SyFy Thanksgiving Weekend Marathons

With Thanksgiving coming up later this week in the United States SyFy has planned marathons of Bond and Trek to keep you full of movie goodness all the way through the long weekend.

On Thursday, November 28th SyFy kicks of the annual tradition of Thanksgiving James Bond movies.  Starting with Dr. No at 8:00AM and going on through to late-night of the 29th/30th.

On the morning of the 30th (Saturday), starts the Star Trek movie marathon. It starts with The Search for Spock at 11:00AM and concludes Sunday afternoon with Nemesis.

The schedule can be found after the break.

Thursday, Nov. 28
1 a.m. — “Tomorrow Never Dies”
8 a.m. — “Dr. No”
10:30 a.m. — “Thunderball”
1 p.m. — “Tomorrow Never Dies”
3:30 p.m. — “The World is Not Enough”
6 p.m. — “Die Another Day”
9 p.m. — “Casino Royale”

Friday, Nov. 29
Midnight — “Goldfinger”
2:30 a.m. — “The World is Not Enough”
8:30 a.m. — “Man With the Golden Gun”
11:30 a.m. — “You Only Live Twice”
2 p.m. — “Goldeneye”
5 p.m. — “Casino Royale”
10 p.m. — “Quantum of Solace”

Saturday, Nov. 30
12:30 a.m. — “License to Kill”
3:30 a.m. — “You Only Live Twice”
11 a.m. — “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”
1:30 p.m. — “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”
4 p.m. — “Star Trek: First Contact”
6:30 p.m. — “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
9 p.m. — “Star Trek Generations”
11:30 p.m. — “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

Sunday, Dec. 1
2 a.m. — “Star Trek Generations”
9 a.m. — “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”
Noon — “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”
2:30 p.m. — “Star Trek: Nemesis”


You can check out the full schedule directly on SyFy’s site here:

Source: Airlock Alpha


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Twilight Zone marathon….out there somewhere.

I know it is more than likely for time/scheduling purposes….but WHY does Scifi (I refuse to use the silly SYFY) ALWAYS show the Khan/Spock/Voyage Trilogy out of order. At least this time they are doing Spock/Voyage back to back. Seems silly to do them out of context.

1-They usually do a Twilight Zone marathon on New Years day on SyFY.

Nice to see a Star Trek movie marathon (I assume no Star Trek [2009] because I guess FX has the rights to that currently?, and obviously STID was just released on home video).

Doesn’t matter to me personally tough, I have the first 11 movies on special edition DVD’s already (I’m still being stubborn about buying STID–hoping for a Special Edition release with all the trimmings).

2–I tend to agree, it would seem to make more sense to show all the 10 movies they have in sequence, first to last.

They are probably timing it to have the most popular Trek movies at times when more people will be watching for ad purposes, though.

Thanks for the listing, but WAY too many commercials for me. Uncut and unedited is how I like my Holiday Trek (and Bond, and all else).

At least they’re not doing a “Ghost Mine” marathon.

Sy-Fy is running some of the Bond flicks twice. Like “You Only LIve Twice”, “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Casino Royale”. But, some have been left out. Like “Moonraker”, “From Russia With Love”, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and (my personal favorite) “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. This never happened to the other fellow. (tee hee). And, they seem to have forgotten to include “Star Trek V” and “Insurrection”.

I’m wondering why they couldn’t have bothered to at least do the Trek movies, ya know, in their proper order. Then again, it’s Syfy, so why bother expecting much from them since they’ve been doing B-rate crappy movies and wresting recently, so I guess we should be thankful they’re finally doing something right.

IFC ran most of the “Trek” movies in early 2012. They had a funny promo, in which you see the saucer section of the Enterprise become a spinning record (complete with tonearm) playing a goofy tribute song to William Shatner. IFC should run the movies again, and bring that promo back.

It bugs me to no end that they’re showing the Trek movies out of order. I understand if you want to skip Star Trek V, but show the rest in order. This is just lazy.

And why skip Star Trek V?
Why even bother showing “Star Trek: Nemesis”?
It is last to be shown and the least likely to be watch except for the scant believers of the sacred original time line.

