Musical Trek merchandise – Nemesis Deluxe Soundtrack released

There is big news this week for fans of Star Trek soundtracks, is that the full soundtrack to Jerry Goldsmith’s  Star Trek: Nemesis is being released in an expanded deluxe edition by Varèse Sarabande. Also if you’ve ever wanted to play Spock’s Vulcan lyre now you can via iPad app.

With the release of the Nemesis expanded soundtrack this means that all the prime timeline Trek movies now have expanded scores available!  This is last the Star Trek, and one of his last soundtracks for the cinema in general, that Goldsmith scored before his death.


The new deluxe soundtrack is a 2 CD limited edition set of 5,000 copies.

It will be available direct from Varèse Sarabande starting the week of January 6th for $24.98

Click for full details on the set and ordering information


The second little musical bit of merchandise, is the release of a Star Trek Vulcan Harp app for iPads. It’s getting quite a bit of good buzz. It is $1.99 on the Apple App Store.


Details from the app store

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