Trekland: On Speaker CD Vol. 2 Now Available

Trekland’s Larry Nemecek (aka Dr. Star Trek) has just released his second CD in the On Speaker series in which Nemecek has digitally preserved hours and hours of anecdotes and stories from Trek legends such as Michael Piller, Mark “Sarek” Lenard, Bob Justman, and more. All of the content is never-before-released material that has been sitting on cassette tapes in a box in some forgotten corner for decades. In the newly released VOL. 2: “ ‘All Good Things…’: Words and Deeds”, you’ll hear stories from Ron D. Moore, Brannon Braga, and others in their own voices in Spring 1994. Hit the jump for more and info on how to snag yourself this little piece of Star Trek history.

Volume 2, with even more Trek history
In Volume 1, Larry Nemecek, the universe’s renowned Star Trek authority, brought us never-before-released extended interviews with some of the people integral to Trek’s life. Well, Nemecek’s gone back to that dusty old box of cassette tapes and dug out even more material that hasn’t been heard for 20 years. He told TrekMovie in an exclusive quote:

After the debut disc was so popular, the hardest thing about this edition was coming up with a follow-up theme…but who doesn’t love TNG’s last small-screen hurrah, “All Good Things…”? I had forgotten, aside from shorthand notes squeezed into the TNG Companion and various articles, just how much forgotten detail and personal angst was wrapped up in that show—and just by the writers, returning head writer, and director!

These are, again, all being preserved off 20-year-old cassette tapes (thankfully), but Chris Jones of Stellar Debris/ podcasts does a great job tweaking them back to maximum life. And softening the clink of the Paramount Commissary behind Rick Kolbe!

Each volume sells for $21.99 (or save $4 when you buy both) and are available at the Trekland Blog or in person from Larry Nemecek at a convention.

Playing Bones, the Trekland Trunk, and a new Starfleet reference library
This has been a busy year for Larry Nemecek, who’s added playing Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy to his resume when he joined the cast of Star Trek Continues. The web series began shooting for it’s upcoming episode this week. For you Trek history buffs, Larry has also started a new facebook page, the Trekland Trunk, where he’ll be posting when new archives are up for sale. If you thought that wasn’t enough, Larry’s new book Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

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Any chance of a digital download?

There’s something so right about getting “making of” details from the principals in a bona fide classic. (As opposed to listening to the director’s track on a piece-of-crap movie that came out and vanished from theatres in 3 weeks.)

I kinda would prefer this in print, but it’s still a wonderful undertaking.

Hmm. I’m interested, particularly in the All Good Things disc. Just not $22 interested.

OT – Hey Kayla, I miss your Science News reports. :-(

A cd?
How quaint!
I’m sure interested in hearing these stories.
I can’t remember the last time I played a cd.
Please make this available as a digital download on itunes or amazon.

@CmdrR – are you referring to Nemesis again? Man, when will people get over that ;)

Looks or I should say sounds interesting. Always love to hear the details.

Thanks, Kayla, for this informative article.

I’ve really missed your writing at I hope to see more of it soon.

OT: Anyone seen Zachary Quinto as Spock in the new Xbox One advert?

Hi Kayla,

Some story ideas for your next column:

The newly discovered asteroid that may or may not destroy the Earth in a few decades;

NASA’s press release today about the fact that newly discovered planets (extrasolar) may not have any water due to an overabundance of oxygen (complete with pictorial comparison of possible planetary states);

Tractor beam technology (I seem to recall real-life development of it) which might jibe well with the first story, above;

Why “science isn’t for girls” is a destructive myth (again, I think there’s a story about that somewhere);

Speaking of myths, that reminds me of Mythbusters, which reminds me that one of the Mythbuster cast plays Sulu in a major fan production. But that’s off-topic.


@ 10 Hat Rick:

RE: “science isn’t for girls” myth.

My physics courses consist of 80% girls this year. Fascinating!

That’s very encouraging to know, Mad Mann!

Would be nice if the Creation folks would do something similar with all those years of historical video recordings of “Trek” performers and creators from those conventions. (And I wish I’d bought copies of the tapes the Slanted Fedora folks sold of their cast reunions during that great 2001 35th anniversary convention in Las Vegas….)

Odd how Creation prohibits videotaping of the stage Q&A presentations (a practice that got started in the early 1990s, after a few people showed up with video cameras and started selling tapes of the performances — that’s how I was able to get a copy of the moment I got to ask DeForest Kelley a question in Seattle around 1990) … but, at any other comic book convention or similar event where the same performers attend, it’s perfectly all right to preserve the moment on your own video camera/cell phone/etc…!

Thanks for this, Kayla!

Guys– we’ll be on download soon. Not telling you to get off my lawn quite yet, Quaint Boys. The CDs are better for signing at cons and even by mail, and I hate sending things out without liner notes… since so many newer fans have lost a lot of context, and more than you can put into a 30 second intro.

I’ve got over 400 long-form interview hours, mostly of 60-90-120 minutes each. it can’t all go onto plastic.

I guess its better doing this than playing Dr. McCoy in the Phase 2 rip-off Star Trek Continues. At least Nemecek’s true talents are put to better use here than that useless bastardization.

Larry Nemecek in my mind is the Trek equivilent of “Official” OZ historian Johnathan Fricke.

Larry Nemecek is in my mind the Trek equivilent of “Official” OZ historian Johnathan Fricke.

It’s amazing to me that Trek survived Braga’s involvement (and Berman’s).

@15 Blue Thunder: You don’t like ST Continues? WAY better than Phase 2 in every way except visual effects (though Phase 2’s are not TOS ‘friendly’).