he had a meeting with CBS. This is to be considered a totally unconfirmed rumor and should be taken with a large grain of salt. We also do not know who else (aside from Bob) “they” refers to in his tweet:


Orci has commented here at TrekMovie in the past about his own personal interest in maybe, perhaps, if the stars align, thinking about doing an Abramsverse Star Trek TV show. But it was mostly just personal interest, the issues with CBS and Paramount being separate companies with differing agendas seemed to be a bit of a mess. So we’ll shall see if this gets confirmed in any way. Even if it’s true, don’t count on it being publicly acknowledged, preliminary meetings are just that, preliminary, often times it’s just feeling out the parties involved, in many cases doesn’t go anywhere, or doesn’t happen quickly, so things are kept under wraps until a more concrete agreement is made.

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I nominate Bob Orci to be Czar of Star Trek. (Film, television)

Well they’ve got the first 79 episodes covered … (Or is it 80? ;-)

Please be true – please be true – please be true – please be true!

Best rumor of the week!

As long as they don’t spit out episodes like “Spock’s Brain”, I’ll be happy!

…and so, it begins…He he!

K/O Paper Products does have a two year deal with CBS so I’m glad he’s pitching a new Trek TV series. Have it premiere on 9/8/2016 – the night of the 50th anniversary.

Please make this be true… while there is a lot of great stuff on TV at the moment, I’d very much like Star Trek and Stargate to return. My personal favourite shows.

i want star trek back on TV,yes,im just not sure if this person is the right choice,yeah the last two movie have been fun,but not quiet star trek,which you can just about get away with it in its present format,i personal don’t want a TV program set in this timeline,personal one more film and then a TV program set in the primeline set after Spock move out,maybe you could have in come back home!!!a kind of book end

I hope this rumours true, I think for the new universe to be truly accepted it needs fleshing out in a TV series.

Boldly go Bob. And make it so.


If you have the money to back it, a solid premise with solid writers, a good network like SyFy (syndication even better) it should workout. It would be nice to get input from Ron Moore, Bryan Fuller, and Bryan Singer who have all shown interest in a new series and are all uniquely talented. Remember just because S.H.I.E.L.D. is a show based on the movies does not mean it will be good and will not get cut in the first season. Same with Trek, if its based on the new movies does not mean it will succeed or fail. Regardless… I have faith.

Frankly, wether its prime or alternate universe makes no huge difference to me, just to have Star Trek back on TV would be great. But deep down I do want the prime universe :) 25th century and beyond, to deal with new issues, expansion of the Federation, and just to have the technological advancements like a new type of warp drive or jump gates to allow ships to go deeper into the galaxy and explore new space. I would like to see how the Cardassian’s are progressing after the war, did Bajor and Ferenginar join the Federation. Are the Klingons and Fed’s even close bosom buddies with Martok in power, did the Romulan’s seek Federation aid after their tragedy. Granted this is wishful thinking the likes of which we might never see.

This will take years, and even with a grain of salt, it nice to hear that there are ideas fermenting from various writers, producers, and suits on what can be done with a new series.

One of the many aspects I love about Star Trek is its historical progression. We had TOS in the 23rd century, TNG, DS9, VOY in the 24th, and Enterprise covering the 22nd. There were always chunks in between which were slightly filled in. Enterprise was great, we saw what happened with Starfleet pre Federation (no Romulan war, and the beginning of the Federation in the last episode was a big slap in the face.) It would be nice to see how things have progressed in the 25th century especially with the way Star Trek Online has progressed the universe whether its cannon or not. Again, an alternate universe show is fine and I know based on the success of the new movies and the need to obtain viewers that it might be tied into the movies and Kirk’s time. My vote goes to an alternate universe show in the 25th century.

If Bob Orci is in charge it’s gonna be great. I really hope this rumor pans out to be true.

Good for Bob!!! It’s about time, it’s about space. Ah, wrong song.

I posted this on the other thread about Bob comments regarding this story.


92. Ahmed – October 11, 2013

And now, Bob replied to that article in the comments section:


i THINK MY COMMENT HAS BEEN BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. Someone asked about Star Trek TV, and I said we had inquired about the rights. Doesn’t mean a show is imminent nor do we assume CBS would want us to do that at this time. I refer you to the Roddenberry podcast for context.


this is good news. we should see a Star Trek show being aired in 2017 (after Star Trek 3) and a Next Generation show aired in 2025 (after Star Trek 9).


Please stop trying to bait Orci. Come on know, we’ve been down this road before, and the ending is not pretty.


@ 5. MJB, Imagine that! Premier on the 50th anniversary, crazy.

Granted it should not be assumed that there is a new show on the horizon but its nice to hear that some gears are turning somewhere :)

@ 15. Admiral Archer’s Prize Beagle – October 12, 2013


Please stop trying to bait Orci. Come on know, we’ve been down this road before, and the ending is not pretty.”

