RUMOR: Joe Cornish being considerd as director for Trek 3

According to, Joe Cornish (Attack the Block, The Adventures of Tin Tin) is strongly being considered for the director’s chair of the next Star Trek movie:

Cornish followed by being one of the writers on The Adventures Of Tin Tin, and he and Edgar Wright wrote the script for Ant-Man, the Marvel Studios film that Wright is going to direct. Long story short, he’s gotten exposure to bigger scale projects than Attack The Block, in which he admirably depicted a full scale alien invasion on a relatively small budget. Doing a movie like this would certainly put his career on a warp speed path. He’s already working with Paramount on the novel adaptation Snow Crash which he’s prepping to present to the studio.

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Not sure, what to think about it. Was hoping for a bigger name or at least a more experienced director. Maybe someone who did something different before. Don’t know if it’s a good thing to hire someone who did one alien invasion flick and nothing else. I prefer directors who do movies from different genres not only scifi or comic movies. What do you think?

I saw his movie Attack The Block, and I must say I was not impressed. So this news worries me. He’s FAR too inexperienced to deal with something this size. He IS a fan, tho.

Joe Cornish would be great, but i seriously doubt he’d be stupid enough to take the job without a re-boot and new production… LOL!! =D



I hope you are joking.

Stuart Baird Mk.II ?

Wait.. a Snow Crash movie?!?! Holy crap! o_o *worried + excited*

ok, the elephant in the room: working with “crazy” BobOrci…

BobOrci is NOT crazy… but he IS tainted by all of this… (he’ll be ok) ;-)

Bob IS starting to see through some of the lies: 9/11 = false flag, JFK murdered by CIA / Bush Sr., secret gov’t, illuminati / cabal, etc, etc…

BUT, he is still a catholic, and therefore a slave to dogmatic views… he is still a tool of the machine… and unfit to create “Star Trek” =(

If Joe Cornish DOES take this job, he should ONLY do it without BobOrci.

5. Thorny:

Wow, careful. I just got a cold shiver when I read that name.

7. I am not Herbert

Did you just say, someone is unable to be fully creative because of his belief?? I think you should write for trek after you show how 3-dimensional your thinking is.

I was more specific:

BobOrci’s “belief” (catholicism) tells him that science fiction IS FANTASY.
That viewpoint is OBVIOUS in his writing.

clear it up any?

(lame attempt at insult ignored) ;-)

Sometimes an Outsider is the Best Choice!

“No formal offer has been made and Cornish could pass on the project a _second_ time.”


hmmm… now i’m wondering… ?

is Joe Cornish catholic too…?

Star Trek should not be driven by religious people… i’m looking at you, JJ… =(


Wow comment is pretty misinformed regarding Catholics.

There is absolutely nothing in Catholic doctrine which is against space travel, exploring strange new worlds, etc. In fact the Big Bang Theory was actually the result of a Catholic Priest / Physics Professor named Georges Lemaitre. He was the first person to propose the theory of the expansion of the Universe, widely misattributed to Edwin Hubble/ He was also the first to derive what is now known as Hubble’s law and made the first estimation of what is now called the Hubble constant, which he published in 1927, two years before Hubble’s article. It makes sense of course that a Catholic physicist would believe the universe had a “beginning” and that the red shift detected indicating an expanding universe made sense. Of course at the time he was condemned ironically as many believed in a steady state universe (i.e. no beginning, no end).

Issac Newton, the father of modern physics, was also a die-hard Christian.

There is absolutely nothing that says Christians and Catholics cannot want to go explore space. Your anti-IDIC rant definitely misinformed.

10. I am not Herbert

No clearing up at all. In what way does cathalicism tell that scifi is fantasy? And why do you generalize in that way? Who are you to say which group should drive trek and which shouldn’t? That sounds a little fascistic.

…shakes head… =(

…seems Boborci is locked-in to churning out another crock of shyte…

…so, Joe Cornish would have to be INSANE to take it… =(

…only a greedy in-house boot-licker would take this deal… =(

I think it is a mistake to hire a guy who made just one low budget movie to direct a multimillion-dollar 50th anniversary Trek movie.

Guys, let focus our discussion on Star Trek & not religious issues.

PLEASE!!! i will not explain to you how religion is incompatible with science fiction! or TRUTH for that matter!

the difference is: thinking for yourself, or accepting what you are told.

19. I am not Herbert:

I really do hope that you are joking, or provoking or even trolling. Because if you are serious than I would be shocked that someone with this attitude calls himself a trekkie or even intelligent and informed.
Your answers show that you have no idea about religion. There is no conflict between truth and religion at all! I say this as someone who has studied physics and engineering and is a catholic.
And by saying religion is accepting what you are told you are absolutely wrong. You can ask a lot of theologians or spiritual persons of many confessions.

I can understand people’s reticence when it comes to a new & inexperienced director taking reigns of the franchise. However, before moving onto the big screen, Joe Cornish had a lot of TV experience in the UK, as part of the double-act Adam & Joe. A lot of their stuff is on YouTube. And a lot of their stuff references Star Trek. It was nearly zero-budget, an archaic TV comedy, but it was often hilarious and it worked.