Star trek insurrection is on cinemax this month

I’ve never really forgiven them since the name change from SciFi. I used to watch that network a ton before that. Other than a couple things here and there, I have never returned as a regular viewer of that network.

Except for Moonraker, and possibly Die Another Day, the James Bond movies don’t qualify as being sci fi.

And no, they didn’t forget about TFF or INS. I think they realized that, with only so many hours to allot, those movies aren’t worth having people throw up their turkey dinner over. ;-)

And I suppose a lot of people who happen to have missed some sleep due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday will have something to cure their insomnia when Nemesis is aired on Sunday afternoon. ;-)

@9 (njdss4) + 10 (The Keeper): Why skip STV? Maybe it’s because the movie is really, really BAD???

A marathon of James Bond and Star Trek…
How dare they!!!

Why does this even matter? All of ST is available on Netflix & Amazon Prime streaming

Nothing will EVER top Comedy Central’s 24-hour MST3K Thanksgiving marathons in the early 90s. It was a glorious chance to tape all of your favorite episodes while enduring the likes of “The Day the Earth Froze” while consuming vast, obscene amounts of turkey with all the fixin’s. I weep for ye days of olde, *sniff!*

Why all the complaining of the Trek films out of order, I am sure like most of us have all the movies in physical form or streaming availability, if you feel so inclined just watch them chronologicaly with your format of choice. Or better yet spend time with family or friends if you have that option.

I suspect they don’t have the rights to show TFF or Insurrection this month. Someone mentioned Insurrection is on Cinemax, so that would rule that one out. Maybe someone else is showing TFF this month.

I agree with 19 though. I’m sure most of us have them on DVD or Blu-Ray already (or at least the Star Trek movies we want to have) so you can watch them anytime. I certainly am not going to bother watching edited, commercial filled Star Trek films on cable when I can just watch it anytime I want. I mean there will be 30+ minutes of commercials per movie.

6–The same probably goes for the Bond films. They may not have the rights to all of them right now.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was always my favorite Bond film as well. Loved Telly Savalas as Blofeld. I thought Lazenby made a good enough Bond. I know at the time the film was panned by a lot of critics, but over the years, it has become more appreciated as a great Bond film. I think at the time, people just couldn’t get over anyone other than Connery being Bond. But now, we’re up to number 6, so someone else as Bond is no big deal. Once you get past that, I think people see it as actually a good film.

But like Star Trek, I’m a big 007 fan so I have all those on DVD or Blu-Ray. Big Hitchcock fan too, so I have all his films too, so I can have lots of my own marathons if I wanted.

BTW, as an aside, Eon approached Hitchcock about directing a Bond film but he turned them down. I would have loved to have seen what he would have done with a Bond film.

I always loved seeing Connery in Hitchcock’s Marnie, which came out around the same time as Goldfinger. Played a much different character from Bond (though I would say Mark Rutland was just as confident in himself as Bond), but it was interesting to see some Conneryisms carried over in Marnie. Connery had wanted to do a non-Bond film and esp. wanted to work with Hitchcock to try to avoid being typecast as a spy.

What does this have to do with Star Trek. Absolutely nothing, but I guess when I get on about something I can’t stop myself :)

As far as duplicating Bond movies, maybe they’re running the “Casino Royale” movie with David Niven and Peter Sellers from 1967? Instead of duplicating the Daniel Craig version.

As to the marathons, agreed a lot of folks have many (if not all) of the Trek movies on at least DVD, if not Blu-Ray, so what’s the point? There is really no competition against the NFL on Thanksgiving, so all it really amounts to is counterprogramming in the hopes of snagging those few poor souls who can’t stomach turkey and the Detroit Lions on the same day.

22–I imagine it’s the Daniel Craig version. The 1967 version would not really fit with their programming, nor the Bond marathon.

I liked the 1967 version as a good 60’s comedy, but it’s certainly more like the Pink Panther than 007

Did anybody catch the gag in the listings when they transition from Bond to Trek? First they show “You Only Live Twice” and then follow it up with “The Search for Spock” where Our Favorite Vulcan does, indeed, live twice.