Please don’t respond to a comment that you didn’t understand.

This story was reported on twitter & then Collider posted an article about it & Bob clarified the whole thing in the comments section of that article.

Reboot Enterprise. Seriously.

i’ll consider that as a unconfirmed statement. Live Long And Prosper. I hope to hear more news as it comes around. Thank you Bob.

I’ve said in the other threads that CBS might be getting a little nervous that the “Crime Broadcasting System” schedule that has served them so well since around 1999 might finally be coming to an end. We’re down to one CSI, which is fading. NCIS is aging and has lost one of its stars. Last season’s attempt at a second NCIS spinoff came to nothing. “Hawaii Five-O” and “Mentalist” have been dumped in “burn-off” time-slots. “Elementary” is getting is rear end kicked in the time slot by “Scandal”, and “Person of Interest” is down big in the ratings in its new time slot (it also seems to have changed focus into “The Shaw Show”). That really leaves only “Criminal Minds” and “NCIS:LA” as successful dramas, and LA is untested without the NCIS mothership as a lead-in. New dramas other than “Elementary” have utterly failed: “Hostages”, “Vegas”, and “Made in Jersey”, with “Unforgettable” banished to summers.) The network’s attempt to launch new comedies in the past two seasons has been even worse, with “Crazy Ones” the only one with decent ratings not attributed to riding the coattails of “The Big Bang Theory” (“The Millers” is dead meat if moved anywhere else, just like “Sh*t My Dad Says” and “Rob” before it.) Really, the only genuine success for a new show CBS can point to in the last few years is summer’s “Under the Dome”, an fantasy/sci-fi/crime-drama hybrid, which might have opened the door for other non-procedural dramas on the network, such as Halle Berry’s “Extant” next summer. Might it be time for CBS to consider a relaunch of Star Trek on TV?

If a possible show (not imminent; as Orci said in Twitter) is coming from the Bad Robot team? Then I’m not holding my breath.

ST will just go further and further away from a place of optimism and creativity and towards more spectacle and empty revenge flicks. Their bungling of the last movie (and their antagonism towards the fans) really put me off.

There was a hint in a British scifi magazine about a next movie being about a Klingon War (yaaaaawn). In other words? More war, more devastation. Probably a Klingon (or Khan again) hell bent on revenge for something else, too….

Thanks, but no thanks.

Unless there is new writing talent aboard? I’m not interested.

3 Mr Ballz, You just have to have the right attitude toward “Spock’s Brain”! It’s the best campy episode of Trek ever. And it makes for a great drinking game. Sip every time you hear “brain” and you’ll be paralytic after 20 minutes :P


I say, CBS should air NuTrek on Thursday nights, 9 pm, right after their great lead-in, “The Big Bang Theory” !!!

I presume Orci asked CBS and CBS said no thanks.

I think a new series would be awesome. Think of the season-long story arcs, with shorter 2 – 3 episode arcs.

just … less violence and no revenge … pretty please.

More progress has actually been made on Dorn’s Capt. Worf idea… I would be happy to see both or either. More Enterprise on Netflix would be great too, if they could get Manny Coto back.

I hope its true! But I think this has been done before and (at least then) was nixed pretty fast by CBS. But keep our fingers crossed.

And I wonder what I want more, a new NuTrek series or Star Trek 3. Can we have both?

@24. Flake. Possible. CBS does not have to say yes to Orci just because Paramount did. CBS could ask Ron Moore, Bryan Fuller, or Bryan Singer which might be more akin to the Star Trek we know and love. The question remains, is the traditional Star Trek recipe enough to bring in the cash, and that is all that matters. If NuTrek brings in the money, then that is what is being done, its a business. You think a corporation cares about what Star Trek means to us? Ok maybe if the executives are fans themselves, but they really care about what Star Trek means to them and their business and making money. Yes we all know this, but arguing over prime or alternate isn’t going to accomplish a damn thing, its really not about what we want.

One more thing… the lukewarm reception that the fan-base gave STID may be a factor in CBS dragging their feet about a new Trek series…

just a thought… maybe it’s our own darn fault…


You have already posted that link on a couple of threads already. Please stop with the spamming/baiting/trolling. You’re not endearing yourself to anyone here by resorting to those tactics.

I think I speak for many fans when I say nuTrek in an alternate timeline was not the problem.
I like many welcomed it and even enjoyed it the first film. Lens flares certainly to me was hardly a problem. In fact I never even thought about those while more listless fans ran out of faults for the film.

But it was the crap feast and years of deception leading up to and presented to us all in STID, an entire NEW retelling of a Khan was a blatant slap in the face to us all.
Orci and his pitiful ban of lack luster writers poured us a cup of toilet water stew insisting it wasn’t Khan for months on end and then puking on us all.

