EXCLUSIVE Clips from Larry Nemecek’s TREKLAND On Speaker: “All Good Things…” Words & Deeds

TrekMovie was excited to receive exclusive clips from the new CD by Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek, TREKLAND: On Speaker Volume 2. In the new CD, available for $21.99 on the Trekland Blog, you’ll hear direct from some of Trek’s greatest including Ronald D. Moore, Michael Piller, and more. What’s special about this CD series is that you’re getting a unique perspective — you’re hearing from the people who made Trek while they were making it. The audio is from conversations way back when — in the 90’s. Hit the jump to hear some clips from the new CD.

How to follow up Volume 1? All good things…
After the great success of TREKLAND On Speaker Volume 1, Larry was left with a conundrum: what to follow up with for Volume 2? Of course, everyone loves the Next Generation finale episode, “All Good Things…”, and that’s exactly where Larry’s new volume takes us. Right into the heart of the creation of the episode straight from the minds of the people who made it.

Introduction to Volume 2


Michael Piller, Executive Producer Star Trek: The Next Generation, co-creator of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager
Michael Piller is best known for co-writing the TNG episode “The Best of Both Worlds” and executive produced the TNG finale episode “All Good Things…”. The clip below is of a phone conversation between Larry and Michael on the 10th anniversary of TNG in 1997.

Clip of Michael Piller during a phone conversation in 1997
From TREKLAND On Speaker Vol 1, Future Voices, Passed


Ronald D. Moore, Writer/Producer Star Trek: The Next Generation, Producer Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Co-writer Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact
Ronald D. Moore is well known for writing many Next Generation episodes, from his first script “The Bonding” to the series’ finale “All Good Things…”.

Clip of Ronald D. Moore in 1994
From TREKLAND On Speaker Vol 2, “All Good Things…” Words & Deeds


A Great Holiday Gift: TREKLAND On Speaker Vol. 2
Your last day to order TREKLAND CDs to have them to you by December 24th is Tuesday December 17th. Get your copy for $21.99 (or save $4 when you buy both) from the Trekland Blog.


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thanks for all your efforts in keeping this site alive!

Yes thank you!!!

Kayla, I see that you are an expert on volcanoes.

What did you think of the volcano scene in STID?

Was it far-fetched or reasonable?

@ 3 – I gather you missed Kayla’s article back when STID was in theaters…. she did a write-up on the science of STID.


Thanks, Matt!

Yeah Kayla, thanks.
Another science news article soon, if it’s not too much trouble. Please. There are quite a few of us who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those! If and when you can.

Thanks again.

Larry’s two CDs are incredible archives, very informative! I learned so much from them, and hope there are more!

These sound very interesting to the “Behind the Scenes” fans, of which I am.
My only complaint is that these audio samples seem horribly equalized, both the newly recorded narrations and the archived interviews. Lots of noise in both, and noticeable digital scrubbing in the newly recorded narration. For over $20 per CD, they should have purchased a good quality mic and audio card for the new recording.

Kayla, even a round-up would be great with room for discussion, with a short intro from you if that’s easiest :-)

@ 9 – Uh you realize these are analog tapes from phone conversations that Larry did while doing his research for his Trek books in the 1990s (I would imagine much of these conversations were for various editions of the TNG Companion). These aren’t current interviews, nor were they done a studio. They are personal archival stuff, being made available to those who are interested in hearing about the production of Trek straight from the people who made it. Between being a phone conversation, which is poor quality anyway, and being recorded on to what’s effectively an answering machine, there isn’t much fidelity to be had. I found the samples clear enough to understand, and really that’s all that matters.

Good luck finishing the PhD, Kayla. And thank you for making time to keep things going!

FWIW I’m too full of holiday cheer to check for accuracy in this reporting but here’s some interesting quotes looking back on Trek that I nearly blinked and missed:


“When Viacom and CBS split in 2005, CBS got to keep the TV production business and the library of Paramount.” – from an article dated 12/9/13 by George Szalai


“Shooting began for the original pilot of “Star Trek” (“The Cage”) in 1964.” – from an article dated 12/12/13 by Marc Berman


“Decades later, as I sat and watched this pilot, filmed in 1964 and celebrating 50 years next year, that was deemed too cerebral by NBC execs in 1965, a great many things dawned on me about what primary hidden message, and layer was buried beneath the exotic set pieces of Talos IV, and the journey that Capt. Christopher Pike was taking in this first introduction into the Star Trek universe.” – from an article dated 11/17/13 by Philip Grom

11. Matt—Thank you for pointing out what I thought was said above–but one thing: Most are not phone conversations (the one with Michael here, is); about 90% of my archives are live, in-office or in-home conversations. A few are out in pubic, like Rick Kolbe’s on Vol. 2 over a noisy, clinking lunch at the Paramount Commissary, or Raleigh Studio Cafe, or somewhere in West LA, I forget now. :-) They key is yes, they are aging cassette tapes—and some of them cheaper brands or levels to start with, unfortunately.

Also: you won’t hear people like Michael Piller, Bob Justman, or Jerry Fleck at Vegas Trek… or anywhere… anytime soon. Or ever. ;-)

@ Larry, thanks for chiming in, I stand corrected on the phone convo part :-)

And yes we certainly won’t be hearing from those departed Trek alumni, so this is really a great archive of prime universe Trek producers in its heyday.

I’m going to have to get both volumes soon, possibly as an x-mas present to myself.