Musical Trek merchandise – Nemesis Deluxe Soundtrack released

There is big news this week for fans of Star Trek soundtracks, is that the full soundtrack to Jerry Goldsmith’s  Star Trek: Nemesis is being released in an expanded deluxe edition by Varèse Sarabande. Also if you’ve ever wanted to play Spock’s Vulcan lyre now you can via iPad app.

With the release of the Nemesis expanded soundtrack this means that all the prime timeline Trek movies now have expanded scores available!  This is last the Star Trek, and one of his last soundtracks for the cinema in general, that Goldsmith scored before his death.


The new deluxe soundtrack is a 2 CD limited edition set of 5,000 copies.

It will be available direct from Varèse Sarabande starting the week of January 6th for $24.98

Click for full details on the set and ordering information


The second little musical bit of merchandise, is the release of a Star Trek Vulcan Harp app for iPads. It’s getting quite a bit of good buzz. It is $1.99 on the Apple App Store.


Details from the app store

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Worst Trek soundtrack ever!!!!!

Pre – ordered , “The Mines” and others are rare commodity!

Shame the soundtrack is better than the film.

How long before this turns into arguments about new movies versus old?

Thank God it;’s FINALLY out.

My kids and I are hoping that they release more Nexus stuff before the 25th.


Is anybody watching Karl Urban’s cop show on fox? I started watching the episodes on demand last night. I like the concept, not sure what I feel about the show yet.

1. jed – “Worst Trek soundtrack ever!!!!!”

All that means is that all Star Trek soundtracks are awesome.

In less than five years we’ve gotten every note of TOS, all the TOS movies, all the TNG movies, and a much bigger chunk of TNG and DS9. And an expansion of the first JJ movie.


@6 PEB

I’m watching. I think it’s really starting to come into its own, and Karl and Michael Ealy have fantastic chemistry. It should start building on the mysteries from the pilot and get a real plot arc going when it comes back after the break.

Ratings are not great, unfortunately. Trek fans should support it – it’s interesting near-future sci-fi, it’s got a great android character, and it’s giving Karl Urban the chance for character development he hasn’t gotten as Bones.

People can knock the film all they want, but Jerry Goldsmith is truly one of the all time great film score composers, and his impact on Trek is second to none.

Goldsmith gave Nemesis a impressive and powerful score, again say what you want for the film itself, but you cant seriously make a belivable argument that his Nemesis score was anything less than fantastic.

A really great time for Star Trek soundtrack aficionados. However I’m still waiting for a Voyager set featuring the awesome themes from “Scorpion” and an Enterprise set featuring Brian Tyler’s bombastic early contributions, esp. the Borg episode. And of course a TAS soundtrack would be neat. Still dreaming :-)

@1: No, it wasn’t a bad score per se. However, it missed out on a strong main theme. I guess it was due to Berman’s preference for sonic wallpaper instead of theme-driven scores. On the other hand, even Goldsmith wasn’t entirely fond of themes. His original TMP draft also lacked the majestic theme and was much more “post-modern”, closer to Goldsmith’s early 60s scores. So I guess it had to happen like that. But the NEM score had its moments, especially that call to arms/battlestations tune that was absent from the original CD release!

However, I’m glad Trek has returned to the theme-driven scoring with the Giacchino reboot scores. Themes are taking over again from mere wallpapering, not just with Star Trek but all major franchises! Brian Tyler’s recent Marvel scores are also much more theme-oriented than any of the “Phase 1” scores. Doctor Who is also a good example…

I’ve got the SACD version of the original soundtrack. I wonder if SACD versions of all the soundtracks could be made. Probably not. Waiting for the expanded version of STID.

While he has scored some bad movies, Goldsmith in all of his vast resume of film and tv scores never made a bad score.
there is a reason why he is considered a master in his field.

And I disagree about his scores not being theme driven, i would argue his scores do so much more so than 99 percent of todays composers.

film to film each score JG has composed(trek or otherwise) has their own unique style and sound, yes there are the key signature goldsmith touches, and with the film series that he composed more than one movie for (again Trek or otherwise) certain character moments and themes are carried over, because it provides continuity.

Again say what you want for the film itself but Goldmsith did a great job with the score.

Personally, I would have led with the Vulcan Harp app story.

@15. Well, go to and you can lead with anything you want when you write your own stories….

I can understand why the ratings for Almost Human are soft – essentially it’s a modern version of Pinocchio, and frankly, we have seen it before. Hollywood’s understanding of AI has robotics stuck in ‘useful marionette” mode, whereas the robot always aspires to be human. This is more fantasy then sci-fi now, as most people involved with AI and robotics know (not think) that it’s just a matter of time before machines become aware, and it’s at that moment they discover that they are better….and no longer have to be reduced to menial tasks, or being the human shield for cops. I’m sure there is some sci-fi out there exploring this, but it’s not Almost Human…or Star Trek, for that matter.