Damian wrote: “Someone mentioned ‘Insurrection” is on Cinemax”.
It is. HBO/Cinemax is running through the old Paramount films that were originally licensed to Showtime. Expect ‘Nemesis” to turn up there sooner than later. “Moonraker” is on the Reelz channel, which is why it’s not on Sy-Fy.
I have all the DVD’s/Blu-Rays of the “Trek” movies, so I can have my own marathon. I also own the 23 Eon Bond flicks. I wanted to get the 1983 rogue Bond pic “Never Say Never Again”, but I believe it’s out of print. The title of the flick has no connection with the plot (it’s basically a remake of “Thunderball”). Allegedly, it was a little quip that Connery’s wife said, in regard to his declaration that he’d never ply Bond again.
And at last – someone appreciates “OHMSS” as much as I do. Thanks Damian.

the keeper …star trek the final frontier was on 11/24 on the syfy channel so it will not not aired again this weekend, ..ST: insurection is on a pay channel so it will not be on the syfy channel …ST: intodarkness is on payperview. wait I have one addititon to that list.. star trek 2009 will be on the fx channel 12/1

for not trekkers spike TV has star wars marthon this weekend all six movies will be aired ..just had to add that ….

25–Never Say Never Again is available again. I got it last year on a combo Blu-Ray/DVD flick.

With all the studio mergers, ironically, both Casino Royale (’67) and Never Say Never Again are both owned by studios all owned by Sony I believe it is. You’re right about the title. After Diamonds are Forever, Connery promised never again. That was my father’s favorite Bond film and he was shocked to learn it was not an “official” Bond film. I sort of liked Thunderball better.

Never Say Never Again was ok for me, it just seemed out of place with the different supporting actors, sets of the time and the usual Eon trademarks (no gun-barrel sequence for instance).

Re: OHMSS, there has been some revisionist critiquing of the film. Critics today seem to give it higher grades, esp. since we are all used to the idea of other actors as Bond. Incidentally, I believe it was the only Bond film to closely follow the book it was based on.

Never Say Never Again is what you get when an aging movie star can’t stay retired from a role and put his ego aside instead of trying to one-up Roger Moore, who was THE Bond at the time. With NSNA, it became the Sean Connery-trying-to-recapture-his-glory-years-despite-his age show.

Connery should have stayed retired from Bond after Diamonds Are Forever.

NSNA was absolutely unnecessary, and should never have been made in the first place. Thunderball was perfect as it was.

21. Damian
BTW, as an aside, Eon approached Hitchcock about directing a Bond film but he turned them down. I would have loved to have seen what he would have done with a Bond film

That’s the first I’ve heard of that! Yeah that would’ve been something.

#28. Red Dead Ryan – November 26, 2013

Except, if you’ve ever read what Ian actually originally wrote of his Bond character in those first written stories, you’d realize that what Damian heard is true. At the time, NEVER SAY NEVER was the first time cinema Bond approached anything close to the character as originally described by his creator/author. In that respect, at least, it wasn’t “absolutely” unnecessary, and I for one didn’t mind the essential remake as it proved that hewing closer to what was originally written could be done with just as much panache.

Too often in movies based on written works, the stories are solely optioned for the advertising value of the name with the source and its creator ungraciously ignored. Now, that may not be wholly characteristic of the Fleming/Bond Film franchise relationship but neither is it entirely true to assert that the Bond Film franchise hasn’t taken liberties.

29–He was Ian Fleming’s first pick to direct a Bond film, which initially would have been Thunderball. He turned it down because he was working on Psycho. Then they moved on and picked Terence Young for Dr No. It’s on IMBd, referencing a telegram they found by Fleming.

28–There was a huge legal battle between Eon productions and Kevin McClory over the rights to Thunderball. They made Thunderball with McClory as producer, then he was to stay out of it for 10 years. In the 70’s he started working with Connery to remake Thunderball, and Eon took them to court. Eventually McClory got the right to use Thunderball in his own movie, which became NSNA. By then it was years later.