Don’t get me wrong, the cast is still fabulous and was able to pull the whole thing off.
Even the directing was above par and of high standards in the Star Trek world.

The story chosen was unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary..they Boldly Went Where There Was No need To Go!

A nuTrek on TV would be great…but not under the current anemic writing talents still in control.


Marja……I don’t like camping.

Go row your own damn boat.

(I keed, I keed)


You have already posted that link a couple of times on other threads. You aren’t endearing yourself to anyone here with these kinds of tactics.

If true, this could be very good. With enough time to get character development , and most importantly show the growing friendship between Kirk and Spock to what it’s meant to be without being rushed. Dig in more with McCoys character and get more in depth with the other supporting characters Scotty, Uhura Sulu and Chekov. I’d like to get more backstory on them. What made them join Starfleet and more of them on their own showcasing their skills.

If we can get less action and more exploring (and less revenge as someone added) that would be awesome. Ending the Spock and Uhura thing would be the icing on the cake. Or just don’t bring it in at all.

However, I doubt this will ever happen. I think more Star Trek shows will come along, but not with the original characters. It might be better that way as well. As much as I love the new cast, all except Quinto and Urban leave a bit to be desired in their take on the characters IMO. Casting the characters for a third time would be EXTREMELY tricky.

@ 32. Red Dead Ryan – October 12, 2013

“You have already posted that link a couple of times on other threads. You aren’t endearing yourself to anyone here with these kinds of tactics.”

RDR, thanks a lot for your words of wisdom!
Carry on, please.

Yes, please.

Oh, and without JJ/Bad Robot. Somehow, K/OPP will manage.


“RDR, thanks a lot for your words of wisdom!”

You’re welcome! Glad to be of service!


During the home video release party for STID, JJ was asked about Trek returning to TV, and said that CBS isn’t interested in bringing Trek back to TV at the moment: http://m.craveonline.com/film/interviews/569755-exclusive-j-j-abrams-apologizes-for-his-lens-flares

Get the right team. Keep yourself open to great writing, even from unknowns… and I will be there.

Good luck to all!!

Marja and Harry Ballz – I liked watching Spock’s Brain and The Way to Eden (Oh Lord – that music, that singing…LOL). They were so bad they were good. We need more drinking song episodes like those…:)

Unfortunately, I only have Season 2 of TOS. The entire TOS series is very hard to find in these parts…and the videotapes of the above episodes taped from the TV re-runs have long since died…:(

I believe that CP could do campy as well as… Bring it on!

(Chris Pine has already proved himself to be a versatile actor.)

As much as I’d like to have a new Trek series in production and premiere for the 50th from what we’re hearing there’s not yet anything to raise hopes about.

Keachick and Marja,

I like CAMP as much as the next guy, but not from characters we watch for real-life drama (or comedy for that matter).

Never mix the two genres together.

Warning/Spoiler – A Keachick scenario on the horizon…

A TV series allows for more time to be spent on developing characters and seeing who they are as people, on and off Starfleet/starship duty.

One possible scenario is that the Menosian world gets discovered and understood by Kirk and his Enterprise. Spock and Uhura are seriously bonded and seek to make their bond public. Meanwhile James Kirk has met an interesting alien lady who has few, if any, problems with James, on occasion, giving into his roving eye/passion.

It is decided that a bonding ceremony will take place on Menosia – Spock/Uhura and JK/Josera. Carol Marcus is out of the picture because, fortunately, Kirk realizes that she could do the “dirty” on him, just as her counterpart in the prime universe, did.

Ah the romance, the fun to be had – especially since Menosians and Nulis are really good sorts. It is possible that Menosians might be related to the Betazoid race, not only because they share certain empathic/telepathic abilities, but because they bond mind to mind, flesh to flesh. Showing skin is NO sin in these parts. Kirk, Josera, Spock and Uhura each receive a small, handheld nuli as a gift. McCoy discovers he has massive, tall tree climbing abilities and a touch of vertigo as well that he never knew about…and Scotty still can’t his head around how the hell these organic nuli beings manage to traverse space as some of them do…

Such a lovely possibility – without any violence or revenge…

Question is – are we ready yet? Does this captain need to undergo yet more kicking, punching and pummeling? Or maybe this happens to him as (21st C Trek fan/writers) punishment for him actively parenting Menosian/human child(ren)?

Such possibilities for light and dark…

People pitch series ideas to the networks all the time, and 99% of them get shot down in the discussion phase over drinks. When we hear that a treatment or pilot is in the works, then there will be something to get excited about. Until then….

Move along, folks, absolutely nothing to be seen here.

Harry – Menosia offers splendid camping opportunities…just saying…:)