Yeah, I’m inclined to agree that the score for Nemesis was good–probably the best thing about it. Too bad all of that gorgeous sound can’t plug those gaping plot holes and obliterate those awful plot devices, or Berman’s unfortunate, “He’s as good as Khan” comments Shinzon, or the (unintentional?) Neil Diamond homage from the movie poster.

“or the (unintentional?) Neil Diamond homage from the movie poster.”

With that, they missed an opportunity to involve Diamond on the soundtrack…he could have reworked a couple of his songs”

“Sweet clone of mine”

“Forever in Green Blood”

“Shut off your heart-light”

The thing that is even more impressive about his score for Nemesis (and for Looney Tunes back in action for that matter) is he was fighting cancer when he composed the score.

Just want to point out that Star Trek Nemesis had its world premiere at the Chinese Theatre 11 years ago last night!

I like Jerry Goldsmith and his remarkable music. He was the best movie music composer and conductor that ever lived.

With respect to naysayers, I love Jerry Goldsmith’s score to “Star Trek: Nemesis.” It was the final “Star Trek” motion picture to be composed by Jerry Goldsmith. May his music live long and prosper, especially for “The Next Generation” of musicians and music-lovers.

The quality of the Trek movies may vary, but the music has always been either good or great. Not one of them I dislike.

#21 Surely one of the great openings there…right up there with Lawrence of Arabia and The Godfather, right? ;-)

The cover to this CD set may be one of the few official ST soundtracks not to feature either the crew of the Starship Enterprise or the starship itself. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Actually K-7
neither Godfather or Lawrence of Arabia opened there. But nice try.
And for the record the Nemesis premiere was actually quite a fun night, featuring a number of classic, TNG, DS9,VOY and Ent Trek cast members in attendance.

This soundtrack always seemed way too light, too synth-oriented for my taste.

I believe Goldsmith’s son helped him during the difficult health problems he was having at the time, and his son was showing him a lot of new, digital and synth sounds [DVD SE special features].

Not the best of the scores but way better than ST5: The Final Frontier.


You beat me to the punch :)

Goldsmith’s son did, indeed, help him finish the score on Nemesis. While it lacked the general thematic power of the TMP score (and what score really could, in all honesty), I thought this was a very nice score.

I was/have never been as down on Nemesis in general as have many Trek fans; No, it wasn’t a great movie by any means, but it was a decent movie that fell victim to bad timing and a ploddingly uninteresting story…beyond that, folks had just gotten tired with Trek. It was no longer the “hard luck TV franchise that was overlooked in 60’s ratings,” it was the “rebooted old TV franchise that’s run out of good stories to tell.” And Stuart Baird’s rather pointless direction (and apparently unapologetically adversarial relationship with the cast) didn’t help, either. The downside was that it boiled down to “Big bad guy with big, bad ship” enemy Trek movie, which has been done two more times in the Abrams Rebootiverse….

Goldsmith’s score is very good, but I think I’m holding off on this purchase.

7. tallguyproductions – December 10, 2013

not to nitpick, but not all the TNG films have recieved an expanded release in the last 5 years. Still waiting on Insurrection and Generations


Expanded scores for both Generations and Insurrection are available from GNP Crescendo Records.

I have them, and they’re well worth it for any Trek soundtrack fan.

This score is a pretty good Goldsmith score, which means it’s pretty great, IMHO.

The main theme for Shinzon really doesn’t get a chance for a full blooded performance in the score until the End Credits, but it’s definitely present, and it has a haunting quality that stands out to me.

There is a sense of calm sadness, outside the Shinzon and Romulan material, that captures the sense of this being the last mission, which works well.

The action material is excellent as well, with a massive, heavy march-to-war feel in the third act (look at the sequence where the Scimitar fires on the Enterprise, knocking her out of warp as they head into the rift), and some real pulse-pounding material for the Argo chase on Kolaris III.

There’s also some nice use of “Blue Skies” in the end credits, harkening back to Data singing it at Riker’s wedding.

A somewhat underappreciated score, I suspect due to the lukewarm response to the movie (which is okay, IMHO, but not great).

I’ve had it pre-ordered for a while, and suspect it will sell out fairly fast at the 5k units.

“it was a decent movie that fell victim to bad timing and a ploddingly uninteresting story”

Tough to make a decent movie with an uninteresting (bad, even) story. Maybe fans and actors need to stay out of the writer’s room?

As a completionist, I have of course preordered. Now, just need Into Darkness Expanded for the collection to be truly complete. I love the opening scene of Nemesis and the score had a lot to do with that.

I’ll never understand the people that blame the director for Nemesis’s failure. That film had many shortcomings, but Stuart Baird’s direction was the least of them. In fact, Nemesis was one of the most professionally directed of the Trek films. It actually looks like a movie, as opposed to most of the Trek films which look like big budget tv episodes.