NSNA was an ok film. I preferred Octopussy, which came out that year. I guess because I came into the Bond films around the time License to Kill came out, I never really thought of Bond as Moore vs. Connery. I thought they both made excellent Bonds for different reasons.

McClory I believe thought he should have had more rights to some Bond elements, such as SPECTRE and the Blofeld character (one of the reasons why you’ll probably never see SPECTRE again). He was working with Timothy Dalton to yet again remake Thunderball about 10 to 15 years ago, but he has since died, and the remake died with him apparently.

30–Actually, I was talking about On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. That was one of the only films based on a Fleming book that actually followed the book very closely (which led to a few inconsistencies like Bond and Blofeld not recognizing each other, since they had previously met in You Only Live Twice).

It is true, though, Eon did move away from Fleming’s original idea for Bond. I think it worked well, as a Bond movie fan. NSNA, as you say, esp. since it ws produced by one of the writers of Thunderball, may have more closely matched the writers’ vision.

#31. Damian – November 26, 2013

Thanks for the clarification. And I agree about OHMSS adhering to the book’s story. However, Nether Lazenby nor the younger 60’s Connery have the Bond “look” as Fleming originally described. In NSNA, Connery had the look which the years bestowed upon him naturally.

Oh, I enjoyed/enjoy the Bond films in spite of the typical EON divergence. But I do wonder what direction they will go now that all the film rights have been unified?

32– Eon definitely moved Bond in a different direction. At this point, Bond is probably as far from Flemings creation as you can get. But one thing Eon has been good at is keeping Bond up to date. It’s amazing to think Bond movies still appeal to a large audience.

Interestingly enough, Fleming didn’t like Connery as Bond at first. Apparently he was able to win him over in the end. Connery is certainly iconic, though it’s been proven that others can play Bond too. I think each actor brought something unique to the role.

For God sake SyFy run the Star Trek movies in some kind of order, does you’re program director have ADD?

#34. rickindc – November 26, 2013

You may have correctly fingered the culprit. However, I would like to point out that once on another movie marathon that I had assumed as much only to discover that the order had been dictated by the syndicator who put the package together…something about a better deal for airing the less popular features during prime time.

BBC America is having a TNG marathon on Thanksgiving. Looks like the later half of Season 4.

As much as I love the Bond – TREK movies, I always look forward to the Twilight Zone marathon at this time…oh well.. and agreed # 34..that’s an odd order to run the movies…you need to see TWOK before TSFS before TVH..etc…as far as Next GEN movies…. FC is really all we need.

Would much prefer to watch Twilight Zone Marathon on Thanksgiving!!!!

The TZ marathons usually air on the 4th of July and New Years, not Thanksgiving.

What? No Sharktopus or Shark Tornado?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Anthony, we miss you. God bless.

Sand sharks was awesome!

Since I don’t have cable anymore, I decided to print out the schedule and watch all of them in the order (and hopefully around the same time) as they are aired. This also includes the James Bond films today and tomorrow as well. If they are duplicated, I’ll replace it.

All i want for Christmas is a re-mastered Star Trek V

maybe the channel think its a bit like star wars,so it dose matter what order 4,5,6 and the 1,2 and 3 lol

38–I think you are thinking of New Years Day. SyFy usually has a Twilight Zone Marathon on New years.

It amazes me how the Bond films and even the Indiana Jones films are shown on Sci-Fi Channel when both franchises(with the exception of You Only Live twice and Moonraker)are not science fiction.

I really miss the early days of the Sci-Fi Channel. Back then, it was fun to watch.

Now(unless they show the Star Trek films or other science fiction classics), the Sci-Fi Channel has become something of a joke.

Something that is NOT COOL period!

#28 – Moore himself was getting up in years back in ’83. IIRC, at first he had a three picture contract with EON, which ended with “The Spy Who Loved Me”. After that, he signed on for each Bond film individually. He packed it in after “A View To A Kill” when he realized that he was older than the mother of his co-star, Tanya Roberts.

#41. Basement Blogger – November 27, 2013

I was looking forward to SHARKTURKEY!