I think having a pared-back movie could be a good thing for the franchise. It worked for The Wrath of Khan, which was so much more about character & story than The Motion Picture, with it’s drawn-out, expensive scenes designed to drop the audiences jaws, but which ended up being boring for a lot of people. I think Joe Cornish would be a good choice if this is a direction the studio would wish to take. Out of the options, he’d be my choice in terms of getting the fans back on-side.

Everyone’s gotta cut their teeth & earn their chops some way, after all!

19. I am not Herbert:

I have studied physics and engineering and am a catholic and I tell you there is no incompatibility.

I am not Herbert: please. Take the advice of this aetheist; this isn’t the place for spreading narrow-mindedness. As fans, we all want the best for this franchise. I might not be a huge fan of Orci’s work, but I have no idea what his religious beliefs have to do with anything. What you’re saying is tantamount to incitement to hatred and it is not a good quality in a person. Much less a Star Trek fan.

Sorry to take needless personal offense and nitpick on something other than Trek in here, but it’s Tintin, not Tin Tin. Respect — he’s got years and years of adventuring on Kirk & Spock.

Joe Cornish…Ahm…not impressed to say the least. Attack the Block is not at all what I consider a good movie.
It’s NOT at all “a full scale alien invasion on a relatively small budget”… It’s a C movie on a relatively big budget. It looks much cheaper than any decent Doctor Who episode (Nu Series that is!)
It’s an independent creature feauture without any real cult factor….it’s not even worthy of being mentioned in one sentences with Pegg’s Cornetto trilogy, although it attempts to be in that vein.

As for Orci and crew regarding SciFi as fantasy in space…well, that’s true, but isn’t that true for any successful sci fi production with mass appeal… Star Wars, Avatar, Doctor Who, the entire Avengers universe… fantasies with a space setting and some techno gadgets…

I guess “hard” realistic Sci Fi doesn’t sell, unless it’s too realistic to be called Sci Fi anymore… Gravity for example. Now THAT is realistic, but I wouldn’t call it even Sci Fi anymore…

Nope, I’m quite happy with that fantasy in space sort of approach the big ones have taken. If you’re looking for scientific TRUTH, I guess it’s time to look elsewhere. These franchises are entertainment vehicles, not science lessons.

almost all of the concepts brought up by Star Trek and Science Fiction are considered HERETICAL:

Earth is NOT the center of the Universe…

Earthers are NOT the only inhabitants of the Universe…

Earthers are NOT the pinnacle of Creation…

Earth IS older than 6,000 years…

…and on and on and on…

Copernicus and Galileo studied science and were persecuted by the church. The view of religion has modernized slightly, but not much… =(

If you think science and religion are on the same page, you are SADLY MISTAKEN… =(

Attack the Block made lass than 6 million worldwide on a 13 million budget and it’s the ONLY feature film on Cornish’s CV… how could they entrust him with a multi-million-dollar franchise? This has Stuart Baird written all over it. I hope it’s just a rumor…

23. I am not Herbert

At least now we can circle your disinfomation. At first, you are mixing catholicism with creationism. Then you are mixing the institution of church with religion or belief.
I don’t know any catholic who believes that earth is the center of the universe, earthers are the only inhabitants of the universe or earth was created 6000 years ago. Even the pope doesn’t believe these things. Pope John Paul II even was a hobby astronomer and was interested in the work of Hawking.

well yes, that is what i take from it:

“look elsewhere for plausible science fiction…”

i guess i’m not DUMB ENOUGH for nu-trek! LOL! =D

i guess i’m not LAZY ENOUGH to give up on the real thing!

Star Trek used to be about more than PANDERING to DUMBNESS! =(

(“cash in now honey, cash in now baby…”)

25. Smike

I have to agree. I feel the same way.

@23: Catholic dogma has accepted scientific progress a long time ago… The Bible being taken literally is rather an Evangelical, Creationist thing these days…so blame it on Calvinist Protestants of Puritan descendence.

Yes, the Catholic Church USED TO persecute people like Galileo, but that was centuries ago. I’m not even a believer, but it is simply untrue that modern science is still outlawed by the Catholic Church. It’s Creationists and other notorious hillbillys that still challange scientific facts…

..well, you are a typical catholic: unsure of your own “beliefs”… ;-)

…but i commend your open-mindedness! ;-)

Wow! This thread took an ugly turn pretty quickly. Ha!

I loved Attack the Block and think Cornish could be a fine choice. It remains to be seen of course. He definitely did a great job of directing the actors. And I loved the point of view of the film, which he wrote. Could be quite the inspired choice.

let’s not split hairs or play semantics…

real science fiction goes against religion…

nu-trek is not science fiction, it is brainless popcorn FLUFF, written and directed by religious men. coincidence? NO.

Real Star Trek should be real science fiction.

’nuff said?