Where Nemesis failed was in the story and screenplay, as well as a troupe of actors that were phoning it in by that point. Baird did the best he could with what he was handed, unfortunately the derivative banal screenplay based off a flawed story idea was insurmountable. Unfortunately, by the end Patrick and Brent had story and producing stroke, which turned the last few TNG films into vanity projects rather than true ensemble pieces.

I have to laugh when I hear the actors and fans blame Baird’s lack of Trek knowledge for the film’s failure. If anything it was the overfamiliarity of everyone else (especially Logan and the actors) that resulted in the recycled mess of reheated Trek ideas we ended up with.

About a decade too late…

Goldsmith had been using Digital and synth sound in his scores for quite a while. infact he was one of the early film composures to fully embrace Digital synthetic sound for his scores

But yes you are correct his Son Joel another very talented Goldsmith (who passed too soon) did help him complete the Nemesis and Looney Toons scores.

I enjoy Goldsmith’s work immensely, but my favorite movie soundtrack is still Eidelman’s soundtrack for ST6.

Outstanding news!!!

I will be ordering this ASAP!

Not a favorite film for me, but I love Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek scores!!!

Everyone mentions the synth in this film yet STTMP used that blaster beam! Seriously though this movie (sans the dune buggy sequence) is actually a good film, with lots of great moments. I like all of the Star Trek movies but the production quality on this one was very high and looked like a movie, something that had not been done since STTMP or VI. If the movie had been released at the right time not going up against Lord of the Rings or James Bond it would have done much better. Also the advertising was poor and the fans had their typical negativity just like they have with all of the Trek films!

40. Jerry Modene
I enjoy Goldsmith’s work immensely, but my favorite movie soundtrack is still Eidelman’s soundtrack for ST6.

I’m not a big soundtrack guy but ST6’s opening credit theme is my favorite of all of them. Brooding and building up to the Praxis’ explosion, which I’ve always thought of as the ‘stinger’ and last note of the theme.

@44 crazydaystrom,

If you liked that, check out Holst’s “The Planets – Mars – Bringer of War”.

ALSO: what’s with all the negativity over a great score? I understand the movie is a bone of contention, but the score is solid and the music worth owning. Seriously what’s with the six or so comments that don’t add anything to the discussion and denigrate the score because of its association with the film?

If somebody showed up and similarly ridiculed Bob Orci for his work on STID because he also wrote Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, I doubt they would survive the day on this forum for it from the very same people spreading negativity here in this thread.

32. Tomh, Esq. – December 11, 2013

Nice. Thanks for filling me in. I had not heard anything about those two CD’s, so I’m glad to see that they are available in the expanded format. As much as I loathe and despise Insurrection and Generations, I loved the music. Not as good as Trek 3, but good albums

Now that the complete scores for all the films are out, I’d still say that Star Trek 3 is my all time favorite. Such an underrated Trek film as it is, the soundtrack is one of the all time greats. Stealing the Enterprise, A Fighting Chance to Live and Genesis Destroyed are the three of the best Treks on any Star Trek CD.

All the Star Trek movies had great music. Maybe McCarthy’s score for Generations was a little weaker than the others (they should have tried for Goldsmith there too), but even Star Trek V had a great music score.

Goldsmith was my favorite of the Star Trek movies, however. TMP was my favorite Star Trek film and the score for that was the best. I was thrilled before TFF came out to see his name on the movie poster again. Great job with FC, Insurrection and Nemesis music too.

Goldsmith really was a great writer of music overall. He had a great score for Planet of the Apes, Poltergeist, Twilight Zone-The Movie, The Illustrated Man, Alien, and how many other films. He could do Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama or comedy. I would put him up with Bernard Herrman, the great composer who worked with Hitchcock for so many years.

Whatever one may say about Nemesis, it still had a great music score.

Curious Cadet, crazydastrom,

I would say listen to the opening of Igor Stravinsky’s The Firebird.

Awesome music, with some similarities to the Overture. :)

Star Trek VI is one of my favorites among the Star Trek scores, top one for me being Star Trek TMP.

@1 Jed: Yep, and that’s pretty sad too because it’s the best thing that movie has going for it. Worst Trek film ever…boring beyond comprehension, DULL to a fault, terrible writing, uninteresting, UNFUN and just plain bad.

I was barely able to get through it one time. Awful film.

People like to claim Trek V is the worst….likely due to the poor VFX & the hokey ‘bad guy of the week’ treatment the Klingons got, but that film has something going for it that Nemesis doesn’t….brilliant characterization; some of the BEST interaction between Kirk, Spock & McCoy ever….and it’s a simple fun adventure. At least it isn’t trying to be something it’s not, as in the case of Nemesis. Nemesis was Berman’s attempt to replicate Wrath of Khan. The problem is, beyond poor choices of director & screenwriter, he already pulled that off with First Contact. Nemesis is like one of the worst episodes of the series…and as such was a terrible way to end the TNG crew.