In what way am I unsure in my belief? I really don’t get what you mean?
The points you’ve mentioned have nothing to do with catholicism. So no conflict to trek, the trouth, the universe and everything…

I went to a Catholic School in the shadow of Cape Canaveral for nine years (Kindergarten through 8th Grade). We were taught all about the solar system, with the Earth being the third planet, the Milky Way galaxy, the dinosaurs living millions of years ago, etc. We all filed outside to watch whenever a manned launch was about to happen (mostly late Apollo and Skylab in those days) and everyone, including the Sisters, cheered the launches on. We even made a field trip to the John Young Planetarium in Orlando one year.

Kinda strange for a Catholic Church which insists the Earth is the center of the universe, is only 6,000 years old and is opposed to space travel, wouldn’t you say?

24. Smike
Attack the Block made lass than 6 million worldwide on a 13 million budget…

Sure Smike but without quibbling about numbers, Joss Whedon’s first film, Serenity was not a box office success and his follow up film broke box office records. If Cornish is a Trek fan as has been said, I’d like to see what he will bring to the table.

MJ broke this story here on Trekmovie over 24 hours ago.

Just because you repeat yourself it doesn’t get true. Tell me one reason why real science fiction or the “truth” goes against religion?

“nu-trek is not science fiction, it is brainless popcorn FLUFF, written and directed by religious men. coincidence? NO.”

Your argumentation works like this: “Someone ran against a tree, he was an atheist. Coincidence?”

Star Trek may question religious beliefs but it doesn’t have to in order to be “real” Star Trek. Of course, religion can be a VERY dangerous thing if it’s overdone by fundamentalists but it’s not a bad thing per se… there will always be questions that science cannot answer and so religion or rather advanced esotherics may provide some sort of higher truth, even for Sci Fi fans…

I’m not at all a follower of any traditional belief system, but when it comes to spirituality and new-age esotherics, I’m all in… This is why I love The Force, or the idea of the universe mending itself after the Nero incident or any other sort of fluffy craziness seen on Doctor Who… I’m also a HUGE fantasy fan and while I do not share the beliefs of Tolkien, CS Lewis and Co., I truly admire their creations.

I think – with regards to IDIC – there is plenty of space for all sorts of spiritiuality in both SciFi and fantasy worlds… It’s interesting: the so-called openmindedness of scientific purists seems to come to an abrupt end as soon as spirituality is concerned…

While I do believe that none of the conventional world religions are even close to the ultimate truth, pure science can’t touch it either…

…you want dumbed-down judeo-christian republican trek?

…you must be happy! …’cause that’s what you’ve got… =(

me? i hate the (religiously driven) willful DUMBNESS! =(

Smike: AGREED! science is just as corrupt as religion!

@34: Very good point: With only 38 million, Serenity was far from being a huge hit and it didn’t prevent Joss Whedon from doing The Avengers…

But then, Whedon has PLENTLY of experience with superb TV shows prior to taking over The Avengers. Buffy, Angel, Firefly…and unlike “Attack the Block”, his first feature film “Serenity” was actually quite GOOD!

I dunno…

PLENTY…too many typos tonight…Need to go to bed now…

37. Smike:

Well said. And I may be a religious man but I question my belief every day. And I am thankful when trek questions it as well, so it can help me to find answers.
For me it is important to be open minded all the time.

38. I am not Herbert
You just don’t get it don’t you? How can you generalize dumbed down, with Judaism or Christianity? Do you think this opinion fits to trek? What whould Roddenberry have said, who was an atheist but tolerant?



Religion, to say the least, IS NOT.

further attempt at reasoning with you is pointless…

40. I am not Herbert:

Now science isn’t about the truth as well? Ok, what is left? I think I cannot help you.

I am not Herbert:

Your anti-Catholic rant is woefully misinformed. I am Catholic, have loved Star Trek since the beginning and enjoy other works of Science Fiction.

Every Catholic would be very comfortable with the mission of the Starship Enterprise — to explore strange new worlds (God’s Creation), to seek out new life and new civilizations (and to respect that life and welcome the newness of others) and to go boldly go where no one has gone before (to go out into the stars and to behold the face of God in all the wonders of the Universe).

Wasn’t it JFK (a Catholic) who challenged us to go to the Moon? From the nuns in my Catholic elementary school to the Jesuits in high school and college — they have all encouraged me to dream, to reach higher, to be better, to be for others.

Isn’t that what Star Trek is all about?

And speaking of Bob Orci and new-Trek: I just received STID for my 50th birthday (!) and have already watched it four times in five days. I saw it three times in the theatre — it has layers and layers to explore and enjoy at every viewing. Sure, it has issues (hiding the Enterprise under water when being in orbit would have served the same purpose), but the whole package is great fun with wonderful character moments.

In fact, I think I’ll go watch it again after dinner!

nu-trek is dumb.

but i accept (and tolerate) that you like it.

now here’s a hug and a cupcake… ;-)

science, like everything else, is corrupted by money and ego… =(